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Mother’s Day 2022 is just around the corner, and that means it is time to think about how you want to honor your mother this year. Some families have special Mother’s Day traditions already established, but most of us try to find something special to bring our mothers a bit of joy on a special day without tradition to fall back on.

Sadly, it is not uncommon to hear about a Mother’s Day scam when someone takes advantage of those looking to do something nice. If you’re looking for great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2022, you’re right to be a bit wary of some deals that seem a bit too good to be true. Thankfully you can find the perfect gift without falling for a Mother’s Day scam if you know what to look for.

Here are the top Mother's Day gift ideas and tips on how to avoid failure when buying them.

Online Purchases

Online purchases are convenient, and that makes them great gifts. It seems like almost anything can be ordered online in our busy world, and with online wish lists, you might already know exactly what your mother wants without having to guess.

Of course, while online purchases like clothing, jewelry, or perfume are terrific Mother’s Day gift ideas, there is always the risk that you might wind up in a frustrating buying experience. Unscrupulous store owners might offer a special purchase for the holiday in hopes of making a quick profit on inferior items or even something that never winds up delivered. You don’t want your Mother’s Day gifts to cause mayhem and drama, so be sure you shop online wisely.

Tips for Online Purchases on Mother’s Day: Be sure you shop for gifts from stores with good reviews online. Shop with stores where you’ve previously done business and be sure to check the delivery and return policies.


Flowers are popular Mother’s Day gift ideas, which means florists are very busy. Some florists just aren’t up the task of getting Mother’s Day flowers where they need to be on time and in perfect condition. In her Mother’s Day review, one Edible Arrangements customer explains just how frustrating it can be when your order arrives incorrectly.

Brittany ordered her mother “a Blooming daisy order” but it arrived with “missing fruit” and the flowers were dead. She “tried calling several times” but the line was busy and then the voicemail was full. The experience created a great deal of frustration for her and her mother.

Edible Arrangmenets flowers review

Tips for Flowers on Mother’s Day: Be sure you order your flowers well in advance for the holiday. Consider having your flowers delivered the day before to avoid the press and rush of the florists on the actual day off. Be sure you do your research as well and look for a Mother’s Day reviews before making order.

Gift Cards and Certificates

Gift cards make great Mother’s Day gifts, especially if they are slipped inside a card and sent to a mother you can’t visit on the official day of. Gifts cards make it easy for your mother to pick out exactly what she wants, and you can enjoy the ease of purchase on your end so that she can enjoy the fun of shopping on hers.

Of course, there are potential downsides with gift cards. Unfortunately, gift card fraud is a common Mother’s Day scam. This is how one Shein reviewer says that they “never got a card” ordered for Mother’s Day and “have not seen my money returned.

Shein review on Mother's Day gift card

Tips for Gift Cards on Mother’s Day: Gift cards make fun and easy gifts. But they are also potentially an area for scams and fraud. Be on the lookout for potential issues as you arrange your gift cards and certificates. Sometimes even missing a bit of fine print can ruin what should be great Mother’s Day gift ideas. Be sure to buy your gift cards directly from retail stores. Watch to be sure they are scanned and activated at the store and that you get the receipt. Consider ordering only from vendors you’ve worked with in the past.

Food and Candy Orders

Who doesn’t like a treat of food or candy? That’s what makes food and candy orders fun Mother’s Day gift ideas. Of course, you’ll want to be sure you only buy from reputable vendors and know that perishable food items are just that – perishable.

In her Mother’s Day review, one Sharis Berries customer explains how food and candy orders can go wrong as a gift.  The poster says that they “spent over $100 on 3 Mothers Day Gifts.” One of her orders arrived “a week late and was moldy.” The others never arrived at all.

Sharis Berries Mother's Day review

Tips for Food and Candy Orders on Mother’s Day: This holiday is a popular time for food and candy bouquets. Consider ordering well in advance for a delivery a day or two earlier than the actual holiday to be sure your order gets the attention it deserves and arrives on time. Don’t forget to check reviews to be sure you’re dealing with a company that you can trust.

Home Décor and Furniture

This might be a good gift idea if you know your mother’s taste and preferred style.  However, you should ensure that the store you order from will deliver on its promises. This is how one Bjs Wholesale Club consumer failed with a gift idea when ordering a table for Mother’s Day and receiving it late with “a broken table leg and 2 damaged chairs. And still can't get the pieces replaced.

Bjs Wholesale Club wood table review

Tips for Home Décor and Furniture on Mother's Day: Of course, there is always the chance you might get things a bit wrong. Certain comfort items like throw blankets and aromatherapy candles would be a safe bet for most mothers, at least. Be mindful that some stores create and sell high-quality items and others are more interested in turning a profit on cheap items. Check reviews to be sure you’re dealing with a good store and check return and refund policies, just in case your gift looks different in person than you’re expecting.

There are many Mother’s Day ideas that will make the day special for your mother. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift this year, why not use the opportunity to write an especially meaningful letter inside your Mother’s Day card and then simply spend time with the one who love you most – your mother. Happy Mother’s Day 2022!

Rebecca Garland
Business and Education Expert

Rebecca Garland, M.S. is a business and education writer. She holds secondary teaching certifications in six areas, has a degree in Business, and earned a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. As an expert, Rebecca has been working with international clients since 2005.

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