Value City Furniture reviews on PissedConsumer reveal that customers have questions and complaints against the company. The top Value City Furniture reviews are in regards to delivery and shipping services, returns and exchange policy, warranties, and protection plan, how to reach out to Value City Furniture customer service, etc.

We looked through the Value City Furniture reviews and identified the following top consumer questions to the furniture company.

  1. How can I contact Value City Furniture customer service?
  2. What is the company’s return policy?
  3. Does have a warranty?
  4. What is the delivery policy?
  5. How much is the delivery fee?
  6. How do I file a complaint against Value City Furniture?

Below are the answers to the Value City Furniture FAQ. They are derived from www.,, and other reputable websites.

1. How Can I Contact Value City Furniture Customer Service?

You can contact Value City Furniture through various channels like phone, email, chat link, social media. PissedConsumer provides Value Furniture contact information including the Value City Furniture customer phone number, chat link, email address, social media, and headquarters address.

Value City Furniture Customer Service Phone Number:

(888) 751-8552

Value City Furniture Email:

Value City Furniture Headquarters Address:

Value City Furniture, Inc

4300 E. 5th Ave.

Columbus, Ohio 43219

United States

There are also links to the various Value City Furniture social media pages: Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

2. What Is Return Policy?

The Value City Furniture refund & exchange policy allows you to exchange or get a refund on your ordered merchandise before it is delivered or after it has been delivered. For refund requests made before the receipt of merchandise, you can be reimbursed for taxes, cost of protection plans as well as warranty programs purchased for the merchandise.

On the other hand, if you are dissatisfied with the products delivered, you may return the merchandise for a full refund less the delivery fees within 7 days of delivery or pickup.

According to the Value City Furniture, below are additional conditions for eligibility of returning delivered merchandise:

  • Mattresses and Box Springs must have the law tags attached.
  • The merchandise should be returned in its original, sealed factory wrapping.
  • The merchandise should be in sanitary condition, clean, free from wear and tear, burns or stains.
  • A 15% restocking fees may be charged on the returned or canceled orders.
  • Refunds will be made only if the merchandise is in “as-new” condition.
  • “AS-IS” and “On Only” items are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.
  • Refunds are sent through the original payment method and to the original purchaser’s name that is listed in the invoice, except in cases of cash purchases.
  • Cash refunds exceeding $250 are refunded through a check issued by the Value City Furniture corporate office within 10 days. The check is issued to the store nearest you.
  • The conditions above stand except for cases where they are prohibited by the law or if the merchandise qualifies for replacement under the promotional program.

Value City Furniture refund policy

Although Value City Furniture clearly stipulates its terms and conditions for the refunds and exchange policy, according to PissedConsumer Value City Furniture reviews, several customers experienced challenges in processing returns and getting a refund despite being eligible. It is also evident in the reviews that Value City Furniture gives store credit instead of refunding cash. 

Below is a Value City Furniture couch review by a customer whose furniture arrived in the wrong size and damaged but had difficulty returning and claiming warranty.

“…day of delivery. set is 2x as big as in the store.

not acceptable. tell them to take it back we would pick another. delivery #2 all arrives but next day notice a horrible eye burning chem smell. call them and they said they would come clean it.

didn't work rep that came out recommended replacement. here I am Jan 2019 sections are coming apart, nails are tearing holes in the seats. Horrible furniture. Its all paid so I call for my warranty to be refunded and I am told "the warranty is for 5yrs you must wait until then and then we will only give a store credit" NOT what they told us…

3. Does Have Warranty?

Value City Furniture warranty reviews reveal that customers do not clearly understand the Value City Furniture warranties or have difficulty making claims. According to Value City Furniture FAQ section, the furniture company has partnered with different independent companies to offer three types of protection plans: Pure Promise Furniture protection, Pure Support Adjustable Bases Protection, and Guardsman Outdoor Furniture Protection. 

Value City Furniture warranty policy

The Pure Promise Furniture protection is a 5-year worry-free protection plan for your furniture that covers against stains, accidents, and structural damage to leather, wood and fabric items. When you make a claim, a certified service technician will respond and repair or replace the damaged items. To make claim for furniture covered by the Pure Promise plan, call 1-877-478-2467.

Value City Furniture pure promise furniture protection

The Pure Support protection plan is a 10-year warranty for adjustable beds. It only covers a residential adjustable furniture plan against breakage of sleeping mechanisms, reclining mechanisms, heating, vibrating mechanisms, steel frames, welds, and failure of integral electrical components. To make claims or ask questions about this plan call (877) 478-2467.

Value City Furniture Pure Support protection plan

The Guardsman Complete Outdoor Furniture Protection Plan is a 5-year warranty plan on select furniture categories against stains and damages caused by specific occurrences including food, beverage, human, pets, bleach, cosmetic, puncture, burn, breakage, scratches, operational, and structural failure among others. To make a Guardsman warranty claim call (800) 253-3957.

Guardsman Complete Outdoor Furniture Protection Plan

When ordering, at the checkout, if the items you ordered are eligible for any of these protection plans you will be provided with additional information about the plan and its pricing. Value City Furniture states that if you do not use the warranty by its expiry date, it will be sent back to you in the form of store credit.

4. What Is the Value City Furniture Delivery Policy?

According to the Value City Furniture FAQs, each local store has unique shipping and delivery services or Pick up services. Value City Furniture notes that if you are buying furniture from a local store, it is best to contact the local store to clarify about delivery and shipping services available as well as delivery time.

Value City Furniture delivery service

For orders made online on, the merchandise is shipped to your home through the various national and original carriers including FedEx, UPS or USPS. The merchandise usually ships from the vendor’s warehouse within 48 hours. It can then take up to 5 days to deliver the merchandise to your shipping address depending on your location. Once the merchandise is shipped, Value City Furniture provides you with tracking information on your email.

Value City Furniture shipping service

To track your order, go to the “ track my order” page. You will be required to provide your customer identification number; it is usually provided at the bottom of your receipt. For further assistance about your order call the Value City Furniture phone number located at the top of your invoice.

Value City Furniture order tracking


One of the top Value City Furniture complaints on PissedConsumer are in regards to deliveries.  Some customers complained about delayed deliveries or not receiving their ordered merchandise, at all.

Below is a sample Value City Furniture complaint by a customer whose delivery date kept being postponed and as at the date of writing the review had not yet received the merchandise ordered.

“I purchased furniture on October 21,2018 and here it is January 2019 and it's still Not …

…I was to pick up my furniture on Nov,12 2018 at the Pittsburgh store. Then i received a message from Luke that it was pushed back till the 19th. I called on Nov. 18 to confirm a time and Luke claims that

He didn't say that. He then advised me that my order wouldn't be here till Dec,15…

 …Guess what? He then advised me that my order couldn't and wouldn't be there till Dec 23, 2018. From Oct, 2018 till now Jan, 2019 all i was handed was LIES!…”

5. How Much Is the Delivery Fee for Value City Furniture?

Value City Furniture does not offer a standard delivery fee. Delivery fees vary depending on the product and your location. When ordering the product, you will be asked to provide your zip code. On the order page under “delivery and pick up details”, you will be provided with the estimated delivery fees. For more information, you may contact Value City Furniture customer service using the contact details from question #1.

Value City Furniture delivery fee

6. How Do I File a Complaint on Value City Furniture?

A number of Value City Furniture reviews reveal that a number of Value City Furniture customers are frustrated with the company’s services and products. Despite seeking answers and resolution for their complaints through the Value City Furniture customer service and review forums, they have not been helped.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filing complaints about unethical businesses helps them and other law enforcement agencies to bring misleading businesses to justice and end the unfair practices.

How to file a complaint against Value City Furniture

To file your complaint with FTC, visit the FTC complaint assistant page and select the category. You will be led to a page where you provide details and then submit the complaint.

You may also post a review on and other review platforms to have your issue heard by other consumers. It may help you to get the attention to your case of the company’s customer service representatives and other customers who’ve had a similar problem in the past and get help.

Do you have a Value City Furniture complaint or question?

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  • Ask a question about Value City Furniture on PissedConsumer
  • Get in touch with Value City Furniture customer support
  • Visit

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