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It's important to feel safe in your own home. Security systems are perfect for your peace of mind. The idea of having a security system is solid – you have alerts and alarms when an intrusion happens. Not only are you alerted, but the police are as well.

However, it’s not unusual to have glitches or misunderstandings with a brand-new system. Reliable companies know that customer service and being able to follow up with installers is an important part of the sales process.

If you’ve arranged for a security system from ADT, you want to be able to reach customer service with questions or problems. To give you a hand, we have done some digging to find the best ADT customer service number.

ADT questions and answers

Number of ADT reviews – 1.5K

ADT rating* – 1.4 ⭐

Claimed losses – $1M

Number of successful calls – 13%/42

1. Is ADT Customer Service Good?

A new security system isn’t just one piece of hardware. It also includes sensors and alarms and continuous monitoring to ensure the system is doing the job you bought it for. If you have a question or concern, you want to reach ADT customer service without issues. So is ADT customer support good about replying to customer concerns?

We turned to the many ADT reviews on our website and across the internet to see what real customers had to say. We read reviews and ADT complaints to find out information from those who have worked with the company – or tried to – and shared their own experiences.

Looking at the score comprised at PissedConsumer, has only 1.4 stars out of 5. This rating is based on many factors, but primarily the ADT reviews left by customers on our site. Our site isn’t the only one to field feedback about ADT support. Trust Pilot, another website that reviews ADT complaints, gave the company a score of 1.5 out of 5 stars.

But while some review sites are showing low ratings for ADT, LLC, others such as Consumer Affairs, has given ADT four out of five total stars. Likewise, awarded an editor’s rating of 9.3 out of a possible 10. It may be worth noting, however, that the pros and cons discussed by included hardware and contracts – not customer service responsiveness.

In fact, customer service responsiveness seems to be an issue for many customers. In various reviews across multiple sites, there is concern about trying to get an adequate response from ADT headquarters. This frustration with ADT contact appears in multiple reviews across PissedConsumer, including a video review. In his video, an angry ADT customer explains how he set up a system that never seemed to work correctly.

Despite multiple attempts to find a solution with the company within the six-month customer satisfaction period, the issue was not resolved. He was so fed up, he requested an ADT cancellation, but the company refused and sent him a bill for more than $1300.  The customer has now retained legal services to help solve the issue.

2. How to Contact ADT Customer Service by Phone?

The ADT phone number is prominently displayed on the company’s website: 844-887-3040. That number is advertised as the proper ADT phone number to call if you’re looking for a free quote. If you’re trying to reach ADT customer service, you can always start with that phone number and request customer service. However, there may be other ways to contact support other than through the sales department.

According to the customer service pages, ADT contact personnel are available around the clock. ADT customer service hours never end, according to the 24/7 advertisement on the support pages at The ADT customer service phone number is 800-716-3640.

ADT customer support numbers

One customer knows well how customer service works at unusual times. In his ADT review (#2172252) on PissedConsumer, he explained that his alarm system “goes off every night at 1:15 AM and I am unable to go back to sleep due to being woken up in the middle of the night - every night.” Though this customer expressed his dissatisfaction with the service, he was able to call and reach customer service, even in the early hours of the morning.

3. Can I Contact ADT Customer Service Via Social Networks?

The company website does advertise multiple ways to reach ADT customer service through social media. In fact, ADT support monitors reviews platfroms like PissedConsumer and replies to negative reviews to try and help customers resolve their issues and concerns.

In his ADT review (#2192377), one customer explained that after twenty good years with the company, he was interested in updating his outdated equipment. After calling the ADT customer service phone number, he was told a new alarm system would cost $900. Frustrated at the very large ADT payment required, he left a review on PissedConsumer.

ADT support was the first comment on his review thanking him for being a twenty-year customer and offering to try to resolve the issue with a lower bid.

ADT customer support reply

The company also has social media contact links for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Customers can reach ADT customer service through social media by posting on the respective social media platform or through the instant messaging within the social media platform. 

Some users get replies from ADT customer service by tagging @ADT on Twitter with a question. As seen from the example below, the ADT customer support provides a prompt response with an option to send a direct message to them.

ADT twitter response

4. Can I Contact ADT Local Services?

Wondering where is ADT customer service located nearby? If you are willing to dig through their website to find your local service area, it is possible to contact a local ADT support center. To find a local center in your area, start on the ADT local resources page. You’ll choose your state and then your area. Once you’ve selected your city or town, the local contacts for that area will be displayed along with the local address and ADT phone number for the area.

They provide one number for ADT complaints and concerns, which is displayed on the websiteThis number will call customer service directly at the ADT headquarters. For individuals frustrated with the types of specific installation or service issues described in an ADT review, speaking with headquarters may not be enough. These customers may want a more localized experience.

By finding the local service center for ADT, LLC, you can find individuals nearby to speak with. Be aware, however, that local ADT services do not have service hours around the clock. ADT customer service hours for local centers will be displayed on each area’s information page.

ADT local service hours

5. How Can I Use ADT Help Page to Contact the Company?

The ADT Help pages on have a great deal of information, including contact information available for the company.

At the bottom of the ADT FAQs is a blub that tells customers to contact customer service directly if they haven’t found the answer they are looking for. If you haven’t found the answer to your ADT complaint or question, you can try to reach out via their phone number provided above.

On the ADT Help page you can also find all contact links for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you'd like to reach them via one of these social media platfroms.

Also on the ADT FAQs page for Help, there's is a link to a Live Chat option. You can make ADT contact immediately by clicking on the Live Chat Now feature at the bottom of this Help page. Rather than connect you immediately with a representative at ADT headquarters, the Live Chat feature first connects with a virtual service to help drill down to find the answer to your specific issue. Eventually, you will have the option to connect with ADT customer service agent if you are unable to find the answer you were looking for.

ADT help live chat

Installing an ADT home security system should bring you peace of mind. Part of that comfort comes from knowing that you can find the answers you need when you have questions or concerns about how to use your new ADT system or the ADT app. While customers have had varying experiences with the ADT customer care team, the company appears to be open to communication and proactive about replying to customer concerns online. If you have a question about your ADT account, you have options to reach out to the company.

Have a question or concern about ADT? Send a message to the company through or get your answer on the ADT Q&A page. To share your consumer feedback, you're welcome to leave your ADT review below.

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