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eDreams reviews and questions on PissedConsumer review a number of issues about the company. The most common eDreams complaints are in regards to poor customer service, eDreams refund policy, eDreams cancellation policy, and eDreams flight bookings among others.

We looked through eDreams reviews and identified the following top eDreams FAQs:

  1. How do I contact eDreams customer service?
  2. Is legitimate?
  3. How can I change my flight?
  4. How to cancel a flight?
  5. Can I get a refund from
  6. What payment methods does the company accept?
  7. How long does processing take?
  8. What is my baggage allowance when booking a flight through

Top 8 eDreams FAQ

We then went ahead to seek answers to the top eDreams FAQs in the company’s website.

1.  How do I contact eDreams customer service?

PissedConsumer, on the eDreams contact page, provides contact information that you can use to reach the eDreams customer service. The contact information includes eDreams toll-free number for customers in the United States, and different customer support and sales eDreams phone numbers for customers in different parts of the world. PissedConsumer also provides an eDreams Chat link, eDreams email address, links to eDreams social media networks, and eDreams headquarters address.

Edreams Toll-Free Number:

  • (844) 539-6719 United States

Edreams Sales Phone Numbers:

  • (929) 270-4181 Rest of the World
  • (929) 270-4186 United States
  • +3 389 927 1045 France
  • +49 692 000 1819 Germany
  • +3 490 200 0012 Spain
  • +44 800 026 1532 United Kingdom

Edreams Customer Support Phone Numbers:

  • (929) 251-9109 Rest of the World
  • (844) 539-6719 United States
  • +3 317 036 0304 France
  • +49 305 200 2073 Germany
  • +3 490 288 7107 Spain
  • +44 800 026 1530 United Kingdom

Edreams Email:


Edreams Headquarters Address:

601 World Trade Center N, PL6

Barcelona, 08039


Here are the links to the various eDreams social networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

2.  Is legitimate?

According to the eDreams About Us Page, the company positions itself as one of the world’s leading online travel agencies. It has the presence in over 33 countries and offers the widest mix of services in the market including flight bookings, hotel, and car booking as well as tailored holiday packages. prides itself in providing its customers with over 155,000 flight routes, from over 610 airlines and accessibility to over 1,700,000 hotels in 40,000 destinations.

Is Edereams legitimate

eDreams promises its customers the most competitive prices and offers the eDreams Price Guarantee:

Our promise:

If you find a cheaper price within 24 hours of booking your flight with eDreams, we'll refund you the difference.”

edreams price guarantee

With that said, eDreams has an average star rating of 2.1 on PissedConsumer as of the date of writing this article. eDreams customer reviews on PissedConsumer indicate that many customers are dissatisfied with different aspects of the company. Complaints against eDreams include issues such as poor customer service, wrongful billing, and wrong booking information among others.

One reviewer expressed frustration with the eDreams customer support and felt ripped off:

 “…I booked return flights and had to come home after a week, I had two weeks to cancel me return flights however, eDreams would not reply to any emails and when I finally got through on the phone I was told to call back because the information was not available on their screen. Its disgusting that you pay in good faith and when there is a problem you find that the complaints department at eDreams is non existent.

Warning, Warning Warning eDreams will rip you off

eDreams customer service representatives have come forward on PissedConsumer to apologize, respond and clarify some of the issues that come up in the eDreams reviews. For instance, in the review above, eDreams verified representative thanks the reviewer for their comment and notes that the person should request cancellation by getting in touch with eDreams customer assistance via the phone as noted on the terms and conditions of the company’s website.

Edreams customer service

3.  How can I change my flight on

According to the flights modifications page,  it may be possible to change your flight. However, it will depend on your fight fare, availability of other flights, and stipulations of the airline. Changing your flight is likely to come with additional charges such as price increase of the new ticket, eDreams administration fees of $50 except for standard and premium bookings, and some airlines may apply a penalty charge. Usually, budget tickets do not allow for flight changes.

Before making any change to your booking, we need to check whether your ticket fare permits changes. Changes such as date or route amendments are subject to the conditions defined by the airline depending on your fare. Generally, budget tickets do not permit any kind of change. 

Edreams flight booking modification

4.  How do I cancel a flight on eDreams?

According to the eDreams cancellation policy page, eDreams offers different cancellation terms. They offer free cancellation for flights marked as “Free Cancellation” if you make it on the same day of booking. Otherwise, cancellation charges will apply.

eDreams cancelation policy

The standard eDreams cancellation policy is that depending on the specific flight booked, you may either be entitled to a full, partial or no refund. If your flight booking is refundable, or if your booking is either standard or premium, it will be canceled free of charge. Otherwise, eDreams will charge you a $50 administration fee per ticket. Some airlines also charge a cancellation fee.

eDreams can make the cancellation request on your behalf with specific airlines such as American Airlines, Air France, and British France. To cancel your flight, get in touch with eDreams customer care via phone. On the other hand, for low-cost carriers, you will have to get in touch with the airline to request for cancellation.

Edreams flight cancelation

5.  Can I get a refund from

According to eDreams refund policy page, you may get a refund on both voluntary and involuntary cancellations. The eDreams refunds policy indicates that you may receive a partial, full or no refund depending on the specific scenario.

To process a refund, you will be required to cancel your booking first. For the major airlines, contact eDreams to request a refund. The company will transfer your request to the airline, who at their discretion and according to their refund policies will either accept or deny the eDreams refund request. Refund authorization by the airline may take up to 3 months or longer to process.

Some airlines may apply a fee on the refundable amount. eDreams charges a $50 per ticket administration fee to process a refund request.  The administration fee is deducted from the amount refunded by the airline. However, if the refund is on a standard or premium booking, or as a result of an involuntary cancellation, no administration fee will be applied.

Edreams refund policy

6.  What payment methods does accept?

According to the Payment methods page, eDreams accepts payments both by debit/credit cards such as Diners Club International, MasterCard, Visa as well as through online payment methods such as PayPal and Entropay.

Payments made through Debit or Credit cards are accepted immediately. Some Debit cards and Credit cards issued outside of the US may be charged additional fees to cater for the currency exchange. When paying with a Debit card or Credit card ensure to pay the entire amount as this means of payments does not support instalment payments. Some banks may not support use of their issued debit or credit cards to make online payments. If you experience a payment error get in touch with your bank. Online payments take between 1-8 days to process.

Edreams payment policy

7.   How long does eDreams processing take?

According to the “What is the status of my booking” page, eDreams issues tickets within a period of 24 hours after you have made your payment. Usually, tickets are issued immediately after your payment has been received unless the service you are booking requires confirmation with the airline on issues such as reduced mobility or bringing a pet along.

In case a transaction does not go through, eDreams will contact you via email to let you know of the failed transaction. eDreams recommends that if your booking is being processed but you haven’t received an update within 24 hours you should get in touch with eDreams customer care.

You can check the status of your booking either on the eDreams iPhone or Android app or through their website under “My Trips”. The status of your booking will either read: “Confirmed Booking”, “Booking request received”, or “Booing cancelled or payment declined”.

Edreams booking status

8.   What is my baggage allowance when booking a flight through

According to Baggage allowance page, the allowable number of baggage and weight differs from one airline to another. It also depends on the fare you have booked. Usually, most restricted fares do not have any free baggage allowance. When booking your flight ticket on eDreams, you are able to check baggage allowance for the specific ticket.

Edreams baggage allowance

The company also offers a drop-down menu on the baggage allowance page where you select a specific airline and you can check their baggage limit. For more assistance with baggage allowance, get in touch with eDreams customer help.

How can I check my baggage allowance on Edreams

Do you have an eDreams complaint or question that is not addressed above?

  • Leave a review on the eDreams reviews page on PissedConsumer.
  • Post a question on eDreams Q&A page on PissedConsumer.
  • Get in touch with eDreams customer help.
  • Go through the eDreams help center to find answers to eDreams FAQs
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Rajendran Pillai #3581
I have received a ticket from edream site . I have paid payment and traveled the destination. It was happended in February 2022. Then this month march 3 your company took money from my visa without any information. I have made mistake my card details given your site. So kindly refund the money as soon as possible.
Anonymous #3613
Eliseo Agnes #3837
EDreams collected 109.98 euros from my account. Anyone can give me contact number?
arfan #3653
hello brother,i have same issue with edreams.i traveled in february and they take money again from my account have solve this issue or still not response from edreams.what we will be do against this company??have you any suggestion?may be in future they will again stolen money from our bank account
Jelena Beljic #4365
The same happened to me yesterday
Chorr #3588
Does anyone have the telephone number for eDreams please thank you
Anonymous #3617
Thay are theafs thay are steeling mony every one who bye ticket with edreams
INBAL #3621
Hi,Im trying to book my flight. in one of the flight (from flydubai) there is not baggage included. When Im trying to add bag it shows me 3 options ( 3 bags (20 kg total), 3 bags (30kg total),3 bags(40kg total). I want to add one bag of 20 kg. what should I choose?Thanksinbal
Rajiv Kumar #3643
please send me contect no
Jasmine l #3646
I have been waiting for my refund since March 3 rd
Desire Otim #3649
Hi there,I talked to Wizz air and was told they refunded my money o the 24th of February 2022. Sadly every time I try to contact them it just goes to answer phone.
Keisha Walker #3665
I am trying to get my money back. On the 14th February I was overcharged as I booked for 2 persons to travel on February 25, 2022 from Jamaica to Canada and back on the March 11, 2022. I was charged CAD $1212 even though the flight on the 25th February was declined as seen below:Booking partially confirmedFri, 25 Feb KingstonToronto DeclinedWe've been unable to process this section of your booking. To resolve this issue, we ask you to please re-book this part of your trip only using an updated payment method. If any payment has been taken relating to the declined transaction, we will issue a refund within the next 10 days. Rest assured that the other parts of your booking have been processed correctly.Fri, 11 Mar TorontoKingston ConfirmedEdreams stated that within 10 days the money will be refund. I have been trying to get my money back and to date March 15 I have not spoken to someone who can assist me. I feel like betrayed. I need my money back because I could not board the plane without making payments. The eDreams booking reference is 8795625797. I cannot wait any longer for the money to be returned because I have obligations that I must attend to. Edreams needs to honour their request to me as a customer.
Anand #3682
HiI didn't booked any ticket for Barcelona. How come 54 Euro 99 cents taken out from my bank account on 17th MarchWill you please look in this matter urgently.Thanks
Anila #3700
Hi, Edreams prime debit my credit card this month twice time. I don't know why you stole my money. Please sent back my money in my card and canceled my credit card.if you want the nr or another info please inform me.Anila meta
Lydia Mace-Moore #3721
Edreams customer service is awful!I have tried calling the number shown above but it seems it no longer works. I have tried emailing, going on the app and online to book seats for my Nan who due to recent medical reasons, needs to be seated on an isle seat towards the front of the plane. I have tried all avenues with no response.Would never use this company again.Awful.
Anita Hayes #3723
I have been waiting for a flight refund since 2020 when the pandemic caused my flight to be cancelled. I am getting different answers from agents on chat, I am very annoyed and I want my money back can anyone advise what to do please?I am in the UK.
Flavia #3733
My money got deducted of $89.99 from my account for some stupid prime subscription which I didn’t even take. I would love to get my refund back by tom. Because i never signed up for that shit. Thankyou and give me a refund back by tom…
Brigitte Cummings #3792
I booked flights with edreams, from HKG to Trivandrums, Their suggested schedule seemed acceptable, as I know there are different routes one can take. I accepted their route for 10th /11th AprilEmirates fr HK to BKK, then INDIGO on 11th April from BKK to BLR, and from BLR to TRV.I also booked a return flight with them, Indigo from TRV via BLR to BKK and then Thai Airways to HKG.I received confirmation of my flights from both Edreams and Indigo, but then INDIGO advised me that they had to cancel their flight from BKK to BLR on April 11th. I expected E Dreams to suggest alternate dates, or offer different schedules... they RECONFIRMED the same flights!! I advised them several times that Indigo Airlines had cancelled their flight to BLR, and I offered to change my departure date from HKG to either one or two days BEFORE April 10th or a couple of days after. They were impossible to reach... and I sent several emails. Today they informed me that it was up to me, as the customer to negotiate any changes with the airline. HOW ON EARTH CAN I DO THAT??? They issued the ticket (I never received any ticket, by the way,) they have to change my departure date from Hong Kong first and then arrange different flights with INDIGO. I really don't know what to do now. How can I get a different schedule, all I want is to get from HKG to TRV, on the best route. I accepted their suggestion, paid for my ticket - and now, because of flight cancellation, they are unwilling to help me find a solution. What is your suggestion?
Jossef Davidovici #3793
I am watting for a replay to E-Mail and I wonder when that will be!
Lovepreet singh sran #3804
Hi, I never use this app never use this site and I don't know why they cut my 54.99 euro . I don't know anything they are bullshit and they don't reply on e-mail as well .
Ohuma Nkike #3826
Hi Edreams how come my money got deducted of €56:30/ 8,000Isk from my account on 31/3/2022 please refund my money back to my card and canceled my credit card ,please refund my money back
Rehan Masood #3829
I have a complaint that I have booked my flight through Edream and had cancelled and requested for the refund of my amount but unfortunately since 9 months passed away and still I could not get my refund amount from Edream.
Jessica lasswell #3857
I am needing my confirmation sent to me for the flight that I secured on 4/4. There is no phone number that is working that I can find anywhere on line. This is a family emergency that my husband is traveling for and for this to happen is very sad
Gentian Koci #3860
I made the reservation of eDreams: for which I received confirmation that it can not be fully confirmed . But despite this, the money was taken from me and was not returned