Most people get information online or from the TV. Once the pandemic hit the world, the gap between opinions and their diversity has become so huge that it’s hard to remain confident about what you see and hear. The Big Tech has many new regulations and censorship rules implied on social media platforms. They filter out news, posts, and content consumed by millions of people every day.

Does censorship violate the First Amendment? Do we still have the right to free speech? What if you are censored for your opinion?

...if you're living in a nation, any nation, where the people's voice is no longer heard, that is a corrupt system…

Dr. Buttar, the Director of the Center for Advanced Medicine and an osteopathic physician, faces many challenges with social media censorship. He is called the most censored doctor on the planet and his content is constantly blocked by social media platforms.

In an interview with PissedConsumer, Dr. Buttar shared his experience and opinion on modern-day censorship, social media propaganda, Section 230, and the First Amendment.

Points covered in this interview with Dr. Buttar:

Introduction of The Most Censored Doctor on the Planet

Dr. Buttar: So we're living in a world of censorship. This is not one opinion of one doctor anymore. It's an opinion of literally tens of thousands of doctors all over the world. I'm the most censored doctor on the planet right now.

The last three conferences that I've been at in-person or rallies with 3,500 people, 700 people at one meeting in Malibu, in Vancouver 7,000 people that I was introduced as the most censored doctor on the planet.

Why Is Social Media Censoring the Content?

Dr. Buttar: When I first came out with this in April, when I was interviewed by Next News Network, there were 9.1 million views on that video in less than six days and YouTube took it down. And since that point, every video that I've put out that's had over a million views, within 48 hours, they're taken down automatically. We've had 78 videos taken down from YouTube so far.

So we're living in a world of censorship. This is not one opinion of one doctor anymore. It's an opinion of literally tens of thousands of doctors all over the world. There are 8,700 nurses and doctors in Norway that just filed a lawsuit because they talk about the dangers of the vaccine.

What Is the Reason for Censorship?

Dr. Buttar: Today, when you have 78 videos or just me having 78 videos taken off, that's modern-day censorship. That's book burning. That's a modern-day version of book burning. And we know what type of societies burn books. 

When they don't want information getting out in the public's hands, when they prevent dissemination of information, there's a reason behind it. There's an agenda behind it.

The astute person would ask the question, "What is the purpose of this information being censored? What is the purpose? What is the reason that they don't want me to hear this?"

Because in a free society, everybody would be able to get access to any amount of information. But there are more people that are being censored than ever before. The media is already when they talk about somebody with a counter viewpoint from their mainstream narrative, they automatically label them as false narrative, debunked, etc. They’re using all these words.

Who Is Behind Censorship?

Dr. Buttar: Who is responsible for making those things happen? I couldn't tell you. I just know that...

...with the front things that we see, the Googles and the Facebooks, on how censorship's working, but they are not allowing the voice of the people to come forward.

My YouTube channel would go through periods where I would have 5,000, 6,000, 7,000 people joining and then they block me. For four or five, six weeks, I wouldn't have anybody. And then, I would go up from 150,000 to 200,000 over the next month and have 50,000 people and then they'd block me again, and I'd have nobody joining for two months.

How Does Censorship Implied in Social Media?

Dr. Buttar: My last big thing that happened, I had 413,000 subscribers in July and... No, I'm sorry, I had 287,000. Anyway, it went up to 413,000 after having nobody joined for about four weeks, and then all of a sudden, some people started joining again, and then I was stuck at 413,000 for literally the month and a half.

I think from early July till mid-August, a month and a half, I was stuck at 413,000. I had no more subscribers; not a single person joining. And then, in three days I went from 413,000 to 497,000. I had 84,000 new subscribers in three days and then boom, YouTube stopped it again. From that point onwards, in August, till right after Thanksgiving, I have had not one single subscriber join my channel.

How can you have 84,000 people join in three days, subscribe in three days, and then go to zero subscribers for the next three months? It's statistically impossible.

And then it's like somebody, whoever was hitting the block button, forgot to block it and they opened it up and then I started trickling up. I went from 497,000 to 501,000: 4,000 subscribers in a month. And now, they've got a warning on my channel that says, "You may notice your numbers going down."

I'm down to 498,000. They've taken 3,000 subscribers away. Yet, people don't get notified when I come online. People are being censored.

On Instagram, when I only had 8,000 followers, 7,000 followers, less than 10,000 followers, if I went live on Instagram, I would have 1,000 to 1,500 people listen to it. When I got up to 20,000 on Instagram, 25,000, I was having routinely 2,000 to 3,000 people at any given time that would watch me.

I would have hundredths, or tens of thousands of likes, or whatever, that was just on my Instagram. I've got now a quarter... Actually, my live streams were having 18,000 to 25,000 people watching my live stream, and on my Facebook was only about 100,000. My YouTube was less than 100,000 at that time.

Now, my Facebook, which was over half a million is down to 390,000, supposedly unsubscribing. I can't post anything on Facebook. On my own account, I don't have access to post anything. And they say that also my page will not be shown to new members, that nobody new can see my page.

On top of that, YouTube, the same type of scenario. YouTube has taken off 78 of our videos, no new subscribers. And Instagram, now when I go live with a quarter of a million, 256,000 followers, I have 100 people watching me.

So, how is that possible when I know I'm getting thousands of messages coming in saying that, "I can't find you. Have you been deplatformed?" But my channel's right there. I've sent my own son a message on Instagram to have him see a post. My son says, "Dad, I'm not getting any of your messages."

He showed me on his phone. I'm sending it; he's looking at his phone and there's no message that comes through. So, the level of censorship right now... And that's just me. There are many people that have the same problem. So, censorship is a massive issue.

You got censorship on one side and you've got the media that's passing judgment. The purpose of media is to provide information to the world that somebody doesn't want to be released. That's the purpose of media. But when they are going out there and passing judgment on certain things, and it's repeating the same thing over and over and over again, that's just propaganda. That's just marketing. That's all they're doing. 

There is no journalistic integrity left anywhere on the planet. The few small people that are still integrists and have journalistic integrity, they're being censored; they're being pushed down; they're being accosted, and they're being prevented from getting the word out; the truth out.

Does COVID-19 Impact Censorship?

Dr. Buttar: If you start to see how history works, this propaganda agenda has been consistently pushed a certain way. The direction that it's working in, and it's become very, very clear, it's a political agenda.

So, the COVID was actually designed, it appears now based upon the evidence, they didn't want people to come to the polls because they were trying to create a censorship issue.

...if you're living in a nation, any nation, where the people's voice is no longer heard, that is a corrupt system…

...and that's what we're now discovering, which in the US has...The US has been... I mean, I served the nation. I served my nation in the military, but I can tell you, as a former soldier, that the most corrupt nation on this planet is the greatest nation on the planet, which is us: the United States.

We have been responsible for creating more wars and more discourse and hurting more people throughout the world. And now, the American public is starting to find out that level of deception that has been at the highest levels of echelon within our government and that's what we're witnessing right now.

We're witnessing an awakening of the masses and we have people in the government that are good, solid, true, honest people that are trying to help the system change. 

Fortunately, right now, some of those people we know, but a lot of people... The cleaning of the swamp is a very necessary phenomenon and we're witnessing it right now.

Does Social Media Censorship Violate Freedom of Speech?

Dr. Buttar: It's the big social media platforms that are taking advantage of that, the National Defense Act, or whatever it was that just got vetoed, the first veto of President Trump's decision has just been obstructed just right around Christmas time where the Senate passed it despite his veto. That bill is essentially trying to... It was trying to make social media platforms responsible.

n't say that "Well, let's make Facebook responsible, but not let make anybody else responsible." And I think to make people to be responsible for what they're saying, I think that's a very important thing. I think people should be responsible; held responsible.

If I go out there and I say something slanderous against somebody else that's not true, then I should be held responsible. Why aren't people...? I've been slandered for 25 years, but I don't have any recourse because those bastards, that's how they can get away with anything.

So to me, censorship is censorship. It needs to be free information. You can say the truth, but when it comes to attacking a person individually unless you can prove it...

In other words, I have no problem with anybody saying anything. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. So you want to attack me? Fine, attack me. But I should be able to go against that person and sue them and have them pay for lying, and that's what the problem is right now.

It's not just simply that, "Oh, censorship and protect people from being able to say what they want to say." It's a responsibility that if I open my mouth and I say something that's incorrect or that's a lie, or I'm doing it for an agenda, then I have to pay the consequence if that person sues me. That's what I think.

I should be able to say whatever I want to say, but unless I can back it up, I need to be able to pay the consequences.

If Facebook censors me because I said something, then Facebook is guilty of censorship. They're guilty of violating the First Amendment.

And people say, "Well, it's a private platform and so they can really decide whatever they want to do because it's a private company." That's a load of rubbish because they are providing a public communication service.

And so they should be held accountable to any aspect, especially when they're censoring and preventing one party, or one belief system, or one race, or one ethnicity, or one religion, from having a monopoly, and then censoring the other one.

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