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HexClad cookware sets itself apart from other pots and pans with its use of laser-etched stainless steel hexagons coating a non-stick base. The stainless steel is slightly raised in a honeycomb pattern, giving the pan the abilities of both easy-to-use, non-stick, and good-for-searing stainless steel cookware. But does it live up to the hype?

Since its introduction in 2016, the company has grown to include a partnership with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. The brand’s specialty is hybrid cookware, which has gained popularity recently. However, with a high price tag, many customers are reading HexClad reviews and are concerned that the reality of the expensive pans or pots might not live up to expectations. So, is the brand’s cookware worth the high price?

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Number of HexClad reviews 249

HexClad rating* – 2.6⭐⭐⭐

Claimed losses - $17K

Successful calls – 4% /1.7K 

Resolved issues - 7

Key Insights

  • HexClad reviews reveal both positive and negative customer experiences with its cookware, which features skillets and pans distinguished by a honeycomb of stainless steel over a non-stick coating.
  • Some customers have expressed challenges when trying to use the lifetime HexClad warranty.
  • The brand’s cookware requires seasoning before use and a lower temperature for cooking. 

What Is HexClad?

Home chefs are buzzing about HexClad pots and pans. If you’re not in tune with cooking utensils updates on social media, you might be wondering, what is HexClad? Proponents of the specialty cookery items praise its ability to sear while also being non-stick in their reviews. They are excited about its ability to retain heat and cook evenly. Best of all? It’s dishwasher and oven safe up to 500 degrees. 

But not all HexClad reviews are positive. Some worried about the price of the kitchenware. Others are concerned about how it interacts with class cooktops. Many wonder if it’s worth the hefty price tag. 

What Are HexClad Pros and Cons?

There are currently more than 240 HexClad reviews on 63% of the feedback is complaints about the brand, and 22% is positive about cookware. Only 23% of reviewers would recommend the company’s products to a friend or colleague.

In the cookware reviews, customers noted some frustration with customer service. The company has been rated 2.6 out of a possible five stars, which is a satisfactory but not exceptional rating. More than 1,700 consumers have called HexClad customer service, but only 4% have found resolutions to their concerns,  noting issues with warranty, contact information, delivery issues, and more. 

HexClad pros

Many customers have good things to say about the cookware. Among the pros, they note that the company sells good or great cookware. Some company’s reviews praise the product lines as “awesome,” with one customer exclaiming, “I love my pans!" This sentiment is echoed in HexClad reviews left on X, formerly Twitter, where one customer says the company’s pans are “the best pans I’ve ever cooked with.”

HexClad reviews on Twitter

HexClad cons

Consumers list customer service as the biggest of the HexClad cons. They indicated that there is poor service and no response from customer support. They also noted that the product is not what is advertised. Just like with positive reviews, the complaints on mostly match what customers are saying on Reddit and Twitter as well. 

On Reddit, one customer and chef says the pan is “the worst pan I’ve ever had” and he’s “already had to file a warranty for my pan getting ruined.”

HexClad review on Reddit

Is HexClad Good?

The official website advertises “The HexClad Difference.” The company claims its pots and pans have “unbeatable searing power” as well as “no hassle, effortless cleaning.”The lifetime HexClad warranty is a big selling feature on the website, as is the assertion that its products are the “toughest cookware” and are “almost indestructible.” 

HexClad quality

It’s enough to make you wonder if the HexClad reviews match the hype.

Nonstick Performance

HexClad cookware is coated with a nonstick surface coating between slightly raised stainless steel honeycomb shapes. This is supposed to make the pan non-stick while also allowing it to sear. 

Among the HexClad cookware reviews, one customer praises the pans non-stick performance. The feedback claims that they “seasoned my pans when I received them” and now they can “cook eggs without them sticking.” The consumer suggests that the negative reviews are based on other customers choosing not to follow instructions:

I think most bad reviews are because people dont follow the simple instructions. Lower heat and seasoning is key.

HexClad review about quality

The negative HexClad reviews this customer mentioned often include issues with nonstick properties and customer service. In one of online complaints #4363390, the reviewer said “my pan sticks to everything!!” This consumer claims they have reached out to customer service about the issue four times, but has found, “Customer service is non existent!!!”

Quality assurance

The company asserts its cookware is “tough as nails” and “almost indestructible.” While many reviewers have found positive experiences with the quality of the pots and pans, others have left complaints suggesting the cookware might not be quite as tough as the company would like. 

One frustrated customer left a review #5294351, trying to sort out the HexClad return policy after two of her brand’s pans started rusting after less than a year and “leaving black surfaces.” She wants “replacement with new technology.”

Rusting HexClad review

In another online feedback, a customer shares their experience of purchasing the full 13-piece set. However, even after following the instructions before the first use they discovered that there were “burning issues” with three of the items. The reviewer states:

I have been calling and emailing hexclad never got call back from them but they responded to email.And they are saying I have to pay for return If I return them.

Frustrated by the HexClad return policy, the customer is “not returning them” since they feel it is “their responsibility to offer free return.”

Easy to clean

The brand’s pans are designed to be dishwasher friendly, making them easy to clean. One reviewer found that to be true and left a positive feedback #5581291 about the cookware. The consumer states:

I have been using these pots and pans for well over a year. I haven't had any problems. I'm impressed with the even heating and easy clean up.

Of course, not every brand’s reviewer feels the same way. One customer asserts in the review #4288879 that their set was damaged following cleaning instructions.:

Got scratches on the pan when used steel wool to clean as per cleaning instruction to bring back the shine and clean burnt area.

 However, even with the scratches, they call the HexClad cookware a “wonderful cooking set.” 

HexClad warranty

The HexClad warranty states that the company “will replace any damaged products covered by the lifetime warranty.” Before breaking down what is covered and what is not, it also states that to use the warranty, “the customer will be held responsible for return shipping fees.”

HexClad cookware appears to be covered under warranty only for manufacturer’s defects. “Damage from improper use” and “cosmetic blemishes” are not covered by the warranty.

Of course, what is written on the company’s website is not always born out by customer experiences. In one of the HexClad reviews, #5531500, consumers said that they have the full set of its cookware, and “developed a warranty claim with my 10” pan.” - “not stick layer is peeling off.” The user claims

I have submitted it twice and received no response form the company DONT BUY FORM THEM AT ALL!!!

Another reviewer noted in the complaint #5587337 that even after not putting the set in the dishwasher or using metal utensils, his “pan warped.” He reported it to the company, but “they refuse to honor their warranty and refuse to replace my pan!”

HexClad return policy

According to the HexClad return policy, they “gladly accept returns within 30 days of purchase.” They also extend the return window during the holiday season. The company says that refunds are “issued to the original form of payment” and it “does not charge restocking fees.” The customer is responsible for shipping costs on returns, however.

HexClad return policy

At least one customer doesn’t feel that thirty days is enough time to fully test the products. In their review #5390672, they explained that food sticks to the pots and they are “getting discolored.” The reviewer feels 

who can cook 30 meals in 30 days to test your junk? Your product costs so much you should have a lifetime warranty that matches the price or at leat a 90-day return policy!

Tips for a Trouble-Free HexClad Cookware Experience

HexClad products are expensive, and customers want to take care of their new pots and pans. We have assembled some of the best tips for a trouble-free customer experience based on instructions on the company’s FAQ page and consumer insights left in online reviews.

Appropriate seasoning

The company recommends seasoning your cookware before the first use, which may be responsible for many negative HexClad reviews. Customers may not have known the company recommends seasoning utensils by heating the pans to medium-low heat and spreading vegetable oil around the interior of the pan before letting it sit for a minute or two. 

Proper cleaning

As noted in the HexClad reviews above, the company suggests using abrasive tools like steel wool to remove any stains in the stainless steel. They also advise warm, soapy water for cleaning, and the cookware is rated dishwasher safe. 

Right kitchen tools for Teflon coating

The instructions by customer service note that “metal spatulas, whisks, spoons, and other metal utensils are fine,” but that “sharp utensils could leave a scratch.” The company’s FAQs note that the scratch is cosmetic and the cookware should be fine. 

Heating mastery

HexClad reviews mention trying to cook at lower temperatures, which is what is guided by the company. It recommends customers use lower temperatures for cooking and rarely use high heat. Customers should also be patient while waiting for pans to heat uniformly, as an evenly heated pan ensures even cooking throughout the meal.

Making a HexClad Investment Last

A HexClad set is expensive and requires a bit of preparation before using every day. Many customers praise the cookware while others say they have had issues with some of the pots and pans. 

If you’ve invested in HexClad cookware, take precautions to season and use the right temperature and hopefully they will last. Have you had problems with your pans and pods, or do you enjoy everything about them? You may leave a review to share your experiences. 

*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and PissedConsumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.

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