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The retail and e-commerce worlds can sometimes be frustrating for customers. A seemingly simple transaction can quickly turn stressful and outrageous. In such cases, customers often turn to online feedback, either seeking a resolution to their issues involving publicity or warning others, as evidenced by online review trends and statistics.

December is a peak season for customer shopping and while some shoppers had great customer experiences others faced major inconveniences and financial loss. We prepared the exclusive monthly digest describing the top customer complaints for December 2023 left on

Key Insights

  • In December, businesses from two industries received the top customer complaints - Auctions and Market Places and Supermarkets and Malls. 
  • The most common customer complaints included poor customer service, delivery issues, and unauthorized charges.
  • Customer reviews indicate that, in most cases, efforts to reach the various companies for support were futile.

Below is an overview of the most common customer complaints as presented by online reviews in different categories.

Amazon Complaints: Very Unprofessional and Very Poor Service on All Ends

Amazon was top among the most complained-about companies, receiving a total of 1066 reviews in December. Its overall rating on is 3.1* out of possible 5 stars. The most common customer complaints were regarding horrible customer service, poor delivery of service, unauthorized charges and some fake stores presented on the platform.

Two particular Amazon reviews outline these customer experience issues the most. One of them illustrates issues with missing items. Moreover, there was no response on attempts to contact Amazon customer service. The customer ordered a 65-inch flat screen, two laptops, and tools on November 19th. However, even though the tracking information shows that the items have been delivered, the reviewer has not received anything. After numerous calls and emails, the issue still remains unresolved:

Spent alot of money on my stuff and very disappointing to no that noone is telling me where my stuff ...Will never again use Amazon very unprofessional and very poor service on all ends

In another Amazon complaint,  the customer sent back the items but has not received a refund.

sent back the sneakers, the black height ups, high-rise sneakers and didnt get my money back…

Walmart Complaints: Missing Item in Order and Damaged TV

Walmart has been the subject of numerous customer complaints in December, some of which are quite concerning. Walmart holds a rating of 2.5* stars out of a potential 5 on the PissedConsumer platform. 

The most common Walmart complaints include: empty registers; issues with accounts; lack of professionalism; poor customer service; membership services; and misrepresented merchandise. Two Walmart reviews stand out from the rest and highlight these common customer complaints.

One frustrated customer in their Walmart complaint recommended “DO NOT PURCHASE ELECTRONICS FROM WALMART.” Let’s figure out what made the reviewer come to this conclusion. Their review shows that they ordered two laptops, but only one was delivered. Upon following up with Walmart customer service, they are yet to receive the second laptop or a refund:

I finally spoke to a supervisor who rudely told me that I had already called many times, that walmart "exhausted" all matter…He ended the call rudely and flagged my order number to preventg anyone from further assisting me.

In a similar customer experience, the reviewer bought a TV on Black Friday, but it arrived damaged. They were told that they could get a replacement at the sale price. However, once the TV was restocked, customer support said that the reviewer had to pay the new higher price in full:

Now when the TV is back stock, I called Walmart and was told i had to buy it for the price it is now and the price i bought it for on black Friday wouldn't be given.

It is an example of how a Black Friday deal may transform into a negative stain on customer trust due to unforeseen issues and disappointments.

Kroger Complaints: There Is a Reason for All the Bad Reviews

Though the number of Kroger reviews was not so high compared to other companies, the issues described there deserve close attention. 

The Kroger rating on is 2.7*. The most common reasons for customer complaints in December include bait-and-switch sales, rude employees, the worst customer service, and insufficient staffing.

A Kroger reviewer narrated their frustrating customer experience at one of the stores. To save with coupons, they used a digital coupon at checkout and confirmed that it had worked. However, the cart locked up. In about 3 seconds, as the reviewer reached into the bag for the receipt, one of the staff members had already started harassing them over it:

My hands shake. I have a familial hand tremor. I didnt steal anything! Im tired of the rude treatment!...

In another Kroger complaint, the customer was overcharged on multiple occasions - four times. In their review, the customer described the recent situation of being charged twice, and despite the error, Kroger refused to acknowledge their mistake:

 …they overcharged me for the items AND overcharged that amount again on my credit card. So they overcharged me twice on that one and instead of making it "right" again, they are saying they did not make a mistake…

Costco Complaints: Never Buy Appliances or Big Ticket

Costco complaints are also worth noting. The Costco rating on is 2.9* stars out of 5, with the most customer complaints pointing to poor customer service and card issues.

In one of the recent complaints, the customer narrates their negative Costo shopping experience and warns others against buying appliances and big-ticket items from the company. In this Costco review, the buyer purchased an LG Lemon refrigerator only to discover it was faulty. Despite being under warranty, they are facing a two-month waiting period for repairs and don't have any guarantee that their issue will be resolved:

even under warranty they sold me a lemon LG refrigerator that will take almost two months to fix and they can not guaranty it will keep workin! UNDER WARRANTY !! their service department it the absolute worst !

Home Depot Complaints: Home Depot Will Not Be First, Second or Third Option Anymore

Home Depot was the least reviewed company compared to other businesses presented in the article, but still, some cases led to a negative impact on customer projects and a ruined customer experience.

Home Depot has gained a 2.3-star rating* on The most common customer complaints in December include poor Home Depot customer service for online purchases, limited veteran discounts, and packing issues. Two of the most outrageous reviews highlight Home Depot delivery issues.

Home Depot complaints

In one of the Home Depot reviews, a construction business owner shares their negative experience with unprofessional delivery. After failing to contact customer service to clarify and fix delivery dates, Home Depot delivered the flooring tiles in a disorganized, damaged mess. The reviewer has contacted Home Depot on several attempts to have the items picked up and a refund issued to no avail:

Since the material was damaged, and in such a disarray and unable to count to assure all material ordered was accounted for, I immediately contacted Home Depot to cancel…After a few days of no refund processed, and materials still sprawled out all over the sidewalk...

In another customer experience involving Home Depot complaints, the reviewer ordered kitchen cabinets, but some arrived broken and had to be returned. The company is yet to replace or refund the damaged cabinets:

At this point I am not seeking an empty apology, I expect there to be some form of refund or other financial resolution to this…I will not make an empty threat that I will NEVER go to Home Depot again but I can truly promise you that I Home Depot will NOT be first, second or third option anymore.

A Call for Consistency in Customer Service

Customers often encounter delivery issues, unauthorized charges, and difficulty with returns and refunds due to poor customer service by retailers and e-commerce sellers. Such incidents may result in financial loss, time waste, and customer dissatisfaction.

The numerous customer complaints underscore the need for excellent customer service and communication. Even failed customer experiences hold invaluable insights for businesses and consumers.

What has been your experience with these businesses? You may leave a review on and share your valuable insights with other consumers. 

*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and PissedConsumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.

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