For many people, an above the ground pool is an affordable way to have fun with your family while enhancing the value of your property. Blue World Pools attracts most of its customers with the $299 TV advertisement for the Ecoline above the ground pool. However, before signing the contract, it is best to do your due diligence to ensure that the company is reputable.

Blue World Pools

Number of reviews - 320

Rating* - 1.9⭐⭐

Claimed losses - $490k

Successful calls - 28%

In this article, we look through the Blue World Pools reviews on PissedConsumer and other review platforms to evaluate its reputation. We also answer the following top Blue World Pools FAQs to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

  1. Is it a legit company?
  2. How to cancel with them?
  3. How to contact Blue World Pools?
  4. What is a Blue World Pools lien?
  5. What are their prices?

1. Is Blue World Pools a Legit Company?

Blue World Pools Inc. offers above the ground pools to homeowners. According to their website, they pride themselves in being one of the most experienced above the ground pool companies in the U.S. Also, they endeavor to offer their customers high-quality pools at low prices and low maintenance costs.

Is Blue World Pools legit

Both potential and existing customers would like to know “is Blue World Pools legit?”. To determine its credibility, we looked through various Blue World Pools reviews across different review platforms including Trust Pilot, PissedConsumer,, Glassdoor, Consumer Affairs, and Yelp to find out what customers had to say.

Evidently, different customers have had different experiences with the company. While on the company is rated 1.9 with a majority of customers complaining about the company, on Glass Door, the company is rated with 3.7 stars, and on BBB, it has a 4.8-star rating, and most reviewers rated the company as excellent.

Blue World Pools reviews

5-star rated Blue World Pools reviews indicate that the pleased customers were happy with the quality of the pool, ease of installation, price of the pools, and customer service. On the other hand, displeased reviewers reported the following Blue World Pools complaints:

  • Pushy sales
  • Difficulty canceling
  • Poor installation that results in unlevelled leaking pools
  • Poor customer service characterized by difficulty getting through the Blue World Pools phone number
  • Marked up Blue World Pools replacement parts
  • Unprofessional Blue World installers who do not follow through with the installation and repair schedules
  • Misleading advertisements on the cost of the pools

In one Blue World Pools review #1588726 on PissedConsumer, Raymond’s experiences sum up most of the issues that other customers on the platform complain about. He referred to the Blue World Pools scam and said that his purchase at as his worst purchase ever.

In his review, Raymond brought up several Blue World Pools complaints including false advertising, pushy sales, unprofessional installers, the high overall cost of the pools and hidden contract terms.

The customer was promised that the pool had an ionizer which would make maintenance easy as the customer only had to pour 3 bottle Clorox per week. However, upon installation, Raymond discovered that this was far from the truth and that he had to constantly pour chemicals in the pool, ensure its alkaline and get the PH right.

Although he was initially attracted by the $299 price of the pool, the salesman talked him into buying a bigger pool that Raymond ended up paying for $11,000 due to the 15.9% simple interest on the purchase. The installation took way longer than Raymond had been promised. Later on, the pool liner got a hole and when he called Blue World Pools Inc. for repairs he was told he had to pay 80% of the repair costs despite having a lifetime guarantee on the product. He reportedly found the customer service unhelpful.

In conclusion, Raymond explains that Blue World Pools scams people through their dishonesty. The reviewer notes that had the company staff been upfront about the pricing and terms of the contract, he would not have given them his business.

In a Blue World Pools employee review on Glassdoor, the reviewer confirms that most of the company’s commercials are misleading to customers.

Blue World Pools employee reviews

2. How to Cancel with Blue World Pools?

Some reviewers on PissedConsumer and other platforms have indicated that they would like to cancel their Blue World Pools contract but they encountered challenges when attempting to cancel or seek a refund.  For instance, in this Blue World Pools cancellation policy review (#1568812), the customer complained that the terms of the policy were unfavorable and made it impossible to cancel the contract.

... then that night we called to cancel after looking into other company's, found some pools for 5000 or less, it was memorial day weekend so we knew we couldnt send a letter in 3 days, we called several times to cancel and finally a rep called us back said we couldnt cancel and it would cost us 7000 to cancel…

There’s no dedicated Blue World Pools FAQ or legal advice on the company website. You can find only the short explanation in small lettering in the footer; however, it doesn’t clarify the exact terms. There is no mention of the Blue World Pools cancellation policy on the company’s website. However, in a Blue World Pools FAQ on, a customer seeking legal advice on how to cancel with Blue World Pools Inc. indicated that the sales representatives told them that they had 3 business days to cancel.

According to the implied Blue World Pools cancellation policy, if the customer canceled within 3 business days, they would get a full refund on their deposit. However, if the customer canceled after the stipulated 3 business days but before the pool was installed, then they would have to pay the remaining deposit. Alternatively, the customer can cancel but pay 50% of the cost of the pool.

The Blue World Pools customer service representative said that to cancel, the customer had to send cancellation papers to the company’s address in Nevada. In this case, the customer would not be able to get through with the cancellation since by the time the papers would be delivered the cancellation period would have already lapsed. The customer also learned that Blue World Pools Inc. had put a lien their property which made it difficult to cancel the contract.

Blue World Pools cancelation

3. How to Contact Blue World Pools?

The Blue World Pools customer service can be reached through various channels including phone, live chat, social media, and the Blue World Pools location.

On the company’s website, the following Blue World Pools phone number is provided: 1-888-511-8266. provides the following additional Blue World Pools contacts on the company’s information page:

Blue World Pools Phone number: 1-866-812-2399

Blue World Pools Location:

120 Interstate North Parkway SE Suite 426

Atlanta, Georgia 30339

United States

According to the reviews, while some customers were satisfied with the Blue World Pools customer service, others complained that the representatives were unhelpful and rude. In some cases, the customers did not get through or get a response via the various Blue World Pools contacts.

4. What Is a Blue World Pools Lien?

There is no mention of Blue World Pools lien on the company’s website. However, it is evident from the various reviews across different platforms that upon signing your contract that your house is immediately put on a Blue World Pools lien.  Most Blue World Pools lien on house reviews indicate that the company does not communicate upfront during the sales pitch that upon signing the contract your house is automatically put on a lien.

According to the video review (#1588726) mentioned earlier in this article, customers have to go to court to have the lien lifted upon fully paying for the pool. 

For instance, in a review on (#1768707), the reviewer expressed their frustration with the Blue World Pools lien on house as the pool was substandard.

...we need out they i have made all my payment we tried to refinance we cant they have a lien on our property and they said if don't pay or try close our account they can foreclose on property…

Some customers have come forth to complain that while the company’s website claims that the Blue World Pools financing is meant to make financing easy, the company has used the financing as a tool to markup prices and to put houses on lien. According to the Facebook page, Blue World Pools is a scam, Blue World Pools financing is offered at the maximum legally allowable interest, usually over 30%.  As a result, customers who sign up for the Blue World Pools financing end up paying thousands more over the years.

Is Blue World Pools a scam

5. What Are the Blue World Pools’ Prices?

According to their TV advertisements, Blue World Pools prices their Ecoline Pool at $299.

While the $299 Blue World Pools pricing attracts many customers, it is not the actual cost. On their website, Blue World Pools notes that this price covers a 15’ by 24’ pool, pump, filter, liner, ladder, automatic pool vacuum, and free installation. However, it is indicated that additional costs may be required but they do not specify what and how much those costs are. They also note that free installation is not available in all states.  

Many customers reported that the $299 Blue World Pools pricing is misleading as the actual cost of the Ecoline pool ends up being tens of thousands.

In addition to the Ecoline pools, the company also offers Midline Pools and Classic pools. The specific Blue World Pools prices for the Midline and Classic pools are not specified but the website mentions that they cost over $10,000. To find out the precise Blue World Pools prices for your preferred pool type and size, get in touch with the company’s customer service. With each purchase, customers are given a $75 coupon to spend on Blue World Pools accessories.

Blue World Pools prices

While some customers have had a great experience with, others have had a frustrating experience with the company. The top complaints are in regards to pushy sales, low quality of the pool, misleading advertisement on the cost of the pool, the high overall cost of the pools, and difficulty canceling. For more information about Blue World Pools Inc., check out the company’s reviews on

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