Homeowners like to have peace of mind about how much they will be spending when they need their air conditioning or appliances repaired. That’s why many sign up with companies like American Home Shield. An American Home Shield home warranty promises protection when appliances or home systems break. But American Home Shield reviews online show that not all consumers are satisfied with the protection they are getting.

Hundreds of customers have left complaints about the company on platforms like Reddit, Yelp, Google, and PissedConsumer. Customers are frustrated with the response they are getting from American Home Shield customer service and want to warn others or find possible solutions with the company. Many are looking to cancel American Home Shield policies after getting fed up with unresolved issues.

American Home Shield: Is It worth it?

One frustrated PissedConsumer.com user left a review explaining his interactions with the company. According to his American Home Shield review, Benjamin S. had a plumbing issue in his home. After multiple attempts, he was able to reach American Home Shield customer service and was told to hire his own plumber and he would be reimbursed for the trouble.

 “We did as instructed and the plumber came out and said we had a bad valve on our water heater. They contacted AHS and instead of AHS allowing them to do the work AHS contacted Hays County plumbing,” explained Benjamin.

In his American Home Shield complaint, Benjamin noted that the company required the new plumbing company, Hays County plumbing, to come and inspect the same thing the original company had inspected. While the new plumbing company was in his home, Benjamin noted in his online review that the plumber also inspected a second water heater in the home that had no issues.

According to Benjamin, “A day later I notice water coming out of the closet from our 2nd water heater where the plumber was and found a small flood.” He attempted to call the American Home Shield customer service number but did not reach anyone who could help. Instead, he turned to social media accounts and left a video review on Pissed Consumer “after multiple calls and sitting on hold for hours on end.

American Home Shield warranty: Do they replace?

Customers buy American Home Shield plans to have protection in their home when something breaks or needs repairs. According to the AHS website, the company handles an “approved repair or replacement” by paying to dismantle and remove defective equipment. Later in the online contract, the company specifics that American Home Shield repairs or replaces equipment “When making replacements, AHS is responsible for installing replacement equipment and parts of similar features, capacity, and efficiency.

AHS repair conditions

According to his American Home Shield reviews, Benjamin S. knew how the AHS warranty was supposed to work. After spending a month trying the American Home Shield phone number, he was frustrated. He had left messages online on social media and finally was contacted through Facebook about his American Home Shield complaints.

At this point, it had been almost a month since Benjamin’s original online review, and he did not have a solution. Additionally, he was being asked to pay a $75 service fee his American Home Shield warranty was supposed to reimburse.  

When the company came back with a solution, Benjamin was told that his American Home Shield warranty would make a replacement on his water heater if he “would have to pay an additional $479 to bring the space up to code.” When Benjamin called back with additional complaints about what he felt was unnecessary spending, they told that he could “have the water heater installed myself but they would only pay $441 toward the cost.

This is in line with the information provided on the company’s website about American Home Shield repairs and policies. According to the sample contract provided online in the AHS FAQ section, the company states that they “will not provide repair or replacement services” but would pay the customer “the amount equal to the contract dollar limit minus the cost incurred to diagnose the malfunction.” A situation like this can occur when “an item would remain non-compliant with laws, regulations or code-requirements.

AHS cash payment policies

Contacting American Home Shield Customer Service

Benjamin S.  had called the American Home Shield phone number countless times, emailed with representatives, and communicated through social media accounts.

Like many customers leaving American Home Shield reviews, Benjamin has been a loyal customer for years. He even praised the company by saying that “The customer service used to be top-notch.” But like many others leaving reviews about AHS, Benjamin feels like the company’s approach to customer service is frustrating at times.  

On the AHS website, customers can find the American Home Shield phone number and an online service request button to reach customer service.

  • To reach American Home Shield customer service you can call 844-229-1591.
  • You can also try contacting the company through Facebook (@team.ahs), YouTube, and Twitter (@AHS_Warranty).

American Home Shield Reviews on PissedConsumer

Benjamin S. certainly isn’t alone in his frustrations with AHS. There have been 356 American Home Shield reviews left on PissedConsumer alone since January of 2021. Only three of those reviews have been marked as resolved, including the almost-year-long situation Benjamin described in his series of reviews and his more comprehensive video review.

While Benjamin may have finally reached a settlement with AHS, many others still have complaints they are hoping to solve. In fact, about 1,900 customers have called AHS through the PissedConsumer website, but only 10% of those customers have had their issues resolved. Customers are frustrated about everything from American Home Shield prices to the overall lack of response from customer service. It’s not just Pissed Consumer users speaking out.

Reviews like “American Home Shield is worthless” by spoiling attack on Reddit explained one son’s frustration with the company and how using AHS means “you agree to allow them to use the cheapest, worst, most useless contractors they can find.” Additionally, just like Benjamin S. learned, spoiling attack and his father were only given $500 toward a new A/C system. As the Reddit user explains, “He didn't get a new system "for free". He paid for it.

American Home Shield Reddit review

Tips for Buying a Home Warranty

Customers buy a home warranty for peace of mind. They want to know that they will have help paying for expensive repairs when – not if – they occur. But as publications like the Washington Post have noted, home warranties might not be bringing customers the confidence and savings they wanted. That’s not to say a home warranty isn’t worth it. If you’re going to pay for a home warranty, just be sure you know what you’re getting into. Here are some tips that might help.

Tip 1 –You’re Not Fully Covered

A home warranty isn’t the same as a homeowner’s insurance. With insurance, your policy will pay the full price of a repair less the deductible. A home warranty, on the other hand, only pays a set amount toward a repair or replacement. You may wind up paying the bulk of the replacement price for expensive repairs.

Tip 2 – You Don’t Get Choices about Companies

When you work through a home warranty company, you don’t get much choice in repair companies. You contact the warranty company and they send a company of their own choosing to resolve the issue. There is no opportunity to vet the company or get multiple bids for an issue. You’re stuck with whomever the company sends your way.

Tip 3 – Each Call Costs You Money

Every call you make to your home warranty costs you a service fee. If the service fee is $75, you’re paying that amount even if the service person can’t fix the issue you’re having. You’ll also pay $75 regardless of how much it might cost to repair the issue you’re having. The service fee is in addition to the monthly or annual price of the home warranty you’ve purchased.

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