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Re-Bath is a famous bathroom remodeling company. They provide a wide range of products, including shower closures, bathtubs, wall systems, as well as bathroom remodeling services. You can buy Re-Bath products across the U.S. in over 100 stores. Alternatively, you can buy through their website,

Re-Bath promises customers quality services and products. However, customers question if the company is reliable and what its warranty policy is. We looked at Re-Bath reviews on PissedConsumer to establish their reputation. Here is a summary of their reviews and ratings:

Re-Bath logo

Number of Re-Bath Reviews – 279

Re-Bath Rating* – 1.6 ⭐⭐

Claimed Losses – $370K

Successful Calls – 25

Resolved Issues – 4

We also researched and PissedConsumer reviews to answer the following top consumer questions: 

  1. What services does the company offer?
  2. How much does the installation cost?
  3. What is warranty policy?
  4. Company pros and cons
  5. Does the company offer financing?
  6. How to clean a shower?
  7. How to contact the company?
  8. Consumer reviews

1. What Services Does Re-Bath Offer?

It was one of the main inquiries made in Re-Bath reviews. According to the company website, Re-Bath offers partial or complete bathroom remodeling, tub and shower conversions, and walk-in tub remodeling. Below is an overview of its services.

Complete Bathroom Remodel

Re-Bath offers comprehensive bathroom remodel solutions if you want to upgrade your bathroom. This service is suitable if your bathroom is damaged or dated or if you want to add storage space or safety features. The service involves removing old materials and fixtures and replacing them with modern options.

The complete bathroom remodel service includes the following:

  • Design consultation
  • Free design service
  • Removal of old bathroom components
  • Repairs if necessary
  • Installation.

Re-Bath bathroom remodel

Tub & Shower Conversions and Updates

If you want to convert your tub to a shower and vice versa or add safety features to your tub, offers the following services:

  • Tub-to-shower conversion
  • Shower-to-tub conversion
  • Tub liners
  • Accessible tubs & showers

Re-Bath has a line of custom-fit shower tubs, bases, and exclusive wall surrounds. It also offers a variety of shower fixtures, grab bars, shower benches, and slip-resistant technology.

Re-Bath bathroom transformation

Aging & Accessibility

The company also has a variety of solutions for the aging and disabled to improve bathroom accessibility. This service includes ADA-compliant bathroom remodeling, safety features, and slip-resistant technology such as Re-Bath’s patented DuraGard™ slip-resistant technology.

Re-Bath solutions

2. How Much Does Installation Cost?

In the FAQ, the company does not offer prices for any of its installations and explains that because “all bathroom sizes and projects are unique”. Customers are directed to call the Re-Bath phone number of their local experts in their service area to discuss budgets.

Rebath Installation cost

That said, various reviews indicate that Re-Bath prices for bathroom renovation can be up to tens of thousands. For example, in Re-Bath review #3177391, the customer complained that they had paid $15K for a shower remodel and were told that installation would take 10-12 weeks. However, 15 weeks had lapsed already, and the shower had not been installed.

Re-Bath delivery review

In another review #3023129, the customer reported that the Re-Bath representative had said that a shower would cost $5,000 and $7,000, but the official quote indicated $18,000 per shower.

Re-Bath cost review

3. What Is the Re-Bath Warranty?

PissedConsumer users posted a few Re-Bath reviews in regard to the Re-Bath warranty policy. The company website offers the following warranties on workmanship and installation of bathroom remodeling projects. According to, the company offers a one-year warranty on the workmanship and installation of the bathroom remodeling project.

Rebath warranty policy

Re-Bath offers a lifetime warranty on all DuraBath Acrylic products, including all labor costs associated with the suitable repair or replacement due to manufacturing defects on DuraBath Acrylic products, and a 10-year limited warranty on all color match designer custom bases.

The company covers all DuraBath Natural Stone Products with a 10-year limited warranty.

Customers are advised to check with their local Re-Bath customer help team for more details.

Rebath lifetime warranty

Re-Bath offers a lifetime warranty on walk-in tub frames and a five-year warranty on components.

For other products such as sinks, tubs, and shower faucets, sinks the company advises customers to contact their local service team for more information.

Rebath walk-in tub warranty

Re-Bath offers a one-year warranty on the workmanship and installation of your bathroom remodel project.

4. Re-Bath Pros and Cons

Re-Bath reviews and ratings on point to the remodeling company’s advantages and disadvantages as follows:


  • Great bathroom design services
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wide range of bathroom remodeling services


  • Poor customer service
  • Failure to honor warranty claims
  • Unclear costs and overpricing
  • Installation delays

5. Does Re-Bath Offer Financing?

Re-Bath financing is available in some franchises, including the Pacific Coast, Greenfield, and Richmond locations. Financing is available through EnerBank USA, which offers customers fixed APR loans. The terms vary for various Re-Bath locations but generally range between 24 and 132 months. In some cases, a down payment may be required. If you repay your loan within 12 months, the interest may be waived.

Re-Bath financing

6. How Do I Clean My Re-Bath Shower? states on its Cleaning and Maintenance page that the following cleaners can be used on their Acrylic Care product:

  • Re-Bath Tub and Shower Cleaner
  • Rub-A-Dub Tub-Scrub
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower cleaner
  • Shockwave Disinfectant and Cleaner
  • Spearmint Disinfectant
  • Top Job
  • Windex
  • Windex with Ammonia

For general bathroom cleaning, including slip-resistant bottoms, Re-Bath recommends using only non-abrasive soap and water.

For cleaning heavy stains, Re-Bath recommends the following products:

  • Clorox Clean-UP
  • Formula 409
  • Liquid Comet
  • X-14 Soap Scum & Bath Cleaner
  • Ajax Mildew & Stain
  • Ajax Ultra
  • Comet Homecare Gel
  • Grease Lightening

For gloss-finish wall surrounds, Re-Bath recommends:

  • Gel Gloss
  • Micro Gloss
  • Mirror Glaz
  • J-Wax Turtlewax
  • Kit Wax

Customers are advised to never use the following products:

Harsh chemicals such as bleach, vinegar, drain cleaners, lime removers, toilet bowl cleaners, hair dye or cleaners with abrasives, abrasive pads, steel wool or Teflon pads or restore gloss finish products (on matte wall surrounds).

7. How Do I Contact Re-Bath Customer Service?

According to, there are two main ways of contacting customer service: via phone or the contact form. 

The Re-Bath phone number provided on the website depends on your location. One of the options to get in touch with the company is to fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page for a support representative to get back to you.

Aside from the contact information on, there is additional contact information on its Facebook page. There is a Re-Bath phone number (1-800-426-4573) and email address (

Re-Bath contact information

Some customers leave their questions or complaints on the most recent post on the Re-Bath Facebook page for a social media representative to respond to. You could also send a private message on the social media page.

Although there are stipulated channels of communication for Re-Bath customer service, one of the company's top complaints is poor customer service. Several Re-Bath complaints on PissedConsumer indicate that some customers have difficulty getting in touch with support representatives. In other instances, the customer representatives are unhelpful or provide inaccurate information about products, installation, and warranty policy.

For instance, in Re-Bath review #4246521, the customer warned:

BEWARE Lies, manipulation, poor craftsmanship, horrible customer service….

8. Re-Bath Reviews Outline: Is Re-Bath Good Quality?

Re-Bath reviews on indicate that the majority of customers are dissatisfied. The company has a 1.6-star rating out of a possible 5. The top Re-Bath complaints are regarding:

Customer service

There are numerous complaints about bad customer service characterized by difficulty reaching it and unhelpful representatives. Sometimes, the support people are rude and disrespectful and give false assurances about various services.

Re-Bath prices 

Several reviews indicate that Re-Bath cost estimates are unclear. On several occasions, customers ended up paying way more than had been quoted. 

Re-Bath financing

It is not always clear to customers if Re-Bath financing is available for them and the applicable terms and conditions. Also, the unclear Re-Bath cost estimates make it difficult for customers to organize for financing.

Re-Bath warranty 

Although indicates that they offer a lifetime or limited warranty on various products, customers often have difficulty making warranty claims. Several customers complained that Re-Bath took them around when they made warranty claims or outright rejected them.

Quality of service 

Although a few customers were satisfied with how well their bathroom remodeling was executed, most were dissatisfied with the Re-Bath service delivery. In some cases, installation took longer than initially communicated to start and be completed. While in other cases, customers reported their frustration with the substandard quality of work.

Re-Bath review #4246521 further illustrates the common issues customers encounter when dealing with Re-Bath. The customer complained that they lost over $20,000 to Re-Bath. They had paid the full amount for a complete bathroom remodel. However, Re-Bath required that they pay an additional $3500 or sign a document voiding the lifetime warranty. All this while, the project was not complete, and aspects that were complete were below standard, e.g., insecure toilet, falling tub face, and separating floor.

Re-Bath customer service review

Is Re-Bath Worth It?

Re-Bath offers bathroom remodeling products and services to upgrade your bathroom, and make it safer, or more accessible for seniors or individuals with limited mobility. There are over 100 Re-Bath locations in the U.S., and you can visit one near you for a free consultation. The company promises its customers high-end products, professional installation, and warranty on products and services.

However, Re-Bath complaints on indicate that most customers are dissatisfied with the company. They cite issues such as poor customer service, difficulty claiming the Re-Bath warranty, unclear prices, and poor quality of installation services.

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