A new mattress should make you feel great when you wake up. You should be sleeping well and be comfortable with your purchase – not just for physical reasons, but for financial ones as well. A new mattress is expensive, and you want to know that your money is well spent. The best way to feel confident that you got a great deal is to do your research ahead of time to find out the experiences of other customers.

To help our customers find the information they are looking for in terms of reviews and to help them answer questions about mattresses and the companies that make them, we have sorted through hundreds of reviews. We looked at Original Mattress Factory reviews and Mattress Firm reviews to bring our customers a close evaluation of the following factors:

Read on to compare Mattress Firm with Original Mattress Factory.

Mattress Firm VS Original Mattress Factory Customer Service Experience

When you compare Mattress Firm with Original Mattress Factory, there are obvious similarities as well as some subtle differences. You can buy a mattress for either company, of course, but how the companies provide information and how they work with customers may not be the same.  

To find the Mattress Firm and Original Mattress Factory pros and cons, you should read the various customer reviews. Mattress Firm reviews and Original Mattress Factory complaints make it very clear just how both companies work with customers.

We used the reviews on PissedConsumer.com to understand Mattress Firm vs Original Mattress Factory. Hundreds of customers have shared their experiences with Mattress Firm and Original Mattress Factory customer service. We compiled the information provided in Mattress Firm reviews and Original Mattress Factory reviews into the table below.


Mattress Firm

Original Mattress Factory




Total Reviews



Number of Resolved Issues



Customer Likes

Person who sold me the bed, well mannered employees, great attitude

Sales environment and twosided mattress, prices, low pressure sales environment

Customer Dislikes

Customer service, refund policy, Poor communication and delivery

Customer service, mattress quality, mattress quality and fit

Company Responses to Reviews



Mattress Firm reviews on PissedConsumer.com give the company an overall rating of 1.9 out of a possible 5 stars. This rating is collected through 920 total reviews on the website. Communication and customer service have the most negative feedback according to the collective reviews.

In her Mattress Firm complaint, one customer explained her frustration after calling the Mattress Firm phone number. She states, “…I purchased a mattress … and for the next few weeks all I experienced was extreme discomfort anytime I laid down on the mattress. Anytime I contacted them they would tell me to give it time or to take the mattress to the floor and jump on it to help soften it up...”

She ends her review by warning, “…Save your money, time, comfort, and sanity and shop somewhere else! MATTRESS FIRM ARE A BUNCH OF THIEVES!...”

If you have a question about your Mattress Firm purchase, contact the company by calling the Mattress Firm phone number at (866) 942-3551.  

Original Mattress Factory reviews have left that company with a rating of 2.2 out of a possible 5 stars. 202 Original Mattress Factory reviews were compiled to create the rating. Customer service is at the top of the Original Mattress Factory concerns from customers who left their feedback on our site.

In her Original Mattress Factory complaint (1566409), one customer explained her frustration with Original Mattress Factory customer service. She stated:

“Paid over $2,300 for so called double spring mattress with latex and gel

Thought I was getting a quality mattress

 It is nothing like the mattress I lay on in the shop

 I want my money back but am told I can only exchange for another mattress once…”

Her Original Mattress Factory review continued with:

“…I already know the quality of the base and mattress I have is crap

 I’m not interested in trying another one

 Told I should try sleeping on it longer for it to soften…”

The final thought left in her Original Mattress Factory complaint was “…It’s like sleeping on corrugated iron…”

 If you have questions or concerns about your mattress, you can reach the company’s customer service by calling the Original Mattress Factory customer service number at (866) 841-1421.

Mattress Firm VS Original Mattress Factory Product Offering and Partners

Mattress Firm’s website features information about the company’s products including mattresses, beds, frames, pillows and special items for children and babies. The website is primarily dedicated to mattresses, however.

The Mattress Firm mattress page makes it possible to show for a new mattress according to several different parameters. You can shop by size, by comfort level, by price or by the type of mattress.

Mattress Firm products

The mattresses available on the Mattress Firm website range from less than $300 to more than $1600. The mattress comfort levels include extra firm through ultra-plush which is described as feeling like your “…mattress is giving you a nice warm hug…”

Mattress Firm also offers a variety of mattress styles and materials. Mattress Firm offers mattresses that are composed of inner springs, memory foam, a hybrid of springs and foam, encased coils, gel memory foam and pillow top.

Mattress Firm mattresses

In addition to selling mattresses online, you can also buy the box spring, bed platform, sheets, pillows and other bed accessories. For babies and children you can arrange to buy the crib, crib mattress, toddler beds and fitting mattress and even rocking chairs through the Mattress Firm website.

Mattress Firm allows you to shop online and the company also has storefront locations. To find a storefront location near you, use the locating service on the website.

mattress firm locations

The Original Mattress Factory website offers several categories of mattresses and related items for sale through the company’s website.

Original Mattress Factory products

In addition to decorative headboards and platforms, sheets, mattress covers, and bed frames, you can research and buy mattresses through the website or through a storefront location.

Original Mattress Factory storefront locations can be found through the mapping service available on the company’s website. Original Mattress Stores are centered around the factory locations in several larger city locations.

Original Mattress Factory locations

Mattress Firm VS Original Mattress Factory Prices and Discounts

Mattress Firm sells its mattresses and various accessories online through the company website as well as in retail storefront locations. The website allows you to sort by price and there are Mattress Firm coupons and discounts available through the website as well.

The first Mattress Firm promo code arrives immediately upon visiting the company website. A pop-up offers $50 off your purchase by signing up for the company’s email list.

Mattress Firm discounts

There is a page of mattresses that are on sale or that have discounts applied through a Mattress Firm coupon code. This page of discounted prices advertises the Mattress Firm prices of $129 through more than $4600 for mattresses on sale.

Mattress Firm financing offers some special promotions as well. With Mattress Firm financing you can qualify for a 0% financing deal or use a 90-day payment option with flexible payments to buy your new mattress.

Mattress Firm financing options

Mattress Factory prices are advertised on the company’s shop pages. The mattresses available through the Original Mattress Factory website can be researched and priced according to the product line or the type of mattress.

The Classic series is the least expensive line of mattress available on the website. The Classic series ranges in price from $179 to $229. The Serenity series is the most expensive line of mattress ranging from $1079 to $1339.

There are not any Mattress Factory discounts or discounts advertised through the company’s website. Likewise, there is not a page dedicated to an Original Mattress Factory sale or any other type of discounted goods.

There is an opportunity to sign up for the Original Mattress Factory newsletter which might include Original Mattress Factory coupons via email, but this is not stated on the description. Customers are encouraged to sign-up for the newsletter to receive “…updates, sleep and mattress care tips, and more…”

Original Mattress Factory financing is not available through the website and there is no information provided on the website about Original Mattress Factory financing that might be available through storefront locations. The website does advertise that it accepts major credit cards, however.

Any specific questions about pricing or the availability of financing can be addressed by calling the Original Mattress Factory customer service number at (866) 841-1421.

Mattress Firm VS Original Mattress Factory Refunds and Returns

The Mattress Firm FAQ section has specifics about how to handle cancellations and returns for their products. The Mattress Firm FAQ section explains that the company has a 120 Night Sleep Trial. If you are not satisfied with the mattress you bought from the company, you can return it “…any time between 21 and 120 days from the date of purchase…”

Mattress Firm refunds

The Mattress Firm return policy is explained in greater detail on the page dedicated to the 120 Night Sleep Trial guarantee. According to the fine print for the policy, customers “…may exchange your mattress once, with a return delivery fee of $79.99 (up to $99.99 in select markets), and receive, as credit toward the purchase price of a different mattress, the purchase price of your original mattress less a restocking fee equal to 10% of your original mattress purchase price (restocking fee not to exceed $250).”

Mattress Firm return policy

If you have other questions or complaints, you are encouraged by the company to contact the storefront location where you bought your mattress or to call customer service using the Mattress Firm phone number at 1 (866) 942-3551.

The Original Mattress Factory return policy is very clear. The company doesn’t have one. The company’s policy is laid out in multiple places and requires customers to verify that they understand the policy before they add any items to their digital shopping cart or before they proceed to payment screens.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have options if the mattress you buy has a defect or issue. According to the official Original Mattress Factory return policy, you do have some options. While you cannot return a mattress if you change your mind, you can address a side-related issue for a 25 to 50% fee.

You also have the option to exchange your mattress if it isn’t comfortable. If you have a comfort-related issue with your new mattress, you “…have one year from the time of possession to address any comfort-related issues with your new mattress. Within this time, you have the ability to reselect a different model for a fee of 25% of the less expensive mattress or set price…”

Original Mattress Factory return policy

The Original Mattress Factory also offers a warranty on its workmanship. According to the warranty, “…any true material defects or errors in workmanship…are covered under our warranty and we will take care of them for you…” The site does warn that you may still be liable for delivery charges.

Original Mattress Factory warranty

Customers are strongly encouraged by the company to try out mattresses in a storefront location before ordering online. This is to prevent issues with the return and exchange policy.

If you have questions about the warranty or return policy, you should contact the Original Mattress Factory customer service number at (866) 841-1421.

It’s easy to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new mattress. That’s why it is important to compare companies before you spend your money. The breakdown between Mattress Firm vs Original Mattress Factory makes it clear there are differences between the two companies. Be sure to consider the Original Mattress Factory and Mattress Firm pros and cons before you decide which company deserves your business.

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*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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