Most people spend about a third of their day in bed. Therefore, it is paramount to invest in a quality bed, mattress, and beddings. Sleep Number offers customers a wide range of beds, mattresses, and bedding at a range of price points. However, before purchasing with them, it is important to do your due diligence to establish if they are a reputable company.

To help you determine the credibility of Sleep Number, we looked through the company’s reviews and website to answer the top Sleep number FAQs in regards to customer service, return policy and refunds, product pricing, and how Sleep Number works among others.

Sleep Number questions

Number of Sleep Number reviews – 1.1k

Sleep Number rating* –  1.8⭐⭐

Claimed losses –  $1.7M

Successful calls –  48%/111

Resolved issues –  10

  1. How do I contact customer service?
  2. Is Sleep Number Worth It?
  3. How much does a Sleep Number bed cost?
  4. What is their refund policy?
  5. Where can I buy a bed?
  6. How does it work?

1. How Do I Contact Sleep Number Customer Service?

You can reach Sleep Number customer service via call, chat, or email. According to the Sleep Number contact us page, customer support, and sales teams are available via chat 24 hours a day. On the live chat, you will be expected to provide:

  1. your full name,
  2. order number (if applicable),
  3. your zip code,
  4. a category for your query.

PissedConsumer lists various Sleep Number phone numbers, customer care email address, sales email address, the corporate office address, and the various social media pages address. Customer support is available via phone and email Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm CST, and on Saturday from 8.30 am – 5.00 am.

Sleep Number contact form

Sleep Number Toll-Free Phone Numbers

(800) 472-7185 Return Service Order

Customer Service:

(800) 472-7185 Return Service Order

(888) 411-2188 Support and Sales

Sleep Number Email:

Corporate Office Address:

Sleep Number Corporation
1001 Third Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota
55404 United States

2. Is Sleep Number Worth It?

To evaluate whether Sleep Number is legit, we reviewed what company promises their customer on their website versus how customers rate them on, on their mattresses page, promises their customers to take their sleep to the next level through all their mattress series. The mattresses are designed to adjust to your comfort as you sleep through the dual adjustability and responsive Air technology.

Sleep IQ technology tracks your sleeping. The more superior mattress series such as the Cooling Memory Foam and Innovation foam offer customers even more sophisticated functionalities such as temperature balancing and pressure relief. In addition, the company offers its customers a 100-Night Trial, 25-year limited warranty, and Home Delivery services.

As at the date of writing this article, the company had an average rating of 1.8 stars according to Sleep Number reviews on Customers have so far claimed losses to the value of 1.7 million dollars.  Sleep Number rating statistics reveal that the majority of the customer reviews are one and two-star ratings with only 19 5-star rated reviews out of 687 rated reviews.

As evidenced by the reviews, there are numerous Sleep Number complaints in regards to:

Poor customer service

Some customers complained that the Sleep Number customer support representative provided inaccurate information or did not disclose vital information in regards to the Sleep Number refund and warranty policy. In other cases, the representatives were not helpful at all when customers seeking assistance for specific Sleep Number issues.

Unclear warranty, returns, refunds, and exchange terms

Some customers attempted to return adjustable bases only to find out that these parts were non-returnable.

Poor quality of products

In some cases, items delivered were malfunctioning while in other cases the products did not perform as advertised.

Unforeseen shipping and delivery fees

Some customers complained of being charged for shipping and return shipping in the case of returning items, yet those terms were not clearly stipulated at the time of purchase.

Review #1166304 highlights the top Sleep Number complaints including poor quality of the products, unfavorable returns and refund policy, and poor customer service.

In the video review, a couple narrates about their frustrating experience with the company. They bought a P5 Sleep Number bed with an adjustable base and the purchase and delivery process went well. However, when the bed arrived home, it was like sleeping on a trench.

On contacting the Sleep Number customer service, they were told they had to wait 30 days before returning. However, after the 30 days, the local store where they had bought the bed did not assist them.

After making several calls to the customer service team, finally considered that the bed is faulty. The company ordered a piece of foam for under the air chambers and one for on top of the air chambers.  However, it took over a month for the parts to be delivered.

They then received an email from saying that someone would come to fix the foam on the air chambers, but nobody showed up. A Sleep Number technician showed up the following day but the couple had already left for work.

In two instances, the customer representatives were rude and asked the couple to fix the bed themselves.

Finally, they managed to get the service tech to come over to their home to install the foam on day 70. He found out that the air chamber was wet because it had been leaking.

Sleep Number was initially defensive but eventually allowed the couple to return the bed and mattress at a restocking fee of $300. The customer expressed their frustration with the company in that even though they had made a purchase worth $4000, the company did not stand behind their products.

With that saida few customers who rated the company expressed their satisfaction with the company’s products and services. Here is a sample 5- star Sleep Number review (#1026139) whereby the customer expresses their satisfaction with the customer service and beds.

3. How Much Does a Sleep Number Bed Cost?

Each bed type is listed under the mattress page on the various bed series including their prices. To see more details about a specific bed, click on the “shop now” button and choose your ideal bed size.

You can also request a comprehensive catalog of the various Sleep Number products. The catalog can be emailed to you or sent as a postal mail. On the catalog request page, you will be required to fill a form providing your first and second name, email address, physical address, and your phone number.

Notably, has sales at different times of the year. The offers and discounts available at any one given time are listed on under the “SALE” page.

For instance, at the time of writing this article, the company was running its biggest sale of the year with up to 50% discounts on the Sleep Number 360 Limited edition smart bed as well as free premium delivery and setup. Also, they are offering a 0% interest for 36 months for all beds on sale.  They also had a buy one get one free offer on the Plush Comfort pillows.

Sleep number sale

4.What Is Refund Policy?

According to Terms and Conditions, the Sleep Number refund policy stipulates that return must be authorized by company. To get authorization, contact Sleep Number customer help and request to be issued with a Return Service Order (RSO) number. You must return the authorized item within 30 days of receiving your RSO number.

Once you have returned the item and the company team verifies that it is in good condition, you will be refunded for the purchase price of the item less the return shipping and delivery fees. If the item is unauthorized for Sleep Number return or it is in bad condition, you will not receive any refund. Qualified refunds are issued within 21 days to the original payment method.

Sleep Number return policy

One of customers has complained about unclear Sleep Number refund policy (review #1343447). 

"...after purchasing the mattress and ultimately deciding it wasn't for us, my wife called the company to arrange the return, and was told that we would be refunded the purchase price minus the deliver fee ($199 plus tax).

Okay, not happy with that, didn't know that up front, can't seem to locate any actual signed paperwork stating that (it is on their website), but okay, I'm willing to let it slide (actually I hate it). But now they are trying to change the invoice information somehow and pretend they are refunding us the aforementioned amount of money while still somehow holding onto an additional $242."

Most Sleep Number complaints in regards to their return policy is that the customers did not know that the adjustable bases were non-returnable. So, we looked at the Sleep Number refund policy to investigate whether some items were indeed non-returnable.

According to the Sleep Number returns and exchanges page, some items are final sale which means they are non-returnable and are not subject to the Home Trial Policy.  These non-returnable items are:

  • Adjustable bases;
  • Bedding collection;
  • Upholstered furniture collection;
  • Factory outlet, Demo, Display, Clearance, and Closeout Merchandise.

Sleep Number non-refundable products

5. Where Can I Buy Sleep Number Bed?

You can order your bed on and have it delivered to your physical address. Or, you can purchase one from a Sleep Number store near you. To find a store near you, select the store button on the right-side end of the Sleep Number menu. You will be led to a "Find a store" page where you enter your city, state or zip code, and then click on the search symbol. Alternatively, click on the “use my current location” button. You will be provided with a list of stores near you including their operating hours and phone number.

Sleep Number locations

6. How Does Sleep Number Work?

In this section of the article, we cover how to use a Sleep Number remote, assembly, and life expectancy of beds.

How Do I Use a Sleep Number Remote?

The support page provides the following information for using a Sleep Number remote:

Begin by lying on the bed in your preferred sleeping position.

  • Press the Right/Left or side button to select your side of the bed.
  • Press the Menu button to show the main menu.
  • From the menu, choose Settings.
  • In Settings, choose Find Your Sleep Number®.”

Please note that before using your remote you need to pair it to the bed. Pairing instructions for various bed types are provided here.

Sleep Number warranty

How Long Do Sleep Number Beds Last?

The company does not explicitly state the expected lifetime of their beds. However, judging from their 25-year limited warranty on all parts of the mattress and base of the bed, we can derive that the lifetime of Sleep number beds should be at least 25 years.  According to the limited warranty page, company has the sole discretion to replace or repair warranted products that are damaged as a result of defects material or normal use.

Conversely, there are several Sleep Number issues and complaints in regards to poor quality of products hence their short lifespan. For instance, in Sleep Number review #2137144 the customer complained that their 21/2 years bed had recently started acting unstable. Similarly, review #2132982 the poster complained that they had invested in the bedsheets thinking that they are of good quality. However, 5 years later, the sheets were already worn out.

How Do I Assemble a Sleep Number Bed?

Each Sleep Number bed comes with a manual to guide you through the assembly. The manual offers instructions for:

  • preparing your room for the bed,
  • setting up and connecting your bedding,
  • setting up your remote,
  • finding your sleep number setting,
  • modular base assembly,
  • attaching the headboard,
  • installing the base legs and installing the retainer bar.

In case you need further assistance with assembly, call the Sleep Number customer care. Alternatively, at the time of purchase, seek for assembly and set up service during delivery. It will come at an extra cost but will save you time and ensure your bed is assembled just right.

While the company has incorporated some of the latest sleep technology in their products, there are numerous Sleep Number complaints to be considered when deciding whether to buy from them. 

Have you bought from Sleep Number before? Leave a review of the company to help other customers make an informed decision.

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We hope this article helped you clarify your Sleep Number FAQs. If there's a specific question about the company's product or service, you may ask it via Sleep Number Q&A on

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