Consumers have been raising questions about Banquet Meals on the company’s reviews and Q&A pages on PissedConsumer and other platforms. The 273 Banquet Meals reviews and 13 questions are in regards to Banquet Meals contact information including Banquet Meals toll-free number, how to seek compensation or refund from Banquet meals, the quality, and taste of meals, whether Banquet meals are healthy and good for you, and meals recipes among others.

We identified the following as the top 6 Banquet Meals FAQ from the Banquet Meals reviews and Q&A page on PissedConsumer and various forums and blogs dedicated to frozen food.

  1. How can I contact customer service?
  2. How healthy are Banquet Meals?
  3. How do I cook meals?
  4. How good are Banquet Meals for you?
  5. What meals were recalled?
  6. How long do they last?

We then went ahead to find answers to your top Banquet Meals FAQ from , , and other reputable websites.

1. How Can I Contact Banquet Meals Customer Service?

Banquet Meals is one of the consumer brands under Conagra Brands Inc. As such, Banquet Meals customer service can be reached through the various Conagra Brands contacts. Both the PissedConsumer website and the Banquet Meals contact us pages provide various Banquet Meals contact information including the Banquet Meals phone numbers, chat link, email address, and social media pages (Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram).

Banquet Meals Toll-Free Phone Numbers

(877) 266-2472 Conagra Brands, Inc.

Canadian Consumer Affairs:

(800) 461-4556 Conagra Brands, Inc.

Conagra Consumer Affairs:

(800) 722-1344

U.S. Consumer Affairs:

(877) 266-2472Conagra Brands, Inc.

Banquet Meals Email:

2. How Healthy Are Banquet Meals?

How healthy a given meal is depending on the nutritional guidelines you adhere to. Banquet Meals provides a detailed breakdown of the ingredients and nutritional facts for each product. To find this information, go to the Banquet Meals home page, under products, choose a product category.

You will be presented with a list of products in the category. Choose the specific product you would like to buy.  You will be led to the product’s information page. Click on the “nutrition information” button to see the nutrition facts about the specific product.

Banquet Meals nutritional information

3. How Do I Cook Banquet Meals?

Banquet Meals under their recipe page offers a wide range of recipes for different food categories including sandwich & wrap recipes, main dish recipes, sauces, dressings & condiments, appetizers & snacks as well as breakfast & brunch recipes.

How to cook Banquet Meals

Each recipe is detailed and provides information such as the total preparation time, total cooking time, servings per recipe, a list of ingredients, preparation and cooking instructions as well as nutritional information.

4. How Good Are Banquet Meals for You?

According to the Banquet Meals Our Story page, Banquet Meals promises to bring value to their customers’ tables with bigger portions and better ingredients. The company promises meals made with 100% natural chicken breast, mashed potatoes made with real cream, real cheese, flaky crust made from scratch, and real fruits.

“…bringing more value to your table, with bigger portions and better ingredients in many of the meals you love…”

Banquet Meals ingredients

The big question for most customers is whether Banquet Meals delivers on their promise. We looked through Banquet Meals customer reviews on PissedConsumer to see what customers had to say about Banquet Meals.

As at the date of writing this article, Banquet Meals has a 1.8-star rating out of 137 reviews. Some customers were happy with the taste, quality and price of Banquet Meals. However, there are numerous Banquet Meals complaints in regards to the quality of the products, portions, price of products, and taste of the food among others.

For instance, in one Banquet Mega Meal review, the customer ordered the family package only to get only 3 pieces of chicken as opposed to the expected 7-9 pieces.

I am sending pictures of a family size crispy fried chicken that we bought and it only had 3 pieces in it. I would like reimbursement or some type of compensation…

  Normally when we buy it it has 7-9 pieces. very disappointed this got passed your quality control…

Another Banquet Meals complaint was about the poor quality and taste of the chicken. The customer was dissatisfied that there was barely any chicken breast rather it was a crust and fat.

“…Quality and taste of chicken was horrible. Nothing but crust and fat and the crust wasn't even good. Had to throw it away because nobody could or would eat it…”

5. What Banquet Meals Were Recalled?

So far in 2019, no Banquet Meals have been recalled. However, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Conagra Brands Inc. recalled approximately  135,159 pounds of Salisbury steak products in April 2018.

The Banquet Meals recall was announced following consumer complaints to Conagra Brands and three reports of minor oral injury associated with consumption of the Salisbury steak products. Investigations revealed that the products may have been contaminated with extraneous material, specifically bone. The recall was classified a Class I recall with a high health risk to consumers.

According to Wikipedia, Banquet Meals recalled their chicken and turkey pot pies in October 2017 following about 401 cases of Salmonella Poisoning in 41 states associated with consumption of the Banquet Meals pot pies.

6. How Long Do Banquet Meals Last?

According to Conagra Brands product Information FAQs, each product packaging features a date code and a “Best By” or “Sell By” date. The date code indicates the date of production while the “best by” date indicate the shelf life of the product. It is recommended to use the product before its “best by date”. Other terms you can look out for to determine how long a product should last include: “Use By”, and “Best If Used By”.

How long do Banquet Meals last

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