Renting your first property is a significant step in everybody’s life. Everything has to be well planned so that you end up with a house that could make a loving home for you and your loved one(s). In this quest for the dream rental, property management companies like Havenbrook Homes strive to please consumers by matching them with just the right house. Whether they do manage to deliver on their promises or not is something entirely different. The purpose of this in-depth review is to assess Havenbrook Homes after listening to consumers’ most burning concerns.

Havenbrook Homes

Havenbrook Homes' number of reviews – 172

Havenbrook Homes' rating – 2.0⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $100K

Successful calls – 30%

Most consumers’ reviews we have received on the PissedConsumer platform, are related to the Havenbrook Homes customer service, property management, and property rental. People expressed their frustration for things like being unable to contact a company rep for maintenance or emergency issues. Below is a list with the top 5 questions consumers have asked about Havenbrook Homes LLC, based on our posters’ reviews.

  1. Is it legit?
  2. How do I contact them?
  3. What’s Havenbrook Homes's rent?
  4. How do I pay them?
  5. What is the Havenbrook Homes cancellation policy?

1. Is Havenbrook Homes Legit?

To provide you with the answer to this question, we have analyzed both Havenbrook Homes reviews from customers and Havenbrook Homes complaints from employees of the company.  The Better Business Bureau gives the organization less than 1.5 stars (out of 5) based on the Havenbrook Homes reviews left by customers on their site. Most posters were dissatisfied with the Havenbrook Homes for rental properties, which were neglected and poorly maintained. Also, some consumers, like the following one, had difficulties with HavenBrook Homes customer service.

Besides issues with their Havenbrook Homes rentals, people also expressed their worries about not being able to reach a customer service rep to help resolve their problems.

Havenbrook Homes BBB rating

Yelp follows BBB, with users rating Havenbrook Homes rentals with 1.5/5 stars mainly due to false charges and inefficient property management. Other complaints were associated with unaddressed repair claims from individuals that lived in Havenbrook Homes for rental properties.

Havenbrook Homes Yelp rating

Glassdoor rates the company with 2.6 stars (out of 5), when using “Havenbrook Homes property management” as the primary keyword. This means that people who have worked at this company left their Havenbrook Homes reviews related to how they feel about working for the company. Most of the negative feedback had to do with the new Havenbrook Home property management and the way CEOs handled things.

Havenbrook Homes Glassdoor rating

Indeed website paints the same picture, with employee reviews rating the pay and benefits related to their Havenbrook Homes for rent career with 3.2/5 stars and Job Security with 2.4/5.

Havenbrook Homes Indeed rating

2. How Do I Contact Havenbrook Homes?

Many consumers wonder if there is a phone number for Havenbrook Homes’ customer Support department. Besides using the Havenbrook Homes phone number listed on their website (855-400-4424), you may also:

  • Fill out the Havenbrook Homes Contact Us Online form (select the reason you wish to get in touch from the drop-down menu on the top).
  • Visit the company contacts page on our website and see other available communication options (i.e., the Havenbrook Homes corporate office address).
  • Head to the Havenbrook Homes FAQs page and see if your question has already been answered there.
  • Pay your rent online by visiting the Resident Portal, which is part of the provided Havenbrook Homes customer service.

Havenbrook Homes customer service

Note: offers consumers the chance to get in touch with a Havenbrook Homes customer service rep by calling the company directly from the platform. In this case, simply visit the Havenbrook Homes Contacts & Company Info section and click on the “Call Customer Service” tab. It’s right next to the option that allows you to write Havenbrook Homes reviews. On the same page, you will also find all Havenbrook Homes's corporate communication details, including the available Havenbrook Homes phone numbers.

No Havebrook Homes email is disclosed for the time being, though. Should another Havenbrook Homes phone number or a Havenbrook Homes email becomes available, we will update our Contacts & Company Info page accordingly.

3. What’s Havenbrook Homes Rent?

Havenbrook Homes property management company is an organization that enables consumers who wish to rent a property in select markets across the USA to find just the right one for their particular needs and requirements. Their Leasing Specialists match Havenbrook Homes rentals with property-seeking consumers while their property managers are committed to customers’ comfort (and located within the client’s area).

Also, according to the company website, all Havenbrook Homes rentals are maintained and repaired by a team of experts (certified and licensed technicians) who are available on a 24/7 basis. It should be noted that the Havenbrook Homes property management organization has received 2015 Best of Duluth Award in Property Management for the services provided to the Duluth, GA region.

Havenbrook Homes rent

When it comes to the Havenbrook Homes rental requirements, the company gives a handy list of things to do to get started. Here is the drill:

  • Before going through with the Havenbrook Homes application process, do read the FAQs posted on their official site to find out their important procedures and policies.
  • To ensure your online Havenbrook Homes application will be approved, review the Havenbrook Homes rental requirements (i.e., age, income, occupancy, Havenbrook Homes application fee, etc.), and then, you’ll know whether you qualify for a rental.
  • To start searching for the dream property, you may use the company’s Property Search Page and narrow down your query by the number of beds, price range, and other key factors, as well as read Havenbrook Homes reviews to see what other property rental-seekers are saying about their house.
  • Submit your Havenbrook Homes application when you feel ready.
  • Give your application a little time to be processed.

4. How Do I Pay Havenbrook Homes?

Besides the conventional payment methods commonly used to pay your rent, the company implements a Havenbrook Homes pay rent initiative that makes things easier than ever before. So, you may access the online Havenbrook Homes rent payment portal via your household’s unique registration code. It is also important to have other Havenbrook Homes pay rent details, such as the primary email on your file. If you have not received your registration code at your email, you need to communicate with a Havenbrook Homes customer service staff member.

Havenbrook Homes fees

It should be noted that the specific service is free of charge if you make an online bank account/ACH transfer. If you use a prepaid, credit, or debit card to pay your rent, you will need to pay a small fee. Also, in case you are dealing with a Havenbrook Homes late rent issue, expect a Havenbrook Homes late fee to be applied. Exactly how much this Havenbrook Homes late fee refers to is not disclosed, though. Nevertheless, you can always use the Havenbrook Homes contact details and get in touch with a Havenbrook customer service agent to ask specific information. All available Havenbrook Homes phone numbers are provided in the company site or the PissedConsumer platform (see above). Before you go there, you may check out the Havenbrook Homes FAQs page to see if your concern is already addressed.

5. What Is Havenbrook Homes Cancellation Policy?

We were unable to find a specific section on the company website mentioning a Havenbrook Homes cancellation policy. So, what happens if a consumer decides that, for whatever reason, they no longer wish to rent the selected property? We have looked into the Havenbrook Homes FAQs page and other credible sources for the answer. The whole situation related to a Havenbrook Homes cancellation claim has to do with financial settlements between you and the company. In this case, there are a couple of things you need to take note of. For instance, as soon as you submit your application, you are called to pay a $45 application fee per adult occupant, which is non-refundable. So, a Havenbrook Homes cancellation request will not get your application money/charges back.

Havenbrook Homes cancellation policy

Also, despite the absence of a Havenbrook Homes cancellation policy, we found a Holding Fee Policy where the company mentions a $500 holding fee that a consumer needs to pay before the lease is generated. This charge is also nonrefundable as soon as you receive the lease. This leaves a small (hypothetically) window that may enable you to get a refund of the Holding Fee should the lease is still in pending mode. However, there is no similar content or clarification in the Havenbrook Homes FAQs or the Holding Fee Policy pages.

What is indeed mentioned, though, is that you can ask for a refund if you have not visited the home, and you eventually find out it does not meet your requirements. In this case, you will get your money back within three (3) business days, provided that you have come to the conclusion that the home does not meet your needs within 24 hours after viewing it. To confirm that, do go through the Havenbrook Homes contact information and get in touch with a company agent. Failing to communicate to Havenbrook Homes customer service that you wish to cancel your lease within 24 hours instantly means that the Holding Fee will be charged.

To avoid such unwanted situations, you are kindly advised to act proactively. For instance, you may check out several Havenbrook Homes reviews to see what other consumers have to say about their experience with the company or the specific house you are interested in. That being said, we have also received several complaints from frustrated consumers who were promised a refund of their security deposit after being forced to relocate due to the company’s fault (review #1664743).

You could also use the available Havenbrook Homes contact options and speak with a Havenbrook Homes customer service representative to get as much information about the home of your likes as possible.

Speaking of options and getting help with concerns related to a specific company, have you ever imagined the power your reviews have? You do not only share your experience and help others who are facing the same problem as you find a solution (or prevent them from making the same mistake as you), but also push companies to step up their game and better their customer service and other functions. So, you are more than welcomed to leave your review on the PissedConsumer website!

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