When dealing with brands, consumers aim to find quality products and reliable services that suit their needs. They are looking for positive customer experiences and often rely on word of mouth for references. However, failures happen, and when they do, dissatisfied customers are looking for a venue to express their frustrations and let their concerns be heard. 

Online review platforms have become a powerful tool that people use to address their consumer issues and seek solutions with companies. They allow users to share their grievances and voices with others while also attracting the attention of brands.

PissedConsumer.com is one such review platform. How does it assist consumers with their issues?

In this article, you’ll learn about our principles and policies, main features, how PissedConsumer assists in consumer issue resolutions, and much more.

What Is PissedConsumer?

PissedConsumer.com is an online review and reputation management platform for both consumers and companies. Consumers use it to analyze the brands, learn about other consumer experiences, and voice their own issues, while companies exploit it to improve their reputation and streamline customer service processes. 

The history of the platform dates back to 2006. It all started with an unresolved consumer issue that sparked the idea to launch a consumer-oriented space. The goal was to create a place where everyone would have equal opportunities to express their opinions, share experiences, and attract companies' attention to consumer issues.

Since then, PissedConsumer has become one of the leading US review platforms with about 20 million users and over 4 million reviews. Five million visitors to the platform every month can search through more than 106,000 reviewed companies in over 163 categories.

PissedConsumer's mission is to foster effective communication between brands and consumers, helping them achieve successful resolutions and enhanced relationships.

What is the meaning of PissedConsumer?

PissedConsumer is a collective image of all frustrated customers who have faced consumer issues with brands. The idea to name the online review platform “PissedConsumer” came from its CEO and co-founder, Michael Podolsky, and his business partner. Michael is an original pissed consumer who once had a negative vacation experience. Despite numerous attempts, his issue wasn't resolved by the company. So, he and his business partner decided to create a website where all unsatisfied consumers who feel “pissed” could freely speak up about their concerns, warn others, and draw companies' attention to their issues.

How to Search for Information on PissedConsumer About a Company or a Product

PissedConsumer empowers users by providing them with everything they need to be smarter consumers, make informed decisions, and seek resolutions.

Current online review statistics show that 63.3% of consumers always read reviews before a purchase. If you are among people who are looking for information about the company, its reputation, rating, customer satisfaction, and experience with its products or services before making a purchase, our review platform offers you this possibility. 

You may start by searching and analyzing the company on our platform. When you enter the name of the company, you will see a page with the main information about it. In the Overview section, pay attention to the brand's star rating, pros and cons, and rating distribution, which have been made based on customer reviews left on the platform. Besides, you can measure a brand's reputation before making a purchase. Currently, our platform has more than 106,000 companies.

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Additionally, you can use the Q&A section to ask and find answers to the most common consumer questions. In the Contacts section, we have gathered all the details about the company’s customer service and ways to get in touch with it. You can look through all communication channels and discover tips on which contact option is the commonly used, customer service rating, the average hold time, what data you should prepare before contacting customer support, and more. 

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You can also browse reviews and complaints to learn more about a particular company or products. It is easy to switch between the “Latest”, “Recently Discussed”, and “Resolved” reviews on the platform. It will help you make informed decisions about your next purchase, and identify potential issues with the brand and its products/services. When you read unbiased opinions of other consumers, you learn about their customer experiences. It can help you evaluate the resolution process of the particular company, showing the "resolved" reviews and demonstrating how the brand handles customer complaints.

Do you need to know which company or brand you can trust with your next purchase? We have organized consumer reviews into categories, such as household services, appliances and electronics, food, etc., so you can browse categories to find the necessary topic. This eliminates the need to search for a company in a specific area, saving you time and directly comparing customer experiences with this brand. 

Browse company by categories

Stay alert to our Consumer Trends! This feature allows you to look at and monitor monthly trends and learn which companies received the most reviews or calls, which categories are most popular, or which industry attracts the most consumer frustration. 


How PissedConsumer Assists with Consumer Issues 

As a review platform, we have no direct impact on companies. However, if you'd like to speak up about your issue, draw attention to it, and warn others, PissedConsumer.com can assist you. We provide multiple ways for you to address your problem and get closer to a resolution. You can use the platform to voice your issue, inform other consumers about your negative or positive experiences with brands, and get guidance for resolving your issue. 

Here is the list of our features you can benefit from on your path to the issue resolution. 

Write reviews

Our platform provides equal opportunities for all users to share experiences and have them published in a post. You can freely voice your concerns and write a review following our posting guidelines. By doing so, you can help other consumers make informed decisions and contribute to a more transparent online community.

Our review platform has helped hundreds of consumers to reach out to companies and resolve their issues. For example, one frustrated customer managed to resolve their issue with an appointment and inability to contact Sears Home Services after posting their review on PissedConsumer:

I am very pleased that pissedconsumer.com exists, because without you, my only option would've been a legal recourse.

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Сommunicate with others via comments to reviews

Reviews are a great starting point for discussion. You can share your experience, ask clarifying questions, and communicate your consumer insights in the comments section below each review on our website. Interacting with others helps you become a part of a robust consumer community and better understand the company and its products and services. 

customers comments

Send a review to the company

Upon submitting a review, we offer the option to send it to the company's email address. This helps increase the likelihood of your review being noticed and addressed by the company.

Call the company

We provide users with the opportunity to call the company's customer service via our website. You can find contact details in the Contacts tab on a dedicated company page and use the ‘Call customer service’ feature to reach out to their support.Amazon customer service

Skip the hold

You can also use the paid option ‘Skip the hold’ if you are tired of hanging on the line or are busy and have limited time during your call. The call system will manage the automated phone call features and connect you once a customer service representative is on the line. 

Email to the company

There is an option to send a message to the company from our platform to their official email addresses. If needed, you may get information on the email status, such as if the message was delivered or opened by the company.

Email a company

Record a video interview

Want to share your unpleasant experience more dynamically? You may schedule and record a video interview with our host to share your story and voice your concerns publicly. A video interview is a great format to showcase visuals to support your claims, add details, and let more people learn about your issue. All interviews are posted on our YouTube channel, which has more than 3 million views. 

Boost your story via PissedConsumer social media

Exposing your experience on social media platforms like X (former Twitter) or Facebook is another effective way to spread your feedback. PissedConsumer has social media coverage across major platforms, such as FacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok. We can directly tag the brand and share your story with a broader audience. This may help reach the company's customer service representatives and lead to a quicker resolution. 

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Receive updates on consumer alerts

We send out a newsletter to all our users every month. In it, we cover trending topics, highlight top customer complaints across industries, and share consumer news and tips to assist you in making informed decisions and staying updated on the latest consumer issues and trends. To receive alerts to your email box, simply subscribe to PissedConsumer notifications.

Take part in consumer surveys

Consumer voices and feedback are important to us. Therefore, we conduct surveys to inquire about consumers' experiences with companies after calls and emails. We may also suggest alternative ways to help you get the desired solution with a company.

Get consumer tips and alerts at the Help Center

We regularly post helpful articles and educational materials on our Help Center. The information is based on official sources and customer experiences described in reviews posted on the platform. Articles are divided into categories and dwell on topics such as consumer rights, consumer issues, how to avoid scams and many others.

Help Center Tips for Consumers

Join PissedConsumer Club

In 2024, we established the PissedConsumer Club, a subscription-based, exclusive consumer community. When you become a member, you’ll access valuable resources, collaborate with others, and leverage connections for collective consumer power. Club members can seek answers to their questions, request help when communicating with the brand, learn what steps to take to address issues, and seek expert advice. 

Pissed Consumer Club

Amplify your voice with PissedConsumer Store

For everyone who wants their voice to stand out, we offer our exclusive merch designed to support and inspire you on a journey as a savvy consumer. You can check PissedConsumer Store to choose how you want to amplify your voice and wear it!

PissedConsumer Store

How Your Online Review Helps You Speak Up

Writing an online review empowers you to share your opinion and customer experience, and advocate for business accountability. It's within your power to help potential buyers become smart customers and make informed decisions. By expressing your praises or concerns, you boost a transparent market environment. 

So, next time you have a fantastic or distressing experience, remember the impact your review may have on the brand and consumers like you, and don't be afraid to speak up!


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