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Harry and David is an American gourmet gifts company. They have been around for over 75 years. Although their initial model included several Harry and David locations, it had pivoted to focus on eCommerce.

There is a wide variety of Harry and David gifts. However, before you order from the Harry and David catalog, make sure that the company is trustworthy. For example, is the Harry and David customer service reliable? Is there a Harry and David phone number to call?

Below is an overview of the Harry and David reviews and ratings on PissedConsumer.

Harry and David Q&A

Number of Harry and David Reviews – 497

Harry and David Rating* – 1.6 ⭐⭐

Claimed Losses – $10K

Successful Calls – 35%/116

Resolved Issues – 7

This article answers the following top Harry and David consumer questions.

1. What Is Harry and David?

Harry & David, LLC. is a gourmet gifts company. They offer freshly-picked fruit baskets, desserts, wine, and savory treats. Their product range includes flower and plant gift baskets and kitchen and home products such as serveware, utensils, and gadgets.

You can order one of the customized Harry and David gift baskets or buy one of the popular options.  They usually contain a wide variety of decadents, including truffles, chocolates, fresh and dried fruits, cheese, meat, sausages, salami, etc. If you are not sure what basket to choose you can read Harry and David reviews online and get help from real customers.

Harry & David first started in 1934 and has grown to be one of America’s top gourmet gift companies. They own over 1,700 acres of land where fruits are grown. Harry and David pears are some of the most popular gift items. The company produces over 14,000 tonnes of pears each year.

Harry and David, LLC. is now owned by the 1-800-Flowers company. It is a sister brand to several other companies, including Shari’s Berries, Simply Chocolate, Wolferman’s, Cheryl’s, Alice’s Table, Moose Munch, Popcorn Factory, etc.

You can shop the luxurious fruit online on The company closed all its brick and motor stores except one in 2020 to focus on eCommerce. The flagship Harry and David store in Medford, Oregon, is still open for in-person shopping.

what are Harry and David store locations

2. How Do I Contact Harry and David Customer Service?

There are a variety of channels through which you can reach the Harry and David customer service, including phone, email, mail, fax, and social media.

Call the main Harry and David phone number (1-877-322-1200) for immediate help. You could also call the alternative phone number (1-800-547-3033) provided on their Facebook page. According to the website, the Harry and David customer service numbers are open throughout the week between 5.00 am and 9. 00p.m Pacific Time.

The fax number is 1-800-648-6640. There is also a live chat option on the website. Or, send an email to

Harry and David customer service

Alternatively, you can send a mail to the following address:

Harry & David Internet customer Service
2500 S. Pacific Hwy,
Medford, OR

how to contact Harry and David customer service

The Harry and David customer service is also quite responsive on the Facebook (@harryanddavid) and Twitter customer care account (@harrydavidhelp). Often, consumers leave their complaints on the company’s Twitter help page or under recent posts on Facebook.

Harry and David Facebook support

Typically, the customer is asked to provide their order number or personal details associated with it. This helps the customer service representative to follow up on the issue raised. Therefore, you can message Harry and David customer service directly on their Twitter or Facebook page if you have an issue. 

Several Harry and David reviews on PissedConsumer and the company’s social media pages indicate incidences of poor customer service.  Consumers report that they did not get responses to their messages or calls.

For example, in a Harry and David complaint on Twitter, the customer did not receive a reply to their tweets and emails regarding delivery failure on Father’s Day. 

Harry and David Twitter help center

In other instances, when customers attempted to call the Harry and David customer service number they were hung up on or connected to a bot like in this review #3145181. 

Harry and David consumer review

3. Where to Buy Harry and David Relish?

Since the majority of the Harry and David locations closed down, for most customers, the only option available for buying the company’s relishes is through their website. Put the word “relish” on the search bar on their website, and you will be presented with all the fruit and relishes available to choose from. If you are near the Harry and David store in Oregon, you could opt to walk in to make your purchase. 

The Harry and David catalog has a variety of relish flavors, including pepper, onion, pineapple, apple cherry, jalapeno, cranberry, etc. You can opt for assorted relish in Harry and David gift baskets or go for a specific flavor.

Harry and David relish

4. Why Is There Only One Harry and David Pear Wrapped in Gold Foil?

Every Harry and David pears gift basket comes with one pear wrapped in gold foil. According to a blog on their website, this is a Harry and David tradition, which was started in 1934.  The gold film was intended to add an extra touch to all Harry and David gifts to convey royalty. 

Harry and David pear wrapped in gold foil

5. I Haven’t Received My Order Yet, What Should I Do?

The most common Harry and David complaints are regarding delayed or missing deliveries. We looked at the Harry and David shipping and delivery policies to help you determine what to do if your order has not arrived yet.

According to the Shipping information page, Harry & David offers various shipping options with different costs and delivery timelines. 

  • Standard – 7 business days delivery 
  • 3-Day Express – 3 business days delivery 
  • 2-Day Express – 2 business days delivery. 

The expedited shipping methods deliver within the specified timeframe with same-day shipping for items ordered before 1 pm ET. shipping information

However, Harry and David notes that despite their best effort to deliver within the specified timeframe of your chosen shipping method, arrival dates may differ due to adverse conditions that may affect shipment. If there is a foreseeable change in the specified delivery time, Harry and David may request an extension of the delivery time. 

They note that, since weather conditions can delay harvest, Fruit–of–the–Month club shipments may arrive later than the scheduled arrival dates.

arrival dates and substitution

The Harry and David delivery guarantee indicates that the company is keen to deliver on time and provide accurate delivery information. They use reliable shipping services. However, if there is an error, they reserve the right to correct it. They encourage customers to provide the right address to facilitate timely delivery.

delivery guarantee

If your order has not arrived yet, check the delivery address you provided to ensure it is correct. Then, check your email and personal account for any updates or changes in the delivery schedule. Otherwise, call the Harry and David customer service number to follow up on your order. The surest way to get it in time would be to buy directly from the remaining Harry and David store if you live nearby.

6. How Long Do Harry and David Pears Last?

There are several Harry and David complaints about pears arriving spoilt or spoiling within a few days of delivery. In other cases, the pears arrive raw. Therefore, customers are keen to find out how to store Harry and David pears and ripen them while ensuring they do not go bad.

According to a blog on their website, Harry and David pears are fresh, succulent, and juicy. The pears are chilled before being packed into the Harry and David gift baskets. When you receive them, they should be ready to eat within a few days. The exact amount of time required for ripening varies from one pear to another, depending on the type. 

To ripen them, put them in allocation within 65-75 Fahrenheit. For faster ripening, put a ripe banana or apple in the package. To slow down ripening, refrigerate the pears. If one pear is rotten, get rid of it immediately to prevent the rest of the pears from going bad. 

Harry and David do not provide precise timelines for ripening and the lifetime of the pears. However, they give ripening instructions for the Harry and David gifts that contain pears. 

how to ripen Harry and David pears

If you are looking for gourmet, plant, flower, and kitchenware gifts, has a wide collection. You can choose from the various Harry and David gift baskets or order a custom gift. 

The company's website is the main way to shop using the extensive Harry and David catalog. You can walk in for in-store shopping if you know the Harry and David location and live near it. Or, call the Harry and David phone number to make your order or follow up on an existing one. 

However, beware of consumers’ Harry and David complaints about poor customer service, late deliveries, and bad pears.

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