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eDreams operates as a discount travel app and website to find discounted or standard flights, hotels, and car rentals for global travel. 

It has been offering internet travel deals since 1999, but is eDreams reliable? Customers want to know more about what to expect from the company, so we looked at eDreams reviews to find out. 

Key Insights

  • According to eDreams reviews, consumers recognize affordable prices, easy access to tickets, and a fast booking process as the strengths of the online travel agency. 
  • Some of the top eDreams complaints include challenges in getting refunds, issues with eDreams customer service, cancellation policy, and concerns about unauthorized Prime membership. 
  • Common complaints regarding customer support include challenges accessing the phone numbers provided on the official website, automated email replies, and unclear answers to consumer inquiries. 

Is eDreams reliable? 

There are many travel websites in the market. What makes this online travel agency stand out? Is eDreams legit? Let’s look at what consumers are saying.

There are more than 7,000 eDreams complaints and reviews on The issues addressed in these reviews span from requesting an eDreams refund to issues with travel visa requirements. Currently eDreams has only 1.4* stars out of a possible 5, and 92% of the reviews are negative, and most complaints are about eDreams customer service

40,400 calls to the online travel agency have been placed through PissedConsumer. The company has been able to resolve consumer issues in 9% of those calls. That leaves many consumer issues unresolved, as reflected in the eDreams pros and cons. 

eDreams pros

According to customer feedback, eDreams makes booking travel fast and easy. Customers recognize affordable prices and the easy access to tickets. Positive customer experiences also include collating different providers to make travel simpler. 

eDreams cons

Consumer issues with the company include a lack of customer service and challenges in reaching it, difficulties with finding solutions when facing a problem, issues with refunds after promises from the company, hidden charges, a lack of service through email, and poor website design. 

One reviewer explained the issues they had with an eDreams cancellation and contacting customer service. In review #5316356, the customer stated that their flight was cancelled and the agency did not send a notification. The customer then discovered that there is “no email contact” and that the “phone number dials but cuts off” : 

Easy to book and make payment. Very difficult to request refund and no existence of customer care only  robot which can't answer your questions.

Top Complaints in eDreams Reviews

The eDreams cancellation policy, problems contacting customer service, the Prime membership, and issues with refunds show up frequently in complaints about online travel agency. 

eDreams refund

According to, 39% of users think that eDreams should improve its payment and refund flow. 

One reviewer took to X (formerly Twitter) with their complaint. In the review they noted that they still have “no refund despite my tickets were reimbursable.” The customer noted that “as usual” eDreams relied that they were contacting the airline company about the refund. 

eDreams complaint on TwitterSource:  Twitter 

This sentiment is echoed in many other PissedConsumer posts. One customer notes in their eDreams review that after a mishap with a rebooked flight date, they were told by the agency to “cancel the whole booking” but 

they reassured me before I cancelled that I would receive a full refund within 72 hours of that conversation, at this time time … I have not received that refund.

Not all reviews are negative, however. Some customers get the answers they want to their eDreams questions. One customer left a positive review #5771369 about getting a “refund as promised” after their “annual subscription deducted” without consent. 

Issues with eDreams customer service

Customers have many complaints about eDreams customer service. One of them expressed dissatisfaction with an eDreams customer service representative who "wasted my time” when calling about a refund. Another customer found “the communication was unclear and unhelpful” when a technical mishap occurred on the website, and the traveler was charged without a booking confirmation. 

Among other complaints regarding interactions with customer support, there are challenges with going through the phone numbers provided on the official website and automated answers to emails.

One frustrated reviewer, while sharing consumer insights, claimed eDreams has “terrible customer service” and said the “company should be avoided” after they “spent hours on the phone” and submitting issues to customer service. In the end, the customer summarized their experience:

Overall, this is probably the worst service company I've ever encountered. One should have no dealings with it.

eDreams Prime membership concerns

The eDreams Prime membership is heavily featured in many customer reviews.

What is eDreams Prime?

eDreams offers two Prime membership levels. Both programs provide exclusive member savings as well as VIP customer support. The program is offered with a free 30-day trial with a promise to cancel online anytime. 

eDreams Prime membershipSource:  eDreams Prime 

eDreams Prime Membership complaints

Most of the complaints about eDreams Prime Membership are related to issues trying to cancel the service. Customers claim they are being charged without authorization or that the easy online cancellation isn’t quite as straightforward as promised. 

One poster on Reddit feels the program is a “total scam” after they tried to cancel and were given vouchers they couldn’t use. 

eDreams Prime reviewSource:  Reddit 

Another subscriber posted on PissedConsumer about how hard it is to cancel the eDreams Prime program. They discovered that they are “not able to cancel through [the] website.” The reviewer also claimed:

eDream already withdrew the membership fee once, which I was NOT aware of and NOT happy about.

eDreams cancellation concerns

In addition to the challenges of canceling the eDreams Prime trial membership, customers often mention other issues with cancellation. The eDreams cancellation FAQ states that most flights can be canceled online, but it “won’t necessarily lead to a refund.” Any refunds depend on the “fare conditions” of the ticket purchased. There is also a $50 administration fee per ticket charged by the online travel agency. 

eDreams cancellation policySource:  eDreams

Despite what appears to be simple steps, some customers are left waiting months for refunds. In review #5473769, a customer explained that they canceled a ticket through eDreams “within 24 hours in July” and is “due $2,366.82.” Unfortunately, 

on the app, it says the cancellation was approved by the airline and has been in the finalizing step for 5 months.

Does eDreams Make Dreams Come True? 

While some customers are satisfied and have any issues quickly resolved, many others get their travel dreams messy quickly with eDreams. They wind up bogged down, waiting months for refunds or answers to their various questions.

Have you had issues with eDreams? Why not give voice to your experience and leave a review or a comment to share consumer insights with others? 

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