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Online travel agencies have significantly transformed the travel industry across the globe. They have opened up the world to individuals by offering a convenient way to access and book affordable flights.

JustFly and Asap Tickets are among the most popular online travel agencies. While they offer many budget-friendly flight options, a closer examination reveals some details that may impact your traveling experience.

JustFly logo ASAP Tickets logo

Number of JustFly reviews – 3.3K

Number of ASAP Tickets reviews – 1K

JustFly rating* – 1.6⭐⭐ ASAP Tickets rating* – 1.9⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $2.6M

Claimed losses – $1.6M

Successful calls – 8%/21.6K Successful calls – 9%/551
Resolved issues – 26 Resolved issues – 18

This article compares JustFly vs ASAP Tickets based on information from official websites and customer reviews on We look closer at their customer services, cancellation and refund policies, and delve deeper into customer experiences.

Key Insights

  • Both JustFly and ASAP Tickets offer a diverse selection of affordable flights.
  • JustFly vs ASAP Tickets reviews and ratings reveal overall customer dissatisfaction with the quality of service.
  • Among the most commonly reported issues for both companies are poor customer service and challenges in obtaining refunds.

JustFly vs ASAP Tickets: Customer Reviews, Pros and Cons

Comparing Justfly vs ASAP Tickets, they both promise their customers the cheapest airline rates which they access by negotiating for the lowest unpublished rates from their numerous airline partners. 

On their website, ASAP Tickets offers a lower fare guarantee and assures a worry-free flight booking experience. Similarly, the JustFly site emphasizes optimal itineraries and exceptional customer service.

However, based on extensive customer feedback on review websites, companies do not always keep their word. Therefore, we aimed to determine if both companies honor their commitments to their customers. We checked both companies’ ratings and reviews on

The JustFly rating is 1.6, while the Asap Tickets has a slightly higher rating of 1.9 out of a possible five stars. Despite the slight difference, customers express general dissatisfaction with both flight booking agencies.

87% of JustFly reviews are negative, compared to 76% for Asap Tickets. Additionally, only 33% of Asap Ticket users would recommend the company to friends and colleagues, whereas for JustFly, this number is 18%.

Several reviews evidence customers’ dissatisfaction with the companies. For example, in one of the Asap Tickets complaints, the customer encountered various issues with the company, including canceled flights, delays, prolonged layovers, and having to pay an extra $200 for a seat in economy. They summed up their experience with Asap Tickets as follows:

Long story short, had I booked a regular economy flight with Delta ($ 850 +$60 for luggage) instead of $1600 with nothing but headache AND in the last row seat, I would be $800 ahead. Neither my CC nor ASAP did anything!

As for JustFly, one frustrated customer shared their experience of how they were abandoned at the Dulles Airport. This was after their JustFly flight was grounded. They could not get through to JustFly customer service for assistance and ended up having to purchase another airline ticket to get to London:

Any attempts to contact a representative , was moot . All phone numbers offered directed me to file on line . All on line service was repeatedly dropped after a few minutes , not allowing me to enter my problem.

According to customer reviews, the following are ASAP Tickets and JustFly pros and cons:



Asap Tickets


  • Cheap flights
  • Easy access to the site
  • Lots of flight options
  • Easy to work with
  • Affordable airfare
  • Transparent pricing


  • Poor post-booking customer service
  • Rude customer service
  • Reluctance to address issues
  • Difficulty reaching customer support
  • Unsatisfactory customer service
  • Refund issues
  • Lack of international contact options
  • Unreliable service
  • Ethical concerns

JustFly vs ASAP Tickets: Customer Service Experience

According to their website, ASAP Ticket customer service is available 24/7 to help customers with their bookings, exchanges, and refunds. Customer representatives can be reached via email or phone. You may check and choose from various ASAP Tickets phone numbers depending on your location and issue. The email address is

ASAP Ticket ccustomer service contacts


Also, ASAP Tickets has a self-service portal where you can log in to manage your booking and check your itinerary. The detailed FAQ section addresses the most common customer questions and issues, while the Rules and Conditions section outlines the terms of service.

JustFly customer service representatives can be reached through live chat, SMS, and phone. To speak to the support team, customers can call the following JustFly phone number: 1-800-717-5015. Like ASAP Tickets, JustFly offers a self-service portal where you can log in to manage your booking, payments, baggage, check-in, and board flights.

JustFly Customer service contacts

Despite their promise to deliver excellent customer service and the readily available ASAP Tickets and JustFly contact details, customers report dissatisfactory experiences across various platforms. According to consumer data on PissedConsumer, ASAP Tickets has a higher customer service rating than its competitor - 1.8 compared to 1.3 out of five. 

Asap Tickets customer service review evidences some of the issues that users encounter when they were rebooking their flight:

ASAP is hard to contact you got to wait fir a long time for them to answer you and once they answer they transfer you to one person to another they put you on hold for so long and cut off and they never call you back

One of JustFly customers complained in their review that they were put on hold for prolonged periods on multiple occasions:

I waited on the line for over three hours. At 12:06 PM (Tucson time) I hung up because I thought somehow my call had been overlooked. I called 1-80*-***-**** again. This time the recording said it would be a 46 minute wait. 

When they finally got through to a representative, they were told nothing could be done about their issue.

JustFly vs ASAP Tickets Refund and Cancellation Policies

Customers may encounter challenges when attempting to cancel and obtain refunds for their ASAP Tickets flights and JustFly tickets, as indicated by both companies' reviews. They want to know when and how they can get their refunds. 

For example, in ASAP Tickets review #5579793, the reviewer was frustrated with how long their refund took:

I just want to know the status of my ticket refund? I know they told me it will take 2 weeks to 2 months, and it's already a month now, I want to know if it is on the process already, until when should we wait?

While the JustFly customer had their bank refund payment made to the online booking company as their flight was not confirmed and they did not receive their JustFly tickets. However, after one and a half months, JustFly made a claim reversal for the amount:

I asked Justfly to cancel and refund money and they recommended to call my bank. I did call bank and dispute money and they refund $1330.50 to my account December 8. End of January i had Claim reversal of $1330.50.

According to their website, JustFly bookings are non-refundable unless otherwise expressed in the Terms and Conditions. However, a full fare refund is possible if you cancel within 24 hours of completing your booking, though applicable fees may still apply. In some cases, airlines may permit cancellations without a refund, allowing the value of the original ticket to be used for a future traveler's future purchase on the same airline.

JustFly Cancellation policy

The ASAP Tickets refund policy stipulates that most tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. 

However, a few airlines allow for exchanges and refunds but you will incur a processing fee of $250, and other airlines imposed penalties. 

ASAP Tickets refunds

As seen from consumer reports, JustFly and ASAP Tickets have been accused of overcharging their customers for services or charging the customer’s credit card without permission.

JustFly or ASAP Tickets?

Both companies offer some of the cheapest flight rates in the market. Customers like the convenience of the booking platforms and the wide range of destinations available. The comparison between JustFly vs ASAP Tickets has indicated that they have almost similar ratings. However, there have been numerous complaints in regards customer services, cancellation policies, and unfavorable refunds. 

If you have had a recent experience with ASAP Tickets or JustFly, you may share your experience by leaving a review.

*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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