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Home improvement can be expensive. Leaf guards on gutter systems seem like a small update to home but keeping clutter and debris out of your gutters means you won’t have to clean them out and your gutters will continue to work properly. gutter system is a popular three-part system designed to channel water away from your home granting protection from debris. The popularity of its micromesh design makes it seem like the LeafGuard gutter guard is the perfect solution for homeowners – but not everyone agrees.

Online reviews paint a different picture than the commercials about their gutters. LeafGuard reviews share experiences about the three-piece gutter system separating, gaps forming, and the gutters getting clogged. Some consumers even claim that calling the LeafGuard phone number for help doesn’t do much to solve problems – their reviews report company representatives don’t return calls or even hang up on customers who need help after installation.

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Number of LeafGuard reviews – 525

LeafGuard rating* – 1.7 ⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $600K

Successful calls – 8%/118

Resolved issues – 2

In this article you will find the answers to the following questions about LeafGuard:

How Much Do LeafGuard Gutters Cost and Are They Worth It?

The various online LeafGuard reviews are not all positive. Some feedback, like that of Jim R. from Kansas City, Kansas is extremely negative – and with more than 25,600 views and more than a hundred comments on his LeafGuard video review, it seems like Jim isn’t alone in his negative view.

According to Jim’s review, he didn’t mind how much the LeafGuard gutters cost. He was interested in installing the LeafGuard gutters based on what he had seen through advertisements.  As Jim explains in the video, even though he “didn’t like their sales tactics” they “worked out a price” despite feeling like the company tried to overcharge him.

There is no clear LeafGuard gutters price online through the website. Instead, the page dedicated to LeafGuard cost explains how the sales representatives determine the best estimate for each home.

It is possible to find some information about the anticipated price of LeafGuard rain gutters, however. In one comment on Jim’s review video, a roofer explains that a customer bought the LeafGuard rain gutters and paid “$7,000 for less than 300 feet.” That breaks down to roughly $23.33 per linear foot, or “2 to 3 times the local price for 5 inch gutters.

LeafGuard price review

What Are LeafGuard Sales Representative Tactics?

The high LeafGuard cost isn’t the only matter discussed by consumers in online reviews. The sales tactics of the company are also cited as other LeafGuard problems. In Jim’s case, it is mentioned that he didn’t like the sales tactics when discussing the LeafGuard gutter systems.

Other comments on the video review claim they faced similar “high pressure sales tactics” when asking about LeafGuard gutters. In the case of another commented LeafGuard review, a would-be customer had someone out to get an estimate for a LeafGuard gutters price. The poster claims the representative stayed for an hour explaining the product and comparing it to competitors.

The original price the representative gave the homeowner for new rain gutters was $11,500, but despite talking the representative down to $4,500 for installation, the would-be customer was less than impressed and did not sign a contract.

LeafGuard sales tactics

Among the sales tactics, customers complain about:

  • long presentations;
  • immediate measurements;
  • pressure to sign a contract immediately;
  • negative comparisons to competitors;
  • inflated prices.

Many of the reviewers, including Jim, encourage others to do some research before contacting the company to avoid being taken in by high-pressure sales tactics.

How Do They Handle LeafGuard Gutters Problems?

LeafGuard gutter systems come with a clog-free guarantee. According to the FAQ page on the website, if the LeafGuard gutters develop a clog or need repair, the company will clean or repair the gutters for free with no questions asked.

What if LeafGuard gutters need repair?

While this claim does inspire confidence, various LeafGuard gutters reviews tell a slightly different story. In Jim’s case, he explained that his LeafGuard problems didn’t have such a simple solution. He acknowledged that the gutter system did clog, and the company did honor its promise to come and clean the gutters, but that didn’t solve the problem in the long term.

According to Jim’s review, the company came and cleaned the gutters after the first clog and replaced some of them when problems continued. The company came out to Jim’s place to clean his gutters multiple times and inspect a gap that was occurring. But after the service person claimed some of the gutters needed to be replaced, Jim had to call the company himself to learn that they would not replace them because “they were too old.

The company did send someone out to try and fix the gap that was causing problems, but the service person claimed there wasn’t much that could be done. Other reviews have similar stories about the LeafGuard gutter guard clogging and ineffective protection solutions by the company.

What Is LeafGuard Warranty Policy?

With the high LeafGuard gutters cost, customers understandably want a solid warranty. Soon after installation, Jim had ongoing LeafGuard problems. He found that his LeafGuard rain gutters would distort and a gap would open. The larger the gap, the more clogs he found in gutters.

After years of working with the company, Jim learned that there are levels of services and guarantees that accompany the high LeafGuard gutters price. In his case, the company would continue to honor their guarantee to clean the gutters when they became clogged, but they would no longer replace faulty gutter guards after a certain amount of time.

The LeafGuard warranty on the website does not match this consumer's experience. In LeafGuard gutters reviews, Jim noted that the company would come and clean the faulty gutters, but not repair them after two years. The actual LeafGuard lifetime warranty states that the gutter system “will not blister, flake, chip, crack, peel, split, rot, red rust, or structurally deteriorate as a direct result of manufacturing defects, under ordinary wear conditions.” The warranty is transferrable if the original property is sold to a new owner, but is limited to only fifty years after the sale.

What Is LeafGuard Warranty Policy?

It may be that the LeafGuard warranty did not apply in Jim’s case due to improper installation of the rain gutters or issues in the manufacturing process, which are both exclusions to the company’s warranty.

Warranty coverage exceptions

Ultimately, only you can determine if the company’s warranty helps to justify the LeafGuard cost for your home.

LeafGuard Gutter Reviews on PissedConsumer

There are many LeafGuard gutter reviews on that outline the various issues consumers have had with the gutter guard system. According to the reviews on PissedConsumer, there are a range of potential issues you might face if you choose to install LeafGuard gutters. Among the issues, customers complained about:

  • The high LeafGuard gutters cost. Several reviews mentioned what customers felt were extremely high prices for the LeafGuard rain gutters. Some reviews mentioned prices four or times higher than competitors.
  • High-pressure sales tactics. Many LeafGuard gutters reviews mention a high-pressure sales tactic when customers request a bid for potential installation. According to the reviews, salespeople spent hours in customers' homes and pushed hard for customers to sign contacts immediately.
  • Clogs and repairs. Despite the guarantees and warranties with the LeafGuard gutter systems, many customers complained about the constant need to clean the gutters and how challenging that could be. Customers were frustrated by how easy the system clogged, despite being billed a solution to clog, and how frustrating it was for customers to get repairs done with issues did arise.

Tips for Choosing Rain Gutters

If you’re looking to install or replace rain gutters at your home, you’ll want to spend a bit of time doing research. House gutters collect water from your roofline and divert it away protecting your property from excessive moisture during rain.

This video gives you more idea of what to look for when you’re choosing a gutter guard, including the most effective types of gutter systems, and their pros and cons.

To find the best gutter system for your roof, consider how you will clean it. Gutters fill with debris, and LeafGuard reviews tell us that their system is no different. Will you be able to clean the gutters yourself or will you need to call and pay for that cleaning? The company claims to include lifetime cleaning, which may be a solution.

Other things to keep in mind include:

  • Weather factors in your area may affect wind and rainfall.
  • Any regulations by your area or HOA.
  • The curb appeal would be affected by different styles of gutters.

It’s up to you to choose the best gutters for your home and budget. As many consumers report, some gutter systems can look good on paper and soon after installation but can cause issues down the road.

If you’re considering LeafGuard gutters, consider the experience of others like Jim. Read reviews and be sure you understand how the company works and the product you’ll be buying. Already have LeafGuard gutters? Share your experience with others to help them make the right choice about their own purchase. Read or write LeafGuard reviews on

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