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Power Home Remodeling Group advertises that they are an “expectation-shattering” company when it comes to home improvement. The company website describes innovative technology and efficient installation to minimize the disruption to homeowners who are looking to modernize or improve their homes.

Power Home Remodeling Group

PHRG Number of Reviews - 320

Power Home Remodeling Group Rating* - 1.8⭐⭐

PHRG Claimed Losses - $120k

Power Home Remodeling Group Issues Resolved - 1

There are many Power Home Remodeling Group reviews online, both from the employees and the customers. There are questions wondering is Power Home Remodeling Group legit, or how much will it cost me to remodel with this company?

Among the many reviews and questions, we also found complaints about Power Home Remodeling Group and negative responses to working with the company. To discover the truth about the company, we dug through real customer and employee reviews to see what they would reveal. The Power Home Remodeling Group reviews didn’t disappoint. We summarize our findings below.

  1. Is it a good company?
  2. What does it do?
  3. What is the Power Home Remodeling Group cancellation policy?
  4. What are Power Home Remodeling Group prices?
  5. Where to find it?

1. Is Power Home Remodeling Group a Good Company?

Is this a good company? Or should you be looking out for a Power Home Remodeling scam? It’s only natural to want to protect your investment and your cash. We looked deeply into the various Power Home Remodeling reviews and found that customers and employees have strong opinions on the quality of the company.

Power Home Remodeling Group company has been awarded several prizes and landed on prestigious lists, including the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Power Home Remodeling Awards

Among the Power Home Remodeling reviews on, one employee claimed to be very proud and was excited about future possibilities, while another claimed to be ashamed of working so many hours for so little pay.

Power Home Remodeling reviews

Despite the Power Home Remodeling complaints mixed with positive reviews on, the company has 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on that website.

The same mix of positive and negative Power Home Remodeling reviews happens on other sites as well. One employee explained on that, in his opinion, the positive Power Home Remodeling reviews were “fake” and that there may be a Power Home Remodeling pyramid scheme happening with the company.

Power Home Remodeling complaints

Power Home Remodeling Group pyramid scheme

The unhappy employee is not the only one to wonder if Power Home Remodeling is a scam. There are 188 different Power Home Remodeling Group reviews on the Better Business Bureau. Among those are several Power Home Remodeling window reviews.

In one, a customer complained that a window installation damaged his property. Despite calling the Power Home Remodeling phone number, he did not get the answers he needed. He plans to contact the Attorney General’s office to file a claim against fraudulent practices.

Power Home Remodeling Group window review

One PissedConsumer user has complained about siding services performed by PHRG. The poster was dissatisfied with the quality and the process of "fixes".

2. What Does Power Home Remodeling Group Do?

The company website does not have a clear Power Home Remodeling Group FAQ page, but the information is available across the website, primarily through various marketing messages. On the Veteran’s Initiative page, the company describes itself as a company with more than twenty-five years in exterior home remodeling.

What does Power Home Remodeling Group do

Despite the lack of a Power Home Remodeling Group FAQ section, customers can still glean some basics from comments about products the company uses including energy-efficient exterior products, like windows, to reduce utility bills.

There is also a page on the company’s site dedicated to downloadable warranties for the products the company offers including siding, windows, exterior doors, roofing, skylights, and attic insulation.

Power Home Remodeling Group Faq

According to the various reviews left only, Power Home Remodeling Group sales tactics leave much to be desired. Both employees and customers complain about the aggressive tactics used by Power Home Remodeling Group sales representatives as they go door-to-door working to find new customers for home remodeling.

One former employee eluded to a Power Home Remodeling Group Pyramid scheme on He claims the Power Home Remodeling sales representatives aren’t really marketers, but rather door-to-door salesmen setting up appointments people don’t need or want.

Power Home Remodeling Group sales tactics

3. What Is Power Home Remodeling Group Cancellation Policy?

There are many questions online about the Power Homes Remodeling cancellation policy. Customers want to know what happens if you change your mind after signing up for new products following a sales call.

There is no clear information online about how to cancel Power Home Remodeling Group contract offers on the company’s website. It does link to a Customer Bill of Rights that tells customers they “deserve to feel great” about their investments and states that the company will “make it right” if there is a mistake.

According to a customer review on (# 277953 ), there is wording about Power Home Remodeling cancellation on the paperwork provided after you sign a contract. According to the review, the Power Home Remodeling cancellation policy included on the paperwork gives customers “3 business days without penalty or obligation by signing the ‘Notice of Cancellation’ form and mailing to the home office…”

After receiving a call from the Power Home Remodeling phone number, the reviewer waited to sign an updated form to complete the canceling. The form showed up with another sales representative who tried to pressure the customers into not initiating the Power Home Remodeling cancellation process. Finally, however, the reviewer was able to sign off on the Power Home Remodeling cancellation offer.

4. What Are Power Home Remodeling Group Prices?

While there is no Power Home Remodeling Group FAQs page on the website to discuss pricing, there is a page on that will let customers sign up for a free quote from the company. Power Home Remodeling Group prices are discussed in a few places on the website, but never with specific numbers.

The closest specific information you’ll find about Power Home Remodeling Group prices is in the Customer Bill of Rights on the company’s website. According to the website, they are “not the cheapest” option for exterior renovations but they offer “premium value.”

The Bill of Rights also tells customers that their pricing is “blind” so that customers are not exploited.

Prices are not mentioned in the Power Home Remodeling Group warranty page details, but there are warranties and specifics available for the variety of products that the company offers.

5. Where to Find Power Home Remodeling Group?

Power Home Remodeling Group locations span many states along the eastern side of the United States from New England to Michigan to Texas.

The Power Home Remodeling Group headquarters is located in Chester, Pennsylvania, according to the About Us page that lists the Power Home Remodeling Group address on the company’s website. The About Us page also offers methods to contact the Power Home Remodeling Group customer service team.

You can reach Power HRG customer service by phone by calling 888-736-6335 or 610-874-5000. You can also write to the Power Home Remodeling Group customer service team by using the address, which is listed on the site and included below.

You do not need to visit a storefront for the Power Home Remodeling Group locations to work with the company.  According to the company’s scattered Power Home Remodeling FAQs, customers can sign up for an in-home quote from the company and have a sales representative come to their home for a free estimate.

One PissedConsumer reviewer found that the in-home quote wasn’t as simple as she expected, however. In her review (#1730607 ) about the in-home estimate, she warns that “you will practically be a prisoner in your own home for the next 3-4 hours. I'm not kidding.”

Her in-home estimate lasted for hours and included formal presentations, extensive samples, and long-winded sales pitches. According to the customer “the whole point of all this is to wear customers down” and make them feel like they need to sign a contract.

Home improvements are expensive. You want to know that you are spending your money wisely and you want confidence that you are working with an excellent company and investing in the future of your home. The mixed reviews about Power Home Remodeling Group LLC make it hard to determine if some individuals simply had a bad experience or, as many customers claim, the company will bring trouble to your door.

*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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