How would you compare Ryan Homes vs Clayton Homes? Two consumers share their own experience with these companies in a video interview with Ryan Homes and Clayton Homes customers will tell you the issues they had to face.


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Compare Ryan Homes and Clayton Homes: What's the Difference?

Elena: Today, we are going to be introducing a new interview format. You're going to be watching a battle... not like a dance battle or anything. It is rather a combination and comparison of opinions and stories of two people, just like you and me, dealing with two different competing construction companies, Ryan Homes and Clayton Homes. 

What Problems Did You Have with the House?

Derick: Ryan Homes was, I seek them out to be my builder to build the house that I'm currently in, and it just seems... I've been here for over six years now and it's just the house is poorly made. I got cracks in my walls, nail pops everywhere. I had renovation done, renovations done and I'll find things that they poorly did. For example, I had a room under my stairs added for storage space, and when my contractor cut into the wall, we found bottles of urine, trash bags, potato chip wrappers, just trash from the contractors that they hid in the wall and they put the drywall in front of it.

Every year since 2014, I've had issues with my HVAC. Everything from it going out in the dead of winter, and I had to run to Walmart to get heaters for my family, going out in the summer and we're opening windows with fans and paying thousands of dollars for plumbers to come out and do different work. The HVAC leaks at least once a year, and I got to constantly repaint the ceiling and go up in the attic to patch pipes or reroute PVC piping and stuff like that. Speaking of the attic, it's no entry to the attic. I had to buy a ladder, put the ladder up to the attic and I have to jump... I'm 280 pounds, but I have to jump into my attic. That's probably the biggest issue that I have.

The grass outside - I had to put hundreds of dollars for the grass. They gave us very poor soil. I got tests ran on the soil; it's very acidic. It's hard to keep the grass green and then I have the HOA that attacks me when the grass is looking unkept because it's like I'm fighting a losing battle.

Now, Let's See What Dean Has to Say about Clayton Homes

Dean: They never put the home together properly because it's a double-wide. I don't get enough heat in the bathroom, and they said, "Well, that's the design. You have to shut some other registers off in the bedroom and stuff like that." They put a heat vent in the same room as where furnace is; for what, I have no idea.

Then when they put the air conditioner in, the guy came to do that. He hooked it up and turned it on, and I wasn't getting no air conditioning in the bedroom out of the vent that was in there. Here, they cut hole wrong and the hole with the vent is on the other side of the room. So they came and they cut the floor or cut the piping and everything else and put another vent in the bedroom. Now, I have two vents in the bedroom, which is awkward because it takes up space on one wall.

It's just one thing after another. Right now, I'm losing heat out through my front wall. And the other morning, I was off on Monday, so it was cold here. I went out the front door. This was in the afternoon, and here there's water dripping down off my light on the front porch. And here it's coming out of my siding and coming down on the light and then dripping down on the porch. I told them about that. Well, now they're supposed to come on Friday and look at it. They want me to explain what's going on.

Derick, When Did You Buy the House from Ryan Homes?

Derick: The contract started 2012, and we actually moved in March of 2013. So what they do is they're very responsive for at least the first year to 18 months, and then when you're outside of warranty or outside of your contract, I'd never could reach my program, none of the managers. Nobody answers my call because they're off to the next new people that's building. They give you this false sense of security that they're just going to help you and all they care is about you, but once you're locked in and you're done with the yearly inspection, and I think up to 24-month inspection.

Dean, When Exactly Did You Buy Your House from Clayton Homes?

Dean: Well, I bought this home back in 2017, and when it come in, they charged me to use a crane to set it, which they never did. They slid it on, and I've been trying to get that money back. They said, "Well, it cost more to slide the home on than it does to use a crane." I said to them, I said, "I can't figure that one out because you have to hire a crane, and they're not cheap." So I paid $3,500 for that.

Why Did You Decide to Go with Ryan Homes When You Were Building Your Home? Was There Any Particular Reason You Chose this Company?

Derick: I have a cousin that works for the City of Norfolk, and she heard great things about them and she recommended them or HHHunt. Ryan Homes are the first people I met with. For the community that I'm in here in Chesapeake, Ryan Homes ran the Welcome Center. So when I went to the Welcome Center, it was kind of like they swayed me more toward Ryan Homes because they own the Welcome Center.

Dean, Why Did You Decide to Go Public with Your Story about Your Experience with Clayton Homes? What Motivated You to Leave a Review on an Online Review Platform?

Dean: I would like them to be honest with the customers and build a better product if they... This place here to have it set and everything else was over $109,000, and they ripped the gas lines off from it when they put it in. They did that. Our land was nice and level when before they started, and they just come in here and just tore it up. They said, "Well, you're going to have to do some excavating." Well, I can't excavate under the home. I wanted a crawlspace, so it's easy to crawl under there in case something happens. They just left piles of dirt under there, and it's hard to get through. But I want them to be honest about stuff and not lie to people.

Could You Please Tell Us Why Did You Decide to Go Public with Your Story about Your Experience with Ryan Homes? 

Derick: My goal is to be a part of a class action lawsuit, if possible. I would like to get either re-compensated for some of the issues or have the ongoing issue fixed that they left behind. I also would like to just raise awareness for anybody that plan to get with Ryan Homes to sway them to find somebody better or someone different because... I don't know if the whole company is dishonest, but the group that I met down here, I've been having issues with and they're dishonest.

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