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If you are booking a flight, hotel, or planning travel, it is important that you find a reliable and trustworthy travel agency. ASAP Tickets is one of the most popular travel agencies. It particularly stands out for discounted airfares.

This article will delve into ASAP Tickets reviews to examine the company’s reliability based on previous customers’ experiences.

Asap Tickets

Number of ASAP Tickets Reviews – 988

ASAP Tickets Rating* - 1.9⭐⭐

Claimed Losses - $1.7M

Successful Calls – 9%/490

Resolved Issues - 18

1. What Is ASAP Tickets?

The company is an online retailer for airline tickets. They specialize in providing the cheapest flight deals. Their service portfolio includes group travels, multi-city flights, one-way and round-trip tickets, and airline seat inventory.

The company is an online retailer for airline tickets. They specialize in providing the cheapest flight deals. Their service portfolio includes group travels, multi-city flights, one-way and round-trip tickets, and airline seat inventory.

They also offer concierge services such as hotel booking, visa information, business meeting and conference organization, and tour guide services. According to Asap reviews, customers can get a ticket from the US to anywhere in the world including Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, India, and North Africa.

what is ASAP tickets

The ASAP Tickets About page indicates that they currently have over 1700 travel advisors who offer personalized services to customers in over 20 languages. It also prides itself in being able to offer their customers exclusively negotiated flight deals from over 50 partner airlines, and over 200 airlines. 

Operating on the market since 2001, the company has become a member of the International Travel Network LLC. More information concerning this business you may find in Asap Tickets reviews and complaints on various review platforms, social media, and forums.

2. How Reliable Is ASAP Tickets?

Before you go on to use their services, it is important that you find the answer to the question: ‘How reliable is Asap Tickets?’ 

On their home page, ASAP Tickets offers its customers low fares, award-winning customer service, and security and privacy on personal information. However, the big question is do they honor these promises? We checked ASAP Tickets reviews and ratings to establish their reliability.
On, ASAP Tickets has a 1.9-star rating. Although a few customers reported a satisfactory experience with the company, the majority were dissatisfied.

For instance, in one ASAP Tickets review on PissedConsumer, the customer called ASAP Tickets “a scammer” and called upon other customers to join him in filing a class action against the company. In the video review, the reviewer complained about the poor customer service and and the unfavorable ASAP Tickets cancellation policy.

Another top ASAP Tickets complaint is in regards to their bait and switch tactics. Many customers referred to ASAP Tickets scam whereby the customer sees an advertised low rate but on calling to book, they are told that that price is not available. They are then offered a higher price as reported in the review #1199082 below:

…I called the number to get that price ($757 round trip) ONLY to be told that I need to look at the “small print” by clicking on the asterix. WHY would I need to do that if this fare is NOT good for the dates that I requested--WHY would it even pop up OTHER THAN TO DO THE OLD “BAIT AND SWITCH”…

On the other hand, in some other ASAP Ticket reviews customers said that they were happy with the travel agency’s service delivery:

Very happy with your service, your agent was good with my needs, and worked hard at making a good connection for me.

3. How to Contact ASAP Tickets Customer Service?

You can contact the ASAP Tickets customer service via phone or email. The primary ASAP Tickets customer service number for sales is 1-650-263-1714. The contact page provides several other phone numbers depending on the reason you are calling and your location as follows:

New Reservations


  • Economy Class: +1-888-585-2727
  • Business & First Class: +1-800-605-7769

International Phone Number

  • +1-650-263-1714 

Customer Service

  • USA Canada: +1-800-750-2238
  • Philippines: +632-8672-7896
  • Spain: +34-911-881-607
  • Italy: +39-06-94809637
  • Israel: +972-3-7219252
  • UK: +44-203-695-0964

 All the phone numbers are open 24/7 from Monday to Sunday.

For new reservations, you can also email:; while for customer service, email:

The ASAP Tickets Mailing address is:

1000 N West Street, Suite 1200,

Wilmington, DE 19801 

However, some ASAP Tickets reviews mention challenges in communication and quality of the service, indicating ‘no Customer service’ or ‘Customer service agent are not nice” issues. One frustrated customer wrote in review:

When I called I had to explain for 20 minutes that Paris and Amsterdam are not in the same country.

4.What Is ASAP Tickets Refund Policy?

One of the top ASAP Tickets complaints is difficulty requesting and getting refunds especially in instances where the customer already had insurance protection in place.

According to the ASAP Tickets refund policy provided on their Rules and Conditions page, most discounted tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. However, in the cases where the tickets are refundable, the terms vary from one airline to another. Also, you may be charged a refund penalty fee as per the airline rules in addition to a $250 processing fee. Exchanges are charged a $250 processing fee in addition to any applicable penalty charges and the price difference.

Although in some cases customers do not get an Asap tickets refund at all, in other cases, customers get a refund for less than expected.

For example, in an ASAP Tickets review #2540014, the customer complained that the travel agency did not refund him $178.90 which was still covered under the protection plan.

5. What Is ASAP Tickets Cancellation Policy?

According to the ASAP Tickets cancellation policy stipulated in the Rules and Conditions, most tickets are highly discounted and, therefore, not eligible for cancellation, rerouting, and transfer. 

However, some are eligible for cancellation. In this case, they must be canceled at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. Otherwise, they will be treated as no-shows and cannot be processed for a refund or exchange. A cancellation does not automatically initiate a refund or exchange process. Once you have canceled your flight, follow up with the ASAP Tickets customer service on the next steps.

ASAP Tickets cancellation policy

While the cancellation policy states that some tickets are less restrictive and allow for refunds and exchanges, ASAP Ticket reviews still indicate that some customers still have difficulty with cancellations.

For example, in ASAP Tickets complaint months later and after several calls to customer support, customers have not been fully refunded for canceled tickets even though the tickets were covered by a protection plan. So, they stayed frustrated and recommended:

Please check with cancelation policy before buying the tickets they are holding half of the $.

Thus, currently, ASAP Tickets reviews indicate the main issues with difficulty getting in touch with customer service hence challenges making cancellations and requesting refunds. Have you had any personal experiences with the company? If, yes, you may write a review about ASAP Tickets to help other customers make an informed purchasing decision.

*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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