There are a number of questions that have come up on the Harry & David Reviews and Q&A pages on Pissed Consumer. The most common Harry & David consumer’s complaints and questions are in regards to the quality of products, product delivery and shipment, returns and refunds, and how to get in touch with Harry & David customer support. We looked through Harry & David FAQ and other company website pages to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

13 Harry & David Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I contact Harry & David?
  2. Where is the company located?
  3. How do I get a replacement of a box of rotten pears?
  4. How long do Harry & David pears last?
  5. Why is the only one pear wrapped in gold foil?
  6. I haven’t received my order yet. What should I do?
  7. Where can I buy HarryAndDavid.Com products?
  8. Are Harry and David fruits organic?
  9. Are truffles gluten-free?
  10. Can the company do same day delivery?
  11. Will it ship to Canada?
  12. Does Harry & David have free shipping?
  13. Does accept PayPal?

We looked through the Harry & David FAQ page, terms and conditions page and other reputable forums and websites to find answers to your top Harry & David frequently asked questions.

1. How do I contact Harry & David?

PissedConsumer provides the following contact information on the Harry & David Customer service page:

Harry & David Toll-Free Numbers are:

(877) 322-1200

(877) 322-1200

(800) 356-9377

(800) 648-6640

(516) 237-4521

Harry & David customer support email address is:

Harry & David Fax:


You can also reach the Harry & David customer service team via their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+.

Or, you could send mail or visit Harry & David headquarters. Office operating hours are

5.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and 6.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Headquarters Address:

Harry & David

Internet Customer Service 2500 S. Pacific Hwy.

Medford, Oregon 97501-2675

United States

2. Where is Harry and David located?

Aside from the Harry & David Headquarters location provided above, the company has over 40 stores in the different states of America. You can find out which store is the nearest to you by visiting the Harry & David store locator page. On the search bar enter your address, City or Zip code and you will be shown the stores closest to you.

Harry & David stores locations

3. How do I get a replacement of a box of Harry And David rotten pears?

According to the Harry & David Customer Service page, the company is committed to ensuring its customers are delighted by their gifts. However, in the event that a customer is not satisfied, they can either ask for a refund or replacement. To get a refund or replacement, contact the Harry & David customer help. (Harry & David contact info is provided above in the answer to question 1).

Harry & David customer service

4. How long do Harry & David pears last?

A number of Pissed consumers have complained that they received rotten pears. Here is Harry & David review on rotten pears:

" For years I've received Harry & David pears at Christmas time from relatives. They always are rotten all the way to the core so I know they were sent in that condition.

It is too embarrassing to mention it to the senders so I say nothing. This year the pears arrived green and hard as a rock with rotten areas. Again they will be uneatable..."

Harry & David does not provide a precise period of time on how long their pears last. On their “Our Guarantee” page, they emphasize that they do their best to deliver their products in the best quality by using specialty storage and transportation equipment.

Harry and David guarantees

With that said, pears are a perishable commodity and various factors are in play in determining how long they last. These include the freshness of the pears when they are picked, time taken between picking, packaging and storage, storage and shipment equipment used, and shipment time. 

5. Why is the only one Harry and David pear wrapped in gold foil?

A Harry & David blog post titled: Pears as good as gold describes why only one pear per gift basket is wrapped in gold foil. Initially, Harry & David supplied first-class European hotels and entrepreneurs with fruits. When they started to deliver pears gift baskets to homes, the company felt that they needed to add a unique touch to their packaging implying how unique their pears were. Therefore, they decided to wrap one pear in each box with a shining gold foil.

Why is the only one Harry and David pear wrapped in gold foil?

 6. I haven’t received my order yet. What should I do?

Harry & David notes on their Arrival dates and Substitution page that while they do their best to deliver your products by the scheduled time, adverse conditions and availability of the product may affect the delivery date. Sometimes, the company may ship earlier or substitute your product with another of equal or greater value.

When will my Harry&David arrive?

According to the shipping information, the standard delivery period is within 4-7 business days unless a future delivery date has been requested.

Harry and David shipping time

However, if you have not received your order by the scheduled date, you need to log into your Harry & David account, go to my orders, choose the specific order and click on “track your order”. If you don’t have an account with Harry & David, you can track your order on the Order Tracking page by entering your order number and the recipient’s zip code. Otherwise, get in touch with the Harry & David customer support to follow up on your order.

How to track my Harry and David order

Another cause of a delivery delay pointed out in the Harry & David shipping information is if the package is delivered to a wrong address. This could be a mistake by either the company or the buyer. Recheck your order details to ascertain that you have provided the right delivery address. If this is the case, you may be charged additional processing and shipping charges to deliver the gifts to the right address. If it is a mistake by Harry & David, the company reserves the right to make the necessary corrections.

Harry & David delivery guarantee

7. Where can I buy Harry & David products?

You can find Harry & David products in a store near you (the instructions for finding a store near you are provided in question 2 above), or online on In the former case, the products will be delivered to the address you provide. You can also call the Harry & David customer help to make your order.

8. Are Harry and David fruits organic?

Harry & David offers organic fruits and gift baskets for health conscious people. In the product list, the organic products are labeled “USDA ORGANIC”.

Harry & David organic products

9. Are Harry and David truffles gluten-free?

According to the Harry & David FAQs, the company is in compliance with Food Allergens labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004. Harry & David requires all their suppliers to ensure that all the ingredients in a product are declared on the label. Customers are urged to carefully read through the product labels to be able to determine whether the products have allergens and gluten.

Harry and David gluten free products

To determine whether the specific truffles you want to buy are gluten-free, click on the product and check the product description to see the ingredients it contains. If there are no wheat ingredients listed, then the truffles are gluten-free. For instance, according to the product description, the Deluxe Signature Chocolate Truffles are gluten-free.

Harry an David product description

10. Can do the same day delivery?

On the Shipping Information page, Harry & David states that they offer the same day shipping for orders made by 1 PM ET.

Harry and David same day delivery

11. Will Harry and David ship to Canada?

According to the Harry & David Shipping Information, the company deliveries to Canada at an additional $17.99 per item above the standard shipping charge.

Harry and David shipping to Canada

Also, on the Send gifts and baskets to Canada page, Harry & David notes that gifts containing wine cannot be shipped to Canada. They emphasis that free and flat rate shipping promotions and offers only apply to standard shipping rates as international rates still apply.

How to send Harry & David gift basket to Canada

12. Does Harry & David have free shipping?

One of the most common Harry & David promotions is free shipping. The company offers free shipping on select items at different times. To find out which products are listed for free shipping at a given time, enter “free shipping” on the search bar provided on the website and all the items that are viable for free shipping will be listed.

Also, if the product you are buying has a free-shipping offer, it will be indicated in the product description, and you will be provided with a checkbox to indicate whether you want to activate the free-shipping option.

Harry & David free shipping gifts

13. Does accept PayPal?

According to Harry & David Payments page, the company accepts various payment options for internet, telephone, and fax orders. These include Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network, American Express, JCB card, Diners club, gift cards, credit cards, personal checks, and PayPal. 

To pay for Internet orders using PayPal:

click the “Check out with PayPal” button when viewing the Payment Page in your cart.

Harry and David payment options

Do you have a Harry & David complaint/review/question that we have not addressed above?

  • Leave a review on the Harry & David reviews page on the PissedConsumer website.
  • Post a question on the company’s Q&A page.
  • Get in touch with the Harry & David customer help either via the contact information provided on their Customer service page on the PissedConsumer website.
  • Visit the Harry & David corporate office or store near you.

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