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JustFly and ASAP Tickets are some of the most popular online travel agencies. Both companies promise to offer flight booking services to a wide range of destinations across the world. They offer their customers convenience in making travel arrangements and the cheapest rates in the market.

When shopping for travel tickets, consumers want to get the best deals and be assured of a smooth booking and travel experience. This article compares JustFly vs ASAP Tickets based on information from websites and actual reviews posted on

Explore the details to decide whether to buy tickets from JustFly or ASAP Tickets:

1. An Overview of Just Fly vs ASAP Tickets

When browsing ASAP Tickets and JustFly reviews, you can check and compare what consumers liked and didn't like about their experiences with each company. In the JustFly vs ASAP Tickets comparison, you can also see how each company ranks on PissedConsumer.

 Below is a table summarizing the comparison between JustFly and ASAP Tickets as of the date of writing this article.

Justfly Q&A ASAP Tickets Questions and Answers

JustFly rating* – 1.6⭐⭐

ASAP Tickets rating* – 3.0⭐⭐⭐

Number of JustFly reviews – 1056

Number of ASAP Tickets reviews – 814

Number of resolved issues – 6

Number of resolved issues – 12

JustFly claimed losses – $790K

ASAP Tickets claimed losses – $1.3M

JustFly successful calls – 8%/4.6k

ASAP Tickets successful calls – 4%/253

2. What Do JustFly and ASAP Tickets Offer Its Customers?

Both JustFly and ASAP Tickets are online travel agencies that serve as middlemen between customers and airlines. They promise their customers the cheapest airline rates which they access by negotiating for the lowest unpublished rates from their numerous airline partners.

ASAP Tickets has a “Lower Rate Guarantee” whereby if you call them within 24 hours of your booking with an itinerary of a competitor’s cheaper rate, they will match the lower price.

In addition to flight booking services, ASAP Tickets and JustFly facilitate car rental and accommodation booking. ASAP Tickets further provides concierge services and assists their customers in processing visas.

3. Contacting JustFly and ASAP Tickets Customer Service FAQ answers many consumer questions, but the JustFly customer service can also be reached via phone. They also have a “Self Serve Portal” where customers can make changes to their bookings without having to contact the JustFly customer service representatives. The “Self Serve Portal” can be accessed via the customer support page. You will be required to provide a booking ID and last name.

JustFly Self-Serve Portal

ASAP Tickets customer service can be contacted via phone number 24/7. You may check and choose from various ASAP Tickets phone numbers depending on your location and issue.

AsapTickets Contact us

JustFly and ASAP Tickets FAQ sections are comprehensive and provide customers with answers to the most common questions. However, it is important to note that both companies have numerous customer service complaints across various review platforms. As per consumer data on PissedConsumer, seems to have better customer service than

ASAP Tickets further provides its customers with a complaint form on the customer service page where customers can express their dissatisfaction with the company.

AsapTickets complaint form

If to compare JustFly and ASAP Tickets complaints, most of them are in regards to unhelpful customer service and failure by the companies to stand by their promises as per their refund and cancellation policies.

4. JustFly vs ASAP Tickets Ratings and Customer Feedback

On, JustFly has a 1.6-star rating while ASAP Tickets has 3.0 stars. However, on Trustpilot, JustFly has 3.9 stars and ASAP Tickets has 4.2 stars. Similar ratings, you'll see on Sitejabber that shows 3.6 stars for JustFly and 4.3 stars for ASAP Tickets.

JustFly vs. ASAP Tickets Customer Complaints and Reviews

Like many online travel agencies, each of these companies has its fair share of unsatisfied customers. Asap Tickets and JustFly complaints are in regard to the following:

Poor customer service.

ASAP Tickets reviews indicate that most customers were able to get through to the customer service representatives. However, several were not offered concrete solutions to their issues.

On the other hand, JustFly complaints indicate that most customers had a challenge getting through to the customer service representatives both via phone and email. Those who did get through report being taken around without being offered a solution.

Refunds and Cancellations.

Both companies receive numerous complaints regarding cancellations and refunds as a result of Covid-19 and poor customer service. Customers have reported that they find both the JustFly and ASAP Tickets cancellation policy unfavorable especially during the pandemic.

Many customers have had difficulty getting a refund or rebook several months later. In some ASAP Tickets reviews, customers indicated being charged an extra fee for cancellation or to have their refunds processed. While this is clearly indicated in the ASAP Tickets refund policy, most customers find the refund charges and penalties unreasonable.

Wrongful billing.

As seen from consumer reports, JustFly and ASAP Tickets have been accused of overcharging their customers for services or charging the customer’s credit card without permission.

For example, in this video interview left with a ASAP Tickets review, the customer complained about being given a run around by the customer service representatives about a refund claim as a result of Covid-19 related cancellation.

There’s also a JustFly review (#223100), in which the customer complained that although they had managed to cancel their flight directly with American Airlines, they couldn’t get through to the JustFly customer service to rebook.

So, I cancelled my flight through American airlines and they gave me confirmation on the cancel flight. They said it was good till December of 2021. When I tried to call them to rebook they said I had to go through the agency that I bought my ticket from…

JustFly VS ASAP Tickets Pros and Cons

When we compare JustFly and ASAP Tickets, both companies have similar pros and cons. ASAP Tickets and JustFly customers were pleased with the cheap flight prices offered by the companies, a wide range of destinations available, and the easy-to-use booking service. On the other hand, consumers were dissatisfied with the poor customer service, failure to be refunded, and difficulty rebooking flights after a cancellation.

5. JustFly vs ASAP Tickets Price Match Guarantees

A search on JustFly's customer support section did not reveal any evidence that the company matched prices. However, the company does claim that it offers customers the cheapest prices.

JustFly FAQs offers customers a “Lowest Fare Guarantee,” with rules of certain countries. To claim the “Lowest Fare Guarantee”, the customer has to call ASAP Tickets within 24 hours of buying their ticked and provide evidence of the competitor’s itinerary. The itinerary should be identical to the Asap Tickets’ itinerary based on fare calculation. If that is the case, will match your flight price and offer you a $50 voucher for your next booking.

AsapTickets Lowest Fare Guarantee

6. JustFly vs ASAP Tickets Refund and Cancellation Policies

Due to the increased cancellation and refund requests resulting from Covid-19 related travel restrictions, JustFly cancellation policy and refund policy were updated.

The company notes that they are doing their best to help customers resolve JustFly cancellation and related issues.

However, they are bound to their partner airlines’ rules and policies. Many airlines are not permitting refunds as such is not able to offer their customers refunds. With that said, customers have the following options according to the updated JustFly cancellation policy:

Canceling for future credit.

Some airlines have waived while others have minimized penalty fees to allow their customers to cancel their flight in exchange for travel credits. In this scenario, you can use your credits to book for a later date within a year.


Some airlines are allowing rescheduling of un-flown flights.


On rare occasions, a few airlines are allowing for a refund. However, customers should allow up to 18 weeks receiving a JustFly refund to the original payment method.

For you to be eligible for either option, you must seek a cancellation, exchange, or JustFly refund before the scheduled departure date on your ticket. The updated JustFly refund policy provides subsidized handling fees to $50 for tickets booked before April 1st, 2020, and $75 for tickets booked after April 1st, 2020.

However, airlines may charge additional fees or require you to top up the flight price difference.

JustFly cancellation policy

There have not been any adjustments to ASAP Tickets cancellation and refund policy to accommodate the Covid-19 travel restrictions. The ASAP Tickets refund policy stipulates that most tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

However, a few airlines allow for exchanges and refunds but you will incur a processing fee of $250, and other airlines imposed penalties.

ASAP Tickets refund policy

Indeed, both companies offer some of the cheapest flight rates in the market. Customers like the convenience of the booking platforms and the wide range of destinations available. However, there have been numerous complaints in regards, JustFly and ASAP Tickets cancellation policies, poor customer service, unfavorable refund, and high ticket modification penalties.

Check out ASAP Tickets and JustFly reviews for more information about what to expect when dealing with the companies. If you have had a recent experience with ASAP Tickets or JustFly, please share your experience by leaving a review.

*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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