A good night’s sleep is imperative to feel rested and be able to function at your very best. However, poor quality bedding can cause you restless nights, groggy mornings, and unproductive days. Therefore, before investing in new bedding such as pillows, mattresses, mattress toppers, and bedsheets it's important to investigate the prospective sellers to ensure they offer quality products that are a good fit for you.

One of the most reviewed sleep product companies on PissedConsumer is MyPillow.Inc.  However, the big question is: Is MyPillow reliable?

A look at  MyPillow reviews will give you insight  into what to expect from the company. We dug through the company’s website and MyPillow reviews to find answers to questions about MyPillow customer service and products. Below, you’ll find the top MyPillow FAQs and a full MyPillow review that’ll help you with your due diligence process for quality pillows and bedding.

MyPillow Reviews - 3762
MyPillow Rating* - 1.8⭐⭐
Claimed Losses - $280K
Number of Resolved Issues - 11
Number of Successful Connections - 40%/63

Are you trying to track down information about the company? Or perhaps get in touch with the support team? We have answers to the most common MyPillow FAQ below.

  1. Is MyPillow worth it?
  2. How do I contact MyPillow.Com customer service?
  3. How much does MyPillow cost?
  4. Where can I buy MyPillow?
  5. How long does it take for MyPillow to ship?
  6. What is MyPillow’s return policy?
  7. How do I get MyPillow fluffy?

1. Is MyPillow Worth it?

MyPillow Inc is a pillow manufacturing and retail company that was founded in 2004 by Mike Lindell. The company is the most popular for the patented open-cell poly-foam pillow design branded as MyPillow. However, MyPillow.com also sells other products including a wide range of pillows, bedsheets, mattress toppers, pillow cases, towels and dog beds from various other companies.

According to the MyPillow Inc. tagline on their home page, the company guarantees its customers that the pillows are the most comfortable they have ever owned. They also offer a 10-year warranty for MyPillow products on any material or workmanship defects. On their “Why My Pillow Works” page, they explain that the 3-piece interlocking fill design gently cradles the head and neck ensuring comfort.

To evaluate whether there’s such a thing as MyPillow scam, we looked at the company’s reviews across various platforms to find out what customers had to say about the company’s products, services, and policies.

On PissedConsumer.com. MyPillow has a 1.8-star rating with 1203 views out of 2018 reviews being 1-star, while on BBB, it has a 2.6 star rating. MyPillow is not BBB accredited. According to the USA Today, BBB revoked the company’s accreditation citing that MyPillow’s “Buy One Get One Free” offer was misleading. To that point, it’s not referred to the MyPillow scam but the case has raised further questions.

As at the date of writing this article, there is a current alert for MyPillow on BBB. The alert is in regards to the October 23, 2019, California Final judgment that MyPillow entered into with the State OF California. The Final Judgement settled allegations that the business referenced scientific studies in their advertising. The business was also charged a $100,000 civil penalty. However, the alert points out that the judgment is not an admission of guilt or violating the law by MyPillow.Inc.

MyPillow reviews on BBB

It is worth noting that, there is a response on most MyPillow reviews on BBB that states the following:

We do not recognize the Better Business Bureau as a legitimate company. Therefore, we will not be responding to any further communications.

However, there is no evidence that the response is from MyPillow customer representatives.

MyPillow responses

Other MyPillow complaints mentioned on PissedConsumer and BBB include:

  • Failure to fulfill the warranty,
  • Difficulties in returning,
  • Failure to fulfill refunds,
  • Poor customer service,
  • Poor product quality,
  • Misleading advertisements,
  • Failure to fulfill orders.

 For instance, in a recent MyPillow mattress topper review #1878054 on PissedConsumer, the customer complained about the poor quality of the mattress topper.

when I first got it, I loved, had maybe 1 and half yrs, sinks, I rotate constantly, looks mangled down.

Along with MyPillow complaints, there are several positive reviews across various review platforms. For instance, in a recent MyPillow review on PissedConsumer.com, the reviewer praised the purchased product as the best pillow they have ever owned. They described the pillow as comfortable, supportive, and easy to wash and dry.

MyPillow reviews

2. How Do I Contact MyPillow.Com Customer Service?

According to the Contact Us page, you can call the MyPillow phone number at 1-800-308-1299 or you can contact the company by email or through the submission form on the Contact Us page.  

MyPillow contacts

In the MyPillow complaint #1545794, one customer explained his/her interaction with the MyPillow customer service team. Poster’s review explains “…I called your customer service number a few minutes …and was requesting information about three of your bed options. I spoke with the most obnoxious young man, who was extremely rude and seemed dysfunctional. I told him once that he was beginning to tick me off, but stupidly, he did not take the hint and became even worse…”

The MyPillow complaint ended with, “…The reason I contacted MyPillow was because I wanted to buy a mattress topper, or a mattress to go along with the MyPillows we already own. I believe that any communication I send will go directly to the rude guy I first spoke to. So, they are out a sale because of him, and apparently no one cares.”

3. How Much Does MyPillow Cost?

According to the company's website, there are multiple types of MyPillow and some combination offers that affect the pricing of the pillows. The least expensive MyPillow pillow is the Special Edition Supima Cotton pillow which sells for $39.99 with the MyPillow promo code.

MyPillow prices

The MyPillow Premium can be purchased online in a bundle of two for $69.98 when you use the MyPillow promo code. Individually the MyPillow Premium pillow is $119.98.

How much does Mypillow cost

4.  Where Can I Buy MyPillow?

You can buy the MyPillow products online through the company’s website, by calling the MyPillow phone number for orders at 1-800-544-8939 or by shopping inside a MyPillow store.

At the time of writing, however, there is no working link to the list of “500 shows and store locations across the USA” that are advertised in the MyPillow FAQ pages.

where can I buy mypillow

The map to pinpoint store locations was also not working at the time of writing.

mypillow locations

5.  How Long Does It Take for MyPillow to Ship?

When you order MyPillow, you have choices on which shipping option you’d prefer. $9.98 standard shipping is through the local post office and can take up to 10 business days You can opt for 2 to 5-day shipping by selecting FedEx Home Delivery or Final Delivery by the Post Office.

mypillow shipping policy

Some product pages offer MyPillow free shipping with a MyPillow promo code, but there are no details provided about the specific promo code to use or the type of shipping that would be included with the offer. No MyPillow free shipping promo codes were provided on the ordering page or on a page dedicated to MyPillow coupons and promo codes.

6.  What is MyPillow’s Return Policy?

One of the top MyPillow complaints on PissedConsumer.com is in regards to returns and refunds. As such, several reviewers are seeking clarification about the MyPillow return policy.

According to MyPillow reviews on PissedConsumer.com, the top reasons for returns include poor quality of products, making an error when ordering, and in some instances delivery of the wrong items.

Most MyPillow mattress and topper reviews indicate that some customers could not get through on the MyPillow phone number to request an RMA number. On the other hand, some customers complained that despite getting in touch with the My Pillow customer support to request an RMA number, it was not sent to them. Also, some customers were able to return their products but never got a refund.

According to the company’s return policy stipulated on the company’s Guarantee & Warranty page, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return a product with 60 days from the day you receive your original order. MyPillow returns are processed for a refund within 30 days from the day the company receives the returned products. You will be refunded the full purchase price of the product less the shipping costs.

60 day MyPillow moneyback guarantee

Additional stipulations on the company’s returns policy are provided on their terms and conditions page as follows:

  • The 60 days MyPillow returns policy only applies to MyPillow brand products but not other brands sold by the company.
  • The return policy does not apply for MyPillow brand products or other products purchased as a bundle with the Lindell Book.

To initiate your return process, contact the customer service team either by calling the MyPillow phone numbers (952-442-6199 or 800-308-1299) or by sending an email to: orders@mypillow.com to request for a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.

When packaging the products for MyPillow returns, ensure to include the RMA number in the packing slip or on the outside of the package, otherwise, the company won’t accept your shipment. You can request a prepaid shipping label from MyPillow for your return. It will be sent to your email and $9.98 plus applicable sales tax will be deducted from your refundable amount. Topper returns packaged in their original box are shipped back at $20.

mypillow return policy

7.  How Do I Get MyPillow Fluffy?

The MyPillow website has instructions for product care. While this does not include specific instructions for making the MyPillow fluffy, the instructions do include time in the dryer which may contribute to product fluff.

The care instructions call for washing the pillows every four months, even if clean. After washing with any detergent, use extra spin cycles in the washing machine to lessen dry time. Then dry the pillows using high heat in the dryer without fabric softener.

Mypillow care

Though some customers were completely satisfied with MyPillow’s products and services, many others were dissatisfied with the company’s quality of products, return policy, customer service, and advertisements. While the company has attractive sales offers, carefully read through each offer’s terms before taking it up. For more information about MyPillow Inc. take an in in-depth look at other customer’s reviews on PissedConsumer.com and other platforms.

Get in touch with MyPillow customer service for clarifications and answers on any questions you might have. Write a review about your experience with a company and share it with other customers.

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