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Customers always have questions about companies and flooring companies like National Floors Direct is no exception. Consumers are looking for information about the National Floors Direct customer service experience including information about delivery, installation, financing and the National Floors Direct return policy.

We have gone through the many National Floors Direct reviews and the National Floors Direct complaints on our site to find the most common questions so that we can answer them for you here.

Below you’ll find the National Floors Direct FAQ gathered from PissedConsumer users’ reviews and complaints. We have scoured the National Floors Direct customer help pages on the company’s website to find the answers.

Top 7 National Floors Direct FAQ

Are you looking for help finding the National Floors Direct customer helpline? Or maybe you have a National Floors Direct complaint? We have answers to the most common National Floors Direct FAQ below.

1. How do I contact National Floors Direct customer service?

According to the Contact Us page on the National Floors Direct website, you can contact the company in two different ways.

National Floors Direct contact info

You can reach the National Floors Direct corporate office by calling the National Floors Direct phone number, which is 888-400-3566, or by filling out the contact form on the company’s Contact Us webpage.

When you contact the company about installation, a sales representative will be sent to your home to provide measurements and samples. One PissedConsumer user explained his/her experience with the sales representative in the National Floors Direct review (#1062172).

After telling the representative that the person wanted to wait for a month and continue to compare prices, the sales representative “…actually said on the phone while I was in front of him that this guy is not serious he doesn’t want the work done for a while. He then told me that his boss told him to leave and make another appointment when I was ready to buy…”

The reviewer explained that “…at that point I said to him that there were plenty of places I could bring my business and showed him out the door…” In closing, he told others reading complaints against National Floors Direct that the company is “…called a one call one close shop. As it turns out I got a better price with no pressure from a local professional…”

2. How much does NationalFloorsDirect.Com charge for flooring installation?

According to the webpage dedicated to Free Next Day Installation, National Floors Direct offers customers free installation of flooring that is purchased from the in-stock inventory.

National Floors Direct free installation

For other types of flooring, the website is not clear about the price charged for installation. The installation page on the website directs would-be customers to sign-up for an in-home estimate where they would likely learn more about individual pricing for different flooring types. National Floor Direct prices are not advertised on the website for products or installation.

National Floors Direct free estimate

3. What does the National Floors Direct warranty cover?

While there is no specific National Floors Direct warranty published online through the current National Floors Direct website, there are details about free services provided by the company for customers as well as additional information about their products being Healthy Home Certified.

On the Healthy Home Certified brochure, the company is clear that they provide flooring products that meet strict U.S. Guidelines. The products sold by National Floors Direct have been tested in accordance with the California Air Resource Board Phase 2 and the CALGreen, CA Code of Regulations.

National Floors Direct warranty

As far as products and services advertised as free through the company’s website, National Floors Direct offers customers:

  • Free estimates
  • Free premium padding
  • Free furniture moving
  • Free standard stair work
  • Free measuring and layout
  • Free next-day installation (if you purchase in-stock flooring)

A free on-side consultation and measurement is the first step in the process and is advertised on the Free Services page as well. 

National Floors Direct free services

National Floors Direct does not offer any type of satisfaction guarantee or warranty on the company website. One frustrated customer explained his/her dissatisfaction in a National Floors Direct complaint (#497312).

The person states “...a little over 3 yrs ago I had them put down 90 yards of carpet. one day later I complained the install was awful…”The customer continues, “…for the last two years ive been trying without success to deal with them as carpet at this time cant be saved and im out almost 3000 dollars…”

On the Terms and Conditions page of an older version of the National Floors Direct website, there is a disclaimer present about the warranty for the printed materials on the website.

National Floors Direct warranties and guarantees

This older warranty section effectively states the materials found on the website are provided “as-is without a warranty of any kind, express or implied.

There is not a published terms and condition page on the newest version of the website.

4. How do I return flooring to

There is no information about a National Floors Direct return policy on the company’s website. On the About Us page of the company’s website, there is information about the philosophy of the company and written guarantees about sale prices, but there is no mention of the National Floors Direct return policy.

National Floors Direct return policy

The Contact Us page provides two ways to reach the company – via email or phone – but does not provide any additional insight or answers to any frequently asked questions that might include the National Floors Direct return policy either. It is worth noting there is also no mention of a National Floors Direct cancellation policy anywhere on the website.

More than one PissedConsumer user has learned about the lack of a National Floors Direct cancellation policy the hard way. One user tried to cancel the order curbside when the installer arrived “not on time” and also had “not enough material to do the job.”

In the National Floors Direct review (#168179) the person explained that he/she told the installer that he/she’d “…rather just cancel my order. They proceeded to point out that they have a signed contract…” The company installer continued to argue that “…we have a contract that they would hold us to...” The reviewer ended his National Floors Direct complaint with, “…I'll never use them again!!!!!!!!!!!”

5. Does have free installation services?

National Floors Direct mentions free installation in multiple places on the company’s website. There is a Free Next Day Installation page with some details about the installation promise.

While this page has the most information about the requirements for free next-day installation including location (Northeast U.S.) and flooring requirements (in-stock carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, and laminate flooring), there is also a mention of the free next-day installation on the Free Services page, on the About Us page, and in the fine print of the Current Offers page.

National Floors Direct free next-day installation

It is important to note, however, that all of the mentions of Free Next-Day Installation have a footnote that clearly states the flooring must be considered “in-stock” to qualify for free installation. There is no mention of installation prices for flooring that is not in-stock.

National Floors Direct discounts

6. Does National Floors Direct have any special offers?

There is a page on the National Floors Direct website that is dedicated to current offers. There is also a banner across the top of the website advertising the same current offer.

National Floors Direct current offers

According to the Current Offer page on the date this article was written, the company is advertising 60 percent off with professional next-day installation (according to specific terms) and no interest for one year.

National Floors Direct sale

On the same page, the company also offers up to 70 percent off on special purchases. According to the page, the special purchases change every week and are based on stock availability.

National Floors Direct specials

7. Who is the girl in the National Floors Direct commercial?

According to media and film website IMDB, the National Floors Direct spokeswoman is named Adrienne LaValley.

National Floors Direct commercial

Adrienne LaValley also recently completed an online interview through a website called OpenTheTrunk.

National Floors Direct spokeswoman

Looking for more assistance with National Floors Direct customer assistance? You have other options on how to find additional information.

  • Visit the National Floors Direct customer service page to find the National Floors Direct toll-free number.
  • Read the many National Floors Direct customer reviews on our site to identify similar situations where you might find additional information.
  • Create your own National Floors Direct review with your question or concern to begin a conversation with the National Floors Direct customer service.

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