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The world of retail can be unpredictable, where each purchase has the potential to carry either a positive or negative customer experience. When shopping for appliances, challenges may range from finding a suitable product or reputable brand to dealing with poor product quality and customer support. 

Before you purchase, you should do your due diligence to determine if prospective brands are reputable. Additionally, check for any reported issues with the product category you are interested in, leveraging consumer insights to make informed decisions. According to recent online review trends, 91.1% of respondents consider customer experience as the most essential aspect of consumer feedback.

You may also compare different brands with each other. For example, when buying kitchen appliances, customers often compare popular brands such as KitchenAid vs Whirlpool to determine the better option for their needs. 

Key Insights

  • The most discussed kitchen appliance companies include such brands as Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Farberware.
  • Top customer complaints were related to substandard product quality, defective appliances, and poor customer service.
  • Before making a purchase, it is crucial to read customer reviews as they offer valuable consumer insights.

The Kitchen and Cooking category on includes more than 500 companies, while Appliances and Electronics has more than 2400 companies. Based on customer reviews, this article will uncover the most complained-about kitchen appliance brands and their top issues.

Farberware Reviews: Cracked Coffee Pots and Rusted Coffee Makers

Farberware is among PissedConsumer’s top ten most reviewed companies in the Kitchen and Cooking category. It has a 2.1-star rating out of a possible 5. Based on Farberware reviews, most of the brand’s users (72%) said they would not recommend Farberware to others. Let’s look at the reasons behind it.

Several Farberware complaints indicate customer dissatisfaction. The most common of them are related to rust issues, malfunctioning appliances, and cracking coffee pots. Some customer experiences include frustration over their coffee pots getting cracked after just a few weeks of use.

Coffee time is a crucial part of the morning routine for many people. However, what if your once-beloved coffee maker has become a source of daily dilemmas and frustration? Such experiences offer valuable consumer insights into customer satisfaction and help better understand common issues. 

Farberware Reviews

In one of the Farberware reviews, #4977929, the reviewer complained about the rust issue with their coffee machine. When making coffee, the rust runs into the coffee, making them sick:

There is rust around the lid of the pod part and it runs into my coffee when I make it from the steam that it creates and it's making me very sick.

Another customer expressed frustration with Farberware's customer service after experiencing issues with their coffee pots in review #5474291. They emphasized their loyalty to the brand but felt dissatisfaction because they couldn’t speak to a live representative:

I’ve been a customer for 60 years with Farberware pots pans and coffee pots and I cannot speak to anyone with broken coffee pot that I almost scolded my dog when the handle broke.

Whirlpool Complaints: "I Lost Thousands of Dollars Dealing with Whirlpool Junk Appliances"

Whirlpool is among the top three most reviewed companies on our platform in the category of appliances and electronics. It is rated at 1.6 out of 5. According to the consumer insights on, 89% of reviewers rated the company negatively, with only 15% saying they would recommend Whirlpool to a friend or colleague.

In Whirlpool reviews, consumers commonly express dissatisfaction with customer support, reliability, refunds, and frequent malfunctions. Consumer insights regarding poor product quality range from Whirlpool dishwashers and fridges to microwaves and more.

For example, in complaint #5421672, the customer wrote, “I lost thousands of dollars dealing with Whirlpool junk appliances,” explaining that they had multiple issues with Whirlpool fridges. They led to the loss of thousands of dollars, over 40 hours away from work, and spoiled food and medicine; yet eventually, they had to buy a new fridge that still did not work:

I have 40 plus hours of my time that I had to take off work. I had 10 service calls … got a bacterial infection because food got warm…I had no refrigerator for 6 weeks, then you give me this new one that quit working after 3 weeks

KitchenAid Complaints: Rusted KitchenAid Dishwashers and "Super Slow and Rude" Customer Service

KitchenAid is another brand among the top three most reviewed brands in the Kitchen and Cooking category on It is rated at 1.7 stars, with 86% of KitchenAid reviews being negative. Only 26% of the reviewers would recommend the brand to others. 

Based on customer experience, common reasons for complaints include poor customer service and defective items. While there are numerous Kitchenaid reviews about various appliances, we are focusing on dishwashers in this discussion.

KitchenAid Complaints

Kitchenaid dishwasher issues are not just a malfunction but a potential home hazard. Rust problems are a clear indication of durability concerns. Unfortunately, customer support is not always helpful when customers reach out with appliance issues, as depicted in one of the KitchenAid complaints:

My 9 month old Stainless Steel KitchenAid dishwasher is rusting over where its steam vent is…I contacted their super slow and rude Customer Service. My all attempts (call to CS, supervisor, facebook, email) … is falling on deaf ears.

Another KitchenAid customer, as described in review #5491366, faced a similar disappointment. After investing over $17,000 in new appliances for their brand-new home, including a KitchenAid dishwasher, they encountered immediate leakage issues. Despite seeking a replacement, customer service only offered repair solutions, leaving the customer disappointed with their experience:

…Very disappointing customer service - you would think after spending that much money they would do a much better job of making this right. This will be the last time we purchase new KitchenAid products.

Look Beyond the Sleek Design of Appliances

The sleek and glossy appearance of kitchen appliances can be deceiving. So, it is crucial to gather consumer insights to make an informed purchasing decision. Additionally, sharing your customer experience can provide valuable information to other consumers about the products and brands you have previously used. 

Have a kitchen mishap or an appliance won? Share your story in the comments or leave a review on our platform. 

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