Dollar stores like Family Dollar are an attractive option for people looking for bargains and ways to save money. The popularity of these stores has been further boosted by the impact of inflation. As of September 2023, the chain had 8,384 stores in 49 US states and territories.

However, concerns about the shopping experience at this well-known budget retail giant have recently increased. Read on to uncover top complaints alerted in Family Dollar reviews, from overcharging to a hostile environment. 

Family Dollar Q&A

Number of Family Dollar reviews – 4.2K

Family Dollar rating* - 2.2⭐⭐

Claimed losses - $2.8M

Successful calls – 3%/10.2K

Resolved issues - 17

  1. Hostile environment
  2. Family Dollar store management
  3. Family Dollar store conditions
  4. Family Dollar store pricing discrepancies
  5. Tips for easy shopping 

1. Hostile Environment

Verbal abuse and harassment experienced by customers at Family Dollar stores is one of the most common complaints. On, customers are frustrated with cases of witnessing fights among employees, throwing items at managers, verbal aggression and abuse towards visitors, etc. 

In one Family Dollar complaint, the customer explained that they just wanted to inquire about a job posting in the store.When addressing the assistant manager, this consumer reports:

…she began to get irate… and began to pursue me yelling and being aggressive at which point I began recording.

According to the reviewer, the level of professionalism in this store “is beyond subpar.” 

In another review, the 60-year-old customer was shocked by the behavior of one of Family Dollar’s employees: 

This employee really made me as if he was very hostile toward customers as a whole needless to say will try not to go to this store and definitely not while he's there…

2. Family Dollar Store Management

While not all Family Dollar stores are reported to have management issues, there are still many reviews with concerns. Non-compliances range from disorganized inventory management leading to unavailability of goods to long checkout lines and unresponsive store staff.

Family Dollar reviews highlight troubles with the incorrect opening hours, multiple cases of closing the store during working hours, problems with the store’s system, messing around employees, and many others. 

For example, in one Family Dollar store in Mentor, Ohio, a consumer notices that the clothing aisle was like a mess: 

clothes all over the floor, hangers on the floor as well as papers, cardboard etc blocking the isle from both ends.

When the customer asked for help, one manager helped them, explaining that 

shes the only one working while the cashiers mess around with the manager and his friends which is why the store is in disarray.


Other shoppers report being “locked in the store” and made to leave. 

3. Poor Family Dollar Store Conditions

Family Dollar unsafe conditions

Family Dollar stores have received numerous complaints from customers regarding their cleanliness and organization. In addition, many online reviews mention inadequate safety and security measures that can lead to disastrous consequences. 

In the recent Family Dollar complaint, a customer who injured a foot and was wearing a boot alleged that:

I nearly tripped and fell in one of the aisles because there were boxes and merchandise laying on the floor and there was not a clear path for us to walk.

4. Family Dollar Store Pricing Discrepancies

Family Dollar prices discrepancies

Family Dollar stores frequently provide discounts, promotions, and coupons to entice customers. However, consumers often report discrepancies between the labeled and actual prices of products. In other cases, cashiers fail to apply discounts and promotions correctly, resulting in overcharging shoppers.

One frustrated customer claimed to be overcharged - the price they paid “was $1.50 more than listed price.” When they came back for the refund, a cashier wanted them to pay for their products first. What they again noticed is that 

I was overcharged.40 cents each on the candy bars and also &1.00 extra for cat food.

Tips for Easy Shopping at Family Dollar Stores

Family Dollar stores offer a variety of affordable products, but shopping experiences vary greatly from store to store. Many shoppers have expressed concerns about issues such as rude and unacceptable employee behavior, safety conditions, poor management, and overcharging. 

There are steps you can take to improve your shopping experience at Family Dollar:

  • Re-consider your needs and expectations before shopping, and opt only if you believe the Family Dollar is a safe store in your local area.
  • Read Family Dollar reviews and ask local customers for feedback about their experience with the store.
  • If you experienced any issue, share your Family Dollar complaint on a review website or social pages online to help warn others.

The decision to shop at Family Dollar stores or any other retailer depends entirely on your preferences and wishes. Customers can drive improvements by staying informed and advocating for a better shopping experience. 

If you have encountered problems with Family Dollar or just want to share your positive experiences, you may leave a review on our website.

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