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Mother's Day is one of the most significant holidays. On it, we want to express our love, gratitude, and appreciation for the most important person in our lives. Mom is our true friend and support, always ready to listen and help. While different families celebrate in different ways, they all are looking for their own Mother's Day ideas that suit their unique preferences.

As you prepare to celebrate Mother's Day 2024 this year, consider doing something different than you did last year. Skip the basic options and instead opt for Mother's Day gift ideas that are as unique as your mother is. After all, the best gifts for your mom are those that come from the heart and show you truly care rather than the sum you have spent.

Are you looking for fresh ideas for Mother’s Day 2024? We’ve prepared a helpful list of possible Mother’s Day gift ideas below.

Online Gift Shopping

Online purchases are convenient, and that makes them great gifts. It seems like almost anything can be ordered online in our busy world, and with online wish lists, you might already know exactly what your mother wants without having to guess.

Naturally, you want to buy the best Mother’s Day gifts, and shopping online can make this easier for you and your budget. Check out various deals and special offers. Get new Mother’s Day ideas from online promotions and coupons. Then, check the customer reviews before adding any items to your cart. You’d hate to ruin online gift shopping by ordering from a website known for poor quality, shipping issues, or poor customer service. 

Online Shopping on Mother's Day

Even if everything looks good initially, some issues may happen, as described by one customer in review #5504918. Though “all looked good, delivered promptly,” shortly after the purchase of the gift for Mother’s Day - a paper clip bracelet - it fell off. Reaching and resolving consumer issue turned out to be challenging, and left a reviewer frustrated: 

Have uploaded photos made 4 attempts to get customer service to respond and keep getting the standard please upload photos and provide info which I have done 3 times.

Tips for online gift shopping on Mother’s Day

Here are some helpful tips to ensure a smooth customer experience while shopping online for Mother’s Day:

  • Be sure you shop for gifts from stores with good reviews online. 
  • Shop with stores where you’ve previously done business
  • Сheck the delivery and return policies.

Flower Bouquets

Flowers are a classic and always relevant Mother’s Day gift. You can choose various bouquets or indoor plants that will delight her for years. Such popularity means that florists are very busy. To avoid a negative customer experience, place your flower bouquet order in advance to ensure everything goes well. 

Remember, some florists just aren’t up to the task of getting Mother’s Day flowers where they need to be on time and in perfect condition. In review #4502841, one PissedConsumer user complained about the floral bouquets they ordered. They were disappointed because 

The bouquets were pathetically small (I ordered the medium size), the roses were nearly dead and drooping even though the lilies hadn't even started to open. Customer service was terrible.

Flower bouquet on Mother's Day

Tips for flower bouquets on Mother’s Day

Here is the list of hints that can help you with ordering flowers for Mother’s Day:

  • Be sure you order your flowers well in advance for the holiday. 
  • Consider having your flowers delivered the day before to avoid the pressure and rush of the florists on the actual day off. 
  • Be sure you do your research as well and look for Mother's Day reviews before making an order.

Candy Gifts and Food Orders

There’s something to be said for Mother’s Day gifts that she can enjoy and even share with you. Perhaps the best Mother’s Day gifts are consumable ones like candy and food orders. If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift basket ideas, you can find plenty through various retailers. Or you can make your own by buying special food items and adding a custom card.

Don’t forget about food delivery services. Just be sure you order from a reputable source. However, customers often share their disappointing experiences with candy gifts and food orders in online reviews, like one of the reviewers in complaint #4588837. Upon receipt of a box of strawberries for Mother’s Day, the berries appeared stale, and the chocolate was separated: 

Just got my Mothers Day package strawberrys was stahl chocolate was separated look like this package was sitting under sun for a week.

The frustrated customer expressed their dissatisfaction and suggested that potential consumers read the “comments.”

Candy gifts for Mother's Day

Tips for candy gifts and food orders on Mother’s Day

This holiday is a popular time for food and candy bouquets. So, here is a list of helpful tips to enjoy the Mother’s Day celebration:

  • Consider ordering well in advance for a delivery a day or two earlier than the actual holiday to be sure your order gets the attention it deserves and arrives on time. 
  • Don’t forget to check reviews to be sure you’re dealing with a company that you can trust.

Home Gifts

Home gifts are always appreciated on holidays. If you know your mother enjoys spending time at home, why not buy a Mother’s Day gift to help celebrate an occasion that she will use all year long? Just be sure that the item you buy will stand the test of time.

One consumer in review #5816723 shares their negative customer experience with Mercari after receiving a broken product:

my granddaughter was purchasing this with her own money for her mom for mother's day and is si heartbreaking to her.

Home Gift for Mother's Day

Tips for home gifts on Mother's Day

Of course, there is always the chance you might get things a bit wrong. However, try to follow these steps to get the best home gifts for Mother’s Day:

  • Certain comfort items like throw blankets and aromatherapy candles would be a safe bet for most mothers. 
  • Be mindful that some stores create and sell high-quality items while others are more interested in turning a profit on cheap items.
  • Check reviews to be sure you’re dealing with a good store.
  • Check return and refund policies, just in case your gift looks different in person than you’re expecting.

Wellness Gifts

Active mothers will appreciate Mother’s Day gifts that are tied to their fitness level and energy. Exercise equipment, athletic gear, yoga mats, nutrition items, and even kitchen gear to help prepare healthy meals and snacks are always excellent choices. But before you buy new wellness items, check online reviews to be sure you’re ordering from a reputable company.

Tips for wellness gifts on Mother’s Day

Here are some tips for selecting wellness gifts that may make your mother happy this Mother's Day:

  • If you want to celebrate your mother’s activities and lifestyle, opt for something that enhances the activities she already enjoys. Binoculars can improve hiking and bird watching, for example. 
  • Be wary of offering wellness gifts that might send the wrong message – no mother wants a new scale or body mass tracker as Mother’s Day gifts, for example, if she didn’t specifically request it! 

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This year, as you prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day 2024, keep in mind that what your mother would likely enjoy the most is spending time with you. And, of course, if you come to visit her with thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts, you will simply exceed her expectations. Shop wisely so you and your mom can enjoy a happy Mother’s Day celebration.


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