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Review websites are extremely helpful for customers and business owners alike. Positive reviews on websites can bring in new customers, and those same customers want a sample of the experience they will receive, so reviews from others let them know what to expect. 

Yelp for business is designed for business owners to control their listing on the review platform.  For an additional cost, business owners can get added features for their listing on the platform like Yelp chat or connect. Owners also have the option to pay for Yelp advertising to try and bring in new business.

Customers can leave Yelp ratings and reviews about businesses they visit, which create rankings and recommendations on the website. While most complaints are businesses with Yelp customer service reviews and questions or frustrations with the company’s services. Some of the posted complaints are frustrated customers looking for Yelp contacts after getting poor service or missed food delivery. The platform can be tricky to understand, and apparently, it can also be tricky to contact Yelp customer service.

Yelp Q&A

Number of Yelp reviews – 938

Yelp rating* – 1.4⭐

Yelp claimed losses – $3.6M

Successful calls – 14%/1K

Resolved issues – 10

To answer common questions about the best ways to contact their support, we looked through reviews and customer experience on various review websites and the Yelp FAQ pages where relevant. We included the Yelp contact options below.

What Are Yelp Reviews?

Yelp reviews are left by customers on the platform. Yelp has multiple fronts to its platform. For business customers, they can find a subpage on the site dedicated to various local businesses. A customer can then leave a Yelp complaint or a review praising a business to share their experiences with other potential customers. The company creates a rating for each business based on the Yelp reviews left by customers according to its own algorithm.

For business owners, Yelp is a means to potentially draw new customers. It encourages business owners to claim a business and create a business page where customers can leave reviews or interact with the business through contact information, business hours, and more. 

Customers have options on how much marketing and control they have over their own business page through paid services and upgrades available through Yelp customer service. also has a form of paid advertising through its review platform. Business owners who choose to pay for advertisements will have their listing favored among the competition when customers visit the page. They can use advertisements on various Yelp service pages as well. 

Most complaints about Yelp, Inc. come from business owners who are running into trouble managing their pages or being charged more than they expected for advertisements and are now trying to figure out how to contact Yelp. These business owners are looking to work with the Yelp Support Center to portray their business correctly online for would-be customers or to remove what they feel are excess charges. 

One business owner explained his issues with through a video interview as well as a traditional review. In his written account, he explained that the company had been charging him for two months for services he didn’t use without any notification or receipt.

When his credit card stopped working, the man received a call from  a Yelp phone number requesting “almost 1000.00 dollars!!” The business owner claims Yelp, Inc. used his website company to “mislead me” and is now “demanding” payment for services he didn’t want or consent to. 

How to Contact Yelp by Phone?

Finding the right Yelp phone number is a matter of determining how you’d like to contact the company. If you are trying to figure out how to call Yelp as a business owner, you’ll need a different number than regular users with questions about leaving reviews.

Contacting Yelp as a website user.

For typical website users looking for how to call Yelp, you will have a hard time finding a phone number. All “Yelper” inquiries are sent through the Yelp Support Center, where they can ultimately be directed to an email form online. There is not a clearly advertised Yelp customer service phone number for customers in the Support Center. Although there isn’t a specific phone number available for Yelp complaints by users, consumers can reach customer support through their business phone number at (877) 767-9357.

Contacting Yelp as a business owner.

It is far easier to find a Yelp business phone number if you’re a business owner looking for answers to questions. If you want to call Yelp as a business owner, the phone number provided by the website is 877-767-9357.

Yelp phone number for business

Contacting Yelp as an advertiser

If you are an advertiser, reaching is straightforward as well. The company’s business phone number is printed twice on the landing page for Advertising on Yelp. It is the same business number as 877-767-9357.

Advertising on Yelp Support Center

Calling the company may not always provide the answers a business customer is looking for, however. 

One business customer paid for services and then later changed his mind (#2877164). The business owner “cancelled a week after as it was quite expensive and did not work as expected.” But even after canceling, “they still took $499.36 total from my business account” for an advertising or business service he wasn’t aware of. 

When he spoke with the company, he claims the “customer service folks were dry and rude and I had the worst experience.”

Yelp review on PissedConsumer

How to Contact Yelp Customer Service by Email?

Yelp support email appears to be a heavily favored option for customers on the platform. All areas of the consumer section of the Yelp Support Center end in specific email forms for the company. For example, you can email Yelp about questionable reviews or how to use Yelp deals and gift certificates by following the support prompts in each category

Yelp email form questionable content

Customers can also send a Yelp customer service email through a generic form by choosing the right prompts in each category. 

Business owners also have email as an option in how to contact Yelp. If a business owner has questions about Yelp reviews on the dedicated page or questions about how to create or update the page, they can also email. The Yelp customer service email form has an option to send an email as a business owner. Business owners will have to first identify their business for the email form to work. They can also try emailing or

Advertisers wondering how to contact Yelp will be prompted to log in to their account where they have been assigned a “Customer Service contact” through the billing section of their business account. They also have the option to send an email on the generic email form or by emailing or

Yelp contact about advertising

How Do I Chat with Yelp Customer Service?

Live chat is a popular option for many companies for interacting with customers. Yelp, Inc., however, has not embraced this for consumers. So far, there is no Yelp customer service chat option for Yelpers. Consumers looking for help with Yelp reviews will need to try calling the company or following email prompts. The Yelp business phone number is 877-767-9357. There is not an advertised consumer phone number. 

Business owners and advertisers looking for a Yelp customer service chat are in for a bit of a hunt as well. The Yelp Support Center indicates that there is an “Advertiser Live Chat” option available on, but when you visit that site, there is nothing apparent as a chat option.

Yelp help with advertising programs

With the lack of a readily accessible Yelp live chat, business customers and advertisers would do well to simply call the company. You can call Yelp at 855-380-9357. 

How to Contact Yelp Customer Service on Social Media?

One final option for anyone with Yelp complaints or reviews would be to try social media. There is not a clear Yelp customer service chat on the company’s website. Still, you can create a similar experience by sending messages through social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. 

It’s important to remember that if you contact Yelp by posting on social media, the conversation will not be private. If you have questions about account specifics, it may be best to figure out how to call Yelp with your question rather than making that information public. Yelp support email is also a more private option.

You may have the opportunity to message directly through social media. This can be more private than posting Yelp reviews directly on the company’s account. Yelp’s account on Facebook, for example, allows customers to message the company directly. It is not clear if the message feature is monitored. You can reach Yelp on the following social media channels:

  • Yelp Facebook (@yelp);
  • Yelp Twitter (@Yelp);
  • Yelp Pinterest (@yelp);
  • Yelp LinkedIn (Yelp);
  • Yelp TikTok (#yelp). is much like a social media site of its own account. Users can interact with business owners by leaving reviews. Business owners can manage their page and reply to customers. Advertisers can bring in new business through the platform as well by targeting different categories and features. But when any side of the interaction goes wrong, it’s important that customers contact the company with questions or concerns. Yelp provides several options to make that possible. 

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