Some days you may be too tired or too busy to prepare dinner, and food delivery services can be a lifesaver. However, only in case the food is the same to what has been ordered or is delivered at all.

Find out what are the top five worst food delivery services according to Pissed Consumer reviews. The companies were analyzed on the following basis:

  • customer rating;
  • things customers dislike;
  • things customers like;
  • number of resolved issues;
  • company responsiveness to complaints.

Read further on to discover what companies are the most complained about and why they appeared on this list.

Worst Food Delivery Services

1. Urthbox

Urthbox is a subscription-based food delivery service that specializes in healthy foods and snacks. Customers choose and order their preferred range of Non-GMO, organic foods, beverages, and snacks that are delivered to their home or office monthly.


Based on over 200 reviews on Pissed Consumer, the company has an average rating of 1.3 stars out of 5. Customers rated Urthbox for customer service, billing practices, and exchange, refund, and cancellation policy with each receiving one-star rating out of the possible 5.

Customers dislike

Top customer complaints include:

  • Poor customer service characterized by difficulty in reaching the customer service team.
  • Delivery complaints. Failure to deliver the promised product, or delivery of expired goods. In other cases, customers complained about late delivery or no delivery at all, even after successfully ordering and making payment.
  • Billing issues, unfavorable cancellation, and unfavorable refund policy.
  • Automatic subscription renewals without notifying the customer.

One of the Pissed Consumer users referred to Urthbox as a “scam”:

“Urthbox is a terrible scam who takes your money and has noooooo customer service......items ripped open and unusable.....stay away.....tried canceling and they do not allow cancellations.....put you on hold for hours...”

Customers like

Despite many complaints about Urthbox, there are a few things that customers like about the company. Top on the list of preference is the free trial period. Also, those that received their orders enjoyed the snack variety.

Number of resolved issues

Out of the 283 Urthbox reviews on Pissed Consumer as of May 2018, most of which are complaints, only 5 issues had been resolved.

Company responsiveness to complaints

Urthbox company representatives do not handle reviewers’ complaints on the Pissed Consumer website. Urthbox received the lowest customer rating for food delivery services on Pissed Consumer, making it the worst food delivery service according to our users.

2. Crystal Springs Water

Crystal Springs is a beverage delivery company that is the most popular for their bottled water delivery services. In addition, they conveniently provide a full range of America’s preferred coffee and tea to the customer.


Overall, Crystal Springs received a 1.3-star rating on Pissed Consumer. The rating is calculated as an average of 233 customer reviews. The company received a 1-star rating for customer service, 1 star for reliability and 2 stars for the website.

Customers dislike

The common issues mentioned in Crystal Springs reviews include:

  • Delays or failure to deliver the orders.
  • Price raise without notice.
  • Poor customer service.

A pissed consumer reviewer had a number of Crystal Springs Water complaints including improper billing and poor customer service.

“…Called again April 9th transferred to collection, Lady very nasty said they were still waiting on Crystal Springs to get in touch with them. In the meantime we go a collection saying we owed 949.00 What the???...”

Customers like

Satisfied Crystal Spring customers reported that they liked the quality of the company’s water.

Number of resolved issues

As of May 2018, the company had not resolved any consumer complaints on the Pissed Consumer website.

Company responsiveness to complaints

On the Pissed Consumer website, Crystal Spring customer representatives have not come forth to respond to customer complains.

The numerous customer complaints and unresponsiveness of Crystal Springs ranks the company among the worst delivery services according to Pissed Consumers users’ opinion.

3. Grubhub

GrubHub is an online ordering and food delivery service. It has established partnerships with more than 50,000 restaurants in 1100 cities across the globe.


Grubhub has an average 1.5-star rating on Pissed Consumer based on 518 reviews. It is rated as follows: 1 star for customer service, 1 star for reliability and 2 stars for the website.

Customers dislike

  • Delivery delays and failure to deliver orders. A common scenario is when the customer calls after the predetermined delivery time only to be told that the driver has already delivered the food but the customer hasn’t seen him.
  • Failure to refund on unfulfilled orders.
  • Poor customer service. Customers report that when they called the Grubhub customer service they were indifferent.

One Grubhub customer advised other customers to not order from this food delivery company citing poor customer service, long delivery time and distasteful food:

“…I will NEVER again order from this horrible service again. GrUBHUB is despicable.. food Late.. time ridiculous and Late Late Late. MY FOOD DISGUSTING
CALLED them all them person who answered offered was.. No help...”

Customers like

While many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Grubhub’s operations, a number of customers like that the website is easy to navigate.

Number of resolved issues

As of May 2018, only 5 issues reported on Pissed Consumer had been resolved.

Company responsiveness to complaints

Grubhub’s company representatives do not handle customer complaints on the Pissed Consumer website. Despite the wide range of restaurants to choose from and the easy to use website, Grubhub is ranked as one of the worst food delivery service apps according to Pissed Consumer reviews.

Worst-rated food delivery services

4. Doordash

Doordash is a food delivery service that has partnered with a number of restaurants in America to make it possible for consumers to order their favorite meals and have them delivered to your doorstep.


The company received a rating of 1.8 from 1084 reviews on Pissed Consumer. Its rating details are the following: 2 stars for customer service, 2 stars for reliability and 2 stars for staff.

Customers dislike

The most recurrent Doordash issues include:

  • Billing issues. Some customers reported being overcharged for their orders and delivery. In other instances, orders did not go through but customers were charged for them.
  • Delivery complaints. These include delivery delays and unexpected cancellations.
  • Poor customer service. Some reviewers complained that the customer service representatives were indifferent to their complaints and in some cases, the representatives hang up on them.
  • App failure. Customers have reported instances of the app crashing, unexpectedly logging out of the customer’s account or the app not showing customer address accurately.

A Doordash customer complained of a number of issues including an out of date menu, incorrect order, order cancellation, long delivery time, and poor customer service.

“…What went wrong:
1.DoorDash didn’t have an updated menu so I had to make my basic order after speaking with the restaurant.
2. The pleaced my order incorrectly and then cancelled it.
3. They arrival time was 40 min and I’ve been waiting 2 hrs. …”

Customers like

Customers like the wide range of restaurants and the easy online ordering process.

Number of resolved issues

As of May 2018, 15 of the reported issues had been marked as resolved.

Company responsiveness to complaints

Doordash has not responded to any complaints on the Pissed Consumer website. Although Doordash is doing better than the previously highlighted companies on this list, the food delivery service reviews on Pissed Consumer indicate that customers are mostly unsatisfied with its services.

5. Instacart

Instacart is a grocery delivery company that delivers foodstuffs from local stores to the customer’s location. The company has set up a web application that customers use to select their preferred items and to place orders.


Instacart received an overall rating of 1.8 from the Pissed Consumers reviewers. It received 2 stars for customer service, 2 stars for staff, and 2 stars for the website.

Customers dislike

Common complaints highlighted in the Instacart reviews include:

  • Billing issues such as wrongful billing, failure to refund, and unexpected price markups.
  • Customer service representatives are disinterested in customer issues.
  • Delivery complaints such as delivery of wrong items and in some cases no deliveries at all.

One Instacart reviewer was disgruntled about a number of issues including Instacart’s failure to deliver the ordered items, and poor customer service.

“…Over 4 hours later and nothing. I checked on line and it states delivered. I tried to chat with the delivery person and the system states they are shopping for the items but It was after midnight by then…”

Customers like

Customers who had their orders delivered on time found Instacart convenient and reliable.

Number of resolved issues

By May 2018, only 6 issues had been resolved.

Company responsiveness to complaints

The company had not responded to customer reviews on Pissed Consumer as of May, 2018. While Instacart may seem to be the better performing delivery service on this list, many customers still consider it unreliable.

In the last decade, there has been an explosion in the number of food delivery companies that have entered the food delivery industry. This has given consumers a wide range of options, which can be confusing. Food delivery reviews by customers who have previously used a service can help you to identify the best and worst food delivery service.

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