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New home builders know how to create something that customers just have to have. We set out to compare Pulte Homes with Lennar. We wanted to know the Pulte Homes and Lennar pros and cons as well as what actual customers are saying in Pulte and Lennar Homes reviews.

The Lennar Homes and Pulte Homes reviews left on the Pissed Consumer site provide insight into real customer experiences and allow us to see the real breakdown between Lennar Homes vs Pulte Homes.

 Using our collection of Pulte and Lennar Homes complaints, and the company websites, we worked to compare Pulte Homes with Lennar according to the following measures:

Read on to see our Lennar vs Pulte Homes comparison breakdown.

Lennar Homes vs Pulte Homes Customer Service Experience

We used the hundreds of Lennar and Pulte Homes reviews on the PissedConsumer website to determine the overall customer service experience with the two companies. They outline the experiences of actual customers with the company, which makes them a resource to determine what to expect if you call Lennar or Pulte Homes customer service.

Both of the companies build homes across many price points and work hard to make would-be customers feel good in a new home. But new homes do come with some issues, and that is clear in Pulte and Lennar Homes complaints online. You can see a visual breakdown of Pulte Homes and Lennar customer service above.

A total of 391 different Lennar Homes reviews have been left on the PissedConsumer website. The reviews combined to give the company a total rating of 1.5 stars out of a possible 5. Lennar customer service was mentioned under the company cons, and it received a rating of 1 star out of a possible 5.

In his Lennar Homes complaint, one customer explained his frustration with Lennar Homes's quality. The customer states, “…It's been a nightmare that has been going on for 4.5 years, but will try and summarize some of it below. In January 2012, I contracted with WCI Communities (now Lennar) to build a dream home in the Westshore Yacht Club neighborhood located in Tampa, FL. At the time, I could have absolutely no idea of the nightmare I was about to walk into and one that continues with no end in sight…”

The customer continues his Lennar Homes quality review by explaining, “…* 25 A/C Malfunctions * 16 Rounds of Antibiotics * 80+ Outstanding Construction Issues * $24,360 Unreimbursed Repairs During Warranty * $82,360 in Legal Fees * $568,750 in Lost Work Time * $211,650 in Unrecoverable Investments * $917,180 Total Expenses Related to Lennar Construction Issues I still have more than 80+ ongoing construction defects…”

The consumer finishes his thought on Lennar builders as “…Buyers beware and do your homework. Lennar is not a good company to do business with at all.”

If you have a question or would like to speak with a company representative about a concern, you can reach out using the Lennar Homes phone number for your area found on the PissedConsumer contact page.

Just over 400 Pulte Homes reviews have been left on the PissedConsumer website. The reviews created a 1.6 rating out of a possible 5. Pulte customer service was included in the list of company cons and the overall rating for customer service was one out of a total of five stars.

In his Pulte Homes review, one customer explained his experience with a Pulte Homes quality concern. He explains that the Pulte Homes warranty is not what he expected it to be by stating, “…I opened a warranty claim in early 2018 for the water intrusion over the previous winter. I've had 3 different outside representatives, 2 different managers, 3 different contractors try and repair this issue over the period of 15 months and currently my hardwood is ruined in several places from the water damage and so are window sill, walls…”

His Pulte Homes quality review continues with, “…They want to replace just a few floor boards and the color of the same model flooring is way off because the manufacturer reformulated this floor over a 4 year period. Pulte is claiming warranty small print that any flooring or cabinetry replacement will not match color and their customer service manager in an email has told me to put a mat over it so it does not stand out…”

If you would like to reach Pulte Homes corporate office, you can reach Pulte Homes customer service by calling the Pulte Homes phone number at (877) 768-8823.

Lennar Homes vs Pulte Homes Product and Service Offering

The Lennar Homes website is designed to try and answer the question: Are Lennar Homes good? The Lennar home page immediately offers up the company’s primary feature, it’s inclusiveness. The Lennar website touts the slogan “Everything’s Included in your new dream home.”

Directly under the slogan is the breakdown of all of the things that are offered in the latest versions of Lennar homes. According to the site, a new Lennar home will come as

  • a Wi-Fi certified home,
  • green building features like Energy Star appliances and Water Sense faucets,
  • and luxury features like Moen faucets and a GE washer and dryer.

Lennar Homes features

Lennar model homes are also used as Amazon Experience Centers to show customers the benefits of a fully wired home using Amazon products like the Amazon Echo Show and the Ring Video Doorbell.

Lennar homes are offered in various areas. The home page offers advice for first time homeowners as well as those looking for retirement communities and multiple generation options. Lennar’s active adult communities are advertised on the website as “the ultimate in carefree, innovative, and resort-style living.”

The website also offers advice and steps for first-time homebuyers. Much of the advice is offered through the Lennar Homes blog posts and articles.

Both the section for new home buyers and the section for active adults link to the page of the website dedicated to finding Lennar homes for sale. This page includes standing inventory, Lennar floor plans, and a link to the Lennar design center.

To find new Lennar homes on the site, you will start by entering your zip code or looking for your specific location through the map. The site will take you to the homes available in that area as well as some special offers.

The more specific and tailored the search, the more narrow your results will be to find the existing home or floor plan that suits your needs.

The Pulte Homes website is very similar to the Lennar Homes site. But where Lennar Homes was focused on having “everything included” the Pulte Homes home page explains that Pulte is more focused on personalization by including features like interactive design tools, “Kitchenology” and Smart Home. The home page also discusses other features of a home including flexible Pulte floor plans, versatility and the company’s 10-yr limited structural warranty.

Pulte Homes features

Each of the feature sections contains a link to the Pulte Homes FAQ page designed to answer questions about those features.

When you click on the link to the Pulte Homes FAQ page about personalization in a new build, you are given more information about some of the features new home buyers can enjoy with a Pulte home. These features include floor plans that provide “options to tailor your new home layout to your needs” as well as the Kitchenology section which includes a “kitchen package uniquely designed for you.”

Pulte Homes designs

Again, each of the descriptions includes a link to an additional Pulte Homes FAQ page about that particular feature. The Kitchenology page explains that service is an “…approach that gives our customers the kitchen they want most, with the ability to personalize it to their needs.” The website continues to explain that customers can choose a kitchen style that follows one of the more sought-after options presented in the Pulte Homes design center.

Pulte Homes kitchenology

In order to find the Pulte Homes floor plans, you must first determine where you would like to look for particular homes. Pulte home locations are scattered across the United States. When you choose a location, you will be taken to the city’s development page where you can find the various neighborhoods or projects in a given area.

On these pages, you will find floor plans as well as the existing homes available as inventory models. The maps provided during these searches also show the different brands and options available as Pulte home communities.

In a search for new Pulte homes for sale in Atlanta, the map view shows communities that are designed for residents 55 and up as well as communities of homes built by the Centex division of Pulte Homes.

The summary of the Lennar vs Pulte Homes features is given below:

            Feature type

Lennar Homes Features

Pulte Homes features


“Everything included”




Flexible floor plans,

Consumer-first design,

Versatile living spaces


Energy Star appliances, 

Water Sense faucets,

Low-VOC paint,

Wi-Fi certified home

Pulte Energy Advantage


Moen kitchen and bath fixtures,

GE washer and dryer,

Upgraded tile flooring



Amazon Echo Show,

Ring Video Doorbell,

Samsung SmartThings

Interactive design tools,


Smart ?ome

Extended Services


Mortgage and title,

New Home Trade-UP Program

Pulte Mortgage Partner,

10-year limited structural warranty

Pulte Homes vs Lennar Homes Discounts and Savings

Lennar Homes offer a coupon on the company’s website when you start looking at homes in different locations. The savings offered on the Lennar website are arranged through the various locations.

Lennar homes coupons

When you search in San Antonio, for example, you are offered savings of “up to $20,000 off select homes.” The offer requires you to register on the Lennar website and then find a quick move-in home in the area in order to qualify for the savings.

The offers available through Lennar homes vary by location, however. When you search for new homes in Denver, Colorado, you are offered a special offer of up to $5,000 in closing costs by registering with the site provided you finance your new home with Eagle Home Mortgage, LLC. When you register with Lennar Homes, you are signing up to receive other special offers as well as promotional emails.

Lennar Homes promotions

The Pulte Homes website does not have any coupons or special promotions readily available. There is not a special promotions page on the website nor is there any sort of advertisement that appears when you search in different communities for existing homes.

It seems that there are no special offers on any Pulte Homes, or at the very least, the only special offers that are available might be available in the actual neighborhoods rather than through the company’s website.

When you compare Lennar vs Pulte Homes, it’s easy to see where the companies are the same, and where they differ. You can find Lennar and Pulte Homes pros and cons on their websites and most importantly in our extensive collection of Pulte and Lennar Homes reviews.

Lennar Homes coupons

Pulte Homes coupons

$5, 000-$20, 000 depending on the location and type of financing

None available at this time

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*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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