While financial markets offer a great opportunity for investments, they are not easy to navigate for most people who do not have prior education or experience.  AgoraFinancial.com comes in to offer its subscribers' investment education through independent commentaries, analysis, and strategies offered via online and print publications.


  • Misleading advertisements,
  • wrongful billing,
  • difficulties canceling subscriptions,
  • failure to refund on some subscriptions


  • Unbiased information,
  • simple investment strategies

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However, before signing up for the various Agora Financial publications, customers would like to know if the company is reliable. We did in-depth research to help customers find out if AgoraFinancial.com is legit.

In this article, we have provided an overview of Agora Financial reviews across various platforms including PissedConsumer, Better Business Bureau, and Trust Pilot. We have also compiled the top consumer questions to Agora Financial and sought their answers from the company’s website and other reputable sources to help make the decision-making process easy for you.

Below are the top Agora Financial FAQs:

  1. How safe is Agora Financial?
  2. How can I cancel an account?
  3. What is the Agora Financial refund policy?
  4. How do I cancel my subscription?
  5. How do I unsubscribe from free newsletters?
  6. How do I buy an Agora Financial subscription?
  7. What programs does the company offer?

1. How Safe Is Agora Financial?

To find out if AgoraFinancial.com is safe to transact with, we looked at the company’s website to determine what they promise to deliver to their customers. We then looked at the various review platforms to find out if customers were satisfied with Agora Financial services and products.

According to the AgoraFinancial, the company offers customers the information they need to protect and grow their wealth. This is achieved through the Agora Financial publications that provide

  • investment strategies,
  • independent and unbiased analysis,
  • accurate predictions of the financial market.

The company highlights that these publications are written by top financial analysts and commentators such as Jim Rickards and Robert Kiyosaki among others. AgoraFinancial.com customers access this information by subscribing to periodical publications including eBooks, reports, newsletters, and videos among others.

Like any other business, the company has both positive and negative reviews. We looked through the Agora Financial reviews on various platforms to evaluate if customers were happy with the company, and to identify the pros and cons.

As at the date of writing this article, AgoraFinancial.com is not accredited on Better Business Bureau (BBB). It has a 1.6-star rating out of 89 reviews, with 97 complaints reported in the last 12 months.

Agora Financial rating

On PissedConsumer, the company has a 1.6-star rating out of 188 reviews. Agora Financial review statistics on PissedConsumer.com indicate that a majority of the reviews are 1-star (136 out of 188 reviews) and 2-star (30 out of 188 reviews), with only 4 reviews being 5-star ones. On the other hand, AgoraFinancial.com has a 3.4-star rating out of 53 reviews on Trust Pilot.

The top Agora Financial complaints across the various review platforms are in regard to misleading advertising and wrongful billing.

A number of customers complained that AgoraFinancial.com advertising guarantees results. However, they do not disclose that there may be other requirements that need to be met for one to make meaningful returns. For instance, in this Agora Financial review  #1554170 on PissedConsumer, the customer made very little reruns on their platinum reserve investment. He found out that he needed to use options and invest at least $20,000 to make any meaningful returns.

...I signed up with Agora Financial over 5 years ago. Immediately upgraded to Platinum Reserve.

Cost $3000

Found out after a year of getting very little return on limited investments because I don’t use Options...

On BBB, a number of customers complained that they were charged for more than the cost of the services they signed up for. However, in most of these wrongful billing cases on BBB, AgoraFinancial.com refunded the customers.

Other Agora Financial complaints are in regards to delivery and challenges accessing the publications, refund policy, cancellation policy, and quality of product or services.

Agora financial complaints

Conversely, a number of customers on the various review platforms rated the company highly. For instance, an Agora Financial review #757499 on PissedConsumer indicates a customer’s satisfaction. The customer notes that he made decent money with the help of the simple strategies provided on the Agora Financial Income On Demand newsletter subscription publication. The customer was also pleased with the Agora Financial refund policy and returns.

…I have to say that I have made decent money with an account in the $25K range…

… I will note that Agora did not hesitate to refund my money when I canceled during the trial period, though they do keep 10% of the fee.  Income On Demand is one of the very few services that has delivered just what I was hoping for, and just what was promised...

2. How Can I Cancel Agora Financial Account?

According to Howtodeletemy.com, you can delete your account by calling the Agora Financial phone number (800-708-1020) and requesting the customer representative to cancel your account. You will be required to provide your personal and account information. Once the account cancellation is complete, request the representative to send you an account cancellation confirmation number or email as evidence that your account was canceled.

Agora financial cancelation policy

3. What Is the Agora Financial Refund Policy?

According to the Agora Financial FAQs, most of the subscriptions are non-refundable.  For each subscription, billing and offer terms are clearly outlined on the original order form that subscribers fill out. Those terms are also sent in the email confirmation that the customer receives once the order is fully processed. In case you need further clarification on the refund policy for the specific subscription you are purchasing, either call the Agora Financial phone number or email the customer service at feedback@agorafinancial.com and title the subject line as “what are my billing and offer terms”.

Agora Financial refund policy

4. How Do I Cancel My www.agorafinancial.com Subscription?

The Agora Financial cancellation policy is stipulated on the company’s terms and conditions page. The terms of the cancellation policy state that customers wishing to cancel their subscription can do so by either emailing or calling the Agora Financial customer service at feedback@agorafinancial.com or 1-800-708-1020 respectively.

The Agora cancellation policy provides that terms for refunds on canceled subscriptions are specific to individual subscription products. These terms are provided on the billing form provided when purchasing a particular subscription. For most subscriptions, a prorated refund is available on the remaining period of the subscription, unless otherwise stated.

how to cancel agora financial subscription

Refunds are processed within 14 days of receipt of your cancellation request. According to the Agora Financial FAQs,  your refunds will be sent to the original payment method. Credit card and debit card refunds take about one business week after cancellation to reflect, while check refunds take between two and three business weeks to reflect.

how to cancel agora financial subscription

5. How Do I Unsubscribe from Free AgoraFinancial.com Newsletters?

According to the AgoraFinancial.com help center, to unsubscribe from the free daily newsletter, click on the unsubscribe link available at the top and bottom of every Agora Financial email. Upon doing so, you will be removed from the list of people receiving free emails.

how to unsubscribe from agora financial

6. How Do I Buy an Agora Financial Subscription?

The company provides a step-by-step process for buying a subscription in a video on their YouTube Channel.  According to the video, these are the steps to buy an Agora Financial Subscription:

  1. Visit Agorafinancial.com.
  2. On the menu bar, select publications.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select the specific publication you would like to buy.
  4. You will be led to the specific publication’s page. Scroll down and at the bottom of the page click on the “Subscribe Today” button.
  5. You will be led to a new page where you enter your personal information and payment information.
  6. Read through the order terms and if you are satisfied with them to confirm your purchase.
  7. Your purchase confirmation will be sent to your email.
  8. In case you have questions regarding your purchase contact AgoraFinancial.com customer service either via their customer sales email at clientrelations@agrofinancial.com or by dialing 1-800-796-1871.

7. What Programs Does Agora Financial LLC Offer?

AgoraFinancial.com offers a wide range of programs ranging from:

  • Short term trading programs,
  • Monthly Income Generators programs,
  • High-Growth Opportunities programs,
  • Currencies and Geopolitics programs,
  • Trend Trading programs,
  • Reserve programs, and
  • Technology programs.

To see details of the publications under each category, visit the Agora Financial Publications page, and on the drop-down menu select “All Publications”.

Agora financial plans

For more information about AgoraFinancial.com:

  • Call the Agora Financial phone number.
  • Read through the Agora Financial Help center.
  • Ask a question on the Agora Financial Q&A on PissedConsumer.
  • Check Agora Financial reviews across the various platforms.
  • Post your Agora Financial complaint on PissedConsumer.

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