A good night’s sleep is imperative to feel rested and be able to function at your very best. Before investing in new pillows, customers want to know what to expect from their purchase. Customers want to know more about MyPillow reviews and MyPillow customer help.   

We have read through a large number of MyPillow complaints, reviews, and questions on PissedConsumer and other platforms to find the most common questions. Below you’ll find the answers to the common MyPillow FAQ. We dug through the company website and customer reviews on our site to find answers to questions about MyPillow customer service and products. 

Are you trying to track down information about the company? Or perhaps get in touch with the support team? We have answers to the most common MyPillow FAQ below.

1.  How Do I Contact MyPillow.Com Customer Service?

According to the Contact Us page on the MyPillow website, you can contact the company in multiple ways. You can call the MyPillow phone number at 1-800-308-1299 or you can contact the company by email or through the submission form on the Contact Us page.  

MyPillow contacts

In the MyPillow complaint, one customer explained his/her interaction with the MyPillow customer service team. Poster’s review explains “…I called your customer service number a few minutes …and was requesting information about three of your bed options. I spoke with the most obnoxious young man, who was extremely rude and seemed dysfunctional. I told him once that he was beginning to tick me off, but stupidly, he did not take the hint and became even worse…”

The MyPillow complaint ended with, “…The reason I contacted MyPillow was because I wanted to buy a mattress topper, or a mattress to go along with the MyPillows we already own. I believe that any communication I send will go directly to the rude guy I first spoke to. So, they are out a sale because of him, and apparently no one cares.”

2.   How Much Does MyPillow Cost?

According to the company's website, there are multiple types of MyPillow and some combination offers that affect the pricing of the pillows. The least expensive MyPillow pillow is the Special Edition Supima Cotton pillow which sells for $39.99 with the MyPillow promo code.

MyPillow prices

The MyPillow Premium can be purchased online in a bundle of two for $69.98 when you use the MyPillow promo code. Individually the MyPillow Premium pillow is $119.98.

How much does Mypillow cost

3.  Where Can I Buy MyPillow?

You can buy the MyPillow products online through the company’s website, by calling the MyPillow phone number for orders at 1-800-544-8939 or by shopping inside a MyPillow store.

At the time of writing, however, there is no working link to the list of “500 shows and store locations across the USA” that are advertised in the MyPillow FAQ pages.

where can I buy mypillow

The map to pinpoint store locations was also not working at the time of writing.

mypillow locations

4.  How Long Does It Take for MyPillow to Ship?

When you order MyPillow, you have choices on which shipping option you’d prefer. $9.98 standard shipping is through the local post office and can take up to 10 business days You can opt for 2 to 5-day shipping by selecting FedEx Home Delivery or Final Delivery by the Post Office.

mypillow shipping policy

Some product pages offer MyPillow free shipping with a MyPillow promo code, but there are no details provided about the specific promo code to use or the type of shipping that would be included with the offer. No MyPillow free shipping promo codes were provided on the ordering page or on a page dedicated to MyPillow coupons and promo codes.

5.  How Do I Get the MyPillow Promo Code?

At the time of writing, there were no MyPillow promo codes available on the Promo Codes page on the company's website. There were also no promo codes identified on the homepage or the shopping pages of the website. This is despite prices being advertised as being discounted by a MyPillow discount code.

6.  How Do I Get MyPillow Fluffy?

The MyPillow website has instructions for product care. While this does not include specific instructions for making the MyPillow fluffy, the instructions do include time in the dryer which may contribute to product fluff.

The care instructions call for washing the pillows every four months, even if clean. After washing with any detergent, use extra spin cycles in the washing machine to lessen dry time. Then dry the pillows using high heat in the dryer without fabric softener.

Mypillow care

One customer had trouble finding the right amount of fluff to be satisfied with their new pillow. In the MyPillow review, the person describes trying to sleep on her new pillows. The poster explains that “…these pillows are just filled with chunks of foam like material, I don't know what I was expecting but according to their adds of some patented super fiber, definitely expected a better quality of pillow, these are SO not that!...”

The customer ends his/her complaints against MyPillow with …The pillows are lumpy, and they are filled way too high to be of comfort, your neck and head are perched at an elevated height, and they do not comform to your neck. Buyer beware!”

Need more help getting in touch with MyPillow customer assistance? You can find information in other ways.

  • Visit the MyPillow customer service page and find the MyPillow phone number.
  • Read through the MyPillow customer reviews on PissedConsumer to see how other customers found answers.
  • Create your own MyPillow review to start a conversation with the MyPillow customer care team.

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