When shopping for travel tickets, consumers not only want to get a good deal, they want to know their travel experience won’t be ruined by unforeseen circumstances or misunderstandings.

To help consumers make better travel decisions, we have compared ASAP Tickets with JustFly and ExploreTrip based on information from their websites and actual JustFly reviewsExploreTrip reviews, and ASAP Tickets reviews posted on PissedConsumer.com. Read ahead to see how each company differs and what customers say about them.

What JustFly, ASAP Tickets, and ExploreTrip Offer Its Customers

Online travel agencies act as a middleman between the consumers and airlines and booking with them is often cheaper than booking directly with airlines.

JustFly is an international online booking agency which offers the “cheapest airline tickets in an increasingly competitive market,” according to its website. It also helps customers find the best deals on accommodations and popular rental cars.

ASAP Tickets is an online travel agency that provides international airline tickets as well as concierge services, car rentals and helping customers attain visas.

ExploreTrip is another online ticket agency that provides customers access to an array of private, discounted international airfares, according to its website.

Contacting JustFly, ASAP Tickets, and ExploreTrip Customer Service

JustFly’s FAQ answers many consumer questions, but the JustFly customer service can also be reached at 1-800-717-5015.

JustFly contact information

ASAP Tickets' FAQ asks that any customer email the company at customerservice@asaptickets.com or call 1-800-750-2238 to get ASAP Tickets customer service help.

Asap tickets contact info

According to ExploreTrip's FAQ, its customer support team can be reached by calling ExploreTrip customer service phone number 1-866-855-3984 or by emailing support@exploretrip.com.

Exploretrip contact info

JustFly VS ASAP Tickets VS ExploreTrip Ratings and Customer Feedback

Like many online businesses, each of these companies has their fair share of complaints. JustFly, ASAP Tickets and ExploreTrip complaints make it easy to research each company before making a purchase.

By using the comparison tool on PissedConsumer, you can compare ASAP Tickets with JustFly or any other online travel agency.

For example, an ASAP Tickets vs JustFly vs ExploreTrip comparison shows you at a glance via ASAP Ticket complaints, ExploreTrip reviews and JustFly complaints what consumers liked and didn't like about their experiences with each company. In the ExploreTrip vs JustFly vs ASAP Tickets comparison, you can also see how each company ranks on PissedConsumer. The results of the JustFly vs ASAP Tickets vs ExploreTrip comparison you can see below



ASAP Tickets






Total Reviews




Number of Resolved Issues




Rank Travel Agencies category




Customer Likes


Prices, service

Prices, website

Customer Dislikes

Poor customer service, unhelpful staff

Price switching, poor customer service

Poor customer service

Number of Customer Service Calls

717 (91% successful connections)

21 (90% successful connections)

44 (95% successful connections)

JustFly Customer Service Reviews

Many JustFly complaints involve customer service and issues with JustFly refund policy.  For example, this JustFly complaint stated that money was never refunded and that a JustFly customer service representative blamed the airline.

"…they promised to refund me the $3,500 I had paid them. Eight weeks later, I called wondering when I would get my money and was told that airline refused to grant me a refund….The next day, I called the airline and they said that they had not received a refund request from JustFly - and they would email Justfly to refund me right away. They said they get at least one call a day from people getting ripped off from Justfly…"

ASAP Tickets Customer Service Reviews

Most ASAP Tickets complaints include customer service issues. An example of ASAP customer service inconsistency and price disparity can be seen in the following ASAP Tickets review, where a customer explained how he or she was told they would be refunded money, but after two weeks, the money hadn’t been refunded.

“…Everything was going as it is planned til we recently found out I need to change my last name on my ticket. We talked to the Agent (lemuel) and he says he can help us and he'll make sure that he can fix it. My ticket was $864 plus 80 dollar for insurance. but in the end he Advice us to buy a new ticket same Date and time but we need to pay another $1200 plus. and the $864 plus $80 will be refunded to us..

So we did buy the ticket worth of $1200 plus. but its been two weeks we haven't receive the refund yet. we tried to call the 24/7 costumer service but no one is answering. hope you could help us figuring this out…”

ExploreTrip Customer Service Reviews

A majority of ExploreTrip complaints center on customer relations. An example of unsatisfactory customer service can be seen in an ExploreTrip review where a customer shared how the ExploreTrip customer service representative was indifferent to his/her issue.

I cancelled a flight today, not only did I lose out on the full flight price of $300 but they charged me $50 on top of that for cancelling (this fee was not mentioned in the flight booking confirmation information).

It was not a last minute cancellation, so they just made $350 at no effort on their part. Not an ethical practice at all. The rep was completely indifferent and spoke as though he was doing me a favor...ripping me off...”

JustFly VS ASAP Tickets VS ExploreTrip Pros and Cons

Consumer experience is one thing that sets businesses apart. By using the comparison tool on PissedConsumer, you can compare ASAP Tickets with JustFly or any other online travel agency.

JustFly Pros and Cons

According to JustFly reviews on PissedConsumer, customers were pleased with the prices the company offered. However, many customers believed JustFly could work on its customer service.

ASAP Tickets Pros and Cons

ASAP Tickets reviews showed that consumers liked the prices the company offered and certain aspects of its service. On the flip side, some customers felt the company switched prices on them. Other customers said ASAP Tickets could improve its customer relations team.

ExploreTrip Pros and Cons

ExploreTrip reviews revealed that the company had a nice website and good prices. On the other hand, many reviews on PissedConsumer expressed disappointment with ExploreTrip customer service.

JustFly VS ASAP Tickets VS ExploreTrip Price Match Guarantees

Not all of these companies offer to match competitor prices. A search on JustFly's customer support section did not reveal any evidence that the company matched prices. However, the company does claim that it offers customers the cheapest prices.

justfly price price guarantee

ASAPTickets.com offers customers a “Lowest Fare Guarantee,” with rules pertaining to certain countries. Customers must call the company within 24 hours from any purchase and provide the company with a “copy of the itinerary from any of our competitors which will include identical itinerary, including the fare basis and fare calculation information,” after which ASAP Tickets claims it will “match the price and send you $50 voucher to use towards your next purchase of any bulk private fares.”

asap tickets price guarantee

ExploreTrip.com offers a price match guarantee for “the cheapest airfares for travelers booking flights."

Exploretrip price match guarantee

JustFly VS ASAP Tickets VS ExploreTrip Refund Policies

According to JustFly's FAQ, most discounted airline tickets are not refundable. Additionally, JustFly's refund policy states that their rules regarding refunds are specific to certain airlines, noting some flights are eligible for full refunds canceled the same day, while others are not.

How can I get a refund from JustFly

ASAP Tickets FAQ states that the company does not guarantee refunds on tickets and that refunds vary depending on the airline.

Asap tickets refund policy

ExploreTrip's FAQ does not address this question directly. The company's user agreement states that ExploreTrip "reserves the right to determine the amount of any refund.”

Exploretrip refund policy

JustFly VS ASAP Tickets VS ExploreTrip Cancellation Policies

JustFly's FAQ indicates that customers can cancel tickets, but there is no guarantee of a refund, and fees may be charged.

JustFly cancelation policy

ASAP Tickets FAQ states that all bookings must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance and failure to do so results in a "no-show," which devalues the ticket.

Asap tickets cancelation policy

ExploreTrip's FAQ explains that ExploreTrip cancellation policies depend on airlines.

Exploretrip cancelation policy

All discounted fares on ExploreTrip have different change and cancellation policies and it depends on the Airlines. If you need to change or cancel your reservation at any time, please email us or call us with your reservation details. Airlines don’t offer any refunds for unused ticket or No Show ticket.

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