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Furniture isn’t cheap, so you definitely don’t want to spend big bucks on items that aren’t going to last. Customer experience tells us that some furniture companies are definitely better than others. After an understandable dip in 2020, furniture sales have sprung back more than ever. 

You don’t want to wind up with a bad furniture retailer. So, based on furniture reviews we’ve selected the five most discussed companies and then ranked those furniture brands worst to best to help you find the right company to suit your needs. 

Key Insights:

  • The furniture industry in the United States is expected to earn more than $252 billion in 2024, with $70 billion of that in living rooms alone.
  • Most furniture reviews reveal issues with customer service, the reliability of delivery services, and warranty coverages. 
  • To determine the right furniture brands for your needs and demands, consider consumer insights, the purpose for which you need the furniture and the duration you plan to use it.

Ashley Furniture reviews

5. Ashley Furniture: “Terrible Customer Service They Do Not Stand Behind Their Furniture”

Ashley Furniture logo

Ashley Furniture rating* – 1.7⭐⭐

Ashley Furniture reviews – 3.7K

Claimed losses - $2.2M

Resolved issues - 20

Furniture reviews tell us that Ashley Furniture has some issues. While many hoped it was among the good furniture brands, customer reviews tell us differently. So, what are Ashley Furniture ratings?

Ashley Furniture ratings

Consumer insights left in reviews gave Ashley Furniture a rating of 1.7 stars out of a possible five on Only 4% of the Ashley Furniture reviews are positive, and only 6% of customers would recommend the retailer to a friend or family member. 7% of consumer issues discussed in 2.9K calls to Ashley Furniture customer service have been resolved. 

What are the top concerns highlighted in Ashley Furniture reviews? 

Many of the customer experiences cited the customer service as a major negative point. In the Ashley Furniture reviews, customers also have issues with accountability, company neglectfulness, delivery issues and defective items. Ashley Furniture also tops our list of furniture brands worst to best for issues with honoring the warranty that accompanies the furniture. 

In review #5435562 customers were frustrated about the quality of the furniture they had received, warranty issues, and the customer service treatment: 

Furniture is cheaply made…terrible customer service they do not stand behind their furniture at all because they know its awful!!

As a result, they stated that they “will never purchase from them again.” 

Bobs Discount reviews

4. Bob’s Discount Furniture: “Poor Quality Furniture Not Worth the Price”

Bobs Discount Furniture logo

Bob’s Discount Furniture rating* – 1.8⭐⭐

Bob’s Discount Furniture reviews – 2K

Claimed losses - $1.2M

Resolved issues - 10

Next in our list of furniture brands worst to best, Bob’s Discount Furniture has a loyal following, but many customers aren’t happy. What are Bob’s Discount Furniture ratings?

Bob’s Discount Furniture ratings

83% of Bob’s Discount Furniture reviews are negative, with 7% of customers leaving positive feedback. Customers claim to have lost more than $1.2 million on items purchased from the store, and only 10 of the issues raised have been resolved. This may be why customer reviews leave Bob’s Discount Furniture among one of the worst furniture brands. 

What are the top complaints highlighted in Bob’s Discount Furniture reviews?

While the sales team and large show room get high praise, quality and customer service are found lacking. Bob’s Discount Furniture reviews complain about customer service and delivery issues. The Bob’s Discount Furniture complaints also mention poor quality and overpriced products as well. 

In one of the complaints, the customer complained that “the quality of the furniture is poor, my son, my husband, and I were hurt just sitting on one of the chairs.” She also explained that moving forward 

 I will take my business elsewhere not just for the poor quality of the furniture but the negligence and lack of communication between customer service and customers.

Rooms to Go reviews

3. Rooms to Go: “The Poorest Quality Furniture I Have Ever Purchased”

Rooms to Go logo

Rooms to Go rating* – 1.8⭐⭐

Rooms to Go reviews – 2.9K

Claimed losses - $1.7M

Resolved issues - 28

As we move away from the worst furniture brands, we start to see a bigger variety of customer feedback. So, what are Rooms to Go ratings?

Rooms to Go ratings

While Rooms to Go reviews have given the company a rating of only 1.8 stars out of a possible five, 29% of reviewers would recommend the company to a friend or colleague. When you consider the best and worst furniture brands, this is high praise! 10% of customers who called Rooms to Go customer service also had their consumer issues resolved. 

What are the top complaints highlighted in Rooms to Go reviews?

While we are solidly in the middle of our list of worst to best furniture brands, there are more complaints than compliments in reviews. The Rooms to Go reviews explain that designer names are nice, but business ethics, subpar furniture, and poor customer service are issues. Other consumer issues include problems with the extended service contract, poor management, and unprofessional customer service. 

In one of the Rooms to Go complaints, the reviewer expresses frustration over the poor quality of furniture. Despite paying "$6,000 3 years ago," the warranty does not cover their issues with the furniture, leaving the customer feeling misled and unable to resell the furniture:

I paid $6,000 3 years ago and I can't even put it on the free market because it makes me look a deranged person…Guardian insurance and policies are the biggest joke out there unless you like taking a knife to your furniture.

Another customer praised the delivery crew, stating they “did a great job getting everything in place.” The reviewer then discovered issues with the teak wood staining cushions, but the 3-year service contract denied their claim for replacement cushions as did the Rooms to Go one-year warranty. They felt frustrated and explained:

This furniture is less than 90 days old. The damage to the cushions was not caused by mishandling or misuse. We are not asking for anything unreasonable, just to make it right. 

La-Z-Boy reviews

2. La-Z-Boy: “Very Poor Craftsmanship”

La-Z-Boy logo

La-Z-Boy Furniture rating* – 1.9⭐⭐

La-Z-Boy Furniture reviews – 1.4K

Claimed losses - $1M

Resolved issues - 22

La-Z-Boy has always been considered one of the best furniture brands for recliners. But what do the reviews say? What are La-Z-Boy ratings? 

La-Z-Boy ratings

According to more than 1,400 La-Z-Boy reviews, the company has earned almost two out of five stars. However, 84% of the reviews are negative, and 57% of reviewers state they won’t use the brand in the future. 10% of 285 calls to La-Z-Boy customer service and consumer issues described there have been solved by its representatives. 

What are the top complaints highlighted in La-Z-Boy reviews?

Among the La-Z-Boy reviews, issues with customer service and furniture quality are common. Customers note that there are issues with the repair service, invalid warranties, and a general lack of customer service skills. They do also note, however, that the products are stylish and chairs are comfortable. 

In one of La-Z-boy complaints, a customer explained that after spending $3,000 on two chairs and waiting for three months to get them they discovered

how bad of a job they did in making these chairs. It was either a beginner or someone with a hangover. Very poor craftsmanship.

The customer took pictures but discovered, much to their frustration, that the company "cannot give us an answer as to replacing our chairs." Then, they updated the original review to note that they received a message from the company about the complaint but have "no confidence this will ever happen." As of the date of this article's writing, the reviewer hasn't added any updates regarding the issue resolution.

Despite the challenges, there are also some moments of praise mentioned in the reviews. For example, one customer in review #4258300 shares their positive experience and states, “I was never mad at Lazyboy.” And describes its customer support as “most kind and helpful.”

Wayfair reviews

1. Wayfair: “These Bookcases And This Entire Experience with Wayfair Has Been Horrible”

Wayfair logo

Wayfair rating *– 3.0⭐⭐⭐

Wayfair reviews – 9.9K

Claimed losses - $1.8M

Resolved issues - 150

Topping our list of the best furniture brands according to customer reviews, Wayfair does its furniture business through an entirely online platform. So, what are Wayfair ratings? 

Wayfair ratings

Wayfair tops the list with three stars out of a possible 5 when it comes to customer ratings. With almost 10,000 Wayfair reviews, the company has the most feedback but still has the highest rating and the highest number of resolved issues. A full 50% of consumers would recommend the company to a friend or colleague, and 34% of the Wayfair reviews are positive. 

What are the top complaints highlighted in Wayfair reviews?

Among the positive reviews, customers comment that the company offers a wide variety of attractive furniture and is usually fast and inexpensive. However, the negative reviews mention some issues, such as items arriving damaged, delays in refunds, poor Wayfair customer service, and the overall quality of items being cheap. 

One customer found this to be true. In their Wayfair complaint, the reviewer noted that two shelves in the new bookcase “visibly bowed after less than a month with books on them.” They also mentioned that the “holes were drilled wrong” and the email process for reporting issues “didn’t work.” So, they claimed 

These bookcases and this entire experience with Wayfair has been horrible. I want a refund for both.

At the same time, another customer in review #5794417 shared a different experience and stayed satisfied with the Wayfair communication and cooperation:

I do have to say Wayfair stands behind their products…They were more than happy to take care of everything and fully refund my purchase.

How to Find Your Ideal Furniture Brand

With so many negative reviews out there, how do you find the right furniture brand? Consider a few suggestions based on consumer insights.

Keep the purpose in mind

Is this a functional piece of furniture that needs to withstand heavy use, or is it more decorative? What do you need: functionality or aesthetic appeal? Often, it's worth it to spend more on functional pieces.

Consider the duration 

Are you hoping to keep this piece of furniture for decades to come? Perhaps pass it down to your children? Look for companies that make high-quality furniture that will last.

Reflect on the style

Some furniture styles are fashionable, but fashion can change quickly. If you're hoping to add a bit of stylish fun to your home, look for quick and inexpensive furniture companies with plenty of style and easy shipping.

Regard the reviews

Finally, what are others saying about the company? If almost everyone has issues with the brand or the products, you might consider looking for your new furniture somewhere else. 

Finding the Right Fit

The furniture is very personal. It should fit your lifestyle and your personal sense of style. You want comfort and quality along with a price that's reasonable for both. It's wonderful when it all comes together but frustrating when things fall apart.

Have you had issues with furniture companies in the past? Why not leave a review and share your customer experience? Let's help others prepare for unforeseen challenges and guide them toward positive journeys.

*Disclaimer: Ranking and statistics are based on our users’ review texts and Pissed Consumer posters’ reviews. Also, a company’s rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the profile, including users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company’s responses, etc. The algorithm is subject to change in the future.

Legal disclaimers:

  1. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide any legal, medical, accounting, investment or any other professional advice as individual cases may vary and should be discussed with a corresponding expert and/or an attorney.
  2. All or some image copyright belongs to the original owner(s). No copyright infringement intended.

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Althia Kelly #15619
What furniture outlet OR GM furniture stores do u recommend I purchase sofas, chaise or even dining table from this Summer. I reside in GA. Newnan, Peachtree City or Atlanta distract. Cost and comfort and support for my behind and back?
Althia Kelly #15620
Any good furniture stores recommended? I have had furniture pieces years ago, purchased from Ethan Allen in the Midwest. Very Good, I still have pieces in dining room. Now I would like a good, supportive, comfortable beige sofa GM for seating 4 people comfortably. Where yo look??
Althia Kelly #15621
Avoid Wayfair, Ashley most definitely! Haverty, Ethan Allen (pricey but worth it), Macy's NO, Rooms to Go NOT!!
Chuck #15623
I bought 14k worth of furniture from Ashley several years ago. All of it leather sofa sets with heat and massage. It was difficult for the delivery squad getting up 16 steps of a narrow stairwell with around 18 heavy pieces but they did a good job and didn't waste any time. The pieces were difficult to put together because they were new and overstuffed leather but it was evident they had done it before. Because of the size of the job the crew leader called additional staff. As usual, my wife had to preview the setups in different rooms but the crew happily accommodated her requests. We made the purchase through AAFES during a sale they had and saved around 10k compared to in-store prices. We are very happy with quality of the furniture so far and the professionalism of the delivery team.
Bourgeois #15634
Is there no one to recommend?
Erica L Holt #15660
It seems that Inconsistent customer service help and, lack of Professionalism are a HUGE part of the problem.Quality seems to be 3rd in placement ?You may have an issue with the piece, minor or major. However, the complaints seem to center around Customer Service. A Sad Flippin state this country is in. Power Trips with Reps., Outsourcing Customer Service !
Walter W Stumpf Jr #15750
How about rating Poshmark?Non existent customer service, very poor listings-like posting women's sneakers under mens and then not refunding.
Jenifer Taylor #15899
Old brick furniture sold defective recliner I purchased extended warranty and they replaced motor 2 times,recliner still stuck in open position said cannot repair paid 1200.00 for chair