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The cash services market is full of diverse options, each competing to be the best in financial transactions. The online platforms and social media are full of various feedback on such services, with Venmo and Cash App reviews being one of the most discussed.

Venmo is one of the leading digital money transfer gateways in the U.S. initially started as a peer-to-peer, free-to-use service. However, in recent years, a mobile payment service has expanded its features to enable business use. Whereby, it can now be used to pay for products and services at a fee in millions of retail outlets and online stores.

Despite being easy to use and convenient, it's quite common for customers to require assistance from Venmo customer service support. But is it friendly, trustworthy, and readily available?

Venmo Q&A

Number of Venmo reviews – 4K

Venmo rating* – 2.2⭐⭐

Claimed losses – 1.5M

Successful calls – 9%/52.3K

Resolved issues – 44

Key Insights:

  • Although Venmo employs data encryption and PIN codes to ensure user security, customers have complained about a lack of privacy and scam vulnerability.
  • There are various ways to reach Venmo customer service in case of emergency via phone, email, and live chat options. Still, users have reported challenges in receiving prompt responses and resolving the issue. 
  • There is no option to cancel a Venmo payment once it has been sent. The customer service team cannot reverse a payment upon the sender’s request.
  • The most common Venmo scams include fake calls, emails, and text messages. Be careful with paper checks, fake payment confirmations, demands for prepaying, etc. 

This article explores the most effective approaches to reach out to Venmo customer support, addressing key questions frequently raised by consumers.

  1. How safe is Venmo?
  2. How to call Venmo customer service?
  3. What is Venmo support email?
  4. How to contact customer support in the app?
  5. How to contact support via social networks?
  6. What are common Venmo scams?
  7. How to cancel a payment?

How Safe Is Venmo?

When the Venmo payment service was first launched in 2009, it aimed to enable friends and family members to share bills, e.g., at the movies, to pay for dinner or rent. However, it has grown over the years to provide a wide range of services. According to their website, can be used to:

  • send money to friends and family;
  • send gifts;
  • split bills;
  • shop online or pay in-app;
  • pay individuals;
  • receive payments from customers either online or in-store;
  • receive paychecks;
  • send money to your bank account;
  • buy and track cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

You can also sign up for a Venmo debit card or credit card. The debit card can be used to make payments anywhere across the US where MasterCard is accepted.  On the other hand, the Venmo credit card is a contactless Visa card that enables you to make secure and touch-free payments.

Venmo payment service has some outstanding features, including:

  • the functionality to track and buy the four major cryptocurrencies;
  • minimal transaction fees with no charges on transactions among users;
  • numerous opportunities to get cashback, and you can use your cashback however you like, including making payments, gifting friends, shopping, or buying cryptocurrencies.

Although some users are satisfied with the digital wallet, many others are dissatisfied, as evidenced by Venmo reviews and rating (2.2 out of a possible 5) on Of over 52.3K calls to Venmo customer service, only 9% of users said their issues were resolved.

The main Venmo complaints include:

  • payment issues, whereby the amount received does not reflect on the account;
  • poor Venmo customer service whereby the representatives are not responsive or helpful;
  • fraudulent activity on user accounts;
  • sometimes the app does not work;
  • frozen account;
  • challenges transferring money from Venmo account to bank account;
  • inability to make payments or receive payments;
  • remote account hacking;
  • Venmo scams.

One of the biggest criticisms about is the lack of privacy. Initially, the company publicly revealed the details of each transaction, which put users at risk of cyber attacks. After numerous complaints by customers and the FTC, the money transfer service introduced a privacy feature in 2018, whereby you can select your privacy settings with options, including Private, Friends Only, and Public. 

Users can now set their default privacy settings to “Private” and hide all their past transactions.

Cyber security specialists note that even with the privacy settings enabled, Venmo customer information is still easily accessible by hackers. This could explain some of the customer complaints about being hacked.

For example, in one of the recent Venmo reviews, the customer states:

My account was hacked on October 5. There were 6 transactions, one right after the other to the same person …Venmo authorized all these!!5 days later!

The company froze their account until the amount was paid. Fortunately, a month after the recall, the company "fixed the issue," and the customer was provided with an apology.

How to Call Venmo Customer Service?

For immediate assistance, there are various ways to call Venmo customer service, depending on the issue. For general customer service issues, call this Venmo contact number 855- 812-4430. The phone line is open throughout the week from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm CT.

For issues regarding your Venmo Visa credit card, call Synchrony Bank at the phone number listed on the back of the card. Customer support is available 24/7. Similarly, for Venmo Debit Card issues, contact the phone number provided on the card. You can speak to a live agent any day of the week between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm CT, while card deactivation service is available 24/7.

call Venmo customer service

Venmo reviews indicate that both individuals and businesses have some problems while calling support. For example, in one of Venmo complaints, the customer expressed concerns regarding the impossibility “to get in contact with a human being.” The reviewer finally stated:

I dont need help from an online forum or tutorial . I need help from a representative or a tech

What Is Venmo Support Email?

There are different ways to contact Venmo customer support via email. They provide various email addresses for different issues. You can also fill out the contact form in the "How can we help" section of the Venmo help center.

Here are Venmo customer service emails:

  • General:
  • Venmo debit card email:
  • Business profile support:
  • Media relations:

On the Venmo support email form, you will be required to provide the following:

  • full name;
  • phone number and email address used to open your account;
  • indicate whether you have access to the email address linked to the account (tick the box provided if you have a Venmo frozen account);
  • a subject for the email;
  • indicate whether you are an account holder;
  • provide details about the issue as well as attachments where applicable;
  • then submit.

You should get a response from customer support. However, some Venmo complaints indicate that customers did not get a response to their Venmo customer service emails despite following up several.

For example, one Venmo customer complained about challenges to get the answer after their account was locked “without any notice or warning”:

When you email them, it takes them three or four days to respond or reply.

How to Contact Venmo Support in the App?

Another way to get immediate assistance is to contact Venmo support via live chat. Customer service representatives are available on the Venmo help chat from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm CT every day.

To use the live chat option, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Venmo app.
  • Navigate to the “Get Help” section.
  • Select “Contact Us” and choose the chat option.

You can use the live chat option even if you have a Venmo frozen account. However, if you don’t get help on the live chat, write to the Venmo support email or call the main phone number. You may be required to prove that you are the account owner, e.g., a photo of your driving license or passport.

Several Venmo reviews indicate that customers often have difficulty reaching a real person on live chat or receiving solutions for their issues. For example, one reviewer mentioned that after they failed to get in contact with Venmo customer service to solve the problem with a suspected account, they tried the chat function. However, 

all I can get from them is they have sent my issue to some specialist and now I get to wait 7-10 more days to hear from them via email.

How to Contact Venmo Support Via Social Networks?

Venmo has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There hasn’t been any activity on their Facebook page, but they link to the Venmo Help Center.

So far, the best way to contact Venmo customer support on social media is through their customer support page on X (@venmosupport). They also have an official X page (@Venmo) where they post updates about the service.

They indicate that customer representatives are available on Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. and over the weekend between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can either post a tweet directly on their page or send them a direct message. 

When customers leave a tweet, they are often requested to send a direct message or write to the Venmo customer service email providing the phone number or email address linked to the account.

Venmo support on social media

What Are Common Venmo Scams?

Several reviews on refer to Venmo scams, including instances whereby:

  • Customers’ accounts are hacked, the login details changed, and money is taken out;
  • Some scammers impersonate the account user’s friends and family and ask for money with a promise to refund.
  • User accounts are frozen without any explanation.
  • Funds on a Venmo frozen account are put on hold indefinitely.
  • Some payments to the Venmo account or withdrawals to the bank account do not reflect on the balance.

The help center confirms and warns of various Venmo scams, including:

  • fake prizes or cash rewards;
  • fake calls or emails from Venmo;
  • text messages pretending to be Venmo;
  • fake calls from tech support;
  • fake payment confirmation or request for tracking details;
  • being asked to prepay for goods or services;
  • fake friends who impersonate your real friends and borrow money;
  • paper check scams;
  • accidental deposit where the scammer asks you to refund the money;
  • offers to make money fast;
  • romance scams.

Venmo complaints indicate that customer support is not helpful in the reported instances of scamming. Therefore, be extra cautious when using the platform to avoid falling victim to scammers. As one of the Venmo customers wrote in their complaint:

Do not care at all about customers being scammed

How to Cancel a Venmo Payment?

There is no way to cancel a Venmo payment once it has been sent. The only option is to contact the receiver to ask them to return the payment. Venmo customer service cannot reverse a payment at a sender’s request. The only conditions under which a Venmo payment can be reversed are:

  • the recipient gives explicit permission; 
  • their account is in good standing;
  • they still have the funds available in their Venmo account.

In cases where you suspect that you have been scammed or you paid the wrong person, contact Venmo as soon as possible to file a dispute. However, note that filing a dispute does not cancel a Venmo payment.

cancel Venmo payment

While Venmo Help Center contains a lot of information, it can be challenging to get in touch with the support team for urgent assistance. The same situation is with the Venmo phone number, email, and live chat option - if you contact the company, it doesn't ensure your problem will be resolved. Even reaching out on social media, especially X (former Twitter), where customer service representatives are rather responsive, may not always lead to a resolution.

What has been your experience with Venmo customer support? You may leave a review on

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