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WhatsApp is one of the leading instant messaging apps across the globe. According to Statista, it is expected to exceed 3 billion users in June 2024. It stands out for its friendly user interface and features that allow people to stay connected.

This article will clarify various aspects of WhatsApp services. Whether you are wondering if someone has blocked you, you are navigating adding contacts, or you are facing a consumer issue such as data safety on WhatsApp, you will find answers here.

Below is an overview of WhatsApp consumer insights based on reviews on

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Number of WhatsApp Reviews – 18.3K

WhatsApp Rating* - 3.4⭐⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $20.3M

Successful calls – 49%/390K

Resolved issues - 906

Key Insights

  • While WhatsApp offers a convenient way of communication, you should understand potential risks and be careful with the information you share. 
  • Checking if someone blocked you on WhatsApp is straightforward and has several indicators, including missing status, the impossibility of sending messages, and the inability to add this person to a group. 
  • You can easily add contacts on the app on both iOS and Android but cannot do it on computers, the web, or the desktop.

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp? 

According to their Help Center, there are several indicators that you could be blocked on WhatsApp. These indicators are:

  • Viewing a contact's last seen or online status is no longer possible.
  • You can’t see their status.
  • You don’t see updates to their profile picture.
  • If you send a message, it only shows one gray tick to indicate that the message was sent. There won’t be a second tick to indicate that the message was delivered.
  • If you attempt to call them on WhatsApp, the call does not go through.
  • You cannot add them to a group even if you are the admin.

One indicator alone may not be evidence that someone had blocked you on WhatsApp. However, if there are several indicators, you have likely been blocked.

How to Add Someone on WhatsApp?

The add someone on WhatsApp option is only available on phones – both iOS and Android but not computers, on the web, or desktop. There are different ways to add someone on WhatsApp.

Through your phone contact list

Set your contact settings to allow your contacts to share with WhatsApp. Such that, if you add a new number to your contact list, it will automatically be added on WhatsApp as long as the person is on the app.

You can also add contacts directly on WhatsApp. Below are different ways to do so:

Through the New Chat option

  • Tap on the “New chat icon.”
  • Then, choose “New contact” for Android or tap “+” for iOS. 
  • Provide the details for your new contact, including their name and WhatsApp number.
  • Save.

Add a new contact from a chat 

  • Open the chat with an unsaved number.
  •  Select “Add to contacts” from the drop-down menu.
  • Proceed to “Create new contact.”
  • Save.

Add from groups

  • Find a message sent using the WhatsApp number you want to add.
  • On Android, tap the phone number located at the top right of the message, and for iOS, tap the person's profile photo.
  • For Android, press “i,” and for iOS, proceed to “Create new contact.”
  • Save.

How to add a contact on WhatsApp Source: WhatsApp Help Center

Note that you cannot add someone on WhatsApp unless they are signed up on the app. If they are not on the app, you can only send them an invite to join the messenger.

What Is My WhatsApp Number? 

WhatsApp does not assign you a unique number. Your WhatsApp number is the phone number you use to register and log in to the app. You can change it on WhatsApp or delete your account to remove your number from WhatsApp.

If you have multiple phone numbers, you may be wondering how to find myWhatsApp number – your WhatsApp login number. Here are the steps:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner. 
  • Go to “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap on your profile name. You will be provided with your name, about, and WhatsApp number.

How to Stop WhatsApp From Saving Photos? 

According to WhatsApp Help Center, to stop photos and media files from automatically being saved on your gallery, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • On Android, tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner. 
  • Both on Android and iOS, go to “Settings.”
  • Proceed to “Chats.”
  • On Android, turn off “Media visibility”; on iOS, - “Save to Camera Roll.”

You can also stop WhatsApp from saving photos from specific chats and groups. To do it, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Go to Chats.
  • Select a chat or a group.
  • Press Contact/Group name to find Contact/Group Info.
  • On Android, click on Media visibility and select “No.” On iOS, click on Save to Camera Roll and select “Never.”

How to Stop WhatsApp From Saving Photos Source: WhatsApp Help Center

What Are the Dangers of Using WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp reviews on Pissedconsumer indicate that while 51% of users rated the app positively, 37% had negative experiences. Some of the negative customer experiences have made users doubt the safety of the app and wonder: Is Whatsapp dangerous? 

The concerns indicate common consumer issues such as users being banned or challenges in contacting WhatsApp customer service. There have also been data and security concerns and some reviews indicate WhatsApp dangers associated with cybercrime.

For example, some reviewers are concerned about the possibility of WhatsApp being hacked and using accounts to scam others. One such case is reported in review #5754799 when a reviewer wants to retrieve “my line back”:

Hackers … asked people to pay N300k Nigeria money into someone's account.

Using WhatsApp with Confidence

Many WhatsApp users have a positive experience with the app. However, several users have encountered issues such as being banned, difficulty logging in, or hacking. Adhere to the terms of use to avoid being banned and protect your privacy to prevent data breaches.

What has been your experience on WhatsApp? You may leave a review on and share your experience. 

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