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Everyone is looking forward to Easter 2022. Last year was still heavily affected by COVID and shutdowns, but those who are watching this holiday are increasingly optimistic. This year as you prepare for a happy Easter, you can look forward to community egg hunts, special church programs, and larger family gatherings. 

Easter activities have always been about rejuvenation. This year as you plan a special Easter celebration, look for opportunities to enjoy time together, the beauty of the spring coming to life around you, and the world slowly coming back to life. 

Easter Social Activities

There are more options for social Easter activities this year. If you have missed spending time with friends or family, this year should provide many opportunities for special Easter social fun.  

1. Easter picnic

If you’re looking for ways to get your family, friends, and community engagement in a bit of happy Easter fun, why not host an Easter picnic? You don’t have to wait for another organization to invite the public to a special gathering, just tell your friends to bring a dozen filled Easter eggs and a dish to share. Handoff all the eggs to the teens to hide, and then release the younger kids with their Easter baskets to go hunt them while the adults talk. An easy way to socialize and entertain everyone of all ages. 

2. Church services

Churches are hanging Easter decorations and they are ready to celebrate. As society has learned to better manage health concerns and protocols, many churches are pulling out all the stops for their Easter celebrations

3. Outdoor celebrations

Cities, neighborhoods, community centers, and churches are asking kids to bring their Easter baskets and get ready for a hunt! Outdoor Easter celebrations include an Easter egg hunt for younger children along with small carnivals and games to celebrate.

4. Sunrise services

Celebrate the religious aspects of the season in the early morning, if possible. Crowds celebrating a happy Easter at sunrise will be far smaller inside any building, and many sunrise services are held outdoors, which makes them even safer.

5. Easter cards

We send Christmas cards every year, but why not be a trendsetter for your social community and send Easter cards? You can easily create and send Easter greetings to friends and family with photo cards through the mail. Or drop off your card with some Easter flowers and goodies at the front door for those you’re close to in your town.

Easter fun activity

Easter Family Fun

With the limitations many are still facing in larger communities or in households that are looking to avoid potential crowds or close contact, there is a great deal of fun to be had with family celebrations. Some ideas for ways to celebrate this Easter might include:

6. Egg hunt games

Make things a bit more creative for your older family members by getting creative with egg hunts. Turn the hunt into an adventure using clues, ala scavenger hunt. Or hide the eggs in unusual and creative places – not just the yard.

7. Family dinner

Easter dinner is a tradition for many households, and you can enjoy dinner just like any holiday. Have a bit of fun with this Easter dinner by trying out some classic family recipes you haven’t made in years, or by creating your meal in an entirely new way. Why cook a ham when you can do a fish fry or crawfish boil instead?

8. Order take-out for Easter dinner

Free up your family for more fun and time together by skipping food preparation entirely! Read Easter reviews online to find the best Easter dinner options in your area for take-out. Then order up your fare and pick it up on Easter or the day before for dinner.

9. Dine together remotely

Often families are apart over Easter weekend, which makes it hard to celebrate together. Why not use the gift of modern technology and delivery services to enjoy a remote meal together? Send your college-age children an Easter gift in the form of meal delivery. Then, when everyone has their version of Easter dinner in front of them, turn on the remote conferencing and enjoy Easter dinner together from anywhere. 

10. Dying Easter eggs

Hard boil some eggs and then get busy with your egg dyes! Color your Easter eggs with dye and then add your own bit of fun with stickers, paint, and other creative elements.

11. Outdoor adventure

You can stay in your own home for Easter celebrations and dinner, or you can take your celebration on the road. Get a day pass to a nearby park or go on a full day trip. Pack a picnic or BBQ and head to the beach, or the mountains for a hike, or down to the lake for a bit of fishing and sunshine. Choose the best spot by reading online reviews from others who have been itching to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

12. Bless others with kindness

What better way to celebrate Easter with your family than by sharing the joy with others? Have your children help you pack small Easter baskets with homemade goodies like Easter cookies, candy, or other items and drop them off with neighbors to help others have a happy Easter, too. Or take your Easter baskets to a nearby nursing home or retirement home to bring a bit of light to those residents.

Be mindful as you prepare your goodie baskets that Easter reviews can help you find the best items to include. One person discovered the hard way that a favorite candy from the past doesn’t taste the same now. According to her Easter review (#3447578),  the Cadbury eggs she worked hard to find didn’t taste the way she remembered them. She stated that “they changed the formula now they taste completely different.”  Reading reviews on Easter products can help you find the best items for any goodies you distribute.

Hershey Easter review

13. “Easter Bomb” a loved one

Many of us haven’t had any Easter fun ideas for a year or two as we worked to find normalcy. That presents a perfect opportunity to “Easter bomb” a friend with Easter decorations and other fun. Sneak over to a loved one’s house early in the morning and decorate their lawn with eggs and signs and other Easter fun ideas you can find inexpensively at many discount stores. 

Leave Easter gifts by the door and be sure to leave a calling card of some kind so your loved ones know who to thank for the pleasant surprise when they open the front door!

Easter holiday tips

Easter Baskets

If you are in the holiday spirit, but not sure how to direct that energy in a productive way, consider getting creative with your Easter baskets. Don’t just fill it with Easter candy and a generic toy when you can develop an entirely new and amusing themed basket for the year!

14. Travel theme

Many families are chopping at the bit to get out there and travel. If you have trips planned, why not start preparing with great travel items like car games, headphones, backpacks, and more.

15. Fashion finds

An Easter basket makes a great opportunity to focus on Easter gifts your children will enjoy. It also makes for a chance to keep up the Easter theme while also gifting your children something they need like new clothes to finish the school year or a pair of new shoes. 

However, as one mother discovered, sometimes trying to buy something your kids love but also need can be a challenge. In her Easter review (#3447919), a mother explained that she bought new light-up tennis shoes for young children’s Easter baskets. But when they arrived the new shoes didn’t light up as they were advertised to. Despite four tries to reach customer service, this frustrated mother claims she has “been give the runaround” and is “quite disappointed” in PatPat shoes.

PatPat review on Easter items

16. Media theme

Have a movie or game lover? Design an Easter basket using favorite movie posters or gaming plushies. Find bobbleheads and buttons. Add in some Easter movies they haven’t seen. Then, throw in some movie candy and Bluetooth headphones and you’re all set. Just be sure to check out online reviews before buying movies or media to ensure it’s appropriate for your family.

17. Summer fun

Summer is just around the corner, and what better time to celebrate than with your Easter basket fun? Stock your Easter basket with a new swimsuit, goggles, floaties, beach towel, and flip flops. Check out reviews to be sure you’re getting goods that will last all summer long!

18. Outdoor play

If you’ve been cooped up inside all winter, start the outdoor fun with a basket full of adventure. Sports balls, kites, remote control cars or helicopters, and sidewalk chalk are all fun ways to get kids out of the house and into the fresh air.

This is the year for Easter activities and fun. We all need a bit of fun and sparkle in our lives, so why not use the opportunities presented by the coming of spring and a fun, family holiday to bring a little light to others?

Rebecca Garland
Business and Education Expert

Rebecca Garland, M.S. is a business and education writer. She holds secondary teaching certifications in six areas, has a degree in Business, and earned a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. As an expert, Rebecca has been working with international clients since 2005.

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