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With the rapidly growing adoption of mobile payment worldwide, Google Pay has established itself as one of the top go-to mobile applications in the market. Its widespread usage and straightforward features have made it essential for millions of users.

This article will answer the top Google Pay questions and highlight common consumer issues when using the app. We address questions such as: how to set up Google Pay; how to use Google Pay on Android or iPhone; and what stores accept Google Pay.

Here is an overview of Google Pay reviews and ratings on

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Google Pay reviews – 2.9K

Google Pay rating* - 1.8⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $4.2M

Successful calls – 31%/75.1K

Resolved issues - 69

Key Insights

  • The Google Pay app is the third most popular mobile payment application in the USA, with over 25.2 million users.
  • Google Pay is primarily designed to make contactless payments using Android devices, but it can also be used to make online payments
  • Google Pay has limited features on iPhones. For example, you cannot use iOS to make contactless payments.

How to Use Google Pay?

Your Google Pay account can be used to make contactless payments in stores, make purchases online, and send or receive money. It comes with security features, such as encryption and tokenization to keep your transactions safe. To start using this digital wallet, you should download it and add your payment method. 

However, some customers report having difficulty adding their payment method on Google Pay as evidenced in review #5891392:

I tried to add my new debit card and Google keeps having an error…and the card works fine through all other avenues…

How to Set Up Google Pay?

There are some prerequisites to successfully set up your Google Pay account. First, you will need a valid Google Account. Secondly, your device needs to be supported by the app. 

Once these are in place, here are the steps to set up Google Pay account:

  • Download the Google Pay App from the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple Store for iOS.
  • Open the Google Pay App and follow the setup prompts.
  • Provide your debit or credit card details either manually or by using a camera to scan it.
  • If required, as is the case for some Android and iOS devices, set up a screen lock for the app.

How to Set Up Google PaySource: Google Wallet Help

Despite the instructions on the Help Page on how to set up Google Pay, some customers have difficulty with the process.

For example, in Google Pay review #4942214, the customer shared that the setup process wouldn’t complete for them despite providing their banking information. Furthermore, they had difficulty reaching Google Pay customer service for assistance.

Loaded app on phone and went through all of the set up, called bank who sent code and all my banking info showed up on app...but app won't complete set up…No answer at Google support...

What Stores Accept Google Pay?

Google Pay is accepted in millions of stores in the USA and Worldwide as per the company’s claims. Stores that accept Google Pay indicate the following symbols:

Google Pay symbolsSource: GooglePay

You could also ask the attendant if they accept Google payments through the app. Note that even when stores accept Google Pay, some may ask to provide a PIN as is the case in review #5019642:

I use Google pay on a regular basis but some stores require a pen. I've tried to set up the pin through the app many times and yet that never works…

Google Pay supportSource: GooglePay

How to Use Google Pay on iPhone?

The Google Pay app is primarily designed for use with Android devices. However, you can still use Google Pay on iPhone, though the process of making in-store payments is slightly different. The tap-to-pay feature is not available for Google Pay on iPhone. However, you can use the QR code scanner feature to pay.

Here are the steps to use Google Pay on iPhone:

  • Open the Google Pay app.
  • At the bottom of the app, tap on “Explore.”
  • A QR code icon will appear on the screen’s top left corner.
  • Tap on the icon to open the scanner.
  • Scan the QR code at the register or whenever else it is available to make payment.
  • Enter the amount and tap “pay” to make a payment or “request” to send a request to be paid.
  • Provide any additional information on the “notes” area and then tap “done”.

In Google Pay review #4999015, the customer complained that they bought a $100 Google Play card without knowing they could not use it on an iPhone. Hence, they were seeking a refund. 

I bought a google play card for 100$ accidently not knowing I could not use on my play store for iPhone,so I need my refund asap.

How to Use Google Pay on Android?

Using Google Pay on Android is easy and doesn’t require you to open the app on your phone. Here is how to use Google Pay on Android for contactless payment: 

  • Unlock your phone.
  • Hold your phone over the Google Pay payment terminal.
  • Wait a few seconds until you get a check symbol indicating your transaction is complete. 

For contactless payment to work, ensure NFC is turned off on your phone settings and that contactless payments are on and set to Google Pay. For online transactions, look out for and click on the G Pay button to checkout. 

To send money to someone using the Google Pay App, press the send button and then tap on the “send or request button”. Search for the recipient’s or payer’s email address or phone number, or choose it from your contacts. Enter the amount, and press send.

 Even though the above-mentioned instructions may seem relatively easy, it doesn’t mean there are no hiccups with using the app. One customer couldn’t synchronize their card with their Google pay on Android as per review #4521274:

I can't get my bank card to sync with my goggle pay on my Android phone! It says my bank wants to verify me and I try to get a code to verify both with my phone number and with my email address however both those options say no longer available…

Share Your Google Pay Insights

What has your experience been using Google Pay? Has it been smooth, or are there any complications? You can write a review on to help fellow customers make informed decisions. If you have any Google Pay questions, leave them in the Q&A section.

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