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Health and Beauty Expert is one of the largest cloud-based gaming platforms. It gives gamers access to thousands of games. While Steam itself is free to access, you need to pay for some games and buy playing credits. On the other hand, it offers developers a wide range of functionalities, including software design, delivery and maintenance, user interface management, and marketing and advertising.

This article investigates, is there a Steam customer service number to call or email address to write to? Does Steam customer support respond timely to issues reported? What is the easiest way to get in touch with  Steam support?

Steam Q&A

Number of Steam reviews – 2.4K

Steam rating* – 2.0⭐⭐

Steam claimed losses – $1.3M

Successful calls – 5%/5.4K

Resolved issues – 20

As evidenced by Steam reviews on PissedConsumer, both gamers and developers encounter challenges when using the platform. As such, they are keen to find out the best ways to contact Steam to have their issues resolved. 

We answer the top Steam customer service questions: 

  1. Is Steam support 24/7?
  2. How to contact customer support by phone?
  3. How to email Steam?
  4. How to contact customer service in the app?
  5. Can I get help from the Steam forum?
  6. How to contact support via social media?

Is Steam Customer Service 24/7? provides some customer support resources that are accessible 24/7 but it is difficult to get in touch with the customer representatives directly. 

Customer support resources include FAQ articles on the support center that can be accessed on both the Steam mobile app and website. You can also find valuable information regarding various issues from the Steam Discussions on the customer forums on Reddit, the app, and the website.

It is not clear whether the Steam customer service representatives are available 24/7 on social media. There is no option to call Steam or chat live with their representatives.

Steam complaints on PissedConsumer indicate users' frustration with the customer service quality. For instance, in Steam review #2937741, the customer refers to the customer service as useless.

 I need help, but your system is horrible for customers, and I'm actually astonished by how useless it is. Contact me IMMEDIATELY is lack of support is disgusting and losing access to my 1000$ + library is not an option…

Steam review about lost account

Aside from poor customer service, other Steam complaints on PissedConsumer include:

  • users receive already used Steam cards;
  • card code peels off easily, rendering the cards unusable;
  • account hacking and fraudulent activities;
  • difficulty logging in or being locked out of the account;
  • unauthorized charges;
  • no refunds despite initiating returns on time.

How to Contact Steam Customer Support by Phone?

There is no Steam customer service number listed anywhere on their website or app. Neither is there one available in the Steam app support. The lack of phone support is further evidenced by the numerous Steam complaints that indicate that customers could not find a phone number to call. 

There are some Steam customer service numbers provided on various websites, including PissedConsumer. However, people who have attempted to call Steam via those numbers say they did not get through to the customer service.

For example, Steam review #2919326 is evidence that there is no phone support available. They note that they attempted to contact Steam via one of the phone numbers they found online, but it did not go through.

Steam review about customer support

How to Email Steam Customer Support?

There is no way to contact Steam customer service via email.  There is no email address provided on the Steam app support or website. Some customers source for Steam support email addresses on other websites, but those that they find do not go through.  

For instance, in review #2919326 referred to in the phone support section above, the customer also says they attempted to email Steam through an email address they had found online, but it bounced back. 

How to Contact Steam Customer Service in the App?

The only direct way to contact Steam customer support is via the app or on If you cannot access the Steam mobile app for one reason or the other, access the support pages through a web browser.

To contact support via the Steam mobile app or website, log in to your account. Go to the help center and view the FAQs articles for your issue category. If you do not find the information provided helpful, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Contact Steam Support." 

You will be provided with a message box. Provide as many details about the issue as possible in your message. Where applicable, provide relevant screenshots and other attachments, then click send to submit your Steam support ticket

Steam support form for help

Some customers get a response on their Steam support tickets, while others do not. For example, in review #2936646, the customer initially tried to call Steam but realized they do not offer phone support. They proceeded to submit a ticket and got a response after 9 hours.

Steam review about account recovery issue

Conversely, some Steam complaints state that consumers didn't get a response on their support tickets. The main challenge with this option is that you cannot contact customer support if you do not have an account or have been locked out of your account.

Can I Get Help from the Steam Support Forum?

The Steam customer support is mainly community-based. They have a comprehensive forum system where users post questions, and other members respond. They have different Steam Discussions message boards for easy navigation.

Chances are, for any issue that you encounter, another user has encountered it. Therefore, if you can't find an answer in the FAQ section and you do not get a response to your Steam support ticket, head over to the forum.

Identify the discussion message board that is most relevant to your issue and read through other users' questions and responses. Most responses detail how other users resolved a similar issue. However, if you still cannot find a response, leave a question for other users to respond.

Steam discussion page

The Steam forum system extends to Reddit. They run a forum known as Steam on Reddit that operates similarly to the discussion forum on their main website. Users post their questions on Steam Reddit, and others respond.

Steam on Reddit threads

Note that the staff are not involved in either of the forums. They serve as administrators but do not provide answers to the questions asked or contribute to the discussions. Even the contact info like Steam support email is hidden. As such, there is no way to contact Steam customer representatives on the forums. There is no phone number provided, and there is no way to email Steam on the discussion platforms.

How to Contact Steam Support Via Social Media? has a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook. They frequently post on Twitter but hardly on Facebook. There is no evidence of customer service representatives' engagement with customers on both platforms. 

On Facebook, users engage in Steam discussions on the comment section of recent posts, but there is evidently no response from the representatives. On Twitter, customers leave their Steam reviews and complaints as comments on recent tweets. As with Facebook, there is no response to the comments by Steam customer support

There is no Steam customer service number or email address provided on both social media platforms. However, on Twitter, they provide a link to the Steam app support. While you could send a direct message on either or both platforms, you are likely not to get a response. 

Steam contacts on Twitter

It is difficult to get in touch with Steam customer support. The only option for direct contact is submitting a ticket via the Steam app support or on, and there is no guarantee you will get a response or have your issue resolved.

There is no way to email Steam or call them directly.  Even the Steam support email or phone numbers provided on various websites on the web do not go through. Also, there is no Steam chat support, and their representatives are not responsive on social media.

The other alternatives for resolving your issue is reading the relevant FAQs articles on the Steam help center. You could also ask a question or read through answers for issues similar to yours on the Steam Discussions forum or Reddit.

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