D.R. Horton is one of the leading national home builder companies in the USA. It has been in business since 1978 with a presence in 90 markets across 29 states. As such, when looking for a home builder, it is likely that D.R. Horton will come up as an option to consider. However, before making your home deposit with them, it is important to establish their credibility.

DR Horton

D.R. Horton reviews - 566

D.R. Horton rating* - 1.5⭐⭐

 Claimed losses - $6.5M

Successful calls - 34%

We help you evaluate D.R. Horton credibility in this article by answering the following top 5 consumer questions:

  1. Is it a good home builder?
  2. How to contact them?
  3. How to complain about D.R. Horton Homes?
  4. What are D.R. Horton express homes?
  5. How long is the warranty?

1.  Is D.R. Horton a Good Home Builder?

As a prospecting home builder considering D.R. Horton Inc., it is important to find out “is D.R. Horton a good builder?” or “are the D.R. Horton homes good quality?” To help you determine its credibility, we looked at D.R. Horton's reviews and ratings across various platforms.

On Pissed Consumer the rating is 1.5, on Consumer Affairs it has a 2.2-star rating with the majority of the customer reviews being negative. However, on GlassDoor and Indeed, it has a 3.5 rating and many employees rated the company as good.

The top complaints according to D.R. Horton home reviews include:

Poor D.R. Horton home quality

Reviewers reported various D.R. Horton quality and workmanship issues including cases of crooked walls, nails on the floor, wrong paint, and a backyard that does not meet the required standards among others.

Difficulty getting a refund

In the instances when the customers were not happy with the quality, it was impossible to get a refund. Also, according to one D.R. Horton review, (#1735806) the sales agent said that they had 5 days window within which they could cancel for a full refund. However, when the reviewer changed their mind, they were referred to a D.R. Horton lawyer who said that they did not have a good enough reason to back out.

DR Horton reviews

Poor customer service

It is evident from the DR Horton builder reviews that the customer service is great during the initial stages of engagement with the company. However, once you close and there are issues to be fixed, D.R. Horton staff is unhelpful. On this issue, a reviewer on PissedConsumer advises other prospecting customers not to close until everything is satisfactorily done.

dr horton builder review

These complaints are reechoed in a D.R. Horton video review where the customer complains that even though they paid top dollar for their home, the company did not deliver as promised. They were given 48 hours to make a purchase decision otherwise the price would go up. Three days before closing, the carpet installed was a low end one in comparison to what they had paid for, and the house had been painted with the wrong color on the outside.

After the closure, they had numerous warranty calls for which D.R. Horton staff would show up and in other cases not show up. In July 2019, a domain drainage pipe busted and about 30 gallons of sewage poured over the dining area, living room, hallway, and guest room. When their staff came in to sort out the issue, they discovered that there was a mold issue also.

The family ended up in the hospital because of the mold issue. They contacted D.R. Horton Inc. to request that they cover the bill but instead the company sent their legal counsel to say that they wouldn’t cover the hospital bill. Furthermore, one of their staff members that was handling the hospital issue shared their private hospital records without their consent.

To mitigate the broken drainage pipe, the beam became weak and ultimately led to more structural issues. Ultimately, D.R. Horton Inc. refused to fix the house. The family has had to move to a hotel and two months later the house has not been fixed.

The only way that the reviewer could have sort help is through litigation which she couldn’t afford at the time. She warns that if you choose to do business with D.R. Horton Inc., you have to have a legal team ready to handle issues that come up. 

With that said, when evaluating “are Dr Horton homes good”, we also looked out for positive reviews to answer the prospective customers’ question “is it a good builder?” There are a few 5-star D.R. Horton reviews on Consumer Affairs, PissedConsumer, and Better Business Bureau.  The reviews indicate that the customers were satisfied with the company’s customer service, process efficiency, quality of homes, and ease of financing through the mortgage. 

For instance, in the following review on Consumer Affairs, Darlene reported having a positive experience with the company’s Lancaster, Texas subdivision.

s Dr Horton a good builder

2.  How to Contact D.R. Horton?

According to their contact us page, the company is eager to assist you whether you are buying a home, you are a current homeowner, or if you have questions or DR Horton complaints about their services. DR Horton customer service team can be reached during the normal business hours (8.00 a.m. – 5. 00 p.m. CT) from Monday to Friday except on major holidays.

As of the date of writing this article, the company has listed 90 DR Horton locations in 29 states on its website.

DR Horton locations

All the DR Horton locations are operated independently and each has its contact information and a dedicated D.R. Horton customer service team.

On D.R. Horton's contact us page, there is a phone number provided for each location.  While there are no email addresses provided for each D.R. Horton location on the company’s website, their contact us page provides the following DR Horton email address: CorporateCustomerCare@drhorton.com. You can either directly write to the provided Dr Horton email address or fill in the Dr Horton contact form provided on PissedConsumer. You can also reach DR Horton customer service through the contact form provided on their contact us page.

Aside from the company’s contact information, some customers would like to know where is D.R. Horton Corporate headquarters. The D.R. Horton Headquarters office is located in Arlington, Texas. Other DR Horton corporate offices include a DHI Mortgage & Title office in Austin Texas. The website also indicates that there is an additional DR Horton corporate office for their insurance agency. However, it is not indicated where the insurance agency is situated.

D.R. Horton homes reviews suggest that customers have had different experiences at different locations. For instance, on Consumer Affairs there are several 4 and 5 star Dr Horton reviews for the Texas and Florida locations among others. On the other hand, there are negative D.R. Horton reviews for the Edmond, Oklahoma location among others.

3. How to Complain About DR Horton Homes?

As evidenced by the numerous negative DR Horton reviews on the various review platforms, some customers would like to know where else they can present their DR Horton complaints. Since there is no DR Horton FAQs section, most customers with issues or questions have to call the DR Horton customer service for assistance. DR Horton reviews further indicate that on several occasions when customers reached out for assistance, they were taken around by the DR Horton customer service representatives without much assistance.

One of the top DR Horton complaints is in regard to quality and workmanship issues that lead to major structural damages on the property, and ultimately major financial losses on the side of the customers. Reportedly, most customers who reached out with this did not get a satisfactory resolution.

In the following DR Horton home review (#1727066), the customer complained of poor quality of the house but when he sought help from the their team, he was asked to wait until the 11-month walkthrough. Consequently, he is considering litigation.

How to complain about DR Horton

Until now, it remains to be the subject of the top DR Horton FAQs.

4. What Are D.R. Horton Express Homes?

One of the DR Horton brands is DR Horton express homes. A common question among prospecting homeowners is “what is DR Horton express home” and whether it is a good option. The timeline mentioned in DR Horton reviews varies, but according to their website, DR Horton express homes are a more affordable homeownership option for the entry-level homebuyers.

Dr Horton expess homes

According to the CNBC News, in 2014 when the D.R. Horton express homes first launched, the average cost of a new express home was between $120,000 and $150,000.  This is more affordable in comparison to the $296,450 average cost of D.R. Horton home as of July 2019.

Dr Horton homes prices

Prospecting customers would like to know “how long does it take to build a DR Horton Home?”. The company does not provide a specific timeline for how long it takes to build a home. This could be because each project is popular and it is dependent on the type of house, house plan, fixtures, and finishing among other factors. It is best to discuss with your sales agent how long it takes to build DR Horton's new homes.

A look at DR Horton express home reviews indicates that different customers have had different experiences. In one DR Horton express homes review on Reddit, the user asked other users for their D.R. Horton express home reviews. In a response to the Reddit Dr Horton home builder review, a fellow user who is a realtor pointed out that buyers need to keep in mind that the Dr Horton Express homes are not built to the standard of high-end homes. Therefore, buyers should manage their expectations, and as long as the structure of the home is good, that is all that matters.

DR Horton Express Homes reviews

5. How Long Is D.R. Horton Warranty?

It is evident from the numerous D.R. Horton warranty reviews that there is a warranty. However, the details of the DR Horton warranty coverage are not provided on the company’s website. Also, there is no Dr Horton warranty phone number for customers to directly make warranty related queries. Therefore, you have to fill in a Dr Horton Warranty request form on the company’s website.

Dr Horton warranty

The D.R. Horton warranty reviews suggest customer dissatisfaction with making warranty claims. On PissedConsumer, the summary of D.R. Horton Inc. customer service calls show that many DR Horton FAQs are in regard to warranty. The DR Horton FAQs included queries on warranty claims, warranty coverage, and warranty request.

DR Horton warranty requests issues

In a D.R. Horton warranty complaint (#1722903) on PissedConsumer, the reviewer complained that after making a DR Horton warranty claim, the company made an appointment to check out the issue but no one from the company showed up. In another DR Horton warrant complaint (#1493767), the reviewer advised other customers not to make a DR Horton warranty claim as the company staff would take a look but not do anything about it. In yet another DR Horton homes warranty review (#1722903), the reviewer reported that their Dr Horton warranty request call went unanswered.

D.R. Horton Inc. has been in business for over 40 years, a factor that could indicate it is credible. However, although the company has many positive reviews, it also has numerous negative reviews that cannot be ignored when evaluating the company’s reputation. Don’t hesitate to share your experience with the company by leaving a review on PissedConsumer.com.

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