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Spring has arrived, and Easter is just around the corner! This joyful holiday is all about creating lasting memories with family and friends. And it doesn't matter whether you are planning a noisy gathering or a cozy celebration with loved ones at home, there are many terrific ways to enjoy the Easter celebration.

If you are out of ideas and cannot think of any fun Easter activities, don't worry! We've got your back! We have prepared a list of egg-cellent activities guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter to all. We will spark your imagination and help make this Easter celebration to remember, from traditional egg hunts and picnics to exciting outdoor adventures.

Key Insights:

  • According to a survey, in 2023, 81% of Americans expressed their intention to celebrate Easter.
  • The White House Easter Egg Roll is the most talked-about Easter egg hunt in the United States, drawing around 30,000 attendees in 2023.
  • You may divide Easter activities into social, family fun, and basket-focused to choose one or two from each category and enjoy the holiday. 

So, grab your basket and get ready to learn about some fantastic springtime fun activities.

Social Easter Activities

Dig out your Easter dresses and dust off that Easter basket – this year is brimming with exciting social events. Easter offers many opportunities for fun with friends and family and ensures memorable moments.

Easter picnic

If you’re looking for ways to get your family, friends, and community engagement in a bit of happy Easter fun, why not host an Easter picnic? You don’t have to wait for another organization to invite the public to a special gathering, just tell your friends to bring a dozen filled Easter eggs and a dish to share. Handoff all the eggs to the teens to hide, and then release the younger kids with their Easter baskets to go hunt them while the adults talk. An easy way to socialize and entertain everyone of all ages. 

Church services

Churches are hanging Easter decorations and they are ready to celebrate. As society has learned to better manage health concerns and protocols, many churches are pulling out all the stops for their Easter celebrations

Outdoor celebrations

Cities, neighborhoods, community centers, and churches are asking kids to bring their Easter baskets and get ready for a hunt! Outdoor Easter celebrations include an Easter egg hunt for younger children along with small carnivals and games to celebrate.

Easter parade

Celebrate the fun of the holiday with an Easter parade. Considering all of your choices, a parade is one of the most fantastic Easter activities for kids. You can attend an Easter parade in your community, or you can create your own Easter decorations, line the kids up and have one of your own! 

Easter cards

We send Christmas cards every year, but why not be a trendsetter for your social community and send Easter cards? You can easily create and send Easter greetings to friends and family with photo cards through the mail. Or drop off your card with some Easter flowers and goodies at the front door for those you’re close to in your town.

Easter 2024

Family Easter Activities

With the limitations many are still facing in larger communities or in households that are looking to avoid potential crowds or close contact, there is a great deal of fun to be had with family celebrations. Some ideas for ways to celebrate this Easter might include:

Easter egg games

Of course, the most famous Easter egg game is the classic egg hunt. Adults (or older kids) hide the eggs in the yard or house, and then the kids grab their Easter basket and get busy hunting! Make it more exciting by hiding golden eggs with a special treasure inside, or use the Easter eggs to hide messages to create a full-blown scavenger hunt. Of course, there is also nothing wrong with the traditional hunt – it’s one of the best Easter activities for kids for a reason! 

Family dinner

Easter dinner is a tradition for many households, and you can enjoy dinner just like any holiday. Have a bit of fun with this Easter dinner by trying out some classic family recipes you haven’t made in years, or by creating your meal in an entirely new way. Why cook a ham when you can do a fish fry or crawfish boil instead?

Easter activities for kids

Classic, happy Easter images show families together having fun on this holiday. Why not spend some of your time playing Easter games as a family this year?

Indoor Easter Games. Staying inside on Easter day? Why not start your indoor Easter games with a decorating contest? Each family member can decorate a plain basket to create personalized Easter baskets. Naturally, the best one “wins.” Felt boards are another great indoor Easter game. Cut out shapes from felt and stick them to a felt-covered board to tell stories and create a happy celebration as a family. Families with older children can also enjoy Easter trivia or Easter riddles.

Outdoor Easter Games. Take your Easter fun outdoors with your family or for a party with friends and family. There are many outdoor Easter games to play, like bunny sack races, pin-the-tail on a bunny, and carrot tosses, where you try to toss a carrot (real or depicted on a beanbag) through the “mouth” of a bunny. 

Dine together remotely

Often families are apart over Easter weekend, which makes it hard to celebrate together. Why not use the gift of modern technology and delivery services to enjoy a remote meal together? Send your college-age children an Easter gift in the form of meal delivery. Then, when everyone has their version of Easter dinner in front of them, turn on the remote conferencing and enjoy Easter dinner together from anywhere. 

Dying Easter eggs

Hard boil some eggs and then get busy with your egg dyes! Color your Easter eggs with dye and then add your own bit of fun with stickers, paint, and other creative elements.

Outdoor adventure

You can stay in your own home for Easter celebrations and dinner, or you can take your celebration on the road. Get a day pass to a nearby park or go on a full day trip. Pack a picnic or BBQ and head to the beach, or the mountains for a hike, or down to the lake for a bit of fishing and sunshine. Choose the best spot by reading online reviews from others who have been itching to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Bless others with kindness

What better way to celebrate Easter with your family than by sharing the joy with others? Have your children help you pack small Easter baskets with homemade goodies like Easter cookies, candy, or other items and drop them off with neighbors to help others have a happy Easter, too. Or take your Easter baskets to a nearby nursing home or retirement home to bring a bit of light to those residents.

Of course, as you prepare your Easter greetings, you want to be sure that you’re working with the best possible basket fillers! Sometimes packaging and recipes change without notice. One customer in review # 5695465 noticed exactly this when they went to buy some candies for “an upcoming Easter egg hunt.” They were frustrated to learn that the variety of choice in “a 37.2 ounce bag of 60 pieces of assorted candy” was limited:

only three 100 grand bars and 5 crunch bars were in the whole bag. The rest were all butterfinger and baby Ruth…Hard doing an egg hunt with no variety.

 “Easter Bomb” a loved one

Why not to “Easter bomb” a friend with Easter decorations and other fun? It's the perfect time. Sneak over to a loved one’s house early in the morning and decorate their lawn with eggs and signs and other Easter fun ideas you can find inexpensively at many discount stores. 

Leave Easter gifts by the door and be sure to leave a calling card of some kind so your loved ones know who to thank for the pleasant surprise when they open the front door!

Easter 2024 basket

Easter Basket Ideas

If you are in the holiday spirit, but not sure how to direct that energy in a productive way, consider getting creative with your Easter baskets. Don’t just fill it with Easter candy and a generic toy when you can develop an entirely new and amusing themed basket for the year!

Travel theme

Many families are chomping at the bit to get out there and travel. If you have trips planned, why not start preparing with great travel items like car games, headphones, backpacks, and more?

Fashion finds

An Easter basket makes an excellent opportunity to focus on Easter gifts your children will enjoy. It also allows you to keep up the Easter theme while gifting your children something they need like new clothes to finish the school year or a pair of new shoes.

However, give yourself plenty of time to shop for the right purchases – sometimes fashion orders don’t turn out exactly right the first time. One family in British Columbia discovered that the two pairs of new shoes they ordered from PatPat did not work as she expected. 

Media theme

Have a movie or game lover? Design an Easter basket using favorite movie posters or gaming plushies. Find bobbleheads and buttons. Add in some Easter movies they haven’t seen. Then, throw in some movie candy and Bluetooth headphones and you’re all set. Just be sure to check out online reviews before buying movies or media to ensure it’s appropriate for your family.

Summer fun

As we approach the summer season, it's a great opportunity to celebrate it with your Easter basket fun. Stock your Easter basket with a new swimsuit, goggles, floaties, beach towel, and flip-flops. Check out reviews to be sure you're getting goods that will last all summer!

Such Easter activities promise an unforgettable holiday celebration full of joy, happy smiles, laughter, and cherished memories. Make this Easter truly special by creating lasting traditions with your loved ones. 

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