The ongoing COVID-19 has significantly disrupted the travel industry. Due to the travel restrictions characterized by some countries closing their borders to international flights, and others being in total lockdown, many people have had to cancel their travel plans. As a result, a lot of customers are looking for ways to cancel or reschedule their air tickets whereas other people are looking for last-minute tickets to travel back to their home country.

Asap Tickets

Number of Successful Connections – 20%/123

Number of Resolved Issues – 7

Asap Tickets Rating* – 3.1⭐⭐⭐

ASAP Tickets Reviews – 480

Claimed Losses – $130k

Consequently, there have been numerous inquiries to ASAP Tickets, one of the leading air ticket online retailers. While some customers are looking for information on how to cancel, reschedule or get a refund on their previously booked air tickets, others want to know whether Asap Tickets is a reliable company for buying last-minute tickets.

We compiled the following top 5 Asap Tickets FAQs and sought their answers from the company’s website and top review sites.

  1. How reliable is
  2. What is their cancellation policy?
  3. What is their refund policy?
  4. How do I contact customer service?
  5. What is Asap Tickets?

1. How Reliable Is AsapTickets.Com?

If you are looking to book your airline ticket with ASAP Tickets, it is important to ask “Is Asap Tickets legit?” or “Is Asap Tickets a scam”. In this part of the article, we help you evaluate the credibility of this company. We look at what the company promises its customers and assess it against the company’s reviews on various platforms.

On their home page, AsapTickets offers its customers low fares, award-winning customer service, and security and privacy on personal information.

As at the date of writing this article, the company had a 3.1-star rating on Asap Tickets is Better Business Bureau accredited even though there are only two 1-star customer reviews on the company. On TrustPilot, it has a 5-star rating with the majority of customers saying they would recommend it.

As evidenced in the ratings above, different customers have had different experiences with While some were completely satisfied with the company’s services and processes, others were completely dissatisfied with them.

For instance, in one recent Asap Tickets review on PissedConsumer, the customer called Asap Tickets “a scammer” and called upon other customers to join him in filing a class action against the company. In the video review, the reviewer complained about the poor customer service and difficulty canceling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic that caused him to change his travel plans.

In regards to the numerous Asap Tickets complaints on difficulty getting through to customer service, the company has provided a statement on their customer service page. It requests customers to hold off calling customer support if their flight is not within the next few days to enable them to serve customers whose departure is imminent. People seeking to have their air tickets canceled or rescheduled are requested to do so by filing the ticket cancellation request form provided on the company's website.

Another top Asap Tickets complaint is in regards to their bait and switch tactics. Many customers referred to Asap Tickets scam whereby the customer sees an advertised low rate but on calling to book, they are told that that price is not available. They are then offered a higher price as reported in the review #1199082 below:

…I called the number to get that price ($757 round trip) ONLY to be told that I need to look at the “small print” by clicking on the asterix. WHY would I need to do that if this fare is NOT good for the dates that I requested--WHY would it even pop up OTHER THAN TO DO THE OLD “BAIT AND SWITCH”…

On the other hand, in a recent Asap Tickets review on Trust Pilot, the customer reported satisfaction with the company’s customer service.

Asap Tickets review

Similarly, other customers found Asap Tickets reliable for its affordable air ticket prices, last-minute tickets, and cancellation policy.

On their FAQs page, the company affirms its legitimacy by stating that the business is accredited by various organizations including the ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation), ASTA (The American Society of Travel Advisors), and IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network).

Is Asap Tickets legit

2. What Is Asap Tickets Cancellation Policy?

Due to the COVID-19 related travel restrictions, there have been numerous inquiries on how to cancel Asap Tickets and on the Asap Tickets cancellation policy. Asap Tickets reviews indicate that many customers have been calling the company to make their Asap Tickets cancellation requests.

However, recent Asap Tickets complaints reveal that customers have been having difficulty getting through to the customer service, and consequently, difficulty making a cancellation request.

The ASAP Tickets cancellation policy provided in their FAQ states that if you are unable to travel on the set date on the ticket, you can cancel the ticket with either ASAP Tickets or the particular Airline at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the ticket will be treated as a “no show” in which case you cannot seek a refund or exchange it. A company notes that if you have a paper ticket instead of an e-ticket you will have to return the ticket to ASAP Tickets to be able to process any refunds or exchanges.

asap tickets cancellation policy.jpg

To cancel your ticket or change your reservation, get in touch with the ASAP Tickets customer support representatives via (800) 750-2238, between Monday and Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm PST.  You will be assisted to properly fill in an online form and submit it for processing.

how to cancel asap tickets

To adjust to the high number of cancellation requests due to COVID-19, the company has made an appeal to customers to fill in the automated ticket cancellation request form provided on the cancel request page.

asap tickets cancellation form

The cancellation request form requires you to provide your confirmation number, ticket number, name, email address, and phone number. According to the new Asap Tickets cancellation policy, once you have submitted your ticket cancellation request, the company will confirm it and send you instructions on how to proceed further.

They indicate that the Asap Tickets cancellation policy is also subject to the airlines’ cancellation policies. On their ticket cancellation page, they note that many airlines’ cancellation policies now allow them to cancel or reschedule your ticket if your travel is imminent, and to the COVID-19 affected areas, at no extra cost.

The company confirms that they can cancel air tickets booked for March and April 2020. If you want to cancel or reschedule a ticket booked beyond March and April 2020, you can still submit your cancellation request and will get back to you with your options.

asap tickets cancellation request has a master list of airlines with free award deposits and coronavirus fee waivers. The article is continually updated to show airlines that have free cancellations of award tickets and redeposit of miles and details of the airlines’ refund policy.

airlines coronavirus fee waivers

Currently, there is a sale going on at With the Asap Tickets sale, customers get the lowest flight rates and they can cancel or change their booking, free of charge, by April 15 2020.

3. What Is Asap Ticket Refund Policy?

Similarly to the cancellations, many customers would like to get Asap Tickets refunds as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  As evidenced by the numerous recent online reviews, there are numerous inquiries on the Asap Tickets refund policy.

One of the top Asap Ticket complaints is difficulty requesting and getting refunds especially in instances where the customer already had insurance protection in place.

According to the ASAP Tickets refund policy provided on their FAQ page, most discounted tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. However, in the cases where the tickets are refundable, the terms vary from one airline to another. Also, you may be charged a refund penalty fee as per the airline rules in addition to a $250 processing fee. Exchanges are charged a $250 processing fee in addition to any applicable penalty charges and the price difference.

asap tickets refund policy

4. How Do I Contact ASAP Tickets Customer Service?

There are various ways you get in touch with ASAP Tickets customer support including via the phone, email address or chat line. PissedConsumer provides a number of ASAP Tickets phone numbers including customer service numbers and new reservations numbers for various regions worldwide, an ASAP Ticket toll-free number for customers in US & Canada, a billing number, and an advertised fare guarantee number.

PissedConsumer also provides ASAP Tickets customer service email address, a chat link, links to the various social media pages, and the headquarters address.

ASAP Tickets Customer Service Phone Number:

  • (800) 750-2238 US/Canada, Monday - Sunday: 24/7
  • + 632 672 7832 Monday - Sunday: 24/7
  • +3 491 188 1607 Monday - Sunday: 24/7
  • +39 069 480 9637 Monday - Sunday: 24/7
  • +8 134 540 0975 Monday - Sunday: 24/7
  • +9 723 721 9252 Monday - Sunday: 24/7
  • +44 203 695 0964 Monday - Sunday: 24/7

ASAP Tickets Email:


ASAP Tickets Headquarters Address:

913 N Market Street, Suite 200,

Wilmington, Delaware 19801

United States

Other Info:

New Reservations
Skype: (Toll-free all countries)
Monday – Sunday: 24/7
Group travel e-mail:
Billing e-mail:

5. What Is ASAP Tickets?

Besides consumers’ most frequent queries like whether Asap Tickets is a scam or fraud, people also ask what is Asap Tickets. The company is an online retailer for airline tickets. According to their About Us page, they specialize in providing the cheapest flight deals. Their service portfolio includes group travels, multi-city flights, one-way and round-trip tickets, and airline seat inventory.

They also offer concierge services such as hotel booking, visa information, business meeting and conference organization, and tour guide services. Customers can get a ticket from the US to anywhere in the world including Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, India, and North Africa.

what is asap tickets

The company prides itself in being able to offer their customers exclusively negotiated fight deals from over 50 partner airlines, and over 200 airlines. Customers can also get last-minute deals and season flight deals.

As noted on their About Us page, the company has been in operation since 2001. They are a member of the International Travel Network LLC. More information concerning this business you may find in Asap Tickets reviews and complaints on various review platforms.

Currently, the top Asap Ticket complaints are in regard to difficulty getting in touch with customer service hence difficulty making cancellations and in requesting refunds. As recommended on the company’s website, the best way to make a cancellation request is by filing the cancellation request form.

The company notes that there may be delays in processing these request dues to the high volume of requests coming in.

Do you have an ASAP Tickets complaint, review or question that has not been addressed above?

  • Leave a review on PissedConsumer
  • Ask a question the ASAP Tickets Q&A section on PissedConsumer
  • Get in touch with the ASAP Tickets customer care.

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