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Ticketmaster is one of the world’s renowned ticket sales and distribution companies. Headquartered in California but with a presence in many countries worldwide, Ticketmaster specializes in buying and selling tickets for live events online.

Both new and existing customers have questions about the online ticketing company. Some customers wonder: Is Ticketmaster legit? Others want to know: Are there fake Ticketmaster tickets? 

In this article, we answer the top 5 customer questions about the company. 

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Number of Ticketmaster reviews – 24K

Ticketmaster rating* - 1.6⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $6.9M

Successful call – 3%/310K

Resolved issues - 179

Key Insights

  • Based on Ticketmaster reviews, only 13% of consumers would recommend the company to friends and colleagues.
  • Although the company stipulates simple procedures for selling and transferring tickets, customers often encounter issues.
  • The only way to ensure your tickets are genuine is to buy Ticketmaster-verified tickets.

Is Ticketmaster Legit?

Ticketmaster is notably one of the most reviewed companies on So far, it has more than 24,000 reviews on the platform, most of which are negative. Its rating is 1.6 stars out of a possible 5. 

Only 13% of reviewers would recommend Ticketmaster to a friend or colleague, and 42% of users say that they will not use Ticketmaster in the future.

Although Ticketmaster offers a wide range of tickets and an easy-to-buy process, customers often encounter challenges on the platform. Top Ticketmaster complaints include poor customer service, missing tickets, glitches on the app or website, wrongful billing, and difficulty getting refunds.

52% of reviewers said that Ticketmaster needs to improve its customer support. Evidently, out of over 310K calls made to the company, only 3% of callers had their issues resolved. Customers mostly call Ticketmaster to seek ticket refunds. 

In one of the Ticketmaster reviews, a dissatisfied customer referred to the company as a “total scam”. They explained that they bought tickets online, but “the tickets never arrived.” They called Ticketmaster support but were told the tickets would be available on the night of the event. However, on the day of the event, the tickets were not uploaded, and the company took no action to resolve the consumer issue:

I called Ticketmaster and they said they use a third party ticket agency and are not responsible. I asked for the third party's info to contact them and they wouldn't provide it.

How to Transfer Tickets on Ticketmaster?

According to their FAQs page, you can quickly transfer tickets on Ticketmaster. The exact procedure depends on whether you are using the Ticketmaster app, website, or a venue/team-branded site.

Here are the steps to transfer tickets on various platforms:

Ticketmaster app

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Under “My Events,” go to your order.
  3. Tap on “Transfer” 
  4. Select the tickets you would like to transfer
  5. Tap “Transfer To” and provide the recipient’s details, such as phone number and email address. You could also add a note.
  6. Click “Transfer Ticket.”

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Navigate to the “My Tickets” section to find your order.
  3. Click on “Transfer Tickets”
  4. Select the tickets you would like to transfer, then click on “Continue”
  5. Provide the recipient’s details and “send.”

Team or venue-branded site

  1. Sign in to the team or venue’s site
  2. Go to events and choose the specific event for which you want to transfer tickets
  3. Select the tickets you wish to transfer
  4. Enter the recipient’s details 
  5. Click on “Transfer.”

Once the transfer is complete, the respective tickets will show as “sent” or “waiting to be accepted” on your account. The recipient will need to receive the ticket on their end, upon which you will receive an email indicating that the ticket has been accepted. The tickets will now be shown as “accepted by” or “claimed” and will no longer be valid. 

The transferred tickets will be allocated a new barcode, allowing the recipient to enter the event with their ticket on their own. They can transfer the tickets or resell them to someone else if they wish to.

transfer Ticketmaster tickets               Source: 

Note that not all tickets can be transferred. The “Transfer” button is grayed out if the transfer is unavailable.

Although the process seems straightforward, some customers have challenges. For example, in review #5602831, the user explained that they couldn’t transfer concert tickets as the “app kept glitching out.” Any attempts to call Ticketmaster support for assistance were futile:

Called the venue and it redirected me to Ticketmaster's hotline which wasn't working. Spent 4 hours trying to literally do what should've taken a press off a button.

How to Sell Tickets on Ticketmaster?

If you have an upcoming event, you may be wondering how to sell tickets on Ticketmaster. 

On its Tickets Sale page, the company states that it provides a variety of ticketing solutions to meet its customers' unique demands and offers tailor-made solutions.

You will need an event account to sell tickets for your events and fill out the form. Upon finishing this process, Ticketmaster's support team will reach out to you within a few days.

How to sell tickets on Ticketmaster      Source:

Though the ticket sales company promises their clients dedicated customer support around the clock, event organizers do not always have a smooth process as promised. One user reported in review #5656335 they started an event account to sell their tickets but had challenges with the process. When they reached out to customer support for assistance, they couldn’t get it:

Started an event account over 2 weeks ago to sell concert for my venue. Still *** around and not doing their job. Just keep getting 15 different people asking me the same…question every single time.

How to Resell Tickets on Ticketmaster?

The official website describes the process of selling tickets on Ticketmaster as a hassle-free 3-step process. It applies if you purchased the tickets on Ticketmaster and the event organizer allows you to resale of Ticketmaster tickets for your event. 

You may list and resell tickets on Ticketmaster either from your account or by using a barcode. 

Here is how to resell tickets on Ticketmaster via the app:

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Find My Events section and choose the order
  3. Tap Sell and select the tickets you want to sell from your account
  4. Set a price with the help of the Ticketmaster pricing tool and choose a payout method 
  5. Get paid when the ticket sells. 

To resell your tickets with the help of a barcode, follow these steps:

  1.  Search the event on the Sell Page
  2. Select and tap Sell
  3. Enter the ticket barcodes
  4. Set your price and payout method
  5. Get paid when the ticket sells. 

The money will reflect on your selected payment method within 5-7 business days. To ensure payment processing, you will need to add a debit card or a verified bank account, as well as provide your seller tax details.

The Ticketmaster resale process does not always go as anticipated, and it may not be easy to reach a customer representative for assistance, as was evident in review #5626841 when a consumer struggled to get in touch with customer support: 

Trying to resell my tickets No one to speak to though. Pray for assistance and hope for the best as youll never find anyone to talk to to remedy your issue.

How to Verify Ticketmaster Tickets?

One of the top customer concerns is whether there are Ticketmaster scams. Customers, especially those buying resale tickets would like to know if they are legit.

For example, in Ticketmaster review # 4575199, the customer asked:

How do I know if my resale tickets that I bought from Ticketmaster are legit? If they are fake, will Ticketmaster give me my money back? Ticketmaster is the hardest company to get someone to answer my question.

According to their website, the only way to tell if your tickets are authentic is to buy Ticketmaster-verified tickets either on Ticketmaster or Live Nation. You can also get authentic tickets at the venue box office. Otherwise, there is no way to verify Ticketmaster tickets bought from a third party. 

Ticketmaster tickets validity                    Source:

Is Ticketmaster Worth It?

Whether Ticketmaster is worth it depends on individual preferences, experiences, and needs. While some customers have had a great experience, there have been instances of dissatisfaction, as indicated by reviews on Consumers should carefully weigh the pros and cons and consider their own priorities before making a decision.

What has been your experience with Ticketmaster? You may leave a review on the platform or comment below to share your insights and help fellow customers.

*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and Pissed Consumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.

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i had purchased handicap tickets to a venue because my boyfriend was in a wheelchair. He passed away and they said i needed to trade them for general admission since no1 was in a wheelchair we couldnt use the wheelchair space but they were sold out and never refunded me so im out 600$