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Facebook is immensely popular, but there are some drawbacks to the popular social media app. Chief among these is the difficulties customers have with calling the Facebook customer service number. Users are having a hard time when they try to contact Facebook, and that brings many of them to PissedConsumer looking for answers or alternative means to get in touch.

Facebook Questions and Answers

Number of Facebook reviews – 81.8K

Facebook rating* – 1.8⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $85M

Successful calls – 23%/570K

Resolved issues – 704

It can be tougher than you’d think to contact Facebook by phone. Fortunately, there are other ways to get in touch with the Facebook Help Center that may be a bit more successful. From automated help menus to speaking with representatives, we’ll take you through the Facebook customer service options.

Is Facebook Customer Service Good?

Facebook is a large company with a well-known, heavily used app. You’d be right to think that customer service is a large part of what the company does, but it can be frustrating to contact Facebook if you don’t know the right channels to use. Facebook Help Center features heavily in reviews left online about the company.

In her video review, one user explains how she got caught in a Facebook scam. A scammer, posing as a friend, convinced her to send funds and her personal information to take control of her account and scam others using her account. Among her Facebook complaints, the reviewer notes that she clicked on the security links sent by Facebook and found them expired.

She then tried to call Facebook support “was told to resend my ID, which I did and STILL NOTHING WAS DONE!!” At the time of writing, her issue with Facebook customer service is still unresolved.

Another reviewer (#4080988) recently posted that her Facebook account has been hijacked by someone who now has access to her son’s pictures. She claims that the hacker is “putting my family in jeopardy.” 

She hopes that Facebook customer support can find the person who took over the account and get her “account back to its rightful owner.” She ends her review by stating that if customer service can’t do that, they are “not doing your job.

Facebook user review

This reviewer is hoping that Facebook support comes through for her and her family’s safety. However, the sheer volume of complaints on PissedConsumer about accounts being hacked and hijacked with no resolution may not bode well for her issue.

Another reviewer (#4080142) has a similar issue without resolution by customer support. She had her Facebook account hacked and took the necessary steps required by Facebook to have it restored. According to her, it is still locked, and she feels that Facebook “needs to upgrade and actually be there for their customers!

Facebook user feedback

What are Facebook Pros and Cons?

Facebook has become a commonplace way to stay in touch with friends, family, and companies. Businesses are using Facebook as a platform for customer engagement, and Facebook users can build communities around their interests, both commercial and not.

Of course, there are some Facebook pros and cons. There are a few areas where Facebook doesn’t come through quite as strongly. As with any online platform, there are bullies and technical difficulties. Facebook has struggled to stay ahead of customer service issues as well. It can be hard to contact Facebook support at times.

Facebook Pros

  • Connecting with friends and family
  • Storage for pictures and information
  • Socialization
  • Business development
  • Networking

Facebook Cons

  • Poor customer service
  • Security issues
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Logging in issues
  • Difficulties restoring account

How to Call Facebook Support?

Customers are frustrated when they try to call Facebook support. When they do get on the phone to try to figure out how to call Facebook support, they often are given the runaround by an automated phone answering service.

The Facebook customer service number does not show up easily on the social media platform. If you dig enough, you can find the local Facebook customer service phone number for the company in Palo Alto. You can try calling the Facebook support number at 650-543-4800 and 650-308-7300, but you are likely to be unsatisfied with the results.

When you try to contact Facebook this way, you won’t reach a person. Instead, you’ll be caught in a cycle of recorded options asking you to email or to click on a “Help” link that doesn’t actually appear at the bottom of the page. Thousands of Facebook reviews have shared how frustrating this sort of loop can be. But if you can’t get answers over the phone, you still get other ways to contact Facebook customer service.

How to Contact Facebook Customer Support via Social Networks? is among the first social media websites, so it makes sense that you can contact Facebook customer service through social media channels. If the Facebook customer service number was useless for you, try contacting their support via social media.

Facebook Twitter (@Facebook) – The account is active and allows options for tweets and replies. If you have a Twitter account, you can contact Facebook this way. It may not be a Facebook support number, but it might give you a public platform for a serious complaint.

Facebook Instagram (@Facebook)– Facebook and Instagram are linked, so you may be able to send messages and find support through this channel as well.

Facebook Help Center ( – It is available through the Facebook app or website. In the Help Center, you can find articles and how-to information about common issues. Additionally, you can follow action links for help with specific issues. Many of the Facebook reviews on PissedConsumer address hacking, for instance. If you follow the links in the Help Center, you can find the necessary information about dealing with suspicious activity and reporting hacking.

Facebook Help Center

How to Contact Facebook Customer Service via Email?

It is possible to contact Facebook customer service through email. If you listen to the recorded messages when you call the Facebook customer service phone number, you do get some information on email addresses. The Facebook email address in those messages is if you are with the media or if you are with law enforcement. Neither of those is the Facebook email address you are looking for if you have issues with your account.

How to Get Help From Facebook?

To contact Facebook, you would do best through the Help center on your account. It’s not a specific Facebook email address, but it does work in a way similar to sending an email. To send a Facebook complaint this way, start by logging into your account.

Then look for a downward-facing arrow on the top right. From there you can either “Give Feedback” about a problem with the system or click on “Help & Support” for additional assistance.

Facebook settings

After clicking on Help & Support, you have the option to send a message to the Support Inbox. This works like a Facebook email and is a good way to ask about a specific problem. You can also Report a Problem which is a more generic form about issues with the platform.

Facebook support inbox

Once you’ve clicked on Report a Problem, you’ll see an option to either Help us improve Facebook or to let them know Something went wrong.

give feedback to Facebook

This option is designed to allow you to report a broken feature of the site. While not a Facebook support number, it does provide a nice opportunity to leave a detailed response about something you’ve encountered with the site.

how can we improve window

There is a long drop-down list of choices about why you’ve decided to contact Facebook support. Then you can include a detailed report of what happened along with a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end.

Once you’ve completed the report, you’ll submit it and wait for a response from Facebook customer service. While you are waiting, you can also browse the Facebook Help Center to see additional information you can find.

If you do select Support Inbox, you can see information about reports you’ve made and messages from Facebook about your account.

Facebook support inbox message

At the very bottom of the Support Inbox is an option to send a new message to the Facebook support team. This is the button you would click to send an email-like message.

How to Use Facebook Help Center?

The Facebook Help Center is a great way to get information about issues you might be having with the site without having to try and contact a customer service representative. The Facebook Help Center is designed to provide information for site users, allowing them to avoid having to contact Facebook support directly.

To use the Facebook Help Center, start by clicking on the small arrow under your profile picture in the top right corner of the Facebook screen. Then select Help and Support.

From there you should select Help Center. This will open the Facebook Help Center in a new tab.

Inside the Facebook Help Center, you can browse topics or search for something specific that you might be having issues with using the search bar. The main page also offers six popular topics like Account Settings, Login and Password, Privacy and Security, Pages, Groups and Marketplace. There is a section if you have questions about Security or Login information.

By clicking on the Login and Password option, you can fix login issues and reset your password without having to wait for Facebook support assistance.

Facebook Help Center categories

There are so many great ways to use your Facebook account. You can keep up with friends and family members, join groups, follow videos or share your story life. You can even sell things through the Facebook marketplace. With so many ways to use the social media app, it’s frustrating when you get locked out or need help from the Facebook Help Community. Whether you’re calling or trying to chat with Facebook support, it’s natural to want help when you need it most.

To share your experience or issues with Facebook, please write a review on

*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and PissedConsumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.

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Hashim #6526
Hello,That’s my fourth contacted to Facebook customer service, regarding my marketplace messages which was suddenly disappeared, I don’t know why ? Could you please resolve this issues out as soon as possible? So I can see my inbox message again? I look forward to hearing from you.Thank youRegardsHashim
Diana Branch #6538
My account was hacked and I can't get in it
Adrianna amberos #6540
I have been públicly humilliated I’m Face book , about my personal life, I was trying to get a lawyer to sue this personI have proofs , Adriana Valle “It’s her name and has cause this to many people ,, I beg face book to close her account and Don’t let this happend, with no one else... please
Angela Irving #6542
My account has been hacked they have changed my email and telephone number and profile picture. I have tried everything to contact someone to no evaluation have tried all the work around. I am so upset and angry. Can anyone help?
Jose Santos #6552
My brothers Facebook was erased with out my knowledge by a family member and I'm his brother his name was Juan Santos Jr employed by Walt Disney and what I'm asking is to open his page again ,My brother and I have a lot of memories and I would to see them back if you could help me I would really appreciate that thank you my brother passed on November 14,2020
Lina Ibrahim #6553
I'm being threatened Please I need help I’m afraid about this
Saqib Rana #6559
I forget my facbook password and also email or phone number I want solve this issue contact me please
Lorna Dewhurst #6564
My account was bl9cked and I disagreed with this 1st Nov. I desperately need to contact facebook to at least retrieve all my photos as made albums of grandkids and stored all on fb. I am presently in absolute bits about the whole situation and it is affecting my mental health etc. What can I do to resolve this as I have definitely not done anything g on my account to warrant this treatment
Rakesh Raki #6565
Hi Facebook Team,User Name Rakesh RakiPassword Rakeshsindu@1Phone no +919611208426I Know My email Id Password And also have access to my email the thing is I lost my phone so I don't have a two-factor authentication app and access the same, I have submitted my ID Proof more than 20 times the error isHi Rakesh,Thanks for submitting your ID. We want to make sure that the only person with access to your Facebook account is you.Unfortunately, we can’t use the ID you shared to confirm your identity. This might be because your ID photo is:It-Too blurry.-Too dark or not taken in a well-lit room.-Missing the required information.-Not clearly showing the required information.-Taken from a screenshot or a photocopied ID.-Not properly visible with all four corners in the frame.This information must be clearly visible on your ID:-Your name.-Your photo.-Your date of birth.Please help me on this issue to recover my ID and Use Facebook I have a lot of Memories on the AccountThe mistake I have made is switching on the two-factor authentication if it is off I can easily log in
Ciara House #6581
Why did my Facebook dating app disappear
Allison Dunn #6590
Hello Ms. Garland :) , Thanks for considering this message. I have been trying to contact FB for weeks to no avail.The Problem: FB advised me on 11/8 that my phone number "has been removed from my account because it was registered and verified by someone on FB." I believe this happened because I tried to put FB on my Mac for the first time on 11/8 (I only used it on my phone before), and it appeared someone else was trying to access it. I cannot find out what the status of my account is or whether the phone number has been or can be restored to the account. I have been locked out. I want to put 2FA and FaceId on the account and don't know how to do that if I can't use my phone number; I will need to find another way to verify my ID and set it up if I can't use my phone number but I can't reach FB to find out. FB generated a new FB page for me when I used my Mac; it did not use my old account so now I have two. I only want my original page and need to delete the newer one just created but have no idea how to do that, and I don't know if deleting the most recently created page will change (or delete) my original page. I have spent hours since 11/8 when I was notified about the phone number issue orbiting the internet FB info to find out how to reach someone by phone to get these answers and called everyone I could find, even their corporate office with no success. All recordings said the same thing and referred you to FB Help which is worthless as they just send you from one place to another. Or they tell you to follow a link they provide for you to fill out a form. The problem there is it is grayed out and you can't fill anything out and submit it. I am an old lady of 69 and openly admit I know just enough about computers to be dangerous. I'm sure the issues mentioned here are probably relatively easy to resolve but I don't have the skills or knowledge to do it myself without assistance. I have hit a brick wall, repeatedly, trying to get the help I need. I've exhausted every avenue I can think of, or find online, to reach FB support or customer service. Do you have any suggestions or, perhaps, a "magic phone number"? I appreciate you taking the time to read this email as well as any help you may be able to offer.. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving :) Thanks so much,Allison Dunn
Carmen Sanchez #6615
Hi, my name is Carmen Sanchez my old Facebook account on this name has been hacked I have my kid's pictures this lady got my personal information used to scam innocent people with money. I trustest Nancy Cernan. I need to recover this Facebook to erase my kid's pictures to protect them. I don't want anyone else to go threw this
Cassandra Pettis #6634
I am getting pissed because I can't get into my Facebook account because of the two-step authorization so I was wanting to know if you can remove it please
WiZz EXx king #6652
Dear facebook team t got confirm ur identity in my presnol facebook account please solv my problem it is definitley possible for you please solv my problem
MariaEfstratiou #6662
Dear Facebook,Since the 2nd of December my Facebook has been hacked and spam messages were send to my FB friends. I quickly took action to amend this but unfortunately I got locked out as I don't remember the password. I tried to recover the password in no avail as the number that is registered is not mine but a Nigerian one. (I live in Cyprus - Europe). I dont know the number .Please I need to restore my Facebook ASAP as it is joint to my professional business account and affects my work.
Alamin Miazi #6676
heyi am Al amin . i have a problem my facebook account is disabled.please can you support me or help me recover my accountthank you
Marc Buckingham #6688
None of this helps me.I have a FB account, but due to problems with my password manager find I cannot log in. The password reminder process confirms my email address and says FB has sent me a reminder email, but no email has arrived having been through the process 20+ times over the last 6 weeks.What do I do? I have received no email, cannot log in, and have no alternative options.
My original email was compromized i had to creat a new one and my Fb is blocked it needs my new email and phone number updated to access. Old email was and old number niether are active or mine anymore i had updated new number but not able to change old email now its blocked. There is also another facebook with my new number but not my info maybe a hacker. I need access to my original account my pictutes and business info is also being compromized i want my account info Asap..
Shubham kurane #6709
My account is disabled my account Name Shubham kurane has been community disabled.sir I'm sure i break your rules and regulations and i respect you and your community guidelines,sir I,m sure you have made a mistake please sir i request you please review my account again and reopen my Facebook account as well as soon possible becouse sir i have linked my account other social media platform like(pubg mobile,Instagram,)and many aaps which i downloaded from playstore i remember I followed your all rules and regulations but still my account was disabled. Please sir review my id faster and please update your report system.Account Name:- Shubham kuraneAccount Date of birth :- 06/03/2001Account Number:- 775038981
Shubham kurane #6710
My Facebook account has been disabledPlease recover my Facebook account id , my Facebook account linked in email.