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Rachel Bashford
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Navigating your way through terms and conditions when you buy goods can be challenging. It’s tempting to focus on the product and not on the small print, which may leave you a little lost if you’re not happy with your product. 

According to recent online review statistics, 53.3% of survey respondents explained they would rather trust a company with a high-star rating, plus 30.1% say they put faith in companies with only positive reviews. But are star ratings and positive reviews painting the whole picture for consumers?

If you have an issue with a company, you know how difficult it can sometimes be to gain a quick resolution. Even the most seasoned bargain hunters come across companies that create obstacles to refund pathways. 

To better support your customer journey, PissedConsumer Club brings clarity to your purchasing decisions, providing you with the best practices on how to resolve consumer issues, and champion consumer advocacy. The Club team gives you customized advice around consumer rights so brands do the right thing for you.

Key Insights

  1. 88% of customers try to contact a brand before posting a review because they want to give the business a chance to resolve their issue.
  2. With a consumer community, you can strengthen your consumer rights by finding out how to quickly solve consumer problems. 
  3. Consumer communities educate shoppers on the tactics of fraudsters so they avoid scams. 

Why You Need to be Part of a Consumer Community

Not everyone will have a clear view of their consumer rights. When a company doesn’t solve your problem, and you feel let down, it can be tough to know where to turn. 

This is where a supportive consumer community comes into its own, helping you gain a deeper understanding of consumer issues and providing personalized support, enabling you to be the smartest of consumers. 

To enjoy a more enhanced shopping experience, you can be part of a consumer organization, such as the PissedConsumer Club, tailored to address your needs. Having support from consumer experts and fellow shoppers is worth its weight in gold along your buying journey.

The PissedConsumer Club is a subscription-based service where consumer experts guide you through your issue resolution process. 

There’s also a private Facebook group created for the members. Here, they can connect to find support, share experiences and get helpful consumer tips. 

PissedConsumer Club help

What Are the Benefits of a Consumer Club?

If you’re wondering what a consumer community offers, here are some Club highlights:

  • Issue assistance: If you don’t know where to start, it provides the best practices to resolve your issue and targeted answers to your consumer-related questions.
  • Write effective complaint letters: You can use templates to compose complaint letters that explain the problem and help you achieve resolution. 
  • Record video interviews: If you want to share an issue on social media, you can schedule an interview, increasing the chance of issue resolution. 
  • Post on social media: The team helps you raise awareness and boost your issue by sharing your story across PissedConsumer's social media accounts.
  • Class action Q&A: If you want to take your issue with a company down the path of a class action lawsuit but don’t know what steps to take, our legal experts review your case and provide specialist advice. 
  • Smart consumer tips: Learn how to swerve scammers by using smart consumer checklists to protect against fraud and stay in control. 

Every person should have access to services that help them protect consumer rights. A consumer community delivers fresh knowledge and proactive tips you won’t get anywhere else. 

Another way you can gain some insight is through consumer reviews and customer posts on review websites. Here, you discover more about brands as other customers share their experiences. It demonstrates the power consumer communities have in supporting each other to find a better deal. 

Shop Stronger With A Consumer Community

Sharing purchasing and customer service stories with each other can only help us to become more savvy consumers. In a consumer community, we all stand together, supporting each other and protecting against painful scams. 

Join the PissedConsumer Club to receive assistance and guidance from consumer experts and help others along the way. 

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