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Different questions have come up on the ASAP Tickets reviews and Q&A pages on PissedConsumer. The top ASAP Tickets complaints and questions are in regards to ASAP Tickets customer care and contact information, refund policy, cancellation policy, and whether ASAP Tickets is a scam among others.

We looked through the ASAP Tickets reviews and Q&A pages on PissedConsumer and identified the following top consumer questions to ASAP Tickets. We then went ahead and sort the answers below from

1.   How Do I Contact ASAP Tickets Customer Service?

There are various ways you get in touch with ASAP Tickets customer support including via the phone, email address or chat line. PissedConsumer provides a number of ASAP Tickets phone numbers including customer service numbers and new reservations numbers for various regions worldwide, an ASAP Ticket toll-free number for customers in US & Canada, a billing number, and an advertised fare guarantee number.

PissedConsumer also provides ASAP Tickets customer service email address, a chat link, links to the various ASAP Tickets social media pages, and the ASAP Tickets headquarters address.

ASAP Tickets Toll-Free Number:

  • (800) 750-2238 US/Canada, Monday - Sunday: 24/7

ASAP Tickets Advertised Fare Guarantee Phone Number:

  • (888) 531-0722

ASAP Tickets Billing Phone Number:

  • (800) 981-4523 Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm PST

ASAP Tickets Customer Service Phone Number:

  • (800) 750-2238 US/Canada, Monday - Sunday: 24/7
  • + 632 672 7832 Monday - Sunday: 24/7
  • +3 491 188 1607 Monday - Sunday: 24/7
  • +39 069 480 9637 Monday - Sunday: 24/7
  • +8 134 540 0975 Monday - Sunday: 24/7
  • +9 723 721 9252 Monday - Sunday: 24/7
  • +44 203 695 0964 Monday - Sunday: 24/7

ASAP Tickets New Reservations Phone Number:

  • (888) 333-8644 Group Travel Desk
  • (650) 263-1714 International
  • (800) 605-7769 US/Canada, Business & First Class
  • (888) 585-2727 US/Canada, Economy Class
  • (866) 961-4004

ASAP Tickets Email:


ASAP Tickets Headquarters Address:

913 N Market Street, Suite 200,

Wilmington, Delaware 19801

United States

Other Info:

New Reservations
Skype: (Toll-free all countries)
Monday – Sunday: 24/7
Group travel e-mail:
Billing e-mail:

There are links to the various ASAP Tickets social media pages: Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

2.   How Reliable Is

In a reply to a similar question on the ASAP Tickets Q&A segment on PissedConsumer, an ASAP Tickets verified representative established their credibility by stating their accreditations and the length of time that the company has been in the travel industry. The representative went ahead to state the ASAP reviews on also provide evidence of their legitimacy.

ASAP Tickets has been in the travel industry since its foundation in 2001. We are proud to be a member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN), be accredited by the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC), and have the highest A+ rating by BBB accreditation standards…

ASAP Tickets consumer questions

According to the ASAP Tickets reviews on PissedConsumer, ASAP Tickets has a 3.3-star rating as at the date of writing this article. ASAP Tickets reviewers on PissedConsumer have mixed reactions to the company. While some customers were fully satisfied with ASAP Tickets services and gave the company a 5- star rating, others were totally dissatisfied and gave ASAP Tickets a 1-star rating.

The happy customers were satisfied with the low price of tickets, ASAP Tickets customer service, and the convenience of buying tickets. On the other hand, some ASAP Tickets complaints by the dissatisfied customers include company’s poor customer service, change of prices from the advertised ones, difficulty getting a refund, and unfavorable ASAP Tickets policies in regards to payments and change of flights among others.

Here is a sample 5-star ASAP Tickets review:

“Just few hours ago on this date March 15th and he responded right away and giving me a good price that i can afford… “

ASAP Tickets reviews

Below is a sample 1-star ASAP Tickets review

“…He told me that I would need to do an international bank transfer (I assume it was international because he said he was located in Europe) in order to purchase the ticket and that I could not use my credit card. Then sent me a link to enter my credit card number and I entered the information. He called me back later and told me it did not go through and that I must use the bank wire transfer to make the payment. We probably had more that half a dozen or more phone conversations…”

With that said, ASAP Tickets verified representative on the PissedConsumer have been consistent in responding to customers’ reviews, complaints, and questions. As at the date of writing this article, ASAP Tickets customer care representatives had provided 185 responses on PissedConsumer. Generally, the representatives apologize and offer help on the customer’s issue brought up in the question or review.

For instance, below is the response by an ASAP Tickets verified representative to ASAP Tickets review #1491265 above.

Asap Tickets customer service

3.   What Is Refund Policy?

According to the ASAP Tickets FAQ page,  most discounted tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. However, in the cases where the tickets are refundable, the terms vary from one airline to another. Also, you may be charged a refund penalty fee as per the airline rules in addition to a $250 processing fee. Exchanges are charged a $250 processing fee in addition to any applicable penalty charges and the price difference.

ASAP TIckets refunds

4.   Can I Cancel my Ticket with ASAP Tickets?

The ASAP Tickets FAQ page states that if you are unable to travel on the set date on the ticket, you can cancel the ticket with either ASAP Tickets or the particular Airline at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the ticket will be treated as a “no show” in which case you cannot seek a refund or exchange it. ASAP Tickets notes that if you have a paper ticket instead of an e-ticket you will have to return the ticket to ASAP Tickets to be able to process any refunds or exchanges.

How can I cancel ASAP ticket

To cancel your ticket or change your reservation, get in touch with the ASAP Tickets customer support representatives via (800) 750-2238, between Monday and Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm PST.  You will be assisted to properly fill in an online form and submit it for processing.

ASAP Tickets exchange policy

5.   Can I Buy an Open-Ended Ticket on

One of the ASAP Tickets reviews on PissedConsumer is a complaint by a customer who traveled to visit an ailing mother-in- law and she could not predict when she would come back. Since she had bought a return ticket, ASAP ticket charged her $250 every time she rescheduled her flight despite having a travel insurance. She complained that while ASAP tickets were cheap, the policies were outrageous and booking their return ticket with a different service provider was more favourable.

“we booked a flight to Gdansk Poland and return with insurance. Rate was good.

Mother - in law was dying and going to hospice. Impossible to predict how long it would take.

On first return date she was still alive so we changed the ticket to a later date. Even with insurance we still needed to pay "airline change" of about 250. Still alive on that date and a third change was even more expensive despite insurance. So we finally did a no show and got back with frequent flyer models.

Buyer beware. Cheap flight but you are locked in and outrageous policies. We had no problem with staff or telephones. Just don't miss a flight or buy travelers insurance.”

ASAP Tickets FAQ section states that the company no longer sells open-ended tickets. While a customer may opt to set a date and change it as the need arises, the ASAP Tickets refund policy indicates that this would come at an extra cost including a $250 charge and any price difference.

The other option would be to get a one-way ticket and then purchase a ticket to get back when you are sure of the return date. ASAP Tickets offers discounted last-minute ticket deals so that you are likely to get a ticket even a few hours before your flight. With that said, keep in mind that some countries have restrictions that require their customers to buy return tickets.

How can I get ASAP Tickets

6.   Why Are ASAP Tickets so Cheap?

According to the ASAP Tickets customer service page, ASAP Tickets is able to offer customers low prices because as a brand under the International Travel Network, they are able to negotiate unpublicized fare rates with the various airlines and offer the discounted rates directly to passengers.

Why are ASAP Tickets so cheap

7.   What Should I Do if my Name/Flight/Fare is Incorrect in my ASAP ticket?

An ASAP Tickets customer reported experiencing challenges with her ticket as she needed to change her last name, a situation that caused her to buy a new ticket and seek a refund for the previous ticket. The whole story was described in ASAP Tickets complaint:

“…Everything was going as it is planned til we recently found out I need to change my last name on my ticket…

According to the ASAP Tickets FAQs, even a small mistake in your ticket can make it difficult for the customer to use it. Usually, once you have ordered your ticket, ASAP Ticket has a 24-hour grace period within which the ticket can be voided. Once the grace period has lapsed, the fare restrictions determine whether ASAP Tickets can make any corrections on the ticket without penalties.  Most airlines do not permit making changes on tickets and even when it is possible to make corrections, the process is complicated.

ASAP Tickets urges customers to double check the details they provide for their tickets.  The names on the ticket must match the names on the passport otherwise the ticket will be considered void. A voided ticket is not available for rebooking, hence why the reviewer above had to book a new ticket.

8.   How Do I Stop Push Messages /Emails or Phone Calls from

A number of ASAP Tickets customers on PissedConsumer have come forward to seek help on how to stop unnecessary communication from ASAP Tickets either via the phone, email or messages. The response to Review #1372646 by ASAP Tickets verified representative states that you can stop unwanted emails or calls from ASAP Tickets by emailing your contact details. The contact details will be removed from their records within 24 hours.

Do you have an ASAP Tickets complaint, review or question that has not been addressed above?

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