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eDreams is one of the largest online travel agencies. Its services are available globally in over 46 countries. The Barcelona-based company promises its customers a high level of convenience and flexibility when booking various travel services and low prices.

However, before you book your next trip with them, you must establish if they are reliable. Check previous customers’ reviews on the eDreams customer service, service delivery efficiency, and policies.

Below is an overview of the eDreams reviews on

eDreams Q&A

Number of eDreams reviews – 3.7K

eDreams rating* – 1.3 ⭐

Claimed losses - $1.8M

Successful calls – 10%/19.9K

Resolved issues – 30

eDreams Pros

  • Reasonable prices
  • Quick reservation

eDreams Cons

  • Lack of human customer service
  • Difficult cancellation process
  • Misleading information
  • Non-transparent charging

This article answers the following top customer questions to eDreams:

  1. How do I contact eDreams customer service?
  2. Is legit?
  3. How to change a flight?
  4. How to cancel a flight?
  5. How to get a refund from
  6. What payment methods does the company accept?
  7. How long does processing take?
  8. What is my baggage allowance when booking a flight through

1. How Do I Contact eDreams Customer Service?

PissedConsumer, on the eDreams contact page, provides contact information that you can use to reach eDreams customer service. The contact information includes eDreams phone numbers for customers in different parts of the world. PissedConsumer also provides links to eDreams social media networks and eDreams headquarters addresses.

According to an eDreams blog post, the company’s customer service is mainly self-service. There are various self-service tools, including the eDreams app, ‘My Trips’ area, ‘Manage My Booking’ area and the Help Center.

However, if you want to contact eDreams, use the chat feature on the website. There is no eDreams customer service number provided for general customers. However, a dedicated eDreams prime contact number is exclusively available for prime members. The phone number is not openly provided on the website. Rather, the blog states that it is provided in the emails sent to Prime members.

eDreams Prime membership support

The eDreams customer service is also highly responsive on social media. Their Facebook About section indicates that the social media support team is available Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm BST. You can send them a direct message on the eDreams official Facebook or Twitter page. Customers also bring up their issues as tweets on the eDreams Twitter page.

eDreams Facebook page

The eDreams app is designed to enable you to make and find your booking fast and easily. It provides you with real-time information about your booking. You can use it to check the status of your requests, pick your seats, check in to your flight, get boarding passes, and many more.

eDreams online support

You can check schedule changes and flight cancellations, and add baggage, accommodation, or transportation in the ‘My Trips’ area. The help center addresses the top customer questions and issues.

eDreams mytrips area

2. Is eDreams Legit?

eDreams has been in operation since 1999 and positions itself as a leading online travel agency. It stands out for its wide range of travel services at low prices. It offers customers access to flights on more than 690 Airlines and over 2.1M hotels worldwide. Its range of services includes flights, hotel bookings, car rentals, travel insurance, and tailored holiday packages. Customers can also subscribe to the eDreams Prime program for huge discounts on their bookings.

What is eDreams: company information

As a comprehensive online travel agency, eDreams promises its customers the highest level of convenience and flexibility when booking. According to the eDreams about us page, the company also aims to provide full customer support before, during, and after the trip. has an innovative search engine and booking feature to find your preferred service and book easily. You can access the website from a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet device.

Is eDreams legit?

We checked the eDreams customer reviews on PissedConsumer to find out if the company honors its promises.

eDreams has an average star rating of 1.3 as of the date of writing this article, which indicates that most customers are dissatisfied. There are numerous eDreams complaints regarding poor customer service, wrong billing, and wrong booking information.

eDreams reviews profile

The numerous complaints and low ratings make customers wonder, “Is eDreams legit?”

For instance, in a video review on PissedConsumer, the customer complains about poor eDreams customer service. He said he had booked a Skyscanner flight before Covid, but the flights were canceled due to the pandemic. The eDreams customer service has been difficult to reach as there is no one to speak to make a refund request.

The only response he got was through a chat robot, and he was taken in circles about his refund. He kept being referred back and forth between eDreams and the airline with an offer to be refunded with a voucher. He says that eDreams should not have sold the flight in the first place if they knew that flights would not leave the airport.

3. How to Change a Flight on eDreams?

According to the "How can I change my flight" FAQs page, flight modification is only possible if your fare ticket permits. It also depends on the availability of other flights and the stipulations of the airline.

In most cases, cheaper fares do not allow you to make changes on your flight. In instances when changes are allowed, you will be required to top up the difference if the new flight is more expensive. A penalty fee may also apply.

Edreams customer reviews indicate that users often cannot change their flights, even when applicable. According to the eDreams complaints, customers are referred back and forth between the travel agency and airline when they attempt to change their flight.

If you cannot change the flight, you may want to consider canceling it. Whether you receive a refund depends on your specific circumstances and how they relate to the eDreams refund policy. 

How to Change a Flight on eDreams?

4. How to Cancel a Flight on eDreams?

According to the eDreams cancellation policy page, eDreams offers different cancellation terms. They offer free cancellation for flights marked as “Free Cancellation” if you make it on the same day of booking. Otherwise, cancellation charges will apply.

eDreams cancelation policy

The standard eDreams cancellation policy is that depending on the specific flight booked, you may either be entitled to a full, partial, or no refund. If your flight booking is refundable, or if your booking is either standard or premium, it will be canceled free of charge. Otherwise, eDreams will charge you a $50 administration fee per ticket. Some airlines also charge a cancellation fee.

eDreams can make the cancellation request on your behalf with specific airlines such as American Airlines, Air France, and British France. To cancel your flight, get in touch with eDreams customer care via phone. On the other hand, for low-cost carriers, you will have to get in touch with the airline to request cancellation.

how to cancel an eDreams flight?

5. How to Get a Refund from

According to the eDreams refund policy, you can get a full, partial, or no refund depending on the reason for cancellation, the ticket price, and whether your circumstances meet the fare rules and conditions. You may get refunded for both voluntary and involuntary cancellations.

Generally, most budget tickets are non-refundable. If your flight cancellation is due to disruption by the airline, you should be offered an alternative flight or a full refund. You may sometimes be offered a voucher or the ability to rebook instead of a cash refund. If the flight cancellation happens when you're ready at the airport, you may be entitled to compensation from the airline—check with the airline’s customer care desk.

eDreams refund policy

If you do not turn up for your flight, it is considered a no-show, and there will be no refund.

Some of the refunds are processed by eDreams. However, refunds due to issues such as strikes, coronavirus, schedule changes, illness, or death are sent to the airline for authorization. Although EU regulations require airlines to refund within 7 days, it might take about 30 days to process your refund.

You do not need to contact the eDreams customer service team to follow up on your refund. Besides, there is no eDreams refund number that you can call. Check the eDreams app for status updates on your refund request.

eDreams refund request

6. What Payment Methods Does eDreams accept?

According to the help center, there are two main eDreams payment methods:

  • Credit card and debit cards, such as Diners Club International, MasterCard, Visa;
  • Online payment methods such as PayPal and Entropay.

Debit/credit card payments are authorized right away. Some debit cards and credit cards issued outside the US may be charged additional fees to cater to the currency exchange.

eDreams reviews indicate that some customers were double or wrongfully charged when paying for a booking. eDreams clarifies this issue in their FAQs. They note that card payments may temporarily appear twice on your account.

This is a normal procedure by most card issuers. The first charge is a pre-authorization, while the second is the actual payment. The duplicate amount will be returned to your account once the payment has been processed successfully. If the refund takes too long, contact your card issuer.

eDreams payment methods

7. How Long Does eDreams Processing Take?

According to the “What is the status of my booking” page, eDreams issues tickets within a period of 24 hours after you have made your payment. Usually, tickets are issued immediately after your payment has been received unless the service you are booking requires confirmation with the airline on issues such as reduced mobility or bringing a pet along.

In case a transaction does not go through, eDreams will contact you via email to let you know of the failed transaction. eDreams recommends that if your booking is being processed but you haven’t received an update within 24 hours you should get in touch with eDreams customer care.

You can check the status of your booking either on the eDreams iPhone or Android app or through their website under “My Trips”. The status of your booking will either read: “Confirmed Booking”, “Booking request received”, or “Booing cancelled or payment declined”.

Edreams booking status

8. What Is a Baggage Allowance When Booking a Flight Through

According to the Baggage Allowance FAQ page, the allowable number, size, and weight of bags for each passenger vary depending on the airline and route. It also depends on the amount paid for the ticket. Most budget tickets do not include any free baggage.

You can check your baggage allowance under the "Manage My Booking" area. Or, contact the eDreams customer service for further assistance.

What is my baggage allowance when booking with eDreams?

If you plan a trip, you may consider the eDreams online travel agency for its wide range of travel services at low costs. Whether you are looking to book a flight, hotel, car rental, or buy travel insurance, you will find something that fits your budget.

However, you also need to keep in mind the cons of the company. For instance, there is no way to speak to a real person for assistance. No eDreams customer service number is available unless you are a prime member. The main way to contact eDreams is via the chatbot on the website or direct message on social media.

Furthermore, there are numerous eDreams complaints about wrongful billing and double charging, flight disruptions, difficulty changing flights, and difficulty getting refunds.

What has been your experience with eDreams? Leave a review on

*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and PissedConsumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.

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Intizar Wafa #1942
Dear Madam/Sir, With most respectfully I would like to say, that by mistake i have subscribed Edreams PRIME,i would like to unsubscribe it and to refund my money . Looking forward for your acknowledgement. Thank you, Regards, Intizar wafa
Mohamamd kanaan #2059
Hello , today i was refund the edream prime without my ask and I dont need it . Its very bad action happened with me and I need my money back please
Michael Edwin Newman #1960
Please assist me to cancel my service/subscription to EDREAMS. I used your service recently to buy a return Aer Lingus flights to and from B'ham. I do not want to receive subscription fees from you, please help me cancel my subscription to your firm please.
Jinna Martinez #1978
Hi could you please assist me with the following? I bought my tickets with edreams in 2020 but tickets got cancelled due to COVID as the borders in the destination closed (Australia). I have been trying to contact edreams for more than a year to get a refund or to be able to use the credit and I am asked to call Virgin Australia. However, Virgin Australia said that they can only issue the tickets if edreams email them with the authorisation to use them, but edreams refuse to do it after I called for more than a year numerous times. Could anyone assist me to get this in writing? It has been a nightmare calling for hours and people not listening or helping me.
Dawood #2244
I have the same issue with this agency. I have been trying to get in touch for a refund that was requested 8 months ago. I don't know how to deal with these people. I have been their customer for over ten years.
Due to COVID regulations between Switzerland and UK due to the new OMICRON Variant. I called Swissair and edreams. They both were tossing me up and down. On the 23or24 a staff of edreams by name SRITHANGELI assured me to do the do necessary, and told me that I will get a mail defering my ticket to 22/10/22 and easyJet deferred my ticket for 31/12/21 with ease to 29/10/2022. I don't know why edreams and Swissair were tossing my up and down. I spent 60chf on phone calls to edreams and Swissair. Please tell them to defer my ticket.
Efraim Lhungdim #2103
I brought ticket but there is no ticket in the airport for me ? Iwant a refund for that.
eduard #2104
Good morning, gentlemen of Edreams!I have been trying to get in touch with you for a long time to get my money back from a flight that was canceled on August 1, 2020 and after requesting a refund, as of today, I still haven't received my money.It has been more than a year and a half and the card with which I made the payment is no longer valid. I have a new bank account number to receive the refund.Please indicate how to proceed to provide my bank details.Thanks
Gabolwelwe Deborah Robinson #2205
I have booked a flight from Dublin to Newcastle for 22/12/21. I am unable to open the link to retrieve my booking confirmation any on the app. This app is useless, is not responding. Can you please re-send my confirmation reference in my email please. I need to find my trip as I have aid up in advance
Bernardjose9 #2210
I already get prove spirit airline send this app {{{{{REDACTED}}} my money and they try to playing with my money I promise in my life this will stop this app {{{{{REDACTED}}} abuse people I already get prove from spirit airline
Ozgu #2254
I bought a ticket through eDreams and the airlines canceled my flight. The airlines refunded my money ‘on file’. However the card is not mine. I’m guessing it belongs to eDreams. The airline told me to get in touch with eDreams on the money they refunded to make sure eDreams also gives me the money back. EDreams phone numbers don’t work. Can’t get in touch with them. Their app refers me to messaging them which when you ask for the refund the msg you receive is ‘ Apologies for the estimated waiting time, but all of my human colleagues are currently busy.’ now I’m out all this money (even though the airlines refunded) because they put a different card on file for me. Meaning all refunds go through eDreams. I will never use them to purchase anything ever again. DISSATISFIED!
Henry #2282
You charge me twice for my flight nr K7E9HS. Ryanair flight FR7547
Mat #3033
I just got charged 3 times for an edreams booked flight. Their phone numbers all appear to be disconnected.
Geghnush Azizyan #2306
I ordered a round-trip ticket Yerevan - Moscow-Yerevan on January 6-10. The airline notified me by email that the flights was canceled before January 31st. I want to get my money back. the name of the company is FLYONE. I look forward to your reply
Andra #2323
We can't retrieve the booking number that was sent to a wrong email address no matter how much we ve tried. On the phone you can't get to talk to anyone until you have the 10 digits number. This is much too much!!!!
Muhammad K Toor #2350
Edreams does not respond in a good way. I have purchased tickets from them but the flights are cancelled and the airline has already refunded the money but edreams keeping my money and not refunding it and lying that the airline did not process the refund. I have the proof from the airline that the ticket has been refunded and already processed.
Gertrude van Wyk #2450
I booked a flight with this eDreams and never got back to me with ticket no. until I called them. It was issued via email and late so. The plane had less than an hour before taking off. I went to Swiss desk and the assistant called the airline attendant to remove my name from the list due to the late issuance of my ticket! I mean there was no way I could check in! Did that help, Hell No?! The app is just useless, the chat robot a nightmare, email and websites are silent killers!!! No Response whatsoever, it is now exactly full 6 months and 14 days! The flight was from Johannesburg to Nashville for my schooling. Sadly, my husband is still refunding the bank on a loss eDreams created for us. Never in my remaining life I would consider or advise anyone to use eDreams, never...
Gertrude van Wyk #2451
I nearly forgot, out of frustration I bumped into Resolver. Did it help? Initially, it sounded like a hope of getting a solution. Shame, what a spit on a face when one is being unfairly treated and robbed one's money! I was advised to engage some with some lawyers online and pay for their services. I mean, this is so unfair and brutal! I am not at fault, this is in deed an involuntary cancellation which eDreams caused on my behalf but at the end of the day I must legal charges to get my refund back. I never wanted lawyers But my refund! As for me, whoever is sitting on my money my husband loaned for eDreams to rip us off just like that, your day is coming. God will punish you severely, believe me. I won't stop praying
Arnold Gozun #3308
I book my flight last Friday.. Auckland to Manila scheduled dated on March 6 my problem is I'm still waiting for the confirmation. It says that I need to wait for 24 hrs.its Monday already I'm still waiting..Someone can assist me?
Segen Zemikial #2522
I want refund my moneyIt taught from my account money £59.99?I want back my money
Avtar singh #2525
I want refund my money though from my account money 59.99 I want back my money
Tapfumanei Mutodza #2576
I cancel trip so now I need my money back refund that taking time
Prince #2782
Ref 8304439133, already indigo airlines returned to eDreams , but ur side ?
Audio Klimczuk #3016
This company sold me a trip , and didn't send nao email confirmation no brooking. Number , the phone number they have on their website don't work, so far they didn't return my messages or email, it was a emergancy trip , so they tock my money just like that
Dhruvin Patel #3050
I am trying to contact eDreams through various numbers but unfortunately I don’t get any option for talking directly to the agent. My issue is that I modified my book and already have been charged for it but I haven’t received any confirmation or new reservation.