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YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming service that gives members access to live and on-demand TV from major cable and broadcast networks such as ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBS, TNT, and many more. According to CEO Neal Mohan, YouTube TV has gained over 8 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2024. As the user base grows, the number of inquiries about the service also increases. 

We researched the most essential customer questions about YouTube TV that we are addressing in this article. Below is an overview of ratings based on reviews and consumer insights on

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Number of YouTube TV reviews – 15.9K

YouTube TV rating* - 1.9⭐⭐

Claimed losses - $5.5M

Successful calls – 3%/140K

Resolved issues - 257

Key Insights

  • YouTube TV offers a free trial to first-time users, with the trial duration varying based on the type of plan and current promotions.
  • Though the support provides straightforward steps for customers to cancel free trials and subscriptions, some experience challenges with the YouTube TV cancellation process.
  • To record favorite programs, shows, or movies, subscribers have an unlimited DVR included in the membership. 

How Long Is YouTube TV Free Trial? 

 If you're new to the service and haven't previously signed up for a free trial, you are eligible for one. The YouTube TV trial duration varies for different plans and current promotions.

Below are steps to check your YouTube TV trial duration:

  • Open the streaming service on the computer, app, or smart TV
  • Click on your profile picture icon in the top-right corner
  • Scroll down to settings and then to membership
  • You will see the number of days remaining on your free trial.

YouTube TV trialSource: YouTube TV Help

Once the trial duration has lapsed, your account automatically switches to a paid membership and you will be charged the standard price for the Base plan and any other add-ons you had subscribed to.

YouTube TV reviews indicate that some customers were charged during this period. For example, in complaint #5695206, the user reported:

Yesterday I signed on for a two-week free trial for YouTube TV. I saw immediately that I was charged for the month…A two week free trial - is a two week free trial, not an immediate payment.

How to Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial?

One of the top consumer questions is: Can I cancel YouTube TV free trial? If so, how? We address the YouTube TV cancellation process in this section. 

You can cancel the YouTube free trial anytime within the stated period to avoid being charged. However, remember that canceling your subscription during this period results in immediate loss of access to the service and any associated add-ons. 

According to the Help section, the procedure for canceling is similar for Android or Apple devices as follows:

  • Go to on a web browser or open it on your Android or Apple device.
  • Click on the “profile photo” icon for your YouTube TV account.
  • Go to “Settings” and then to “Membership”. 
  • Click on “Manage” and then “Cancel Membership”

While the process is relatively simple, and there is a promise of no charges during the trial, some customers complain about challenges in reaching and communicating with YouTube TV customer service to resolve their issues. For example, one of the users shares their experience of the attempt to get a refund for the unauthorized charges for a 7-day free trial: 

You cannot get anyone on the phone. All the numbers are a joke most of them are Disconnected…The other numbers provided after one ring and hangs up on you.

Over 4 months later, they haven’t received a refund.

How to Cancel YouTube TV?

The procedure to cancel YouTube TV subscription is similar to the steps described above for canceling a YouTube TV free trial. 

However, once you cancel a subscription you continue to enjoy the streaming services until the end of the payment period. After it, you will lose access to all networks and add-ons. Recorded programs are saved in your library and expire after 21 days.

cancel YouTube TVSource: YouTube TV Help

Can you cancel YouTube TV by phone? 

You cannot cancel YouTube TV directly by phone. As of the date of the writing, it doesn't offer customer service phone numbers on its Help page. Instead, you can visit the Contact Us page for alternative steps to get help. 

Step 4, "Contact Options," offers to get a call from the representatives. By clicking on the icon, you will see two fields that must be completed - your first name and phone number. You may also write your request or concern. Then, press the "Call me" button. Based on data from the official website, hours of operation are 24/7. 

cancel YouTube TV by phoneSource: YouTube TV Help

If you don't want to wait, you can cancel your YouTube TV subscription by following the steps provided in the sections above.

Despite the stipulated steps for canceling a YouTube TV subscription, several customers reported some challenges as evidenced in review #5750297:

For the past 3/4 hour I have been online trying to cancel my subscription. From no help to two sources trying to charge me to cancel my subscription.

How to Record on YouTube TV?

The record feature on YouTube TV ensures that you do not miss a show, movie, or event. It enables you to record your favorite programs and save them in your library to watch later. This is because the YouTube TV membership includes a DVR without storage space limits.

Here are the steps to record on YouTube TV:

  1. Go to the service either on the app or web browser.
  2. Navigate to the show, sports team, or event you want to record and click on the Add icon +.
  3. Any upcoming airing will be recorded and saved to your library.
  4. If you record an episode that is already in progress, the recording will start at the time you added the program. However, if there is a rerun of the episode later, the partial recording will be replaced by the full episode. 

record on YouTube TVSource: YouTube TV Help

According to review # 5672249, some customers have difficulty accessing the recorded programs:

Recorded programs take forever to become available to watch.

Enjoying Seamless Customer Experience with YouTube TV 

With its diverse channel lineup and various convenient features, YouTube TV is a popular service among many users around the world. According to online reviews on PissedConsumer, users may have some challenges with free trials, cancellation processes, and recording functions.

We've answered the most essential customer questions to enhance your experience and simplify the usage process. 

What questions do you have about this streaming service? What has been your experience? You may leave a review or share your insights in the comments section below.

*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and Pissed Consumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.

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