Re-Bath is a bathroom remodeling contractor that offers walk-in tub installation and complete bathroom remodels through franchises located across the country. Products Re-Bath offers include tubs, showers, wall surrounds, cabinets, countertops, toilets, faucets, lighting, and hardware. The company also provides a variety of solutions for the aging and disabled.

The top Re-Bath reviews and complaints received on Pissed Consumer involve poor construction and poor customer service. We have compiled some of the most popular questions and answered them here.

  1. How do I contact Re-Bath customer service?
  2. What kind of services does the company offer?
  3. How long does ReBath installation take?
  4. How much does the installation cost?
  5. What is warranty policy?
  6. Does the company offer financing?
  7. How many franchise locations does have?
  8. How do I clean my shower?

1.  How Do I Contact Re-Bath Customer Service?

Poor customer help is a top complaint against Re-Bath on Pissed Consumer. Many customers were unhappy with the finished installation and some simply could not get anyone from the company to return their calls.

One ReBath review (#1062780) stated that workers stopped in the middle of a job because they needed different panels to work with and never showed up to complete the job, adding that no one from the company returned any calls.

"…Waiting on panels, said they had them but never showed up or returned calls. Finnally gave up. I was taken…" 

Another Re-Bath review claimed that the contractors did not do the work correctly and when the customers tried to call the Re-Bath's customer service number, they were turned away.

"…When asked to speak to the owner on several occasions, I was turned away every time, as he was too busy to talk to me…"

To reach out to Re-Bath customer support, you need to call  Re-Bath phone numbers or fill in the form on their website. If you have any Re-Bath complaint or review, you may also try to get in touch with a support team via Re-Bath social networking account on Facebook.

2.  What Kind of Services Does Offer?

It was one of the main inquiries made in ReBath reviews. According to the company website, Re-Bath offers partial or complete bathroom remodeling, tub and shower conversions, and walk-in tub remodeling. They also provide solutions for the aging or disabled. Remodels can be complete or partial.

3.  How Long Does a Re-Bath Installation Take?

We found the length of time contractors took was a common Re-Bath complaint on Pissed Consumer. Some consumers were dissatisfied with how long it took the company to complete projects.

Based on ReBath FAQ, installation times vary according to the complexity of the job and whether professionals discover electrical, plumbing, or other problems along the way. states on their "Process" page that installations generally take days, not weeks, pointing out that most installations take a week.

How long does Rebath installation take

4.  How Much Does Installation Cost?

In the Re-Bath FAQ, the company does not offer prices for any of its installations and explains that because “all bathroom sizes and projects are unique”. Customers are directed to call the Re-Bath phone number of their local experts in their service area to discuss budgets.

Rebath Installation cost

5.  What Is the Re-Bath Warranty?

PissedConsumer users posted a few Re-Bath reviews in regards to Rebath warranty policy. The company website offers the following warranties on workmanship and installation of bathroom remodeling projects. According to Re-Bath FAQ, the company offers a one-year warranty on workmanship and installation of the bathroom remodeling project.

Rebath warranty policy

Re-Bath offers a lifetime warranty on all DuraBath Acrylic products, including all labor costs associated with the suitable repair or replacement due to manufacturing defects on DuraBath Acrylic products and a 10-year limited warranty on all color match designer custom bases.

The company covers all DuraBath Natural Stone Products with a 10-year limited warranty.

Customers are advised to check with their local Re-Bath customer help team for more details.

Rebath lifetime warranty

Re-Bath offers a lifetime warranty on walk-in tub frames, a five-year warranty on components.

For other products such as sink, tub and shower faucets, sinks the company advises customers to contact their local Re-Bath customer service team for more information.

Rebath walk-in tub warranty

Re-Bath offers a one-year warranty on workmanship and installation of your bathroom remodel project.

6. Does Offer Financing?

According to some of Re-bath franchises, the company does offer financing, but options are different for every franchise. For example, in Oxnard, California, the franchise offers same as cash financing for 12 months and low-interest, 96-month loans.

Rebath financing

In Wilmington, North Carolina, the franchise offers plans with no money down, no interest and payments starting at 99 per month. It is recommended that customers call the Re-Bath phone number of their local company to learn what Re-Bath financing options they offer.

Rebath payment options

7.  How Many Franchise Locations Does Have?

Re-Bath claims to have franchises in more than 100 cities across the United States.

Rebath locations

8.  How Do I Clean My Re-Bath Shower? states on their Cleaning and Maintenance page that the following cleaners can be used on their Acrylic Care product:

  • Re-Bath Tub and Shower Cleaner
  • Rub-A-Dub Tub-Scrub
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower cleaner
  • Shockwave Disinfectant and Cleaner
  • Spearmint Disinfectant
  • Top Job
  • Windex
  • Windex with Ammonia

For general bathroom cleaning, including slip-resistant bottoms, Re-Bath recommends using only non-abrasive soap and water.

For cleaning heavy stains, Re-Bath recommends the following products:

  • Clorox Clean-UP
  • Formula 409
  • Liquid Comet
  • X-14 Soap Scum & Bath Cleaner
  • Ajax Mildew & Stain
  • Ajax Ultra
  • Comet Homecare Gel
  • Grease Lightening

For gloss-finish wall surrounds, Re-Bath recommends:

  • Gel Gloss
  • Micro Gloss
  • Mirror Glaz
  • J-Wax Turtlewax
  • Kit Wax

Customers are advised to never use the following products:

Harsh chemicals such as bleach, vinegar, drain cleaners, lime removers, toilet bowl cleaners, hair dye or cleaners with abrasives, abrasive pads, steel wool or Teflon pads or restore gloss finish products (on matte wall surrounds).

This list concludes the most common Re-Bath frequently asked questions. If you did not see the answer you were looking for, you can try one of the options below:

  • Ask Re-Bath customer service a question.
  • Post a review to share your experience with others and possibly get insight on how to solve your problem.

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