Gearbest's account cancellation policy is rather obscure. We could not find any place on that explained to users how they could delete or cancel their accounts. From this lack of information, we can only assume that consumers looking for account cancellation information should try contacting the company directly through their online form to cancel their accounts.

Another option for customers could be to log into their account and attempt to cancel and/or cancel it by contacting Gearbest's customer help.

Contacting Gearbest's customer care division may prove to be challenging, as some Gearbest reviews have indicated.

For example, one customer wrote that they experienced trouble attempting to contact the customer after they encountered issues after a product was purchased on sale. In a Gearbest review, the customer said that the product was available for sale on Gearbest’s website, but after making the purchase and waiting three months to have it delivered, the company said that the product was no longer available.

“...They say it is out of stock, but it is available for buying in their website … They are trying to make me give up the product, because I bought it as half price in a flash sale. I paid 28 USD, now it's 50 USD …It's been more than 3 months!!...”

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