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Many people have made buying and selling on a profitable business model. But not everything works perfectly all of the time. With so many sellers trying to compete for buyers, and so many buyers trying to find the best price on the items they are looking for, eBay's customer service stays busy. Of course, that is assuming that customers can figure out the best way to contact eBay when a problem emerges. is a website with millions of users. Not all of those users are satisfied, and when something goes wrong, they want to be sure they can contact eBay customer support. Unfortunately, looking at the sheer volume of eBay complaints online on sites like PissedConsumer, GlassDoor, and the BBB, contacting the company isn’t as simple as many customers would like.

eBay Questions and Answers

Number of eBay reviews – 29.9K

eBay rating* – 1.8⭐⭐

eBay claimed losses – $16.8M

Successful calls – 7%/270K

Resolved issues – 193

Whether you’re buying or selling on eBay, Inc, the company has customer service support for potential issues.

How Does eBay Work?

When was first introduced, it was strictly an online auction. Very soon, however, the business model expanded, and became not just an auction site, but also a prolific platform for buying and selling.

Sellers bring new or previously used merchandise ranging from figurines to RVs and vehicles and set a price or set up an auction. Buyers use the eBay search feature to look for the specific item they want and either bid or pay for the item like any other retail site. The seller then ships the item to the buyer.

There are quite a few moving parts in a transaction, and that is why so many customers look for eBay support. Unfortunately, like any website that brings buyers and sellers together, some are unethical. Many eBay complaints include issues with the buying and selling process. But many other negative eBay reviews have concerns about the platform or account issues. Still, others have questions about simply how to handle eBay returns.

eBay's customer service fields complaints about purchased items that never arrive and payment issues. The most prominent articles in the eBay help section are about payment issues and hacked accounts. These are common issues customers complain about when they contact eBay.

eBay help section

What Are eBay Pros and Cons?

Overall, PissedConsumer users find more disadvantages in eBay than advantages. The most common issues concern difficulties contacting eBay customer service and getting refunds, faulty delivery, and fraudulent sellers. 

Some reviewers say that there are too many cons to enumerate. Still, the pros, such as affordable prices, great variety of choices, and convenience, are persuasive enough for consumers to shop on


  • Good prices
  • Variety of products
  • Convenient to use


  • Poor customer service
  • Not reliable shipping
  • Refund issues
  • Fake sellers

How to Contact eBay Customer Support by Phone?

The eBay customer service phone number is not readily available on the company’s website. If you dig through the help section in search of the eBay phone number, you’ll eventually find options to chat with the company or have the company call you. The website does post the expected wait time for both of those options on the contact eBay page.

While the company offers to call you, many eBay reviews express frustration with trying to contact the company on their own terms. Customers want to call eBay directly. While it might not be heavily publicized on the website, there is an eBay customer service phone number available for customers to use. You can reach the eBay resolution center by calling (866) 961-9253 for general customer service, (866) 348-9519 for hacked accounts, or (866) 643-1607 to report fraud.

Reaching customer service by phone can be tricky, as one customer discovered. In his review (#2928911), the frustrated customer explained that his credit card was used fraudulently. Yet despite calling the various eBay phone numbers, the poster has not been able to reach a live representative, even a month later.

I have called several numbers found on the internet and NONE has been a good contact number. There is NEVER a LIVE agent available to speak with me.

How to Contact eBay Customer Service via Email

eBay's customer service does not list a general email address on the company’s website. If you dig a bit through the automated help chat feature, you can find an eBay email for specific purposes. A fraudulent eBay email, for example, can be sent to and the company will record the message.

For a more general complaint, however, the automatic help chat feature redirects you to the eBay customer service number and give you the option to have the company call you. If you choose the relevant issue from the eBay support menu, you may see an option to email the company for specific issues. Otherwise, you will find the most eBay help by chatting with an agent, having the company call you, or calling the company directly.

One user explained his issues with limited communication options in a video review. In his eBay complaint, the user explained that he had decades of positive feedback on the website, but had his account banned for life after a customer complained to the company rather than him.

Additionally, when he tried to contact about the issue, he finally got some answers after “chatting with 2 customer support reps (who both hung up on me) who both said I am banned and they cannot disclose why due to eBay policy.” Despite positive ratings on all of his orders, the user was cut off from the service and no email was ever sent.

How to Contact eBay Customer Service via Community and Social Networks?

eBay support does have an online presence on social networks. While you always have the option of using the eBay customer service number, you can also contact the company through Twitter or Facebook. To contact eBay help via Twitter, ask questions using the @askebay handle.

There are many eBay complaints and questions available on the company’s Facebook page (@ebay) as well. Through the eBay Facebook page, you have the option to post on the company’s wall or contact the company through messenger. Some customers leave their thoughts and complaints in eBay reviews by tagging the company or commenting under their posts.

eBay comments on Facebook

How to Contact eBay Resolution Center?

The eBay resolution center may be your best option to sort out issues specifically between buyers and sellers. Inside the eBay resolution center, you’ll find resources specifically for buyers and sellers regarding transactions. In the resolution center, eBay customer support provides information and acts as a sort of mediation service when issues do arise.

eBay resolution center page

If you have an eBay complaint, you might start by finding the specific purchase in your account through the resolution service. The links provided will take you to your bought and sold items where you can see unpaid invoices or items shipped.

When you drill down into specific transactions, you are presented with options for how to contact or call eBay. In some cases, you may find options for an eBay email. You may be able to cancel transactions or send additional messages to sellers as well.

The options inside the resolution center will be specific to the type of transaction you’re concerned about. In many cases, you may get more targeted support working through the resolution center than by calling a generic eBay phone number.

eBay, Inc has become a powerful force in buying and selling online. Customers can find just about anything they might be searching for through, which makes an eBay gift card a great gift for most. The site has grown from a simple auction website to a massive selling platform for just about every industry in the world. While some customers run into trouble with eBay's customer service, for many others, the platform may be the only place they can find what they are looking for.

*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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William D. Walker #7743
Dear Customer Service--I have an ebay gift card upon typing in the redemption code, ebay states to type in the code again. I checked the balance on the card and it shows $50.00, however it continues to tell me I have entered the wrong code. Can you help me?Sincerely,William Walker
Wahid khan #7744
I have ordered an item from ebay they have charged me and never received the item?
Barbara luckhurst #7746
I have been trying to get a refund on a golf club never received.Order number 03-09897-48324My claim number 5315027858Seller says it was mailed but never delivered to me.Price was$86.92
good morning I have been trying without success autoreserveparts from whom I ordered a part for automatic gearbox my oder number is 16-09853-30337 they have tried to contact mr but the mail was sent the the garage were the part ws to be delivered apparently they need a mail and phone. nwhich is XXXXX tel XXXXXXX would aprssiate if you can pass this on so as we can receive the parts orderdmany thanks in advance B THOMPSON
Warren Gamalier Carrion Cruz #7748
Hello and good morning I got a problem with a damaged item how can I get my money back
Frank bates #7752
l ordered a foil shaver you have been unable to deliver it because you put the wrong postcode l have sent emails and texts that you have ignored my details are Frank Bates XX collingwood close Eastbourne XXXXX the tracking number is H0067A0164066346
Elaine Cordingley #7753
Bought as a guest. Two items not yet delivered. Tried and tried to get someone to contact me. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH
Cheri Morse #7762
I tried to contact seller on my counterfeit item and no response back
Barbara Harris #7763
I went to my Purchases List to leave Feedback fir three items and they are no longer on my Purchases List not are at least three additional purchases not listed.
Charles C harrell #7765
It seems that I have two accounts Bluj254 and Blu7-7232. I am trying to start a return and I do not get the purchase showing up on my purchases. I need to access BLUJ254 to start the process to return a wheel that.
Jose Cruz #7769
I return my package back I still waiting for my refund I send on march 10
Bettie Odlin #7771
I have been charged twice for 1 orderOrder 10026-82 £4.60 10026-72 £69.00 5/5/2023 10026-72 £73.60 9/5/2023Kindly replace the money into my Bank Account
Bettie Odlin #7773
I have been charged twice for same order no....need refund
Anastacia Rasina #7784
There is something wrong with my account. I have had an existing account for many years, but cannot access it while trying to make a purchase. I really need to speak to someone but don't think I should have to pay for it.
Anonymous #7793
I bought some cushions from ebay and pay through PayPal. Item was never received 6 weeks now I complained to PayPal and we discovered the item has been delivered to a different address. I have been trying to call ebay with no avail. Transaction number 73B . PLEASE HELP!
M K #7799
I wrote to eBay and your customer representative Hazel replied and resolved my case with item Id # 285201420437saying the refund will be issued. Hazel asked me to return the item by 13th May which I posted on 13th and it was delivered on 15th May (Monday) to the seller. Kindly check all the correspondence there between ebay and myself . Hazel asked me to provide the tracking number which is Royal Mail next day delivery . I am not able to find any means to communicate/ email these details so a refund plus return postage can be refunded to me . Kindly HELP!
Theresa Rodgers #7801
I bought a TV from eBay,it was for my Dad,I got an TV engineer to install it ,The engineer said their was a crack in the screen and no power to it.Tried everything to sort it out ,but couldn’t.
Rachel l riches 789 #7802
I need my wood dived to me and please not tale my money if your not going to send me my order
Oran McDaniel #7806
On May 17 I ordered a Norelco cordless shaved from you and you took out $32.99 from my bank account but did not get a confirmation email. What happened
Chris J Depka #7826
I think I have been scammed