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The goal of your insurance provider is to bring you peace of mind and help cover the cost of emergencies, should they arise, with your home, your car, and other areas of your life. Unfortunately, despite having necessary coverage, there are still plenty of cases when policyholders need to complain about the insurance company.

Geico Q&A

Progressive Insurance Q&A

Number of Geico reviews - 1986

Number of Progressive Insurance reviews – 1357

Geico rating* - 1.9⭐⭐

Progressive Insurance rating* - 1.6⭐⭐

Claimed losses - $2.4M

Claimed losses - $2.5M

Successful calls - 20%/20K

Successful calls - 28%/6.5K

Resolved issues - 16

Resolved issues - 6

That’s why you should always check insurance reviews before committing to a particular service provider. You want a reliable insurance agent who can give you not just answers but also confidence that you’ve made the right choice and you’re covered against future emergencies, big or small. 

To help customers determine which insurance company best suits their needs, we did some digging into two of the largest insurers to compare Geico with Progressive Insurance.

Key Insights:

  • Customer reviews for both Geico and Progressive Insurance claim customer service is lacking in both companies.
  • Geico offers more discounts for insurance policies than Progressive Insurance.
  • Regarding the possibility of speaking with customer service representatives, Progressive Insurance provides more options compared to Geico.
  • Both Geico and Progressive Insurance offer streamlined ways to start a claim through the website or mobile app.

We have analyzed the Progressive and Geico pros and cons based on the following criteria:

1. Geico vs Progressive: Customer Reviews, Pros and Cons

Both Geico and Progressive offer multiple insurance types, suggesting saving you money via their apps and websites. The question arises: What is the difference? 

We looked at Geico vs Progressive Insurance reviews to determine what customers actually think about the companies and what pros and cons they outline. 

Currently, the Progressive Insurance rating on PissedConsumer is 1.6 out of 5 stars. This is slightly below the Geico rating of 1.9 stars out of a possible 5. Much of the concern stems from customer interactions with their customer service. 

For example, one customer complained that after a minor accident, they saw their insurance rates double every month. Trying to find out the reason from  Geico customer service, they

Spent nearly 2 hours on the phone speaking with 5 different individuals and NO ONE could provide any assistance.

Not solving the issue, the reviewer finally recommends that customers "RUN FAR AND FAST FROM THIS COMPANY.”

At the same time, a Progressive Insurance customer complained about “horrible customer service” and increasing rates “everytime is time for my policy to renew .” After contacting the support, 

it was even worse, the lady that answer the phone pretty much refused to get into it (my new quote), giving me every excuse why she couldn't.

According to Geico vs Progressive comparison on, customers have indicated the following pros and cons for both companies:



Progressive Insurance 


  • Price.
  • Location.
  • Online portal at  fingertips.
  • Great rates.
  • Web tools.
  • Simple to join.


  • Customer service.
  • Inability to resolve issues.
  • Exchange, refund, and cancellation policies.
  • Customer service.
  • Reliability.
  • Poor services.

2. Geico vs Progressive: Customer Service Experience

When it comes to Geico vs Progressive, both companies are struggling with effective customer service and handling claims, according to their customers. 

One reviewer got frustrated trying to find the Geico contact number. In their complaint, they noted that

Geico has changed or discontinued all of it's customer service numbers… ALL GEICO customer service numbers are dead ends. 

The Geico customer isn’t alone in such an experience. There are many policyholders who complain about the difficulties reaching Geico and Progressive Insurance customer service. While Geico does not list any phone numbers in easy-to-reach locations on their website, including the Contact Us page, Progressive does list a phone number at the very top of their home page, which stays visible on many screens. 

Without a means of contacting a person directly on the website, it’s easy to see why many Geico reviews complain about contact information. Still, many Progressive Insurance reviews express frustration with what happens after you call customer service. 

For example, in one of the recent Progressive Insurance complaints, the reviewer explained that after removing and adding another vehicle to the policy and requesting “the same exact coverage on the new car,” the company simply “removed my rental coverage,” which resulted in a mess. 

When he called to sort it out, he was “on the phone for almost an hour” and “NO ONE could answer any of my questions.” 

3. Geico vs Progressive: Insurance Product and Service Offering

The Geico website provides a wide range of product offerings. According to the Geico home page, in addition to the more typical car insurance, you can also apply for Geico renter’s insurance, Geico boat insurance, Geico pet insurance, Geico umbrella insurance and more.

Geico insurance products

Like Geico, Progressive has created a website that is streamlined for the majority of customer interactions. The Progressive homepage has links to the various products offered which will immediately start an online quote. In addition to Auto and Property insurance, you can also start a quote for RV, motorcycle, boat, and other types of insurance.

Progressive insurance products

When it comes to a Geico vs Progressive comparison, there are some differences between the companies. For example, Progressive Insurance policies include disappearing deductibles, where customer deductibles diminish every year they drive without accidents. Geico insurance offers coverage for mechanical breakdowns, which isn’t something offered by Progressive. 

The differences between Geico vs Progressive Insurance policies will vary in some states as well, as the companies have different service offerings in different locations. 

A breakdown comparison of some insurance products and services is below.

Product or Service


Progressive Insurance

Vehicle Insurance



Renter’s Insurance



Homeowner’s Insurance



Flood Insurance

Through National Flood Insurance Program

Through National Flood Insurance Program

Life Insurance

Only through Partners

Only through Partners

Business Insurance



RV Insurance



Boat and Motorcycle Insurance



Gap Insurance



Mechanical Breakdown Coverage



Ridesharing Insurance

Yes in most states

Yes in most states

Accident Forgiveness

Yes in most states

Yes in all states

When put to the test, Geico reviews tell readers quite a bit about products and services. According to one frustrated reviewer, the company “didn’t send me any insurance cards for proof of insurance,” they are facing issues with suspending their driving privileges.

Progressive Insurance reviews also uncover some challenges with the company’s services and products. One customer noted in their complaint:

Progressive bought the wrong components for my car and I have not been able to drive it for a year

The company continues to deny the claim that the wrong brand wheel is causing “death wobbles” that “could have killed me.”

4. Geico vs Progressive: Claims

To start a claim with Geico, you can click on the Report a Claim button on the Geico homepage. This link will take you to the Claims Center page.

Geico claim

Once you are on the Claims Center page, you will find a series of questions about the incident and how you would like to proceed.

Geico claim start the process

Much like Geico, Progressive makes it easy to find information about how to start a new quote for insurance and, if you already have a Progressive account, how to file a claim. 

The homepage also has a small link at the top to take you to the Progressive Insurance claims center via a pop-up menu. In order to use the Progressive Insurance claims center, you must be logged into your existing Progressive account. You can access some Progressive Insurance FAQ pages about the claims process, however, without logging in.

progressive Insurance claim online

There is also an option to create Progressive or Geico claims in the mobile apps. The process requires you to be logged in to find the corresponding option on the home screen.

Though the process of making the claim is relatively easy, the real challenges can happen after it. For example, one Geico review describes the issue with an adjuster, who was “negligent” in handling the claim. Despite filing a claim and ensuring they had “taken the proper steps,” the customer waited more than a month, and their car was never “fixed properly,” and it was left in a repair garage far from the reviewer's location.

Progressive Insurance reviews have some similar elements. In a recent complaint, one customer claims the situation with the car fixing resulted in a “panic attack at work” and the necessity “to go home.” The reason is that their car was taken to the one repair location, and then they were told it had to move, but the company representatives

refuse to pay and get have my car picked up and told me well if there are more fees i would have to pay it because they won't pay them.

While the various garages, the insurance company, and the customer go back and forth, their car has been “sitting over 14 days and not touched,” and they are “over 30 days on my rental.” 

5. Geico vs Progressive: Insurance Discounts

When comparing Geico vs Progressive, the various discounts the companies offer must be considered. 

Both Geico and Progressive Insurance discounts are provided in the following areas:

  • Bundling. 
  • Multi-vehicle discounts.
  • Good student.
  • Students away at school.
  • Paid in full.
  • Automatic payments.
  • Paperless billing.
  • Homeownership.
  • Usage-based discounts.

Only Geico discounts for insurance include:

  • Vehicle safety discounts for anti-theft and airbags.
  • Military or federal employee discounts.
  • Good driver discounts (Five Years Accident-Free).
  • New vehicle discounts.

Only Progressive Insurance discounts include: 

  • Online sign-up discount.
  • Teen driver discount.
  • Distant student discount.

When considering changing insurance companies or seeking a better rate, the first place to start isn’t their official website. Head to the reviews and read about customer experiences. It simplifies the process of seeing Geico vs Progressive pros and cons and their operational features. The more comparisons you read, the more information you’ll have, and the best choices you can make about what insurance company is best for your individual needs.

If you have experience with Geico or Progressive Insurance, you may leave a review and help others make an informed decision.

*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

Legal disclaimers:

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