Easter 2020 is going to be different from the past ones due to the stay-at-home directive in most countries around the world. The question on many people’s minds is how they will celebrate Easter since activities such as going to church, Easter bunny visits, public Easter egg hunt, and visiting family and friends are no longer an option.

Below are some ways to celebrate Easter this year from home and to have fun.

  1. Easter dinner
  2. Easter gifts
  3. Easter games
  4. Easter decorating
  5. Easter movies

1. Easter Dinner

Go all out in preparing a full-course Easter dinner and set up the table for your family to enjoy together. To make it even merrier, you can invite your friends and family for a virtual Easter dinner. The invited members also cook and set up for dinner to enjoy the meal together via a conferencing app.

Some Easter dinner ideas include: 

  • roast chicken,
  • roast or stir-fry beef,
  • salads,
  • some cupcakes for dessert,
  • potato au gratin,
  • cobb’s salad,
  • pizza and others.

You could also order take out from your favorite neighborhood restaurant.

2. Easter Gifts

The Easter season is a great time to let your loved ones know that you love and appreciate them. Below are some Easter gifts ideas for kids and adults.

  • Educational Easter gifts such as decorating sets, coloring kits, and Easter-themed books.
  • Easter activity books such as Easter puzzles and word search.
  • Easter game sets.
  • Easter-themed pajamas.
  • Easter toys.
  • Easter cards.
  • Easter candy.

Easter gift ideas for adults:

  • Easter scented candles.
  • Easter flowers.
  • Easter home decors items such as coasters, tapestry, and throw pillows.
  • Easter-themed cutlery and utensils.
  • Easter candy.
  • Easter baskets.

Easter baskets can incorporate anything you might want to put in. For instance, an Easter foodie basket can incorporate a woven basket, a customized jar, a couple of spices and some cutlery. Other Easter personalized basket ideas for adults include:

  • Easter movie basket
  • Easter fruit basket,
  • Easter picnic basket,
  • Easter candy basket.

When shopping for Easter gifts online, keep in mind that there may be a shortage of poplar Easter gifts and shipping delays due to the COVID-19 issues. 

For instance, in a Magic Toy Truck review #1557442, the person complained that they did not receive their shipment.

Magic Toy Truck review

Also, some customers have had unpleasant experiences with food delivery companies on this holiday. They reported cases of poor products' quality or failure to deliver them.

In a Ferrero Rocher review, the poster complained that they received Easter chocolate eggs that had fungal growth.

An alternative to countrywide online shops may be ordering items from a local store that does deliveries. Or, DIY with what you already have at home.

3. Easter Games

Easter games for kids are a fun way to keep your children entertained and to teach them about Easter. Some Easter games ideas for kids include:

  • Easter egg hunt in the backyard, or the house,
  • Easter egg spoon race,
  • Easter bingo,
  • Easter puzzles and checkers.

4. Easter Decorating

You and the kids might enjoy Easter decorating. For instance, let the children pick up spring flowers from the garden and place them in a flower vase, or they can make a wreath and place it on the door. The children could also decorate eggs using kid-friendly dyes or DIY dyes made from mixing 1 teaspoon of vinegar with ¼ teaspoon of food color. Other Easter decorating ideas for kids include cooking and decorating Easter cupcakes, Easter bread, cookies, and biscuits.

5. Easter Movies

Cozy up on the couch with your family for a movie. There are several Easter movies on Netflix or any other platform both for kids and adults. Examples of Easter movies for kids include:

  • Hop,
  • Joseph: The King of Dreams,
  • Veggie Tales in the city,
  • Peter Rabbit.

Adults may enjoy Easter movies such as:

  • The Case for Christ,
  • Come Sunday,
  • The Story of God with Morgan Freeman,
  • God Bless the Broken Road,
  • Faith, Hope & Love.

Your Easter traditions may have been disrupted this year. However, you can still celebrate from home. Choose the activities that would be fun for you to do. But most important, pick up your phone and call your family and friends.

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