COVID-19 vaccine is the most trending news that kick-started this year on a global level. PissedConsumer has already interviewed many health experts about COVID vaccines to find out the difference between Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and gather opinions about COVID vaccination.

As a platform that cherishes freedom of speech, we always look at both sides of the story to let users decide. We wanted to know if there are other views of COVID-19 vaccine. Are there any downsides of this vaccination?

We’ve invited an expert in medicine, Dr. Buttar, to share his views on the COVID-19 vaccination. Dr. Buttar is the Director of the Center for Advanced Medicine, an osteopathic physician, and internationally best-selling author who educates people and helps them become more knowledgeable in questions of health. He is also the most censored doctor in the media

Vaccination is designed to improve immunity, not decrease and rape the immune system, which is exactly what's happening with the current vaccination aspect.

In this interview, Dr. Buttar expresses his views about COVID vaccination:

What Are the COVID-19 Vaccine Impacts on the Body?

Dr. Buttar: Vaccination is designed to improve immunity, not decrease and rape the immune system, which is exactly what's happening with the current vaccination aspect.

Now with the COVID vaccine, it's based upon an mRNA, it's a messenger RNA vaccine, and people just don't understand what that means, but 

RNA is what repairs and rewrites your DNA. So you're taking a vaccine now that's going to change your genetic code literally, not metaphorically, literally change your DNA structure.

And the number of people that have had adverse reactions just up until Christmas 2020 was over 5,000 people. And the media is censoring that. People that have had paralysis, people have had Bell's palsy, people that have had incapacity to work anymore and are bedridden for three, four, five days.

And then going on to the higher incidence of HIV, that's already been reported now and published. And on top of that, the number of deaths that have occurred that nobody's talking about.

So this is not controversial information. This is propaganda that's being pushed out there. And the public is relying on individuals that have absolutely no scientific basis or are politicians that are promoting an agenda, which has nothing to do with science or the immune system.

What Are the Effects of Vaccination on the Immune System?

Dr. Buttar: If you want to improve the immune system, then why would you give anything to improve the immune system, along with materials that are known by even a third-grade student are immunosuppressive?

Why would you put mercury or formaldehyde or nickel into a vaccine under the pretense of increasing the immune response when mercury and nickel and formaldehyde are known immunosuppressives that decreased immune response?

Vaccination effects on children

Dr. Buttar: And then why would you give it at a time, and I'm talking about with children and on babies, why would you give it at a time when they're born when we know that the body can't even seroconvert till at least minimum of first six months of life, potentially up to from a year to three years? And some immunologists will say that your immune system isn't fully developed till you're in a 10, 12, 13, 14 adolescent timeframe.

So you're giving an immune response under the pretense of trying to protect a child from a disease process, but you're giving it along with the immunosuppressive components at a time in their development when they can't seroconvert, when they can't create antibodies because their immune system isn't even developed yet.

So to do it and say, "Oh, yeah, we're doing it for immune response and we're doing it to protect children," is a bunch of lies because the system can't even create antibodies yet. It's like saying that, "Oh, I want this child to run a race and win the Olympics." And the child is still in diapers, crawling. Hasn't even learned how to walk yet. So it just lies upon lies.

COVID-19 Death Data: How Is It Gathered?

Dr. Buttar: And so they've got an agenda that they're trying to promote. And now with the COVID vaccine…

... if people don't understand that here's supposedly a vaccine, they're going to give you a vaccine to inoculate you and to protect you from COVID, which has a 99.96% survival rate. 

So just put that into context. There've been 330,000, 300 and whatever thousand people that have supposedly died of COVID. We're not talking about truly established from a virus that's been elucidated. We're talking about how the death certificates are written.

In Colorado, two weeks ago, a Democrat coroner called out, and this was reported on CBS, said, "We had five deaths in our county and all five were labeled as COVID-19, but two of them, two of those five that were labeled as COVID-19 were gunshot wounds. They were gunshot wounds, but they were being labeled as COVID." So, that's the first issue. 

We don't know what the real death rate is from COVID because all people dying of heart attack, jumping out of planes, and motor vehicle accidents are being labeled as COVID.

I know personally, a friend of mine whose son committed suicide in Atlanta, Georgia, 17-year-old committed suicide. They labeled him as COVID-19. And when he protested, they reminded him that if you go out to the media and you talk about it, remember life insurance doesn't pay for suicide, but they'll pay for COVID.

COVID-19 Deaths VS Deaths from Tuberculosis

Dr. Buttar: So this is the type of ludicrous data manipulation, but let's just say that the numbers that they're reporting, let's just say for argument's sake, that they're actually true of 300 and some thousand people that have died from COVID.

Well, every year we have 1.5 million people die from tuberculosis, but nobody made a big deal out of that. 

So every year we have 1.5 million people die from tuberculosis. 2018 flu had more deaths from COVID-19 so far, yet we're making a massive deal about it and shutting down the whole world.

And then we say that, okay, now we need to have a vaccine that's rolled out, a vaccine for something that kills one fifth or less than one-fifth of the number of people that die from tuberculosis. Okay. So now they're going to roll out a vaccine, a vaccine that is supposedly so effective that you have to take it again within two months.

Social Distancing, Face Masks, and COVID Vaccines: What’s Behind?

Dr. Buttar: And let's talk about this vaccine because social distancing is supposed to prevent the spread of disease. And a face mask is supposed to prevent the spread of disease because you could wear a face mask walking into a restaurant.

But this virus is so sophisticated that it knows that, hey, wait a second, when the person sits down and takes off their mask to eat, we can attack them. The virus is so sophisticated it knows the difference between people that are going to church and going to gyms versus people that are going to Costco or going to ABC alcohol store. The virus that sophisticated? 

So let's say the virus is that sophisticated. We're going to create a vaccine, to take this vaccine, to inoculate a person and protect them because the face mask and social distancing weren't enough.

So if you're taking the vaccine, because those two things weren't enough, then why are you still mandating the people, even though they take the vaccine, still need to wear a face mask and still need to social distance?

Either the face mask and social distancing don't work, or the vaccine doesn't work

But to do both of them and say that, "Hey, wait a second. You got to come back and get another vaccine in two months so you can build upon the first one." And then they're doing social experimentation and studies at Yale and Harvard, trying to figure out how to convince people to come back to get the second shot because the people that have had the shot and have had COVID said that the shot was way worse than the COVID was. 

Propaganda? What do you think? Now it continues going forward.

What Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Issue?

Dr. Buttar: What about the statistics of the side effects of Bell's palsy, of transverse myelitis, of the anaphylactic reaction people had, higher incidence of HIV now? What about the people that have died within 24 hours of getting the vaccine? Nobody's talking about that.

What about the increase in domestic violence that's been reported? What about that? Nobody's talking about those deaths and those deaths dwarf the number of deaths from COVID-19 if those numbers are even accurate. But even if they're not accurate, they still are dwarfed by the number of attributed deaths of COVID-19.

So when we keep coming back to the vaccine issue, we're talking about an exercise of stupidity to an order of magnitude we've never witnessed before. And people forget - history is destined to be repeated by those who forget to remember history. This is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany, World War II, less than 80 years ago, or 85 years ago, whatever it was the same exact thing.

They got the Jews on board on the trains telling them that they were taking them to a better place in marched them right into the gas chamber. Here, they're doing the same thing, except that it's not just to one ethnic population or one religious group or one race. It's the entire human population because the agenda is very simple. It's depopulation. And that's what they're trying to do.

Is the Second COVID-19 Wave Coming?

Dr. Buttar: I talked about this a year ago. I said, there's going to be a second wave, just like they're promoting a second wave, but it's not going to be from COVID because there's already going to be herd immunity that's developed, it's going to be because they're going to roll out the vaccine.

And then people are going to be already sheltered coming out in the world. They're going to be scared. They're going to be stressed out. 

When you're wearing a face mask, you're breathing in all the chemicals that they put in the face mask, you creating a hypoxic issue because now the body has to overcome the resistance of some type of a barrier in front... you're having to breathe in and you have to suck oxygen through this mask, which now causes more stress in the body, which increases your cortisol level, which suppresses your immune system, which makes you more susceptible to any virus or bacteria or pathogen, sparky, mycoplasma, yeast, whatever. It's going to make you more susceptible to it.

Then on top of that, they're rolling out new technologies like the 5G and some of these other things. And no, they don't cause anything to do with COVID, but they do cause a different energetic field that our bodies aren't accustomed to.

So it causes greater stress. It also causes a voltage-gated calcium channel permeability issue so that anything becomes more permeable to the cell. It also causes many other aspects because our systems aren't accustomed to this energy because it's not cell resonant.

We haven't acclimated to it yet. The same phenomenon happened with the Spanish flu about 100 years ago. And Rudolph Steiner talked about it extensively in his word. So these are different topics, but my point is very simple that it's predictable because if you know what their agenda is, you can see what's happening. And so then to do it under the pretense of public safety and vaccination, and somebody else has a different viewpoint.

Dr. Buttar’s Tips to Consumers

Dr. Buttar: Well, I think that from a consumer perspective, I think all consumers have to understand that they are the driver behind all business, because without them, without the consumer, there is no business.

And so they have a lot of resources that are available to them. And I would encourage them to look at different viewpoints if they're looking for the best bang for their buck. They need to look at all the different options out there.

1. Watch for the flags

But from a consumer standpoint, when you start looking at flags, when there's a flag that's out there that says, for example, that there's no manufacturer liability, be very, very careful, especially when that no manufacturer liability was pushed from a legislative process.

So vaccines have no liability to the vaccine manufacturer, meaning that if you get injured or hurt, it doesn't matter, they don't have any liability. 

That would be the biggest alert that I think that anybody should have because anybody that has no liability in the product... Hey, you can make cocaine and methamphetamines and whatever else, and you can buy it and we'll sell it to you, but hey, there's no liability, right?

Of course, that doesn't happen because it's illegal with cocaine and methamphetamines, et cetera, et cetera. But here a vaccine is the same type of thing, except they got protection. They've got protection that you can't sue them. So, that from a consumer standpoint would be a big alert.

2. Listen to your heart

And the other thing is that… matter what anybody says, no matter what the marketing message is, have an index of suspicion, listen to your heart, that intuition, that sixth sense, a gut feeling.

That's the Creator, that's universal consciousness. That's the source energy, guiding you and warning you that, hey, this is something bad or something good. People know right away in their heart if it resonates with them.

If a message resonates, if the product resonates, if a service resonates with you, if you're talking to three different doctors and one of them, you just got a bad feeling for, and another one, it's okay, and another one, you get a really good feeling. 

That's the universe guiding you from a resonant standpoint, from a frequency standpoint, that the doctor that you're talking to that feels good, or the mechanic you're talking to where you feel good about it when you're confident about it, that's the person you should go with. Rely on that. That's a very important thing.

3. Be your first line of defense

And the third thing that I would say is that no matter how much you want to rely on experts, you need to be your first line of defense. Whether it comes to your health, it comes to your finances, you are your first defense. If you turn that responsibility over to some guru or some expert, you're setting yourself up for failure.

The most frequent answer that I give to people when they ask me in my clinic is, "I don't know." If I don't know, I don't know. But my patients, they trust me. We have patients that come from 94 different countries now. We've served patients from 94 different countries.

When I testified before the US Congress in 2004, we had patients from maybe like 16, 17 countries. Right after that, we jumped to 30 some countries. And then from there it just kept on expanding. And we don't advertise in 30 different countries or 90 different countries, 94 different country. In fact, we don't advertise anywhere anymore. It's just word of mouth.

4. Look and ask questions

And so that's another thing from a consumer standpoint, look at and see what the people are recommending. Consumers, look with your own eyes and think with your own brain. Don't rely on what other people say. All right?

And literally, right now, this exercise and fertility we're dealing with, with the COVID thing, it's a perfect example of them trying to prevent you from using logic. That the virus is going to affect you when you used to walk into restaurants, you have to wear a mask, but then when you sit down, you can take it off and you can eat, or you need to maintain social distancing when you board a plane, but then you're sitting next to somebody, six inches away, and you don't know who they are.

So these are the types of stupidity factors that you need to, as a consumer, be aware of and ask yourself those questions. Ask yourself why, why is this happening? How is it happening?

Summing up

With this article, we share an alternative point of view about the COVID-19 vaccine, vaccination, and its impacts on people brought up by Dr. Buttar. The COVID vaccine is an important decision to make, and it’s always recommended to do your diligence when it concerns health. As our expert encourages, “no matter what anybody says, no matter what the marketing message is… listen to your heart.”

If you’d like to share your thoughts on this post, you’re welcome to leave a comment below. Please visit our YouTube channel for more expert opinions and consumer insights.

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