Customers have many questions about Total Air Care. Most of them are related to the company's customer service, Total Air Care's refund policy, the finance options available, service areas, what services the company offers and how to complain about the company. We searched through Total Air Care reviews on Pissed Consumer for complaints and questions and then scoured Total Air Care's FAQ and website and to find solutions for the most common Total Air Care complaints, which we have listed below.

  1. How do I contact customer service?
  2. What is Total Air Care's refund policy?
  3. What financing options does have?
  4. What are the service areas?
  5. What services does offer?
  6. How do I complain about Total Air Care Inc?

Reading through Total Air Care reviews and complaints should give consumers a general idea of what to expect when placing an order with the company. If you have a question for Total Air Care that has not been answered, you can ask it on the Total Air Care Questions & Answers section on Pissed Consumer's website or reach out to Total Air Care customer service representatives. Maybe someone will have an answer.

1.  How Do I Contact Total Air Care's Customer Service?

According to, the company can be reached by phone, through email or the contact form on the company's website. Customers can call Total Air Care's phone number, which is 1(855)508-6825 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Customers can also contact Total Air Care customer support by emailing the company at

The company's address is:

Total Air Care

P.O. Box 2004

Middleburg, FL 32050

Trouble contacting the company's customer service is a common Total Air Care complaint, according to Pissed Consumer reviews. According to one Total Air Care review, reaching the customer service department was as difficult as getting their unit fixed. The customer claimed that his or her air conditioning unit had not been working for 10 weeks in high temperatures. When a technician finally came out, confusion emerged between the home warranty company and Total Air Care. A repair cost of $609 was quoted, and after endless calls to Total Air Care's phone number, a technician finally arrived at 8:45 pm to work on the unit. 

"... You can not speak to a manager. Nor will they call back. Their telephone staff is rude as all get out. It’s a shame that these people can get away with what they have gotten away with thus far. If you value your time, money and house . Do not allow these folks to do any work for you…"

2. What Is TotalAirCare.Net Refund Policy?

After looking though Total Air Care's FAQ, we could not find anything that explained the company's refund policy. Our best advice is to contact the company before making any purchases and asking for a copy of the company's refund policy along with a copy of its terms and services.

Not offering a clear-cut refund or kind of recourse for customers online is not the best way to make customers feel confident about making any purchases. One Total Air Care review on Pissed Consumer indicated that the company gave the customer the run around after being asked for a refund after experiencing a terrible time trying to get their air conditioner repaired.

"...Contacted Total Air afterwards to ask for money to be refunded. They give me a story about why they were late … Then they claim because physical labor was performed (I am dubious it was actually done and did not witness it) they could not refund their charges…"

3. What Financing Options Does Total Air Care Inc Have?

According to, the following financing options are available:

  • No interest for the first six months. Customers should be aware that interest is billed during the first six months, but it will be waived if the full amount is paid in six months.
  • 99 percent interest for 96 months, which is subject to credit approval. For each 1,000 financed, the first six months are financed at $8.33 payments followed by 90 amortized payments of $15.83.
  • Approved reduced rate for 84 months with a fixed interest rate of 17.99 to 26.99 percent based on creditworthiness.

Total Air Care financing options

4. What Are Total Air Care Service Areas?

Total Air Care claims it provides heating and air conditioning services as well as maintenance for customers in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Arizona and Louisiana.

5. What Services Does Offer?

According to Total Air Care, the company offers the following services:

  • Installation of residential and commercial air conditioning using professional equipment and fine materials
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Annual inspections
  • Heating services
  • Commercial HVAC
  • Zoned comfort control

Total Air Care offers

According to some Total Air Care reviews on Pissed Consumer, the company leaves much to be desired when it comes to servicing customers. One customer claimed that he or she called Total Air Care's customer service department to get an air duct fixed, and a service technician said the repair could not be completed because the air conditioning unit was still cooling.

"... First went to the outside unit and said it was the freon. Ok, fine. Went in the attic, said since the house cools, they couldn't fix it. They didn't fix the duct work… I wasted my money, and we're not calling them again..."

6. How Do I Complain About Total Air Care Inc?

The best way to voice Total Air Care complaints is to call Total Air Care's phone number, which is 1(855)508-6825 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm or email the company at Customers can also leave a review on Pissed Consumer in hopes that a Total Air Care customer service representative might reach out and attempt to help solve a problem.

One Total Air Care review left on Pissed Consumer detailed the difficult time he or she had while trying to contact Total Air Care's customer help. Because of their home warranty company, they were forced to use Total Air Care for over four years. From rude technicians to being hung up on by customer service representatives, this customer had nothing good to say about the company and even said he or she was going to change home warranty companies just to get away from Total Air Care.

"... Once they fix our a/c we will be switching our home warranty company because we will not deal with Total Air Care at all ... I am all about giving companies chances but this has been going on for years! If you have a choice DO NOT use Total Air Car."

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