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You are likely on the go all day long. That makes it hard to find time to swing by the store for basic groceries and it’s even harder to give up your weekend downtime for a big trip to the grocery store. Thankfully there are companies like Instacart and Postmates that specialize in making some of these routine tasks easier to handle.

To help our readers compare Instacart with Postmates, we dug through the company websites and Instacart and Postmates reviews on our site. Our analysis of Instacart vs Postmates was based on several factors including:

Instacart VS Postmates Customer Service Experience

The best way to find out more about a company is to dig through the Postmates and Instacart reviews. Our collection of Instacart and Postmates reviews offer customer insight, real experiences, interaction with the Postmates and Instacart customer service team and detailed customer information you can’t find on the company’s website.

 Our review of Postmates and Instacart reviews revealed information from true customers. We also examined both company websites to discover basic information about Postmates and Instacart customer service. We have compiled the company information into the following chart.

The Instacart reviews on the Pissed Consumer website indicated that the company has earned 1.8 stars out of a possible 5. This rating is based on 573 total reviews about the company. Instacart customer service does interact with customers through PissedConsumer, and 9 issues have been publicly resolved. 

In the #1184538 Instacart review, one customer expressed frustration with the Instacart specials, in particular, a membership she did not request. The person stated, “I did NOT sign up for a Membership Express and was charged $149.00. When I saw this on my bank account I tried to reach Instacart. No luck there. There is no way to reach CUSTOMER SERVICE. The website is so buggy that it is impossible to navigate…”

She finishes her Instacart review by telling others, “…I did not sign up for a Membership Express. I want a full refund for the amount charged on my credit card and bank statement...”

If you have an Instacart complaint or question, you can contact Instacart customer service by calling (888) 246-7822.

Postmates reviews were examined on The reviews left the company with a 1.7 rating out of a possible 5. 36 total Postmates reviews were left on the site, and customers are most frustrated with reliability as it scored only 1 star out of a possible 5. Reviews also indicate that customers are frustrated by the company honoring Postmates promo codes and discounts as well.

In this Postmates review, one frustrated customer related his/her experience with Postmates. He stated, “I have placed several orders with Postmates. I have not received items I have ordered. No one gets back to you, no one reimburses you for what you did not get. There is no phone number to lodge a complaint or concern…”

The person continued this Postmates review by writing “…This feels very much like a scam! I will never order from Postmates again...”

If you have a concern or question, you can speak to Postmates customer service by calling the Postmates phone number at (800) 882-6106.

Instacart VS Postmates Products and Delivery

Both Instacart and Postmates deliver groceries, but the companies are not identical – they even deliver different things, in some cases well beyond typical groceries.

According to the company’s website, Instacart is primarily a grocery delivery service. The company offers online shopping and delivery from multiple area stores.

To use Instacart, you create an account on either the website or through the Instacart shopper app. You then select the store you are interested in and browse through the various product offerings to find the things you need and put them in your cart. Once they are ordered, an Instacart shopper goes to select them from the shelves, loads them up and delivers them to your door.

According to information on the home page, Instacart also offers delivery in less than one hour in some circumstances as well as “exclusive deals” on popular products through Instacart coupons.

Based on a promotion page that appeared, Instacart charges delivery fees for every order unless you become an Instacart Express member. The typical Instacart delivery fee mentioned on the ad for Express membership is $3.99 per order, but as an Express member, you will be billed $8.25 per month on a yearly basis or a single transaction of $99.

Instacart delivery fee

When we started an order for Costco, however, we were shown Instacart fee delivery of $8.99 for an order of at least $35 rather than $3.99 as indicated in the promotion.

Instacart shipping

A local grocery store, however, offered both the advertised 1-hour shipping for $5.99 and 2-hour shipping for $3.99.

There was no way of knowing any additional Instacart service fees until credit card information was added and an order was placed. The grand total was not available without the company placing a hold on your credit card for more than the total purchase. The temporary authorization hold is explained in the Instacart customer service pages.

Instacart service fee

The items available for purchase and delivery are limited to those available through the store selected. In most cases, this means groceries and dry goods, although some items like flowers, office goods and more are available through select stores.

If you have difficulties or questions about how Instacart works, you can access the help center once you have made an account and logged into the website.

According to the homepage, Postmates delivers not only groceries but also food and drink from area restaurants.

According to the help center, Postmates does not limit its delivery services to just food and drink, however. The company also delivers anything that is not “controlled substances, live animals, and gift cards.”

To sort out how does Postmates work, we created an account so that we could access Postmates delivery fees and find the Postmates promo codes and discounts.

To use the Postmates delivery service, you can use the Postmates website or the company’s app. According to the Postmates help center, to use Postmates you “request a delivery from any merchant in your city.” After you have determined what you want to order, you load it into your cart and order it. This includes the ability to create a custom order if the merchant’s menu isn’t available in the app or on the website. 

How to use Postmates

You also have the option to set up your order for delivery or you can arrange to have the items you’ve ordered collected so that you can pick them up yourself. According to the pick-up questions in the Postmates help page, you will be given a location to pick-up the items through the mobile app.

Once you have entered your address, the website displays suggested items including Postmates delivery fees for each.

While the Postmates delivery fee is indicated as you order, any additional taxes and fees are not evident until you enter all of your credit card information.

According to the Postmates Unlimited page, you can arrange a monthly membership with Postmates that gives you free shipping on all orders and lets you “say goodbye to surge pricing.”

This Postmates membership can be paid monthly or auto-billed for $99.99 per year after a seven-day trial. The website advertises that with the savings on “delivery fees and blitz pricing you can cover the cost of membership in as little as two orders per month.”

Postmates unlimited plan

It begs the question: What is surge or blitz pricing on Postmates orders? The help section explains that “During peak times, delivery prices may surge* (or Blitz). Surge pricing creates a strong financial incentive for Postmates to make themselves available when you need them most.”

In short, you will be charged extra for service during certain time periods. The company assures customers that “You will always be notified of your delivery fee on the checkout screen before requesting a Postmate.”

Customers who don’t like their Unlimited Memberships have the option to cancel through the website or to call the Postmates phone number at (800) 882-6106

Instacart VS Postmates Discounts and Specials

There are several opportunities for Instacart discounts and specials. One Instacart special is earning cash back on your orders by sharing your Instacart promo code or sign-up code among your friends and families.

According to the promotion page, for every $10 someone else spends using your Instacart referral code, you save $10 on your own orders up to $50.

Instacart promo code

There is also a page on the Instacart website that offers specific manufacturer and Instacart coupons for various retailers. You choose the store before accessing the coupons that apply to that store.

Instacart coupons

To use the Instacart coupons, you simply click on the plus sign next to the discounted item and the item is added to your cart along with the coupon savings.

You also have the option to use an Instacart promo code as you are shopping by finding the “Add Promo code” option under your account services on the page.

These Instacart promo codes are not offered on the website but may be sent via email or other means.

According to the help section of the website, Instacart does not honor store discounts or promotions. Instead, they use Instacart coupons that “apply automatically to qualifying products at checkout.

Instacart coupon code

Postmates also offers a Postmates referral code that allows friends to sign up for the service and saves you money. This offer gives you Postmates discounts of $5 on five separate orders when a single friend signs up to be part of Postmates.

It appears as though a promo code is offered to you immediately when you fill in email addresses on the invite a friend page of the website.

Postmates referral code

There are other Postmates discounts available for Postmates free delivery services or other discounts. The help section explains that to use the Postmates promo codes, you will enter the code in the Postmates Promo Codes section during check-out using a mobile device.

Postmates promo code

There is no available section to enter a Postmates promo code through the website before placing an order.

Postmates coupon and promo codes are sent through email or by push notification if you are using the mobile app. If you have questions about how to use a specific Postmates coupon code, you are encouraged to contact Postmates using the Postmates phone number, (800) 882-6106.

There are no other discounts or promo codes offered on the website.

Your life is busy and taking advantage of services designed to simplify your life makes sense. When it comes to deciding on a grocery and home goods delivery service, reading reviews, studying websites and seeing what others have said about Instacart vs. Postmates will give you a better understanding of both companies so that you can find the right fit for you.

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*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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